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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans, Two Days Before the NFL Draft


NASHVILLE – We're now just two days away from the NFL Draft.

On Wednesday, we'll run a special edition of the Titans mailbag, with all your mocks.

There's still time to get in: SUBMIT HERE.

Until then, let's take a few late questions/comments before I hop on a plane for Detroit later tonight.

Let's go…

Greg Serheev from Chester, New Jersey
Question: Hello there Jim. Hope I'm not writing too late. Exciting times ahead for the Titans Brain Trust. My worry is them picking the flashy, brand new Corvette. What we really need is a new, reliable mini van. Everyone wants a new Corvette. They're great, fast, showy and sell a lot of tickets. The minivan doesn't get any recognition, it's slow, and no one looks at you when you're driving it. But make no's the minivan that you trust to carry your family safely to your destination. It's the minivan that picks up your friends when they breakdown and need a ride. It's the minivan that hauls everyone's baggage across the country. That's why it is imperative that we pick Joe Alt at #7. He is exactly what we need!! We already have Corvettes on our team. A good, solid, reliable minivan that will bring us all home to the promise land...the Super Bowl!! LETS GOOOO Titans Fans!!! Thank you!

Jim: You made it just in time, Greg. We'll see what happens. I know a lot of folks out there are thinking the same thing as you. But, what if the Chargers take Joe Alt at No.5? What if the Titans have another player on their board they like better? What if the Titans fell in love with another tackle during the pre-draft process? What if a player falls to them they didn't expect to be there? A lot of questions will be answered in just over 48 hours.

Chris Spaulding from Denver, Colorado
Question: So my question is about the upcoming schedule ... I have been waiting for the Titans to play on Thanksgiving , and I would love nothing more to watch them play that day .. We have only played 1 time on Thanksgiving in our history and it was against the Lions in 2008 .. which we won 47-10. So since the Titans have a road game against the Lions this year... What are the chances are beloved Titans play on Thanksgiving? We all want it, and it's been more then 15 years !

Jim: Hey Chris. We'll, I guess the chances are 1 in 9, since the Lions are scheduled to play nine homes games this year. I haven't heard any buzz the Titans will be that team. I am hearing the schedule will be released on Thursday, May 9, so we'll all know pretty soon.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim and fellow Titans fans,
Sending my 1st Round prediction.....
We trade Burks to move up, so we can get Nabers.
As much as I have lobbied for Bowers, Nabers is the next Tyreek Hill!

Jim: We'll find out soon, Beau.

Ricky W from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi Jim, quick question about the NFL Draft. Do team talk to each other during the draft about players they like, or is that kept hush-hush with the "no one trusts anyone" policy in place? The reason I ask: when teams are heard to move up "because they saw a player they like" and are afraid he might get taken, how do they know that he might get taken then? How do they know they need to move up in the draft? Do they have insider knowledge from the other teams, or is it just a hunch that makes them move up? Thanks and let's get a real playmaker this year that can come in and contribute immediately!

Jim: Hey Ricky. I'm sure some GMs trust other GMs more than others. I'm sure some conversations take place, but this is the time of year when I'd be careful to say anything if I had a spot in the war room. You know what they say: Loose lips sink ships.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York
Question: Jim, I'm flexible with the Joe Alt vs Brock Bowers debate. I'm thinking if we go Brock at #7, we should be willing to trade up a little from our second round pick and secure a player like Fuaga, Fashanu, Mims or Barton. From what we end up with for picks in this year's draft, we should just concentrate on BPA for DTs, Edges & LBs. As most of us recall, winning teams don't get influential first round top ten picks too often. I realize we don't have a 3rd round selection, but I also know we have relied on undrafted free agents to field this team for too long. Any fan should be well aware that our 2020 & 2021 Drafts helped get us into a team where we now are selecting #7 in the first round. With looking back at some of our colossal misfires, what is the outlook for our 2021 1st rounder Caleb Farley? I can't believe he will be a productive NFL cornerback at this point. With the signings of Awuzie & Sneed, it would appear our new coaches feel the same way, especially with McCreary in house. So at $4.3 million in salary due this season, is Farley earmarked as a safety? If not, why don't we sign Justin Simmons and shore up the secondary? With a drastically improved secondary, we have enough veteran power up front to seriously compete regardless if Alt or Bowers are our first selection. Titan Up!

Jim: I hear ya, Jeremy. … As for Farley, he's still listed as a corner. Right now, Caleb is just trying to stay healthy, to give himself a chance to compete. As for other free agent possibilities, a lot of times guys are signed after the draft, depending on remaining needs.

Jim Westbrook from Pasadena, California
Question: Hey there, Jim. Here's maybe a different way to look at picking Joe Alt vs. Brock Bowers vs. Rome Odunze (or another WR). Who would we have the most trouble matching up against if one of those guys is on another team? With our new corners we can cover any WRs. And how much impact does even the best OT have on the game? I'd lean towards Brock. Check it out - I'd be more afraid to face a top tier TE than a top tier OT. I know it's an educated guessing game when you're picking a rookie who hasn't played a snap in the NFL but who would make you more nervous to face? I'll be watching and cheering on the Titans either way! Both are good choices! Luv ya blue!

Jim: Bowers is definitely a matchup problem, Jim. And that's why so many folks like him. As for your question: How much impact does even the best OT have on the game? Well, I'd say the answer to that question is "a lot." We've seen what good left tackle play looks like around here, and across the NFL. And, we've seen what things can look like when your left tackle can't protect. … I get the Bowers love. I also understand why so many folks would love to see the team end up with Alt.

Todd Cookingham from Charlotte, North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim. Well, I'm in year 57 of my life and 47 as a oiler/titan fan. Told you last time at 10 earl and Bum won my heart. I wanted to give a shout out to Ryan T. My top 3 team QB's are moon, McNair, and Tanny. I feel the last coaching staff Did him a dishonor. With the lack of scouting on draft day to play calling. I just want to ask us to remember the guy that took the hits and won games for us. And honestly I feel that Baltimore playoff game was the biggest win next ever for our team. As for the draft I'm excited. For Alt or Bowers both will help out our QB. My question... How do you see way to pick up a 3rd round without a move back? Is there any player you feel we could deal.. maybe our QB pick at 3 2 years ago when we should have picked OL...? Jim thanks my last live game was Sunday night at sofi beating the Rams a couple years ago. We're moving to Arizona next month hope to see you all there soon. Give my love to the Adams family it's been a blessing to be along for the ride

Jim: Great to hear from you, Todd. I think the only way to pick up a third is by moving back at some point. I can't see the team trading a player to get a third. … Hope to see you at SoFi this season!

Marc Tanzilli from North Ridgeville, Ohio
Question: Hey, Jim! I hope you are doing well. I've been a fan of the franchise since 1978 and I have seen a lot. I was wondering if, being physically far away, we would be able to see the progress on the construction of the new facility. Will there be a camera mounted, perhaps on the existing stadium, that will provide fans with a live view of the progress of our new kingdom? If it hasn't been discussed, could you be our voice in floating the idea? Much appreciated, and God bless you, your family, and the entire Titans nation.

Jim: Thanks, Marc. I've been told there will be a stadium cam, but I don't have a date for when that will start yet. Construction is under way, but the way. There's a huge hole in the ground on the East side of the current stadium now.

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge,Canada
Question: Hi Jim hope all is well with you and your this is the most exciting time and most tension filled time but fun just the same. Have to admit I've done thousands of Mocks and have the Titans trading back twice maybe three times in the first,second and subsequent rounds! I know the strength of the draft in the first 2 rounds are OT and WR and have heard the Titans taking Joe Alt from pretty much everyone at 85-90% of the time. I've Mock Big Joe to the Titans plenty of times too but I always come back wanting the Titans to get more picks in order to fix some of the Other glaring weaknesses! I see a flurry of deals between picks 4-6 so...Well I'm going with Taliese Fauga, Edgerrin Copper, Jonah Eliss, Leonard Taylor, Tykee Smith, Jarvis Brownlee Jr,Jacob Cowing, AJ Barner, Curtis Jacobs, Kristian Boyd, Jordan Jefferson, Sam Hartman and Xavier Thomas. I know that's an extra 6 selections...Have to admit I've only watched film/video on Receivers so my guesses are well guesses propped up by the Simulation site. I do know that the Titans have a Major League Weakness at LOT until its fixed and DL needs fixing outside of Monster Jeffrey Simmons! And Inside Linebacker took a hit too so I think the Titans will go get one if not 2 of those LB's. In my mind I have the Titans also doing something with Hooker and that hasn't materialized yet cause it seems to me to be easier to get a Safety with our corner Strength. Anyways the Best Of Luck to the Tennessee Titans and may the Scouts be spot on with all the selections and have the eyes of an Eagle/Hawk! And peace be with you Jim and again thank-you for everything Titans

Jim: Appreciate it, Andy!

Nick Taylor from Salem, Kentucky
Question: Good afternoon. Mr. Jim. I appreciate your dedication and professionalism. Especially while answering the negative question. Simply my opinion. The Titans need a phenomenal pass rushers and rush defender. Therefore I would pick Dallas Turner in the first round. I believe we need. A generational talent on the D line with Simmons, key, and Landry. While We need a great LT we have a great coach. We have talent that hasn't had good coaching.
I've been a huge fan since the early Moon days. Every good titans and oilers team had great pass rushers and run defense. Overall they had great defense. I wouldn't be afraid to trade back and accumulate picks as we have a Great GM and scouting department to find talent. Will there be an area in the new stadium for the visually impaired as well as other disabled people to enjoy the stadium game experience?

Jim: Thank you, Nick. And, email me at as we get closer to the opening of the stadium and I'll have more details on handicap seating.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Question: Hi Jim. The draft is only a few days away. Hopefully, the Titans will take Alt with the 7th pick, or Fashanu if Alt happens to be gone. As for the second round, I would sure like to see the team select Darius Robinson from Missouri if he is still available. If not, then take their second rated edge rusher. That's a position of real need just like left tackle. For the remaining picks, I hope Ran and company can find a right tackle, wide receiver, and safety. Now for my question: Jim, where will you be on the first night of the draft? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Jim. I'll be in Detroit for Day 1, and then back in Nashville for Friday and Saturday.

Have a great week everyone! Remember, the mock draft edition of the mailbag runs tomorrow.

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