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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as OTAs Begin


NASHVILLE – The Titans kicked off OTAs on Monday.

On Tuesday, the session will be open to media coverage, so check this website for updates.

And, check out the Tuesday Titans mailbag now…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Edward McKinney from Cane Ridge, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I am a more optimistic than most people on the Titans offense going into this season. I believe the offensive line starters and blocking tight ends will be legitimate (Skoronski - LT, Dillard - LG, Levin - C, Brunskill or Duncan - RG and NPF - RT) if the coaches require them to play the entire first half of every preseason game to establish chemistry among the group. I believe our WR group (T. Burks, K. Moore, K. Phillips, & NWI) will be better if they all remain healthy. My concern is with the other CB spot opposite of K Fulton. Caleb Farley hasn't been able to stay on the field, and he had back surgery. Are there any reports on his recovery? If not, who has the best chance at starting in that outside CB role because I truly feel R. McCreary is a better option at nickel CB.

Jim: Hey Edward. It's early in the offseason, but you're going to see guys work in different spots, and you left out a guy who I think will end up being the starter at center – Aaron Brewer. As for Farley, he is still working his way back. The team has a lot of options in the secondary. McCreary, Fulton and Sean Murphy-Bunting will all be in the mix at outside corner. The versatile Elijah Molden is capable of lining up in a lot of spots, as we saw in Tuesday's OTA when he lined up at safety. And, Chris Jackson will compete for playing time as well. A lot to be sorted out here.

Luke Atherton from Alexandria, Pennsylvania
I am officially going to Titans vs Falcons on October 29th! My first game in Nashville and I'm super excited! I was hoping for Baltimore or Houston but I knew Baltimore would be our London game. I just had a gut feeling. My question is, Jim, is there any rookies you are particularly excited to see action from this year? (I would appreciate hearing both on the Titans and overall) I'm excited to see Tyjae Spears in particular and Bijan Robinson or Bryce Young. Hopefully Bijan doesn't explode versus the Titans though I wanna finally witness an in person win! Fingers crossed!

Jim: Hey Luke. You mentioned the two rookies I'm most curious about on other teams. And, Spears is going to be fun to watch in practices, and in the preseason. I'll be surprised if Skoronski isn't a starter this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing tight end Josh Whyle as well. Colton Dowell will be fighting for a roster spot in camp.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, always thanks for giving us the news about our team an coaches, I think Ran has done a great job on rebuilding that OF line , but I'm concerned about the receivers I no Treylon will be an elite player an Kyle an Westbrook will it be enough I understand they have some free agents I'm excited about it come this fall, and the defensive side I think will be Top 5 D the new DB coach that came from Washington I think is gonna be a good upgrade from last year, but just wanted to know ur thoughts on this an Caleb Murphy I think I'd gonna be special but thanks again Jim and to all our fans In TITIANS NATION GO TITANS BABY!!!

Jim: Hey Tommy. Well, Caleb Murphy looks the part, and he arrives with great credentials. His stats from college (Ferris State) are crazy good. But I need to see him when the pads come on – and he's working against NFL o-linemen – in camp before making any predictions. I do know our folks were fired up about landing him after the draft.

Tyler Beene from Lebanon, Tennessee
I don't really have a question. Just a request. Or more of a what's your opinion. Steve McNair is the reason I became a Titans fan. I cannot think of a better way to honor his legacy for future generations to come is to have a statue of him once the new stadium is complete. Pekka Rinne has one at Bridgestone (well deserved). Peyton Manning has one at Lucas Oil (again well deserved). McNair needs one at the entrance of the new stadium. The Braves have The Battery. When completed, we need to call ours "The Nine."

Jim: Good suggestion, Tyler. A lot of things to consider when the new stadium opens in 2027.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Nobody wants to say this is a rebuilding year, but that's exactly what it is--and that's what it needs to be. Typically when you're "playing for a championship," there isn't a QB controversy. Likewise, when you are in a rebuilding phase, you are more inclined to use higher picks on the OL, which we did.
If the objective was to really play for a championship, Carthon would have addressed the WR position in the draft. Incidentally, if the plan was to play Levis right away, they would have addressed the WR position in order to give him better targets, thus protecting his confidence.
That said, being in a rebuilding phase doesn't mean the Titans are folding their cards. Just look at the New York Giants last season. Most of the pundits--and coaches and fans, I suspect--never expected them to finish with a winning record, let alone win a playoff game. Yet they finished with the best season they'd had in years in a season where much of their organization was revamped from top to bottom.
Despite being convinced that Vrabel is one of the best coaches in the NFL, I have questioned some of the decisions that he and his coaching staff have made over the years. But I have never questioned his conviction to coach his players to the best of his ability or his desire to win.
Will the Titans win a championship this season? I hope so. But I seriously doubt it. That doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward to rooting for the Titans though...and it doesn't mean that I don't expect them to be competitive. I do. And I believe that they will.

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Pamela. I know some fans love to put a tag on what this season is going to be. Tell Mike Vrabel this is a "rebuilding year" and see what he thinks about it. It's not a "rebuilding year." The Titans will once again be playing to win the AFC South, just like last year. The guys the team parted ways with earlier this offseason weren't set free because the team is rebuilding. The team made business decisions based on what certain players were scheduled to make while factoring in their recent injuries and projecting what their impact might be moving forward. Yes, the team will have a lot of new faces this fall, but that's life in the NFL.

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Jim I liked the Levis pick -being a Penn State fan saw him before his Kentucky days- and think he can become a good QB quickly. My question is why does everybody want to get rid of Tannehill saying he's past his prime but say teams like Atlanta would be a contender with him? Is it just because of the salary? I don't believe Tanny is a Hall of Famer but when he's had help at receiver he's been a good leader for us. With a new OC and Burks more settled do you think he can get back to where he was and will he get the chance?

Jim: I don't think everybody in the fan base wants to get rid of Tannehill. He has plenty of supporters as well – I see it in my inbox every day. Personally, I think he's been the victim of way too much negativity. The o-line didn't protect him very well last year, and his receiving corps had trouble staying healthy and productive. As Vrabel has said, the Titans need to be better around him. I believe he is capable.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Great to see Trey Wolff will be in the Titans camp as an undrafted free agent. Living in Lubbock, I was able able to see him kick for the Red Raiders. Trey is very consistent with his kicking and at 6'4" and 210lbs, he is big enough and athletic enough to be an extra defender on kickoff returns. He is what the Titans need in a place kicker. Trey should be able to win the job no matter who he is competing against in camp and during the pre season. Keep an eye on him. Thanks.

Jim: Time will tell, Jim. I've liked the looks of Caleb Shudak, the former Iowa kicker who signed as an undrafted free agent after last year's draft. He has a strong leg, and I consider him the favorite to win the job. But again, it's early.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim, do you think there's a realistic shot that we see Will Levis play at all in year #1? Injuries are one thing (God forbid), but what about if Ryan Tannehill simply isn't playing well? I know this is purely hypothetical and based on what-if's, but I'm sure Titans fans would like to see what they have in Levis. Plus, I've been saying this since the day after Levis got drafted: Some players just need to play in order to develop. Thank you and have a good week, Jim.

Jim: Hi Evan. Well, Malik Willis wasn't supposed to play last year, and he ended up playing in eight games. So much depends on health and performance, and we'll have to wait and see what happens on both.

Have a great week everyone!

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