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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as Free Agency News Begins to Spread Across the NFL


NASHVILLE – Free agency officially starts on Wednesday.

The latest Titans mailbag starts right now.

I'm diving right in…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Austin Johnson from Jackson, Tennessee
Hi Jim! Since we have the 11th pick in this year's draft and there is A LOT of good talent this year. Who do you think is a possible 2023 draft pick? TITAN UP!!!!!

Jim: Hey Austin. This will be an easier question to answer closer to the draft, although it won't be easy then either. This is the reality: Everyone doing mock drafts right now are doing them based on the current big needs of teams. Once free agency takes place – it officially starts tomorrow, but obviously deals are getting agreed to across the league – things are going to change. Let's see what needs the Titans address between now and the end of April. What unfolds in the next 5-6 weeks will give us some more clues leading up to the NFL Draft.

George Gettle from Brazil, Indiana
Jim, are the Titans looking into the signing of Lamar Jackson? It is my opinion that they should be and if it's remotely possible giving up two first round picks is nothing if he leads them to a super bowl victory - Lamar , Henry, Burks, Chig, now who's ready to ball! Lamar can make up for some missed blocks upfront. Please say we are doing our due diligence. Thanks for your great work day after day.

Jim: I wouldn't bet on it, George.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Lots of speculation about what is going to happen when the new league year starts on March 15th. We have to remember that speculation is what it is.. Nobody is going to tip their hand as to what they will actually do and some teams put out misinformation to throw everyone off their track. So let's just wait until the 15th when all the fireworks will go off at once. My question is about Ben Jones. He has been the guts of the Titans offensive line for quite awhile and his future is now in doubt due to his concussion issue. It would really be great if he could stay at least one more year to try to bring a Super Bowl to Nashville. What do you think the chances are that Ben will be back leading the offensive line in 2023?

Jim: Hey Jim. I'm sure you've seen by now Ben Jones was released last week. The fact Mike Vrabel issued a statement thanking him for his time with the Titans told me he's not coming back. Ben has to decide whether he wants to keep playing. I talked to Ben at the Pro Bowl, and he said priority No.1 right now is to get healthy, and then he'll have some decisions to make. All of the words that follow are from Ben Jones: "You play 11 years, I have to get stuff cleaned up and fixed. My (plan) this offseason is getting back and healthy, and be able to play at a high level again. My mindset now is: It's an offseason, so how do I prepare like a normal offseason. It's getting some surgeries, getting healthy. So, when (training) camp comes around, if I am able to go and ready to roll, I am able to go out there and do it. My whole thing is: Spend time with the family, get healthy, and get ready to play football like I always do. If I am able to still play at a high level, I would love to keep playing. If not, grandfather time does happen, and we'll see what is best for our family."

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Jim, I have a special fondness for both Taylor Lewan and Ben Jones but understand the decisions to cut them. I also think the signing of Andre Dillard is a strong move. With that signing do you still see them taking an offensive lineman with their first pick? I believe they could take an edge rusher then still get a good o lineman but interested in what you think is deeper in the draft. Thanks for all the info you get to us fans buried in Eagle and Steeler territory.

Jim: Hi Harry. Sorry to be redundant, but free agency doesn't "officially" start until tomorrow, even though moves are getting "agreed to" across the NFL. I'm going to see what else transpires before I start making predictions about the draft.

Joseph Noah from Tenino, Washington
Is there a reason why we are getting rid of players but not adding players? I watch every day good players that are proven at their position getting signed by other teams yet we have only signed a long snapper and he was already with the team. Does management honestly think we can fill all of our empty positions with the draft when we only have 6 picks?

Jim: Hey Joseph. The Titans can't officially begin to "add players" until Wednesday, and even then I'm not sure you'll hear anything from the team. We're always on the conservative side, opting to wait until guys actually come to town and pass physicals. So, patience will be needed. Some free agents will be added at some point, I can assure you of that.

Bill Mahanna from Byrdstown, Tennessee
Jim. My wife has never been a football fan until she started watching the Titans with Derrick. She hasn't missed watching a Titans game since. She bought a signed jersey and some pictures. Just The thought of him being traded has p——- her off. She said she would not watch another Titans game. I would bet there are a lot of other fans feeling the same way. Keep Derrick it won't be a mistake!!!!! Thanks Jim for the way for fans to communicate.

Jim: Appreciate you sharing your opinion in here, Bill.

Mike Sargolini from North Haven, Connecticut
Lots of rumors about Tennessee listening on Henry. Lots of fans being overly emotionally invested and are against removing Henry. Henry is a legend. No doubt about it, BUT…the Titans are rebuilding and retooling and if they can get draft capital for a 30 year old back taking up $16M, you do it. Ran seems very analytical and it would not surprise me to see Henry moved. Same can be said for Tannehill… let's rebuild this team completely on offense.

Jim: I've actually gotten a few of these in the past week as well.

Keith Dierks from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Greetings! Hope all is well and you have a chance to settle in at home a bit.
I haven't seen a lot of news on the new turf. I think it's gonna make a much bigger big impact than many think. Would you be able to update the process a bit and maybe snap a pic for us loyal fans?
Love the column. Thanks for all you do!

Jim: Appreciate it, Keith. I haven't been by the stadium in a bit, but next time I'm over I'll do it and post it on Twitter. It's my understanding there's still plenty of work to be done, though.

Daniel Barham III from Conway, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I am still trying to get over the NFL, dems, companies who tear up my Redskins, history, band and whole truth. Yes I watch most of the Tenn. games last year. Hard at times. I see the needs on O-line, CB's,WR's and QB. Rookie last year look like a 3rd QB in preseason. Never look like QB ready to be 1st qb. Years watching my Redskins. I know o-line is key. Qb too at lease knows how to run an offense and not hurt the team with turnovers. Tenn. has many questions and holes. I see the best is draft o-line. Unless able to find very good QB without many questions. It interested to watch the Gm moves. What way he will go. Retool or rebuilt? Few years or possible 10 year run. Kick it down the road for now or a team that can last for years to come. That the big question! God Bless.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Daniel.

Troy Gilliland from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I am a season ticket owner of twenty years or more, I read your mail bag every chance I get. But this is the first time I have ever posted a response and this is for Josh Dobbs. I love this guy. I think he would be the perfect back up to our Ryan Tannehill.I have no disrespect for Malik, I just think Josh is a better back up. This is just a long-time ticket holders hope. I also think a lot of other ticket holder friends feel the same way. Thanks to you and your work on the Titans mailbag.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Troy. Seems like Josh has a lot of fans around here, and for good reason.

Cheryl Rhoton from Piney Flats, Tennessee
I want to thank the Titans for their sponsorship of the regional spelling bee finals last Saturday. People should know that the Titans are about community as well as sport. Have to boast a little bit here: my grandson won his school bee and advanced to regionals via an online test. He ended tied for 14th out of 46 students. Thanks again, Titans management for sponsoring an exciting day.

Jim: Thanks for sharing this, Cheryl. And congrats to your grandson!

Trip Jones from Kansas City, Missouri
Whatever yall do with the franchise I'm all for it as long you dont trade DERRICK HENRY i hate seeing all these rumors about him whatever yall do please DONT TRADE HIM.

Jim: I hear ya loud and clear, Trip.

Have a great week everyone!

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