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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Win Over the Dolphins


NASHVILLE – The Titans keep taking care of business, but there's more work to be done.

On Sunday, the Titans captured the AFC South title for the second year in a row with a win over the Dolphins.

This weekend, the Titans have a chance to claim the No.1 seed in the AFC with a win over the Texans.

Meanwhile, these mailbags – and questions/comments for them – keep flowing.

Let's get going again…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut
Jim, I am so PROUD of this team. I have been a fan since 1960. They have overcome so many injuries and Covid to get to this point. Coach Vrabel and the other coaches were responsible for this success. They had the [players believing in themselves and each other. I know this is only the first step, but to have 60 years pass before back-to-back division titles makes this one SPECIAL. When my 10-year-old grandson called from R.I. to congratulate me and to figure out if his team the Patriots could face us in the playoffs. When I told him about the back-to-back titles being 60 years apart, he could hardly grasp it. Tell all the guys we are so proud of them. TITAN UP.

Jim: Hey Rick. So, you remember the last time the organization won back-to-back division titles, when the Houston Oilers won three AFL Eastern Division titles from 1960 to 1962?! Congrats to you!

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
To all the pundits who said it was over for our team when Derrick was injured (Looking at Michael Irving in particular) what do you think they will say now?? Just last week on the NFL network when their pundits did their team rankings they had us at number 11, not even in the top ten even though there were several teams they listed in the top ten (the Chiefs, the Bills) we had already beat. Next week against the Texans won't be a throw-away if we want to keep the number one seed in the AFC so hope our team plays with the same intensity they played with against the Dolphins to win our division. It was a GREAT TEAM EFFORT!! The way D'Onta Foreman was running with the ball, I started calling him the Prince from the castle of King Henry. LOL. TitanUp!!

Jim: Hi Carol. The Titans have certainly exceeded the expectations of many, but they can't throw it all away now. There's a game to be won in Houston, and then it's on to the playoffs. That first-round bye would be nice - it's just like a first-round playoff win, but with rest. ... And, not a bad moniker for D'Onta. 😊

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, what an amazing weekend! The Titans beat Miami and the Bengals beat the Chiefs. The Titans get the number 1 seed. It's a beautiful world!

Jim: Hold your horses, Jimmy Dee. The Titans don't have the No.1 seed yet. They've got to beat the Texans first.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
Well, I will eat my words. That was the most complete game they have put together since Henry got injured. Downing called a great game with the plays he called in certain situations and even the Offensive line finally put together a solid performance. My question is about Foreman: Do you think we will be able to keep him around? He is certainly a great insurance policy and I believe be had probably earned a pay day from the Titans or another team needing a back. I believe he is a solid 1000-1200 yard rusher given a full season of playing time.

Jim: Hey Brett. I get your interest in wanting to retain D'Onta past this year, but that's an offseason question. No need to worry about that kind of stuff now.

Brandon Richeson from Fairview, Tennessee
I love the way The Titans find ways to win games. Mike Vrabel deserves COTY, with how many talented players he used this season and with a win next week we get home field and a bye. A fresh King Henry. Everyone will remember the night they played The Titans. With that being said. In my mind with the way Freeman is running the ball. Is their a reason to believe the Henry and Freeman are the 1 2 punch RB system that we can lean on in the future. Think about it. Henry Foreman in the backfield. Will that be the scariest RB unit the next few years. Thank you for everything you do in the Titans Community. TitanUP Baby

Jim: Hey Brandon. Well, you and Brett are thinking along the same lines. OK, I'll just say this: Sure, I think the team would probably love to keep Foreman as part of a 1-2 punch moving forward. But I also think the way D'Onta has played will likely have other teams interested in him this offseason as well.

Mike Miles from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim, I have no question I just want to say BOOOOM TITANS WIN AFC SOUTH AND HAVE A GREAT SHOT AT AFC CONFERENCE. Great game vs Miami even in the cold and rain. If every tv in Tennessee is not on the Titan vs Texans there is more than likely a power outage Lol. TITAN UP TENNESSEE.

Jim: Well said, Mike.

Ethan Black from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, been to 3 home games this year and just noticed yesterday there were no scores/highlights from games going on around the league. Was this a deliberate decision made by Titans leadership to keep their focus on the Dolphins? Thanks!

Jim: Great question, Ethan. I have to admit, I didn't notice that. But that wouldn't surprise me. When Vrabel walked into his post-game presser on Sunday, he immediately had someone turn off the television in the corner of room as they were signing off after the Bengals-Chiefs game. And he made a point several times to talk about the Titans needing to win games, and how they don't need to spend time worrying about what other teams are doing. Without asking anyone, I'm betting your on to something here.

Braulio Cardenas Cantu from Saltillo, Mexico
Hi Jim. It's been a while since I wrote, and I'd like to share with all the fans some personal reflections. This season has shown the strong competitiveness of the league, there are no longer small teams. He has also shown how hard it is to play in this league, with so many injured, and on this point, I think that for the number of injuries the team has had, the quality of injured players, and the position in the AFC in which we find ourselves, it would be very fair that our coach Vrabel is considered to take the distinction of coach of the year. Don't say the great work of our GM Jon Robinson to provide the necessary players to continue in the fight. I want to express my gratitude to all the members of this great family for a magnificent season that has only shown the resilience and determination to give the best in each game.
.... and this is not over yet..... GO TITANS!!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Braulio.

Darren McKillion from Ballycastle, Ireland
Hey Jim! Messaging all the way from the north coast of Ireland, where I've been a Titans fan for 18 years!
Another big win for the Titans against the Dolphins. We all know the best-case scenario - beat the Texans and we are the number 1 seeds. But what is the worst-case scenario? If we lose next week and the teams below us all win, how far can we fall in the seedings? As division winners we would be one of the top 4 automatically, but can we fall as far as 4th seed if results go against us? Though as we all know, we will crush the Texans and end up top seed so it's all irrelevant, but just out of curiosity, you know! Thanks for all you do, if I can get to watch the game I am refreshing Twitter to get your match day updates!

Jim: Hey Darren. Well, it's a little complicated. And, it would depend on which teams the Titans would be tied with in the event they dropped to 11-6. The Titans and Chiefs are both 11-5 now, and the Titans are currently the No. 1 seed because they hold the tiebreaker based on their win over the Chiefs. But conference records could come into play if multiple teams are involved in a tie, and the Bengals (8-3 in AFC) and Patriots (8-3 in AFC) have the best records in the AFC. A Titans loss to the Texans would drop them to 7-5 in the AFC. With a loss to the Texans, the Titans could fall out of one of the top two spots for sure. So the Titans need to win, and not have to worry about a bunch of tiebreakers.

Alan Johnstone from Nashville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Just wondering if there is any news on the condition of MyCole Pruitt after that significant (and pretty gruesome) injury on Sunday? Haven't seen a lot in the press about him since then, and he's been such a significant part of this offense this season. My heart goes out to him and his family. Not the way anyone wants to start a new year.

Jim: He Alan. Coach Vrabel said MyCole had surgery on Monday. "It's disappointing," Vrabel said of the injury. "It's sad to watch guys who put a lot into it and see anybody get injured." As for his spot on the roster, Vrabel said the Titans will continue to evaluate the position, which now includes Geoff Swaim and Anthony Firkser on the active roster, and Austin Fort on the practice squad. "We'll look at all possibilities," Vrabel said, "to see how we'll replace MyCole." Hopefully MyCole will be back in 2022 – he's a good guy, and he's been a solid contributor for the Titans.

Bill Slack from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Happy New Year Jim,
Great game from start to finish. The Titans have been in every game except the Cardinals game. The turnovers killed us in a few games. Hopefully that is behind us. This team can play and beat any team that's in the playoffs. Foreman has really improved since taking the rb1 position. Hopefully when Henry comes back we use them to totally wear down defenses. Should be a fun time this playoff season.

Jim: Right on, Bill.

David Siler from Thousand Oaks, California
Hi Jim. What a roller coaster of a year, can't believe it almost over. I have to say D'Onta Foreman and Dontrell Hillard have been pleasant surprises in relief of Derrick. My question is, with the prospect of getting Derrick back in time for playoffs do you think there's a possibility of seeing all three backs on the field at the same time? You know like a crazy wildcat wishbone? Seems like it would be pretty challenging to defend

Jim: Hey David. It's not almost over … I wouldn't bet on seeing the wishbone.

William Scott from Nashville, Tennessee
I read with interest of the Titan Fanbase comments by Logan Ryan, and many responses to them. I have more of a comment than a question. I've been a season-ticket holder since day one. Before the Covid season, I had only missed attending 6 Titans' home games since they came here. So, I think it's fair to say I am what many would consider to be a loyal Titans fan. I certainly feel that way. Anyway, to Logan's comments— I have watched the stadium, before, for many, many years, always selling out. I have seen crowd numbers for the Titans grow and grow over time, only to later diminish, and then stay down significantly. I have seen the number of opposing teams fans rise. Most recently, with the success of the team, I have watched the Titans' fan base rise, again. The Bills game this season generated one of the most playoff-like atmospheres I've ever seen during the regular season, for example. I have two comments about the home stadium Fanbase. First, the Fanbase tends to rise and fall with the success of the team. The more games the Titans win, and the more likely it is in a particular season that the Titans will go to the playoffs, the more Titans fans show up at the stadium. In addition, in general, the more games the Titans win over a set of seasons, the more they develop longer-term fans. But long bouts of many losing seasons, diminish even some of these fans. So, the team has quite a bit to do with its Fanbase, as it can fluctuate based on how the team plays, and succeeds in any given season, and over time. The second factor which affects fans in the stadium, however, has nothing to do with the team's win and loss record, in my opinion. Instead, I think we are a victim of our own success. What I mean by this, is it is the city of Nashville. I think many other teams fans, each season, circle the weekend, or day, on which they will play the Titans—- and make a decision to make that their road trip game. This is because of how much fun it is to come to Nashville, without regards to the Titans at all! That means all the great things that draw people to Nashville, in general, also draw other teams fans to Nashville. And those fans are willing to come and pony up big money to go to see their team, whichever team that may be, come to Nashville and play the Titans. Those fans also bring money with them and pay for hotel rooms and taxes on everything they buy. So, they are a good financial boost for our city. Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than a Titans game with the stadium full of loud and proud Titans fans. I am one of them game after game, win or lose. But I don't think it's just the size of our fanbase or market which is the problem with other teams' fans coming to our stadium. I think the very draw of Nashville itself is part of that picture. I do not like seeing lots of other teams' fans come to our Titans games. This said, I do make note of the fact that every one of those people are paying good money in our city while they are here, even though I can, generally, barely stand sitting next to one of them during our home games.

Jim: Good takes, William. And the team appreciates your loyalty.

Brad S from Camden, Delaware
Coach Vrabel has done an outstanding job with this team this year. One win away from home field for the playoffs and a much-needed bye. Can't ask for much more, other than a Super Bowl win. Has there been any discussion about extending Vrabel's contract? I think he has definitely earned it.

Jim: I think Vrabel might punch someone if he was asked this now

DJ Hicks from Statesboro, Georgia
What is wrong with our fan base? We're one game away from being AFC Champions and our fans still come on here weakly bad-mouthing coaches, players and anyone else who ever makes a mistake. Every team makes mistakes. The key is which team can have the fewest. How about we all pull together for the team and help get them to the big game (fan support and noise does make a difference)! How about we fill the stands with blue at home games instead of allowing the visitors to buy so many. Why don't we travel in huge numbers to away games to support our team like some teams do? Before we sit here and bash the players and coaches let's look in the mirror and see if we are being the best fans first, and if not let's step up our game! Who's with me?

Jim: I like the pep talk, DJ, and you make some points. As consistent readers of this mailbag know, there have been a lot of mood swings from the fan base from week to week. Heck, on my Twitter feed, the mood changes from quarter to quarter. I do think the team has a bunch of die-hard fans, fans who travel from city to city to see the team play. I see them, and I hear them. And I know there will be a ton of Titans fans in Houston again. I admit, I do hate seeing so many fans of the opposing team some games at Nissan Stadium. I know season ticket holders have a right to sell them, but I think it's kind of crappy for the Titans fans who have to sit by fans of the opposing team in those seats, and I think it stinks that the team has to look across the field and see fans in the opposing team's colors.

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Buenas tardes Jim y a toda la comunidad Titan en todo el mundo. Primero antes que nada Feliz Año Nuevo, vaya regaló que nos ha dado nuestro amado equipó.
Antes de las dos preguntas, quiero felicitar a todos los jugadores que hicieron un gran trabajó sobresaliendo Foreman, Tannehill, Swaim, Lewan, Jones, Autry, Landry, Long, Peko, Cunningham, Evans, Molden y Jenkins. En equipos especiales Kern, Rogers, Bullock y McMath.
Mis dos preguntas son: Con la baja lamentable de MyCole Pruitt crees que suban a Austin Fort o que vayan a buscar un veterano agente libre a sabiendas que Tommy y Briley Moore están fuera todo el año?
Segunda pregunta cuando regresé el Rey Derrick Henry a qué corredor dejarías inactivo Foreman, Hilliard o McNichols.
Muchas gracias Jim y felicitarme a todo el equipo, el staff, a la Gerencia por la gran temporada y vamos por la cereza en el pastel Texans que nos quedaríamos con el primer sembrado y con una semana de descanso más. Arriba los Titanes.

Jim: Feliz año nuevo, Alberto. Agradezco el correo electrónico. Bueno, el ala cerrada de la escuadra de práctica Austin Fort es actualmente el único ala cerrada del equipo, aparte de los alas cerradas del roster activo Geoff Swaim y Anthony Firkser. Veremos si el equipo hace algún movimiento aquí. Espero que eso suceda en algún momento. Y solo diré "por determinar" en cuanto a quién podría ser el extraño cuando Derrick regrese. Derrick necesita regresar y demostrar que está listo primero.

Elden Neemia from Honolulu, Hawaii
Best thing Titans have done is Hiring Coach Mike Vrabel. He is the man's man type of leader and young leaders/players response to that very well. Anyone can talk about football but is another thing WHO the players are listening. It's easier for me to take someone seriously who have life experience, been there done that and knows exactly how it is to be in a position of player, defense, offense and a Champion. That's alone will win my attention and my respect and much easier to connect with. The language of man is respect and no man will connect if they do not respect you.
You see, Coach Mike V don't have to tell the players he used to be a player. Serious players will know soon cause speaking from experience sounds different from those who talk about football. Up to every young man/player/leader to check him out cause its one thing to hand over one hand over a contract and another to hand over your fighting hand in the trenches. So yeah, that is why am very impressed on how he handles the challenges of this year with what is given to him and able to win with whoever on roster. Yep, and let's not forget, so far two offensive coaches went on to be HC roles in other teams and still manage to take Titans to 10 wins. Give that man and his coaching staff what they deserve and do the smart thing. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now what's up with all the teasing of DH? lol yep! right on schedule.

Jim: Well-deserved praise for head coach here, Elden.

Steve Owen from Williston, Vermont
Hey Jim. Just wanted to say howdy and happy new year! To you and the entire Titans organization! I'm a native red neck from the Charlotte Tennessee and now reside in patriot territory. I sure miss the days of boarding the General Jackson with my friend watching The 1999/2000 Titans. Unfortunately, my friend Barry passed from COVID a couple of months ago. There's nothing better on Sunday than wings, cold beer and a big "WIN" from our TITANS ! "Barry Sesler" RIP #1TF !

Jim: Howdy, Steve! And, sorry to hear about Barry.

Mike Clement from Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Hey, Jim! Appreciate the opportunity to offer advice about the team, save Amy money and elevate your position with much more money!! That got your attention! Right?
I've come to realize after reading your column for several years (I'm a little slow) that you have a wealth of talented background right at your fingertips! Many of these people who write in have valuable insight from acting as GM, coach, medical and training staff, heading up the cheerleaders etc., after being charge of their six-year old's flag football team. It's only pee wee but that's ok. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING!
Amy can eliminate Jon, Mike, medical and training staff and maybe other staff by setting these bozos up as a committee to run the show with you as head man. They can evaluate talent better; coach better even foresee when and if injured players will recover and are worth signing. We can vet each individual as to his/her expertise then add them to the email committee. No pay for them just a thank you and an occasional Titans trinket. Shucks, all the glory to their egos is probably enough compensation.
This first edition of this new business plan is free of charge. If Amy wants to use my services any further, a little about my background: served as benefits consultant to the Memphis Grizzles prior to retirement in 2010 and met Coach Gene Bartow. It was only for about two minutes but quite sure some of his expertise rubbed off. It's round ball but that still counts! Doesn't it?
My compensation will be a catered limo ride from Bell Buckle to the stadium for games in a private box then a ride back home. The box needs to catered as well but Amy does not have to entertain me.
BTW, tell Jon and Mike not to take this personally, it's just business.
Jim. hopefully, you are smiling. You obviously cannot publish this but thanks for letting me vent. These know-it-alls who write in frustrate me. Take care of yourself and God bless the entire organization!
BTW, congratulations on the win Sunday!!

Jim: Can't publish it? Thanks again for the free entertainment and advice!

Dimitrios Jimmy Kosmas from Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hey Jim, Happy New Year Sir!!
I would love to say a few things before my question
First things first you ROCK buddy!! Thanks for everything you do. Your intelligence of the sport and the Titans, your humanity and humor with dumbass questions. All the updates and helping new fans with all questions. You go out of your way to let the World (Nico from Germany said exactly what I wanted to say about Coach Vrabel, and this is my first time writing in because of him) know how this phenomenal franchise is, feel free to tell Logan Ryan WERE RIGHT HERE
Second my Titans origin story I love. Great name bro, I'm Greek so I go by Jimmy da Greek. My father is from the homeland and when he came here he only knew a couple of sentence's. He's owned restaurant's my whole life and one of them had the Calgary Flames coming in all the time so he wanted to be able to talk sports more intelligent with them. So he asked me for help with his English, which is not easy for a traditional Greek. He is a CFL fan first, Steelers fan second. I told him if I have to watch the CFL(nothing against the league but "Come On Man") any day of the week we have to watch the NFL as well. He said I have to pick a team and stick with it. So I knew who Warren Moon was and the first week I did all my homework in the kitchen of a restaurant getting to hang out with my brother and Dad talking sports they happened to be playing the Steelers. Our Titans won in the forth. It was a great game but all in all something ill never forget.
Lastly, I stayed in the service industry. I ran different bars and restaurants but I always worked Sunday, get the owners to pay for NFL Ticket, lol. I've been blessed with some of the best co-workers and customers ever or at least the city of Calgary. When Henry went down I personally got hundreds of messages. All positive and their knowledge of his career was awesome. Yes I gave them free stuff and got them their lucky or special table but they followed him because of how great of a human HE is on and off the field. Personally my favorites from social medias or a text was my buddies kids or lady. It started because they wanted my team to win then they would tell me about something he did in his community of Florida or Tennessee or a workout routine on sand. I wish him all the health and happiness in the world and I want to thanks King Henry for showing kids and adults out there what actually being a good person is like. They're 2 different people but I see a lot of the good things about Mr. Madden in Derrick. Sorry not Sorry for the long message. :)
My question is about the Secondary. Did you see something we didn't that was a changing point for the group?? Last year 31st in receiving TD's (36) This year 9th (21)
-From last year to the first few weeks of this season most analysts said to throw on us
-We have had so many injuries and were moving up in the stat world
-Adding a DC MR. Bowen and Mr Schwartz?? both great choices. There isn't many players or coaches out there that smile like Jim when one his players lays the Madden "Boom"
Thanks Jim, have another great year

Jim: We're getting some real gems in here this Tuesday. Good to hear from you Dimitrios Jimmy Kosmas.
I can think of several reasons for the improvement in the secondary, but the guys on the back end making the plays deserve a lot of credit. But I also think the improvement of the pass rush has obviously helped the group as well. And yes, the coaches, from Vrabel to Bowen to Schwartz to their position coaches all deserve props, too. Now, everyone needs to keep it up

Have a great week everyone!

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