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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as Free Agency Begins


NASHVILLE – Free agency is under way, and on Wednesday, teams can officially begin signing players.

Lots of questions will be answered by the Titans – and across the NFL – in the coming days and weeks, (although I know some of them have already been answered during the legal negotiating period).

I'll try and get to a few in here as the frenzy continues.

Let's go…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey Jim. Hope all is well. I cannot wait for free agency to kick off. I am excited to see how Carthon and Callahan see the Titans next year and for years to come. Will they build OL first or get a WR with height and speed or work on the secondary? I am really excited to see how they start building the foundation. I think the way they start FA will set a culture tone in who they bring in. Hopefully by April we will know what this team's identity will be. As always TITAN UP!

Jim: Things are just getting started, Jeremy.
I feel like this is a good time to put in this reminder: While you may see a lot of news transpiring over the next few days in free agency (a lot of deals were reported on Monday, in fact, some involving the Titans), the team might not/will not confirm them immediately. As a team, we're very conservative in announcing deals, preferring to wait until the contract is officially done, and a lot of times until after a guy has passed a physical. What happened with Will Lutz yesterday (he reportedly backed out of his widely reported deal with the Jaguars) is a perfect example of why some teams elect to wait. This is a decision that's made above my pay grade. So, while agents and the national reporters are putting out info that X player has agreed to terms with X team, you might not see it announced on this website for several days later.

Parker Babcock from Carthage, Tennessee
Question: Can we please be more active in free agency we have a lot of room to work? Thank you for your time.

Jim: Hey Parker. It's still early – the negotiating period started less than 24 hours ago. By my count the team has already reportedly agreed to terms with four players. There will be more. 

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Question: I won't pretend to understand the financial lunacy that is free agency. And I certainly understand that a younger, healthier player who might have 2-3 peak years ahead is seen as more valuable than an older player.
But King Henry is no ordinary man. I am gobsmacked that in some FA ratings he isn't even in the top 50 players. Yes, his yards per carry have gone down, but he has been running behind a screen door OL for the last two years plus. NOBODY would have succeeded behind that OL, especially after we traded our superstar WR to Philly and basically watched opponents stack 8 in the box.
Pollard for 3 years is probably cheaper than King for two, but with our cap space and Henry's work ethic and leadership, I cannot believe we are going to watch him walk out the door and think that's a smart move. I crazy?

Jim: Hey Bill. We've talked a lot in here about Derrick since season's end. And, I've said many times I didn't expect him back in 2024. The way Derrick handled things after the season finale told me he didn't expect to be back either. It's a changing offense, and things are going to look different. Time will tell if it's a smart move. I, along with everyone else around here, wish nothing but the best for Derrick. He's been a great Titan.

Tiernan McKamey from Riverside, Ohio
Question: Hey Jim. Just wondering what you're doing to get Will Levis ready for next season?

Jim: Hey Tiernan. Will is self-motivated, and he's doing plenty to get himself ready. He spent the early part of the season rehabbing, and then began training. He's been in the building a bunch. He's spent time with his new coaches, getting up to speed with a new playbook, and offense. OTAs and minicamp are on the horizon. In time, he'll get on the same page with his teammates, but right now, he doesn't know who a lot of those guys will be.

Martin Benotez from Montevideo, Uruguay
Question: Hi Jim how are you? Its really nice to see you take the time to read and answer questions in Spanish, it's makes us the latín fans closer to the team. But this time I'm not going to make you a question about the team (i prefer wait until the FA) but I'lll do to you another question: vas a ir a ver el partido de -la Copa América entre Uruguay vs USA que se va a jugar en ArrowHead? Abrazo y Titán Up!! Vamo arriba los Titans!!

Jim: Hola Martin. Es bueno saber de ti. Probablemente intentaré captar algo de eso, pero lo admito: soy mucho más fanático del fútbol que del fútbol.

Steve Johnson from Crossville, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. Prior to Coach Callahan naming his father as offensive line Coach there was a lot of talk about the Titans bringing back Mike Munchak. Coach Munchak even said he would be willing to come back to the Titans organization. I hear all the time we can keep this guy or we can sign that guy because Bill Callahan is one of the best offensive line Coaches out there and he can turn things around. I agree but there's only so much one man can do. We have so many linemen that need really good coaching to find out if they are truly NFL players or not. Is there a chance that Coach Brian Callahan would consider Munchak as a consultant for the offensive and defensive lines? Kind of like Tom Moore with Indy and Tampa and Jim Swartz with the Titans. I say offensive line which is a given. Defensive line is more having another pair of eyes telling the Coaches here is what I'm seeing and here is what I'm seeing as their weaknesses. I would love to see Coach Callahan and Coach Munchak working with these young men during training camp. What an awesome experience these young men would have. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey Steve. I've seen a lot of the same Mike Munchak "rumors" over the years, but nothing materialized. No, I don't think Bill Callahan, who, as you said is considered one of the best o-line coaches in the NFL, is going to look to add Munchak as a consultant. Munchak worked as a consultant for the Rams last year, and I read where they want him back.

Randy L from Yorktown, Virginia
Question: Hey Jim…you're my guy! Always classy and at the same time keeping it real!
Please humor me and let me get this off my chest…I have no one to talk to about my TITANS in Virginia! First a comment (maybe longer than a comment but whatever). The others I'd like you to weigh in on.
• I'm definitely no expert but since our old GM was hired I started compiling lists of the top-rated prospects by several of the experts. Random thoughts: 2017 draft…we picked Adoree over Tre'davious and Jonnu over Kittles. In both cases the Titans' pick was WAY LOWER than the experts' compiled lists. UGH. I know many times teams miss, but these were both at the same position. Big Jeff was an injury risk when we took him, but so was Caleb so I don't have a problem with either. Kevin Dodd was highly rated but fell. Harold also fell so we moved up. Isiah Wilson was nowhere to be found on most experts' top boards. Hits & Misses.
• One question I've had since the former staff took over is how "normal" is it for roster turnover like we've had from game to game. It seems a little crazy to me to try to build a culture when we cut someone, bring them back on the practice squad, promote to active roster, etc. etc.
Is this just business as usual for most teams?
• Hoping Levis ascends like Josh Allen did…lots of parallels.
• Any chance Malik is willing and able to try a new position???
• Looking forward…the new staff seems promising and I may be a TITANS homer, but I'm hyped. The moment did not seem too big for Brian Callahan and I like his even-keeled approach. So my thought is we will heavily lean on senior Callahan as far as assessing our current OL, FA OLs, and OL draft prospects. It would make sense to pay or even overpay for the top center available. By virtue of the position, I assume most centers are good leaders and are integral in team OL play. I wouldn't be opposed to trading back because the draft is so heavy on our biggest needs…OL and receiver. BUT if we stay at 7, draft Alt or Fashanu. I know, I know…we have to wait for free agency first.

Jim: Good to hear from you Randy. I'll tackle the first question on promotions first: That's standard across the NFL. New league rules allow for gameday promotions from the practice squad, and team take advantage of it. So, you'll consider to see it moving forward … I talked to Boomer Esiason at the Super Bowl and he actually compared Levis to Allen … Malik is not moving to another position ... It's been reported the team has agreed to a deal with center Lloyd Cushenberry), and, I'll have a better feel for draft needs after free agency.

Steven Tilton from Safford, Arizona
Question: Hi Jim, thanks for keeping these mailbags going. This is a slow season for football fans when there are no games on Sunday, but I imagine things haven't really slowed down in the team offices. But as a fan with little personal football experience who only really sees what happens from TV or on these websites, I know very little about what exactly keeps the offices busy from February to April (despite knowing they ARE busy). Apart from knowing that Coach Callahan has spent much (if not all) of his work time assembling his coaching staff, the only other thing I know about is that scouting is probably a huge focal point. Can you share what sort of things take place from now until training camp for players and coaches? I would love to hear whether it is all draft prep and scouting right now, or if there are other player-based or team-centered priorities that I haven't imagined for this time of year. Thanks for your time!

Jim: Hey Steven. There has been no slow down around Saint Thomas Sports Park. And, with a coaching change, it was busier than usual. Then it was time to prep for the combine, free agency and now the draft. The offseason program begins on April 8, when players are back in the building. And, as I mentioned previously, OTAs and minicamps are on the horizon. The NFL truly never really stops.

Rick Davidson from Paducah, Kentucky
Question: Hey Jim. Quick question: Alt or Fashanu for our first pick?

Jim: Way too early to narrow it down to two guys in my mind, Rick. For starters, there's no guarantee either of these guys will be there at 7.

Have a great week everyone!

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