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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Two Days Before the NFL Draft


NASHVILLE – Two days and counting until the start of the NFL Draft.

Yes, it's finally here.


What will the Titans do?

Well, we'll find out soon.

Until then, we'll discuss it here in the Titans mailbag.

Send me your pick for the Titans at No.22, or your entire mock if you want, for a special NFL Draft edition of this Thursday's mailbag. CLICK HERE.

Ashvik Talluru from Suwanee, Georgia
Who will replace DaQuan Jones?

Jim: Hey Ashvik. DaQuan joined the Panthers last week, for those who missed it. His replacement is to be determined, and the draft could provide more clues. But Teair Tart and others will be in the mix on a line that has Jeffery Simmons, Denico Autry, Larrell Murchison and others already in the mix.

Chad Alexander from Jacksonville, Florida
Hi Jim. Always a pleasure....
I'm sending this round by round draft guide from the future to keep my Titans ascending, slip them to Jon if you run into to him

1. Elijah Moore/Terrance Marshall
2. Elijah Molden/ifeatu/Asante/Stokes
3. Alim Mcneil/Jay Tufele/Daviyon Nixon
3. Jalen Mayfield
4. Isaiah McDuffie.

Jim: Will do, Chad. Thanks.

Rex Broadhead from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Jim! First time writing to you! I know we need wide receivers, CB's and TE for this upcoming season. This year's draft is very important for us. It seems like to me that tight ends are becoming very important. Look at Gronk you know. We need players you know that can stop Hill from Kansas City for example. I have been hearing rumors about getting wide receivers first from the draft; or CB? Who would you go for first? Wide receiver? TE? CB? Or LB? Sometimes the first round is always not the best of what you get. It's about how you can train the players and how they can get better. Lots of factors play into this. Maybe we get a LB in the draft and get 3 and 4 draft picks for wide receivers cause they may be easier to train? What's your insight?

Jim: Hey Rex. Rumors are circulating about everything leading up to the NFL Draft. It's that time of year. But I don't think it's a secret the team needs help at receiver, cornerback, and tight end. And yes, help is need at LB and other spots. I don't know how things are going to unfold over the draft, so it's hard to predict what the GM will do. But like you said, everyone has to keep in mind it's a seven-round draft, and not all about the first pick. A.J. was a second-round pick, and he's proven to be a home run. Same for Derrick Henry. Jayon Brown was a fifth-rounder. Heck, I could keep going on later round picks who have produced big-time. The Titans are going to need a solid draft, rounds 1-7.

Nicolas Delamare from Laval, France
Hi Jim, wish everybody in the organization and your family are safe during this pandemic time...
Two quick questions about our draft....1°) What do you think about our second round pick ? Here's my thought...I think this pick is too far for picking playmakers and this pick remind me our second round pick of the 2018 NFL draft when Harold Landry was available and JRob decided to go for him 2°) In my mock draft, I use our last picks on LB and DL but with the recent 4 signings (2DL, 1LB, 1DB) so less needs for our roster, do you think the best GM in the league could keep those picks for trading up (maybe for our second round) ?
Thanks for everything Jim and #TitanUp from France... And if guys want to follow us, no doubt...Follow us on @Titans_FR

Jim: Hey Nicolas. Good to hear from you again. After listening to the GM on Monday's conference call, it sounds like he's up for just about anything. Stay tuned…

Charlie Tutson from Pasadena, Texas
Hello Jim. I am excited about the upcoming draft. The Titans do have a myriad of needs but I think there are a couple of options they still have in free agency. Sheldon Richardson would be a nice add to our DL. To your knowledge has he come under consideration?

Jim: Hey Charlie. I haven't heard any buzz about Sheldon and the Titans yet. I did see where the Browns indicated recently they're interested in bringing him back. I do expect there to be another wave of free agency after the draft, so stay tuned. Teams that don't get what they want/need in the draft will dive back in to add players.

Joseph Noah from Walla Walla, Washington
So we sign Woodrow Hamilton, Bruce Hector, B.J Bello, and Chris Jones. I know I am not the only fan who had to look these guys up to see who they were. My question is why are we not going after veteran players that are still on the market like Richard Sherman, Sheldon Richardson, K.J Wright, Eric Fisher, or Melvin Ingram? I know we don't have cap space however i haven't heard of us restructuring players contracts to make room. I think our window to win a championship is 2-3 years so why try to develop players when you could get ones that have been studs for years.

Jim: Hey Joseph. You're referring to the four free agents the Titans signed last week. Those guys were signed to add depth/compete for roster spots. I'd be surprised if any of them started, and I won't be surprised if some of them/all of them don't even make the roster. They were signed to compete, and to help fill out thin positions. And keep in mind, the team signed nine other free agents earlier this offseason. Like I mentioned to Charlie, I expect more veterans to be added at some point after the draft. It's still April and the training camp won't start until late July. But first, the draft.

Harmonee Atcheson from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim I am wondering how long are NFL Drafts? And would I be able to meet Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry and AJ Brown? Have a great day.

Jim: Hi Harmonee. The NFL Draft lasts three days – first round on Thursday, second and third rounds on Friday, and fourth through seventh rounds on Saturday. As for meeting Tannehill, Henry and Brown, can't make any deals on that one.

Mike Silva from Las Vegas, Nevada
Is Taylor Lewan going to be able to start this season? 😳

Jim: Hey Mike. I haven't seen Taylor in person since I saw him on the field – from the press box – after the loss to the Ravens. But I've heard nothing to suggest he's not on schedule. Based on his timetable, I think he'll be ready to go at the start of camp.

David Bettlach from Chesterfield, Missouri
Hey Jim. Seeing a similar situation, from a couple of years ago, with a top 5-10 player falling down the draft board. If Farley is there at 22 and Freiermuth some how falls, a little, to 53, IMO this would be the perfect scenario for the first 2 rounds. Two potential super stars at positions of need! Your thoughts?

Jim: Hey David. I understand your thought process here, but I can think of a lot more "perfect scenarios" involving other players who could fall to the Titans, too.

Steven Kelleher from Flagstaff, Arizona
Hello Jim. If the Titans elected to take care of other needs in the first 2 rounds and wait until the 3rd to address WR. Would someone like Amon Ra St. Brown be enough to calm fans minds about the position in your opinion or do they need one of the big names?

Jim: Hey Steven. I'm not sure what fans think about him. I know he was a solid player at USC, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by some other receivers more.

Have a great week everyone!

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