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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Two Days Before the NFL Draft


NASHVILLE – We're now just two days away from the NFL Draft.

The War Room is ready, and so is Titans GM Jon Robinson.

But we still have a lot of waiting to do, and some uncertainly leading up to pick No.26.

Let's keep answering questions, and it's time to send your mock drafts my way.

You can send your pick for the Titans at 26, or your entire Titans mock, including all seven picks: CLICK HERE

Nile Cornett from Nashville, Tennessee
Who do you think the Titans need to draft in the first round? I think they should get help on either the offensive line to give Ryan some more time, or they could help out KB in the secondary. Any ways that's my opinion what do you think?

Jim: Hey Nile. I think the Titans need help at receiver, tight end, and on the offensive line most. But, picking at 26, I just don't know who is going to be there. And, I can't ignore the possibility the team could pick best player available at 26, and then address those other positions later in the draft. So, a defensive player isn't outside the realm of possibility with the first pick.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, always glad to hear the news an comments you have to offer, anyways just wanted to say I hope we pick a receiver our first round I'm really hooked on Jahan Dotson man he's got speed and great hands a true first year starter wouldn't you agree? And maybe OL. In 3rd round an a tight end all in all I'm praying we get some good weapons for Tannehill. I have complete faith in JROB AN Coach Vrabel to get things done, Cuz im ready Jim! Ready for boys to get that Championship!! Can't wait for the draft an preseason to get hear Thanks again Jim. GO TITANS BABY!!

Jim: Hey Tommy. I like Dotson myself, but opinions on him are all over the place. I've heard some folks say he could slide into the second round, and then on Sunday a plugged-in national guy mentioned to me he thought Dotson could go in the teens. We're all going to find out pretty soon.

Ray Farrar from St. Louis, Missouri
Hello Jim! First of all, I agree with you 100% about the draft not coming soon enough. Tired of all these mock drafts. My question is: now that Saffold and Quessenbury have shuffled off to Buffalo, do you think the top priority of the Titans should be offensive lineman? If so, who are your favorites in this drafts? Thanks for your time. TITANUP!

Jim: Hey Ray. I like Zion Johnson from Boston College and Kenyon Green from Texas A&M at guard, and I like several of the tackles. But can you get a lineman or two later, and use the early pick on a skill guy? Hey, I'd love to see a skill position guy added early myself, but I'd certainly understand if it's in o-lineman.

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Waddup JDub! Been a flame and dagger faithful since we got the squad in the 90's. Thanks for serving the Titan family with utmost skill and dedication. Your hard work is majorly appreciated across your many platforms. We are so lucky to have you on the daily grind. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. #WeLoveYouBro
After the clock hit 00:00 on last season's abrupt departure from a seemingly straight path to our first chip, I've been brainstorming on our roster needs to mount a proper bounce back run. #LikeSoManyOfUs
Our need for OL, DB and wideout depth has been exhaustingly discussed and for good reason given the new state of the suddenly stacked AFC squads gearing up for their own shots at glory.
While being valid concerns, I can't shake the feeling that our most overlooked hole is RB depth that allows us to stay who we are offensively while not overtaxing our ball toting King for 18 games and a postseason push.
I mourned the loss of Sir Foreman and not seeing what he and 22 would look like at full strength. It would have been no plays off for the opposition. I feel JRob needs to find another horseman to knight for our backfield roundtable to feel complete. I've been searching free agent options and still see some value out there that could bring similar pop to the backup role while allowing Hilliard to sustain his change of pace spot. I'm wondering your thoughts on the importance of the "Knight" role and the available options.
Latavius Murray still brings lumber and is tailor made for spot duty at a good value. He did it in NO and still showed signs last year in Bmore
Ronald Jones reminds me alot of what Foreman brought to the table. He is accustomed to a load sharing role but can fully step up if needed.
Any other free agents you see fitting the mold, or do you see us trying to fill the need for more lumber thru the draft?

Jim: I appreciate it, Howard. I enjoyed hearing your take. I think the team will add lumber in the draft, before filling more holes with with free agents still on the market. I'm not thinking big-name free agents post-draft, more depth guys on one-year deals.

Randy L from Yorktown, Virginia
Best available!

Jim: I hear ya, Randy.

Michael Bidwell from Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee
What position do you think the Titans are in most need of this off-season? I personally think it's the O-Line. My question is, do you think that there is a chance that the Titans trade up in the Draft to go get someone they know will have an immediate impact? In your opinion, do you think there is anyone the Titans have their eye on and that would even be worth trading up for or do you think they will just go after that immediate impact player through team trade?

Jim: Hey Michael. I've said this before, but I think there's a greater chance of the team moving back – and getting more picks – than moving up. Without a second-round pick, the team doesn't have a ton of ammo, and would like more picks. A trade back would allow for that.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. It's not surprising that A.J. Brown wants a long-term extension. But the Christian Kirk deal with Jacksonville ($72M/4 years) has really skewed the market for wide receivers. Kirk is a # 2 wideout at best and so it's natural for A.J. and his agent to demand a much better deal. But the Titans have very little salary cap space and it's going to to take a lot of manipulation to be able to ink a new huge deal. So, let's not count on a new contract for A.J. anytime soon. It also may be telling that Ryan Tannehill has been working out in Florida with Dez Fitzpatrick. Maybe that's a subtle message for A.J. This situation also may also direct the Titans' first round draft choice. Selecting a wide receiver may be the best move now. Help on the offensive line is also a priority, but the WR position appears to be the greater need as things are now. If Christian Watson is still available at # 26, he would be the best pick. What do you think?

Jim: Hey Jim. The Christian Kirk deal was misleading, and I don't think it factors into the A.J. talks. Deals for other receivers will play a bigger role in negotiations. And, Ryan has thrown with A.J. in Florida, too, so no message is being sent … Lastly, I like Christian Watson myself.

Ashley Coffman from Charleston, South Carolina
Hey Jim!!! PLEASE PLEASE DONT LET Aj go!!!!! We definitely need him. He is our best wr. What are you guys doing to make it right? The chemistry is there already. If tannehill has to start over with 2 new receivers it won't be pretty!!!

Jim: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ashley.

Harold Pillow from Myerstown, Pennsylvania
I have been listening to all the media about AJ Brown, I was just browsing through the All-Time Greats of Tennessee - Oilers History and it would seem to that it would absolutely unimaginable that they would not resign him he is 16th All Time. I know I am just a fan And the NFL is a Business. I'm Just Saying and for all you fans that think he is diva most Wide Receiver's Are.

Jim: A.J. is certainly no diva. Hey, I'd love to see him back on a long-term deal myself

Scott Parker from Crossville, Tennessee
Hello Jim, thank you for all of your great work. I know you're as excited about the upcoming draft as I am. Without attempting to predict any trades, I honestly believe we're in great shape to get a really good player at #26. I would say OL or WR would be our best move in the 1st round, and if either Trevor Penning or Kenyon Green were still available, I would be thrilled. I'd like to double down on my question, and hear your opinion on 2 players I find intriguing. A fast riser at WR that I would consider at #26 is Christian Watson out of ND State. Say what you will about small school prospects, his combine profile has him at 6'4", 208 pounds with a 4.36 40. Do you feel #26 would be too high for him? I've also seen mocks with us going QB in the 1st round, something I personally would not even consider unless by some miracle, Malik Willis falls to #26. My next question is, if we were to take a QB in the later rounds that could potentially be groomed as our future starter, what are your thoughts on Alabama A&M QB Aqeel Glass? Another small school prospect, but from what I've read on him, mechanics are his biggest issue. This is something that, with a season or 2 behind a veteran, I believe could be corrected. What are your thought on Aqeel? Thank you again for all you do for the Titans and the fans.

Jim: Appreciate it, Scott. And yes, as I mentioned previously, I like Watson. Not sure he's around at 26, though. I have received about a half-dozen questions over the last few weeks about Glass, so I know some fans like yourself like him. I haven't seen him play a lot – just film. But I think he's a bit of a project so not sure how I feel about that tbh.

David Ridley from Toana, Virginia
UCLA TE Greg Dulcich. From what I've seen this guy will be better then Gronkowski and Kittle combined. Please tell me the Titans have him in mind...not making a play for this ounce in a life time talent will be a huge mistake... I cant find the individual teams that attended his pro-day. Your opinion?

Jim: Hey David. He's a big-time player. I like him. And, I think the team needs more help at tight end. There are several tight ends I like in this draft class behind Trey McBride, with Dulcich, Jalen Wydermeyer, Isaiah Likely, Cade Otton and Jeremy Ruckert next in line.

Tony Villanueva from Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Thanks Jim for the opportunity. My question is about Jelani Woods. A 6'7 250 pound TE with 4.5 speed. Do you think he has more upside than the top-rated TE prospect from last year's draft? Also would you select him over a 2nd round WR talent?

Jim: He's another good tight end for sure Tony. And his stock is definitely rising

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Jim last year you disagreed with me when I said that we should cut every wow receiver that I was not AJ Brown and kalif Raymond and draft some good quality wideouts. Now i am not here to say i told you so but i just wanted to give my last mid-late round WR considerations as well as wish you a fun draft weekend.
WR Bo Melton Rutgers -(HE IS the next Tyreek Hill) Please quote me on that too.
WR Danny Gray SMU-has everything you need in a WR except an extended route tree
WR Velus Jones-Has everything as well but not as quick off the line or as fast as Danny Grey but still has speed.

Jim: I'll pass these to the GM, Jordan … 😊

Lyndon Mitchell from Birmingham, Alabama
Hi Jim! Lifetime Titan fan from Florence, AL (On the Tennessee River) that is a Partnered Content Creator on Facebook and 90% of my content is Titans related so I enjoy your mailbag! My question is would you consider taking a QB in round 1 this year as a future building block (Of course Ryan would be QB1 this upcoming season) seeing as our last 2 first round picks Wilson (off field issues) and Farley (injury bug last 2 years) rarely seen action? I love what JROB and Vrabel have done with the roster and understand that WR/OL more than likely will be our choice seeing that we have pick 26, none in the second and 2 in the 3rd. But the gambler in me feels like taking a QB in the first and drafting WR/RB in the 3rd and taking best LT on board the following year would be my pick! Love what you do! #TitanUp either way!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Lydon. Florence is a beautiful spot; I've visited a few times, including once on the Titans Caravan. A lot of mixed opinions on whether the Titans should draft a QB early. My take has always been the team needs help with the first pick now, not later, and without a second round pick it's even more important to get an impact player at 26. And, I'm not sold on any of these QBs as future, long-time starters. But football guys a lot smarter than I am are making these decisions.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Hello Jim, hope as is well. Off season stories and voluntary work outs.
So Ryan Tannehill skips first week of an off-season camp. Is this really a big deal? I think it is a yes and no situation. Ryan has several year experience and a week off is a week off. However if you don't get reps with your new teammates and coaches. If Ryan doesn't prepare better, you end throwing 3 interceptions in a playoff game. Wait sorry that was last season, if he doesn't work out and get better we don't have to worry about losing a playoff game. Won't make the playoffs.
AJ Brown is on the trade market or isn't doesn't matter either way really. If Jon can make a move to improve the team and it cost the Titans AJ he'll land on his feet and win wherever he goes. We should keep him. If a team makes an offer and it could benefit the team long term, Jim isn't that the GMs job? I think that's what they pay him to do. A fan, like myself, get all worked up and overreact because it's an emotional response. I think AJ is a top 10 receiver he just happens to be on a run first team. We have Derrick Henry but it took him a few years to get rolling. Aj hasn't started his engine yet in my opinion. Put AJ with Tom Brady or Josh Allen at qb oh my. Can you imagine how that would look? Is it possible for the Titans to trade AJ and get enough compensation to improve immediately and win a Super Bowl while Derrick has enough gas in the tank? No! So pay AJ cause the Titans need him to stay. I know it's not that easy with NFL rules and the salary cap.

Jim: Appreciate you weighing in, Terry.

Jessica Sellers from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Greetings! My son and I are looking forward to the Draft Fest Party (on Saturday). Any idea of the alumni or players who will show up for the fans? We are hoping to snag some autographs for the first time in years since Training Camp has been blocked off. Thanks!

Jim: Hi Jessica. I decided to run your question again because, as promised, I have the answer. The former Titans scheduled to be there: Blaine Bishop, Brad Hopkins, Gerald McRath and Marc Mariani. Have fun!

Tom Montesion from Roseland, New Jersey
Hi Jim. Hope you're well. Thank for always keeping us non-local fans caught up. I've asked before but since things seem to be heating up at the city & state level with some opposition, do you think a new stadium is a pipe dream or an impending reality? And if it does fall through, would Amy settle for whatever upgrades to Nissan Stadium can be done? Thanks again & Stay well

Jim: Hi Tom. A lot of things still need to happen to make a new stadium a reality. I'll just say I'm a lot more optimistic now than I was a month or so ago.

Silas Wright from Smyrna, Tennessee
Hello, First-time writing long-time reader.
My question concerns signing elite players. I am going to use A.J. since that is on everyone's mind. Most high paid players get these large paydays but only 60 to 70 percent is guaranteed. So, would it make since to offer A.J. this?
1. Five years 20 million a year / 100% guaranteed
2. Titans cover insurance policy against injury to cover contract
3. Contract ends if he retires before it's completion
4. Incentives could be added to this to make it more enticing to A.J.'s camp
I think most people would go for a 100% pay than a percentage of a large number. Just my thoughts so how about yours on this subject. Thanks for your time and all of the news you give us.

Jim: Hey Silas. Thanks for writing in. I want to see the team keep A.J., but I'm not offering a contract that's 100 percent guaranteed. Not to A.J., or anyone else. I know the Browns did it with the Deshaun Watson deal, and I still can't believe they did it. What if the player's skill-set declines, either because of an injury or something else? The team wouldn't be able to cut him because they'd be on the hook no matter what. There are other ways to get the deal done. But I appreciate your outside-the-box thinking, Silas. Don't be a stranger.

Jeremy Kain from Plattsburgh, New York
Jim, sorry about your loss, life can be challenging and cruel. I believe this is why so many of us find refuge in sports and people like you connect so many with this escape… Last season our warriors in the offensive end of the trenches had trouble staying healthy and protecting on 3rd and seven. A significant factor on passing downs was the simple lack of reliable targets on the field last year. Time is ticking, but if the Titans pick up a reliable grinder like JC Tretter to add to the interior or a healthy Eric Fisher at OT in free agency, they could use Pick #26 on a WR like Dotson or Watson. This would really free up AJ and Woods. With Hooper added to the mix, and the return of King Henry, defensive coordinators would be helpless. What's your assessment?

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jeremy. It's not going to surprise me of the Titans add veteran help up front, but I think the competition for starting spots will also include Dillon Radunz and Jamarco Jones and Aaron Brewer as well, along with at least one draft pick. I think a receiver is in play no matter what happens.

Cliff Cushman from Spring, Texas
Howdy, J.W.! The draft is exciting, especially with JRob calling the shots. I never really know what he's going to do & I like it that way. This drafting a qb in the first round talk is just crazy. You don't take a team on the verge of a superbowl & drop a rookie in the mix. I will say that many a qb in this league succeeds or fails because of the personnel and scheme around him. I am all over the place! What did I want to say? Oh yeah, the draft. Unless a guy drops to 26 that the Titans love, we are trading back to acquire a second rounder. We need, as they say in the military, a force multiplier. Want to see AJ Brown go off this season? Get another receiver. Invest a pick in the oline if you want to get the best out of Derrick Henry. A TE at some point would make everyone on offense better. I don't think Big Bad Jeff has the numbers he got without the addition of Denico Autry. Yes address weaknesses on your roster. But do not stop drafting or adding free agents at a position because you are good enough. Oh man, I'm getting fired up! I might go out & tackle somebody. TITAN UP everybody!!!

Jim: Don't peak to early, Cliff! We still have two days before the draft!

Have a great week everyone!

And don't forget to send me your mocks!

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