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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy Cinco de Mayo.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

Hope everyone out there is staying healthy and safe.

Let's get right to it…

Jack Rosamond from Jackson, Mississippi

Question: Hi Jim, it's me again. My question is who do you think are the Titans biggest and most challenging opponents the Titans have to play this season? I'm excited for this season and can't wait for some Titans football! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Jack. Good to hear from you. Well, it's hard to say for sure because you never know which teams will make big improvements, or slides. Based on what happened last year, and what's happened this offseason, I think road games vs the Ravens, Packers and Vikings will be especially tough, along with AFC South games. The Steelers and Bills invade Nissan Stadium, and again I think the division games will be tough. We'll find out when these games will take place – and how many primetime games the Titans get – on Thursday when the schedule is released.

Dave Maniaci from Honolulu, Hawaii

Question: Aloha Jim. Mahalo for all the wonderful work you do with keeping us Titans fans in the loop. Near and far, we feel like a family because of you. My question is with regard to Logan Ryan. Why are the Titans not resigning Ryan and instead are signing and drafting everything they can to fill his shoes? If you look at the man's productivity and his desire to stay in Tennessee, it's a no brainer to sign the man. If you ask me, he is priceless! We have the cap space so could you put a plug in to J Rob for me and say hey what's up? Instead they hire a 36-year-old and a couple of rookies to fill his spot. Not gonna happen. Anyhow keep safe and remember to practice safe social.

Jim: Aloha Dave, and Mahalo. I've said this before: Logan has been one of my all-time favorites. He's a classy guy, he's done a lot in the community, and he's been a really good player. But I think Logan's desire for $10 million per year priced him out in Tennessee. Logan's made a lot of plays with the Titans – interceptions, tackles, sacks while in blitz packages, etc. He's a leader on and off the field. But being totally objective, we can't ignore the fact he was victimized in coverage on some big plays last season. And when you're looking for $10 million per, well, negotiations can sometimes get tricky...

Jack Gallaher from Arlington, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim I was wondering if you or Mike Keith have ever thought about writing a book? I'm sure y'all have some great stories.

Jim: Hey Jack. Appreciate you asking. I actually wrote a book – Tales from the Titans Sideline – back in 2004. Steve McNair's on the cover. I just Googled it, and some are still available on Amazon, eBay and some other sites. Is there a chance I'll do another one at some point? Well, never say never, huh?

Sam Burton from York, United Kingdom

Question: Hi Jim. First things first, hope you and all your loved ones are keeping well and safe during this pandemic.

Secondly, the OLB/EDGE debate. Obviously seen Jon Robinson talk a few times about Jadeveon Clowney. There seems to be a bit of unrest among certain fans on twitter I've seen that we haven't signed him yet. Personally, I think his asking price is too high. Not to say he isn't a good player but we have Landry, Beasley and returning from IR, D'Andre Walker. Would you sign Clowney if he lowered his asking price or take a risk with the 5th rounder from last year while bolstering other positions/ signing Henry long term?

Jim: Hey Sam. Thank you. Hope all is well with you. Clowney is still in play. The GM hasn't tried to keep his interest in him a secret, but free agency is a two-way street. A lot depends on Clowney, and what he's willing to play for. I've seen a lot of folks say the Titans haven't addressed the edge position this offseason. Well, they're forgetting the team signed former Falcons edge rusher Vic Beasley, and re-signed Kamalei Correa. Plus, D'Andre Walker, as you mentioned, will be back in the competition. Does that mean the team has moved on from its pursuit of Clowney? No. If the two sides could agree on a fair contract, I think he'd be a great addition. But it has to work for both sides.

Jimmy Griffith from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Question: Hello Jim we had a great draft. Way to go Coach Vrabel and staff. I'm hoping for one more great move if Jacksonville will let it happen: I would love to see Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette as our back field running attack -- two great backs with something to prove. What secondary would want to tackle either one? My my myyyyyy is it possible Mr Jim? Titan Up!!!

Jim: Jimmy, this is not going to happen.

Jesse Haynie from Kossuth, Mississippi

Question: Hey Jim! I was just curious since the Titans declined the 5th year option for Corey Davis? Do you think he will be traded this year? I mean we drafted him with the 5th overall pick so it would suck for him to just walk without anything in return. Sure he hasn't been our best receiver but he is an great blocker an does have the talent to be a #1 receiver some where I'm sure we could get a decent trade out of him. As always thanks for keeping us fans updated and #TitanUp!!

Jim: Hey Jesse. I don't think Corey will be traded. And the team's decision to not pick of the fifth-year option doesn't necessarily mean the team is down on him either. The price tag for the option was $15.68 million, and that's too much based on his production so far and how much the Titans utilize him. But Corey remains under contract for 2020, and there's nothing that says he can't be signed to a long-term deal after next year. A lot depends on how things go this season.

Eli Decko from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Question: Hey Jim, this is my first email to you since the draft and for good reason. I was initially furious at the draft. When I saw Kristian Fulton sitting there in the first round and Grant Delpit there too, I went nuts when we took Isaiah Wilson. Made no sense and still doesn't make me smile but I understand the pick more now. I've been spending the past week to watch as much film of these guys as possible. My take on Wilson is pretty straight forward. He flat out cannot pass block. He's a liability in the passing game to the effect he may as well not even be on the field and just leave the guard by himself. He had decent success when a TE and a FB were being used as a chip or assist. He plays Chaisson twice a year now and he got abused by him. Now who's to say any other speedy guy isn't going to do the same? But to his defense he can move a dude in the run game. Fulton was the best pick by far. The dude is like glue and he abuse Calvin Ridley a few years back, he abused Henry Ruggs this year and Clemsons WRs. I really think the only time he was challenged was when he was suspended. Evans is almost too eerily similar to Chris Johnson. Take away the 40 times and their style is a mirror image. CJ wasn't touted as a tackle breaker but he definitely knew how to lower a shoulder and light someone up. He was also in his career the best pass blocking back in the NFL and Evans can block too. The DT we too from NC State I can see him being the Austin Johnson of the bunch. Gets reps, does his best and occasionally makes a play. But that's OK cuz he can push a guy back and in a run heavy division that's important. The QB from Hawaii was interesting to me. He is really good athlete and will prolly run the scout offense during Watson week and Ravens week and Cleveland week etc. His mobility is clearly his best trait right now as he develops. Then there is Jackson, who as a safety was better than his nickel snaps. So I'm not sure what the idea is there but he has really good size and speed and I didn't see him take many plays off. He definitely gave his 100% every snap I saw. Cuz we know getting beat isn't always due to lack of effort. All in all Jim I walk away happy with the draft. I wish we would have take Fulton 1st but a young tackle is a cheap tackle and I get that. Kelly wins this job without it even being close. Harold Landry practicing against this dude and Vic Beasley are gonna make them look like DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller out there practicing against Wilson. But I do think it will eventually help his game, cuz if it doesn't then that is a waste of a pick and Jack being allowed looks like one of the greatest failures in Titans history. Thanks for reading my novel Jim! Take care good sir!

Jim: Hey Eli. Not sure I agree with you on all this, but props for digging into the prospects. And consider it this way since you said you would have been happy to get Fulton in the first (and the team got him in the second) – Wilson is better than any tackle the Titans could have gotten in the back of the second round, so getting him at 29 ended up working out well.

Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

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