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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans Heading Into Colts Week


NASHVILLE – The Titans are back from the bye weekend.

It's now Week 7 in the NFL, and officially Colts week once again.

Let's open up another mailbag as we look ahead to the weekend.

There's a lot going on …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

David Jenkins from Ashland City, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Just heard the news taking us one step closer to a new stadium. Do you have any idea where home games might be played during the reconstruction?

Jim: Hey David. Yes, the plan is for the games to be played at Nissan Stadium until the new stadium is ready, in 2026 or 2027.

David Kennedy from Hytop, Alabama
As you are the "Oracle" of NFL knowledge: When a player signs for $XM, how much does his agent receive and are the NFLPA dues dependent on salary? Many thanks.

Jim: Hey David. Under the standard contract, an agent receives 3% of the player's contract in fees. But some of this could be negotiable.

Eddie Lujan from El Paso, Texas
Hey Jim! With, what I feel, is a shortage at WR, what do you think the odds are that there's a call made for somebody like Odell Beckham Jr? The guy can catch. The guy can run. Yes, he's coming off of an ACL injury, but wasn't Bud Dupree the same case when Tennessee decided to go after him? I feel Burks can be the man here, but I'm saying, he's out 4 weeks already. What do you think the odds are that this could be a possibility, an OBJ to Titans?

Jim: Probably not great. Remember, Odell has a say in where he wants to go, and it appears he's eyeing other landing spots.

Joe Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
Jim, I'm hoping this isn't redundant to what others have asked but will we see more of Kyle Philips? Will we see him on the field not only fielding punts but be more involved with the offense at WR. I'm a little disappointed that he hasn't earned more targets.

Jim: Hey Joe. I think Kyle will be more involved in the coming weeks. I'm telling you, the kid was phenomenal in camp, and in practices vs the Buccaneers and Cardinals. The shoulder injury really set him back. I still think Kyle is going to be really good, and hopefully he'll be healthy enough to help more in the near future.

Tom Meyer from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim, Thanks for all you do keeping us informed on what happening with the Titans. I was watching the game between the Jaguars and the Colts. I saw where Dennis Kelly was playing left tackle for the Colts. He replaced the starter who was injured. Kelly did a good job protecting Matt Ryan. I am guessing he was waived for cap reasons, but it seems the Titans may have made a mistake on this one. Dennis did a great job when he was here and we could really use his talent now. I saw where Gordon was waived and C J Board was signed what the deal there was Gordon not showing enough? I thought we would be seeing him on the 53. Thanks for listening.

Jim: Hey Tom. I've always liked Dennis. Great guy, and a really good player. Acquiring him in a trade that sent Dorial Green-Beckham to the Eagles ranks as one of Jon Robinson's best moves. But the Titans released him a few years back, and the team has at least had some chances to bring him back. For one reason or another, it hasn't happened. … As for Gordon, I think it was all about the details on the practice field, and the Titans wanted to see more consistency from him. I thought Josh handed himself like a pro when he was here. All my interactions with him were good. Keep in mind the Chiefs also let him go as well

Phil J. from Huntsville, Tennessee
The official news of the new domed stadium is absolutely sickening. So far out of touch with the fan base and what the Titans franchise is. So worried about hosting a Super Bowl instead of playing in a Super Bowl. It's gonna be like the LA dome where it's just a social hour for people in suits. We are definitely gonna have to rebrand, because Tennessee Tough ain't it, tough teams don't play in domes. Absolutely nothing like seeing players breath in the cold weather of a playoff game or a pregame flyover, those gonna be tough to see in a 72 degree building with a roof. Completely out of touch. Anyway, Titan Up

Jim: Hey Phil. You know the team that won the Super Bowl last year plays in a dome, right? I love outdoor stadiums, too. When you see the renderings of the new stadium, believe me, you won't be disappointed. It's spectacular.

Garrett Bane from Cambridge, Idaho
Jim, Hello again from the potato state! Do you think there could be any legitimate trade targets the front office could potentially trade for to help the team? Another decent WR or obviously help on the O'line would make sense. I know OBJ is out there as a free agent, but he isn't coming to Tennessee. Regardless, I doubt a trade happens, but one never knows. Who would you try and target, if the price was right?

Jim: Hey Garrett. Haven't heard any Odell buzz inside the building, and, working for the team, I don't think I should speculate on potential targets because of tampering. I'll be honest: The GM keeps the trade stuff close to his vest, so he probably wouldn't tell me even he had something in mind.

Calvin Webb from New Orleans, Louisiana
We need to put in our rookie Q.B. in ASAP! Cuz! We ain't going nowhere with Ryan Tannehill. He sold us out last year without the number # 1 seed. The league is overloading the line. They know Ryan Tannehill isn't gonna beat them with his arm. King Henry made Ryan Tannehill! So, WHEN YALL GONNA BENCH RYAN TANNEHILL????

Jim: Put some respect on Ryan Tannehill's name, Calvin.

Rick Smith from Union, Kentucky
Hey Jim. Hope all is well with you and your family. I read the Mailbag every week but don't write in as much as I use to, just because I don't want to just repeat what what I know others are going to be saying as well. I would like to put a different spin on this one, with the mid terms coming up, I just wanted to say, I see a lot of the same names on here week after week, I see the opinions, disagreements, and even some over the top statements. There have been times when I would read your responses to my messages where you disagreed and I would think WHAT ARE YOU THINKING JIM? But with that, most times I do agree with you. With that said, this board proves people can agree or disagree with out making it personnel and still be able to communicate and want the same goal and even have a little fun at the same time. Now on to football talk, I saw a lot of improvement in many areas this past weekend, man I wish we had Landry right now with Simmons, Long and my growing favorite Tart (got to love his attitude). On the negative side, still a lot of poor tackling, and RT I feel holds on to the ball waaaaaaay to long for short passes. On defense it feels like we are playing a bend but don't break defense and that will not hold up against some of the teams we are going to be facing. Way to much catch and tackle going on. But I will take the W. Since I live near Bengal land at least I can say we are 3-2 and the Bengals are 2-3, at least for the next couple weeks I still have the bragging rights. Last year was last year. Have a good one Jim!

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Rick.

Chris Ledbetter from Lawndale, North Carolina
Thank you for enduring our questions and having patience with us. I love my Titans but as I watch other games our guys both on offense and defense appear slower and afraid to react or hit, compared to other teams. I often wonder what training consists of? If it's like it was in high school for us full pads and contact or if it's like flag football? And if so how does that get the players ready for game day? I'm not bashing so please don't think that! I love my Titans and always will but one must wonder? Titan up and stay Titan Tough!

Jim: Hey Chris. Well, not a lot of contact work, in pads, during the season, but that's consistent across the NFL in-season. There's a limit to how many padded practices are allowed during the year because of the NFLPA's agreement. There's a lot of work during the week in helmets and shells, with some padded work sprinkled in.

Mickey Martin from Joelton, Tennessee
A few months ago, Jon Robinson said that the weapons around Tannehill needed to be great. So far this year, do you think that the weapons around him have been great?

Jim: After five weeks, I don't think we can say anything about offense has been "great," other than the work in the red zone.

Andriy Lakusta from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hi Jim. Hope all is well with you and yours. Been a while since I've written in, figured with all the offseason (AJ), slow start, O-Line, and DB grief you've seen so far, I wouldn't add to it, and I won't, this time :)
My question is, why the lack of getting our TE's involved in the offense? The Titans over the years have always gotten good production from the TE position, yet this year all we have is 24 total attempted targets in 5 games. That's less than 5 per game, that's the 5th fewest TE targets in the NFL?!?!
Swain being our "blocking" TE you don't think would be our leader in the number of TE receptions, he is with 7. We signed Hooper (6 catches) to be our pass catching TE, and drafted Chig (4 catches) to develop and hopefully become our new Jonnu Smith, sems to me there is some potential with those 2 not being used. You would think with our WR's being either injured, or their lack of experience, except Woods of course, that we'd be trying to get more production out of the TE spot. Is this play calling? Comfort level with Tannehill? Lack of TE talent? Help me understand the lack of TE use, please Jim.
In the meantime, here's hoping the week off can heal some of our guys, and get the coaches to change a few things up, for the better. My heart can't take these close nail bitters, although as long as they are wins, it's a little easier recovering. Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Andriy. I can't lie – I thought the TEs would play more of a role myself. With that said, I expect to see more of Chig Okonkwo moving forward. I think he falls into the group of guys who have earned more playing time. And, I can't help but wonder of Austin Hooper is going to be a bigger factor in the future, too. We'll see.

Sean Payton from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I have a burning question about the left tackle position, Lewan is unfortunately done for the year , Titans spent a 2nd round pick on Dillon Radunz , he's left handed , why not give the guy a chance at left tackle and see what he can do . I can remember when they asked either lewan or Conklin to play opposite sides and bc of the familiar use of the left hand naturally playing that position from the left side , it just never panned out . Switched them back to their natural position and it instantly fixed the issue . The kid was a standout in college , although i know he wasnt playing pro competition. Just wanted your thoughts, i know trust is an issue currently.

Jim: I don't think that's going to happen, Sean, at least not now. Dillon has had some opportunities to win starting jobs, but hasn't been able to do so. For now, I think he's a replacement at guard if Nate Davis can't go. Dillon just hasn't convinced the coaches at this point he's ready for more.

David Hierholzer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Why have we not moved Nicolas Petit-Frere from right tackle to left tackle his position at Ohio state?

Jim: Hey David. The team prefers him on the right side for now, and I think he's getting more comfortable on the right. The question heading into this weekend, for me, is whether someone else might get a shot at left tackle in place of Dennis Daley.

Bill Caldwell from Lebanon, Tennessee
Morning Jim. If character and guts were what was needed to get to the Super Bowl, the Titans would be there. Coach instills this in his players and obviously looks for those qualities when evaluating personnel. I just worry the RT is going to take just to many hits and Derrick will do so as well. Both are throwbacks to days long past. Wish the OL could put together a solid stretch of play action blocking enabling the WR to get open and RT would avoid the crazy hits. Hope for some recovery for the troops. Prayers to all. Titan Tough.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Bill.

Have a great week everyone!

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