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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as Team Kicks Off OTAs


NASHVILLE – Phase Three of the Titans offseason program is now under way.

What that means is organized team activities (OTAs) are now taking place at Saint Thomas Sports Park, with rookies and veterans on the field together for practices.

It also means more answers to questions surrounding the team.

Speaking of questions and answers, let's dive into another Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Kaden Welch from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Two questions:
Question 1 - Do you think the Titans are content with their WR room or could we see an addition before the season starts?
Question 2 - Do you think Haskell Garrett makes the 53-man roster? I watch a lot of Buckeye football and am still baffled that Garrett didn't get drafted. I think he would be a great addition, but he's got some serious competition to earn a spot on this defense. I fear he will be cut and end up making great contributions at another organization.

Jim: Hey Kaden. Two answers:
Answer 1 – I don't think the Titans are content at WR and I could see another addition before the season at receiver.
Answer 2 – I think defensive lineman Haskell Garrett, the undrafted free agent from Ohio State, has a shot. I'll get to see him at OTAs this week, but his time to impress will come when the pads come on.

Riley Grubbs from White House, Tennessee
Hi Jim, maybe something you've already answered in the past, but with the larger part of free agency and the draft over with, who do you see being the starter at Right Tackle and Left Guard Week1?

Jim: Hey Riley. I've been asked about this a lot, and I've continued to answer it the same way – it depends on what happens in the competition. I'm expecting Dillon Radunz to be in the competition at right tackle, with several others, including third-round pick Nicholas Petit-Frere. I'm expecting Aaron Brewer and Jamarco Jones to battle it out at left guard, with Radunz potentially competing some in there as well. Jones could also compete some at right tackle, with others will be in the mix. Stay tuned.

Jackson Weber from Irvine, California
Hey Jim. I'm traveling to Nashville late July, just wondering when does training camp start, and do you know if it is open for fans to watch?

Jim: Hey Jackson. No official date set for start of camp. I think it'll be July 27th or July 28th, right around then. But I can't make any promises on whether it will be open for fans. It's my understanding there will be some fan access, but it's likely to be limited. What that means remains to be seen. It's not going to be an open-the-floodgates situation like pre-COVID because of the new construction, limited parking, and reduced space because of the new wing on the building at Saint Thomas Sports Park. Right now, that's about all I can say because nothing is official.

Troy Patterson from Iowa Falls, Iowa
Don't really have a question but just my 2 cents for what it is worth. It seems like the other teams in the AFC are loading up in free agency and the Titans aren't doing much. They have been concentrated on the defensive side of the ball which is solid but are depending on the draft class to make an impact on offense. I feel like they will be relying on the defense again to keep them in most games. Most teams will be loading the box to stop Henry and forcing Tannehill to make throws I just hope the OL can keep him upright. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out considering their schedule is definitely going to be harder than last season.

Jim: It will be interesting indeed

Shaw Hall from West Monroe, Louisiana
With the Titans opening up at home against the Giants, they will most likely will wear white jerseys. What are the chance we can get a britches poll to decide the britches? Because i would love to see the stormtroopers look at home.

Jim: Hey Shaw. Too early to know the wardrobe, but I'd say there's a zero percent chance it's decided by a poll … Just keeping it real here

Don Smith from San Antonio, Texas
Hi Jim. For sure can't wait till training camp and then onto to pre-season! Looking for "Titan Blue all the way in 22 !" My question is that --players like coaches do come and go that is the business. Why did the AJ move hurt so much? I believe it was just such a surprise for one! I personally think AJ is a grown man and will have to live with his decisions just like we all do. All said and done we can appreciate what all we the fans did for him and he can at least appreciate that he did what he was paid to do. I often ask, " Does the player make the team or does the team make the player?" I think AJ is a skilled player and look forward to seeing our secondary keep him in check and from a lot of YAC this year! TIME TO MOVE ON !!! Go Blue in 22 !!! TitanUP!!! Don Smith

Jim: Hey Don. Well, I'm sure the answer is different for a lot of people. For starters, I think saying goodbye to A.J. was tough for some folks because he's a dynamic player, and a playmaker, one of the best receivers in franchise history. He's also a very likeable guy, very engaging, and easy to root for. He was a draft pick, someone the team – and its fans – wanted to see in Tennessee for years and years to come. And, I think the shock of the trade hurt fans a lot. But you're right, it's time to move on because he isn't coming back. Personally, I hate seeing how some fans have lashed out at A.J. after his departure. He's been bashed by Twitter tough guys for not keeping his camp in Nashville. I say give the guy a break. He doesn't deserve the hate, no matter how things ended.

Ryan Rathbun from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hey Jim, long time fan here. What are your thoughts on Reggie Roberson JR? I know he was undrafted due to injury out of SMU, but I've been high on the guy for years. I brought up his speed to Austin Stanley before last year's draft. I was ecstatic when I realized we picked him up. I see bone chilling speed if he's able to get healthy again. What have you seen from him so far, and do you think it's a long shot that he makes the roster?

Jim: Hey Ryan. I noticed Reggie at rookie camp, and he made a nice catch in practice the other day. Yes, he's probably a long shot to make the roster at this point, but things can change, and he'll have an opportunity. As things stand right now, the receiver position is a spot where someone could emerge simply because it has plenty of young, unproven guys looking to make a name for themselves.

Jacob Vaughn from Franklin, Tennessee
How's Robert Woods's injury rehab comin' along? And how did he come across the nickname Bobby Trees?
Thanks Mr. Wyatt! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Jacob. I wrote a story about Robert last week, and includes an update from him on his rehab. CLICK HERE for the story.
As for his nickname, this is what he said: "Love the nickname. It really started off in Buffalo. The fans had it, had it going and used to call me Bobby Trees when I was there. It really just blew up when I went to L.A., had the alter ego. I really just ran with it, bringing it here to Tennessee."

Have a great week everyone!

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