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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as the Cardinals Head to Town


NASHVILLE – Two preseason games down, one to go.

But first, another joint practice for the Titans, this time against the Arizona Cardinals.

Time is flying by as we inch toward the regular season.

Let's keep the conversation going in this Tuesday's Titans mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Kintae Harris from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hey Jim, I love this section and that you interact with fans. My question is I have heard about the work Simmons and Dupree have been putting in. How is Landry and Autry looking so far in the preseason? When they are all on the field at the same time the defense goes to another level.

Jim: Hey Kintae. Appreciate you hopping in here. Simmons and Dupree have looked good for sure. Harold is getting himself primed as well, and while his work has been someone limited, he looks good to me. As for Autry, I'll be honest – he hasn't been out there a whole lot. I just think the team is saving his legs, and not wanting to push him too much leading up to the season. His work was limited some last year as well, but he sure produced in games and I think you'll see him do that again in 2022.

Trout Dawg from Long Beach, California
What's wrong with Elijah Molden? Also whats your feeling about Dez, and Racey? I really appreciate your observations of the daily practices. Thx for that. Seems J Rob and the guys feel they are thin at safety? With all the recent adds at that spot. How about passing along to the powers that be, silver britches would look great 😂😂 with the dark blue tops. Titan Up and babooeey to you all !!

Jim: What's up Trout Dawg? Molden has been sidelined a good chunk of camp with an injury. He returned, and then sat out again. He's missed both preseason games. Molden was back on the practice again on Monday, but his work was limited. Heading into camp I felt like he'd be the nickel, playing the slot, and it's not too late for that to happen. He just needs to get healthy. But we're getting close to the regular season, so time is getting short and other guys are surging. As for Dez and Racey, I've liked the looks of Racey more – he's big and physical, brings a size and speed element, and he can play on special teams. Dez is a really nice young man, and I still think he has potential, but he's still finding his way in the NFL. I get reminded of this each week in practices. ... Lastly, the team has been banged up at safety for sure. Babooeey to you!

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. What is your assessment of Malik? He admitted after the first preseason game that he left the pocket too early and ran around too much. But then he did it even more against Tampa Bay. The media loves that stuff. But when Malik scrambles, the offensive linemen have to scramble with him. There are 12 guys rotating on the line during the preseason. But, in the regular season, the same five guys play the offensive line for the entire game. If Malik runs around like that in a regular season game, the entire offensive line will be completely gassed by the fourth quarter. Then there won't be any run blocking for King Henry and Malik will have to run around even more. It all looks like a potential disaster, especially since he doesn't follow through on a lot of his throws when he stays in the pocket. Right now, I don't see any way that Malik Willis can play and win games as an NFL quarterback. What do you think?

Jim: Hey Jim. I think my assessment on Malik is probably similar to the opinions of a lot of other folks – he's intriguing and talented but he's still raw and needs a lot of work.

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
Hey Jim! Not a question really just a statement - KYLE PHILLIPS - WOW!!!!!!!!! The Bucs didn't know what hit them. I was super impressed with his hustle and passion. He looks like a Titan to me, your thoughts?

Jim: I agree, Jonathan. He's looked pretty good so far. And he is going to be a Titan.

Christopher Martin from Jackson, Mississippi
Hola Jim. Appreciate you taking the time. Please pass along great advice to our O.C.
When you run the ball on 2nd and 10 or 2nd and 11 your setting up a 3rd and long. Our pass protection showed us last season and so far this pre season 3rd and long and picking up blitz packages aren't going to go well. Please pass that on so we aren't leading the nfl in three and out's.

Jim: I'll let them know, Christopher. Thanks for getting this to me now so the coaches will have time to implement this strategy in the regular season

Joey Hertz from Nashville, Tennessee
Hello Mr. Jim. Thank you for all you do! My question is do you truly feel we have enough weapons to contend? When you look at Top WR's in the league we as a unit are bottom tier. Do you think we may still add?

Jim: Hey Joey. Yes, I think the team has enough weapons to contend. But some guys are going to have to develop well, and stay healthy. Remember, this is a team that likes to run the football, so if Derrick Henry is successful I think it can win games with the talent it has at receiver and tight end. Of course Ryan Tannehill needs to play well, and the o-line needs to be good as well. As for adding another WR, I'm not ruling it out. I always felt like the team would wait before making a move because the decision-makers wanted to evaluate the guys currently on the roster. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing another proven vet added to the roster at some point, but plenty depends on who ends up being out there after roster cuts.

Greg Smith from Hohenwald, Tennessee
You have kept us up to date on the skill players and defensive backs in camp and it is much appreciated. My question, however, is regarding the offensive line: Who has been getting significant reps at left guard and right tackle besides Brewer and Radunz and who has made an impression? Do you think any of the undrafted free agents have a chance to land a spot on the 53-man roster?

Jim: Hey Greg. Brewer has been getting most the reps at left guard. Jamarco Jones was factoring in, but he missed practices last week and the game vs the Buccaneers. Radunz and Nicholas Petit-Frere have been splitting reps with the first team at tackle, but Radunz worked some at guard on Monday, as Vrabel noted. Christian DiLauro (27 snaps), Jalen McKenzie (34 snaps) and Andrew Rupcich (19 snaps) all worked at tackle after Taylor Lewan, Radunz and NPF left the game on Saturday night. Xavier Newman (44), Jordan Roos (34), Hayden Howerton (32), and Willie Wright (32) all worked at guard, and the team has a good swing guy in Corey Levin, who can play center and guard. The team has some decisions to make here, and I also wouldn't be surprised to see a waiver claim on an offensive lineman after final cuts.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
Found the NFL Titan game on Saturday. Made my day and a win was icing on the cake! Not any questions but just observations/opinions from what I saw. Defense looked good. Special teams looked good but offense needs some help. Liked Chestnut, Phillips and Woodside. Willis needs a lot of work in my opinion, but I never played the game! I realize this is preseason but I'm looking forward to the season. Our preseason teams look better than many of the oppositions first string. JMHO. TITAN UP, it's going to be a roller coaster ride. PS almost forgot about Stonehouse and his leg and running!

Jim: Hey Allan. Thanks for chiming in.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim. Been watching these Willis snaps like it's my purpose in life. I see Steve McNair in #7. I'm so glad Coach Vrabel has Tannehill so he doesn't have to RUSH Willis in there. If McNair had a coach like Vrabel I believe that Super Bowl season we would have won it. His Airness was thrown into the league in some really bad situations cuz Fisher really had no choice, but also because his draft position. Willis has a better arm than McNair for sure, but the way they absorb hits and their tendency to hold it really bothers me. The offensive line is still VERY bad. Like very very bad. I bet you were at the game to witness it, but man it made me cringe. Is something going to happen with them? Radunz looks absolutely lost in pass protection and very average in run blocking. The kid from OSU, whom I'm really high on cuz he's a Buckeye, didn't look any better. When the games matter this glaring deficiency is going to cost the Titans games we should easily win, much like it did vs the Bengals. If Tannehill had adequate times 2 of those 3 interceptions wouldn't have happened and we would have been able to get Henry going better. Any thoughts on what could and needs to happen. Before The Boys play the Giants? Oh and the defense looks nasty!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: Hey Eli. Good to hear from you. The reality is Malik needs time like McNair got. Remember, Steve was drafted in 1995, and he didn't become a full-time starter until 1997. It took him a few more years to turn into a good quarterback. As for the o-line, yes, the group needs to be more consistent and guys need to play better. At some point in the not-so-distant future you're going to see guys locked into spots and then things will get serious.

Joey Lewan from Galveston, Texas
Jim. Thank you for all you do. Do the amount of turnovers and pressure allowed on our Qbs stick out? Very excited about this upcoming season and Titan up!
Do you think leadership sees the concern we had with Woodside as our # 2? I love my Titans- just hoping for improvement on the offensive line and play calling. Thank you Jim.

Jim: Hey Joey. Yes, I think the pressures allowed sticks out, but keep in mind a lot of young guys and a lot of different combinations are being used.
As for Woodside, he hasn't looked as good as he has in preseasons past. Keep in mind his practice reps have been very limited, and he's been entering games with back-ups surrounding him. Still, he needs to be better and he can't turn the ball over like he has in the two contests.
At this point, I don't think Malik has proven himself ready to be the No.2. And, I can't help but wonder if Woodside is instead competing against another QB who could become available in another week or so.

Allain Alva from Menifee, California
Ur guys going to win the super bowl this year i hope you have a good season the titans are my favorite team.

Jim: This is a great vote of confidence Allain!

Have a great week everyone.

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