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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Loss to the Chiefs


NASHVILLE – Well, that was a tough one, huh?

The Titans had a great chance to pull off a big upset in Kansas City, but they let the Chiefs off the hook.

I thought the team showed a lot of spunk in defeat, but spunk doesn't get wins.

Yes, the Titans are going to have to be better, especially on offense.

Let's dive into the mailbag and see what everyone is thinking.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Scott Raileanu from Chicago, Illinois
Really like your articles and coverage of the team - always honest but I gotta ask you to be candid as best you can... Why does JRob and Vrabes see Malik as a viable QB option for this team? Let's be honest, our WR corps right now (especially without Burks) is probably the worst in the NFL, and we need a competent QB to get the ball to them because they aren't going to create on their own.
Malik doesn't look like a project at this point, he looks like 100% does not belong in the NFL.
I am shocked that Vrabel thought Malik was a viable back up and I'm even more shocked that JRob thinks this is the best support we can provide our Team from a roster standpoint.
Malik made a few decent throws, sure, but overall, he doesn't have a handle of the snapcount, of the defense, of reading in play coverage or his mechanics. It's just Embarrassing.
I'm blown away that Downing isn't giving him roll outs and giving him a quick out and a corner route concept to throw to OR just run for a few yards.
End of the day, we can debate if he can be the long term option - fine. But it just looks so obvious he is NOT ready to play QB in the NFL.
Please help us fans understand, Why do the GM, HC and OC see him as a viable QB option right now?

Jim: Appreciate it, Scott. The OC, HC, and the GM see Malik as a viable option right now because they view him as a better option than Logan Woodside with Ryan Tannehill sidelined. It's as simple as that. Tannehill is the team's starter, and if not for an ankle injury, he'd be playing. The Titans drafted Malik Willis with plans to develop him. I've said many times: I think the window for him to become a starter begins in 2024 – in Year 3. Well, he's been thrown into the fire, and what we've seen is a guy who needs more time to develop. No, he's not ready to be a full-time starter yet. But I remember when Steve McNair was drafted third overall in 1996, and his growing pains. McNair was booed in Week 1 at Adelphia Coliseum in 1999 – in Year 4. A lot of folks wanted Neil O'Donnell to take over as the starter that season. I think it's safe to say McNair developed pretty well. Willis needs time – time for his receivers to get open, time to throw, and, time to develop. And, time will tell if he ever becomes the team's full-time starter.

Mike Tate from Chattanooga, Tennessee
So the King had 90+ at halftime then only 7 touches in the second half. Does this make sense to you? Their defense was confused with the QB/RB run mix so why change? You always throw me shade when I talk about the OC, last time you called him a scapegoat! Well I thought the OC calls the offensive plays and if he goes away from what's working that is on him correct? So I guess my question is does this make him a scapegoat or a crappy play caller? I don't have anything against the guy personally, watching/listening to his interviews during the week it makes you wanna root for the guy. But then Sunday comes around and we get a firsthand look and reminder that he's TRASH!!

Jim: Hey Mike. I think the team should've used Derrick Henry more myself in the second half. As for Downing, I said he's been a scapegoat too often, and that hasn't changed. Sure, he could be better. A lot of people could be better. But let's not ignore the fact his QB the last two games clearly has a way to go, as I pointed out with Scott, and based on my Twitter mentions, most of the fan base thinks team's receivers stink. The offensive line has been criticized in here as well. So, how is all of that the OC's fault? I'm not saying Todd Downing should be a candidate for assistant coach of the year. But blaming it all on the OC remains a simpleton take imo.

Steven Douthitt from Palestine, Texas
Second time writing sir. First was after the Buffalo debacle. This KC game was different. The Titans were competitive. Even with Ryan, most folks didn't project a win. I am proud of the team. Yes, I think they should have won, but under the circumstances, I have hope. Just hoping fans don't get too sideways this week. Malik isn't ready & that is obvious. Play calling is still suspect, but the Titans had a chance. Still think they win the division. Enjoy the ride folks. Many teams wish they had what Tennessee had. Also, Texas is coming to the SEC...y'all got bigger problems coming down the road. Oiler/Titan for life & HORNS UP! Thanks Mr. Jim.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Steven. While some fans are raging mad after the loss, as you'll see in here, I got several emails like yours - minus the Longhorn talk. :)

Greg Smith from Hohenwald, Tennessee
Gritty performance by the Titans for sure. The defense continues to show up in big ways despite key injuries. The offense, however, will have to figure out how to sustain drives and score in the second half of games. Absolute ineptness in the overtime period. Ryan Tannehill under center hasn't fared much better than Willis did in the second half of games this season. I have no doubt they are trying to figure that out. It's hard to win in the NFL if you're a one-trick pony. That said, who on the roster might be rejoining the team in the near future from IR and recent injuries?

Jim: Treylon Burks and Elijah Molden are the first two that come to mind. We'll have to wait and see on the QB.

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
Our defense deserves better. The offense is pathetic and the offensive coaching a complete failure in the 2nd half. No receivers had a catch in the entire game. ZERO! Conley and Westbrook-Ikhine both had big catch chances and didn't pull them in. Up 8 in the first quarter and we needed about 5-7 yards to kick a field goal. Do we run it on 2nd and 3rd down to give us the ability to kick and make the lead 2 scores? No we don't. We manage to lose yards, punt, and not even cover the punt well. JRob is awesome, but has to take some blame for not having a reliable pass catcher. It is time for Downing to go. Too many 2nd halves with absolutely nothing on offense.

Jim: Some truths in here. We watched the same game.

Brett Heard from Nashville, Tennessee
The drive with the Mahomes rushing TD was all Downing's fault. Defense was on the field the entire 2nd half. Give Henry the ball. They already knew Willis wasn't going to throw the ball. Henry had 15 carries in the game. Completely blew the 2nd half.

Jim: Yeah, that missed tackle by Downing was a real killer.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
Jim, thanks for what you do keeping Titans fans up to date with franchise info. Just want to say great effort by the Titans Sunday night and great job by the coaching staff putting the game plan together. I know Vrabel/Downing would probably like to have a do over on one 4th quarter drive. We were on the Chiefs 38, second down and 9 to go. Would have liked to see us run Henry twice and at least have a field goal try to go up 20 to 9 with under 10 minutes to play.
Hope all the snaps on defense tonight doesn't linger over to the Broncos game. I'm guessing they'll need substantial recovery time.
Can I please make a comment. We seem to have different Titans fans either hating on Tannehill or hating on Malik. Guess what, they're both Titans so let's get behind both of them. Obviously Tanny gives us the best chance to win right now but he's been injured. I'm betting Malik would tell you the same thing and that he needs time to develop. It's also obvious that whoever is playing needs our 3 wide receivers on injured reserve to get healthy and a little better play from the o-line. I think Ryan is a good QB considering what he's had to work with and I hope we can keep him for a while. I also hope Malik develops to his full potential and starts pushing Tanny for the starting job in the next year or two. Otherwise we'll be starting from scratch at the QB position in a couple of years. If we can get those 3 WRs healthy I think we can go on a run. LET'S TITAN UP!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Charles.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Hey there Jim, who should be to blame for the Titans' loss against Kansas City Chiefs Malik Willis or Todd Downing?

Jim: The Tennessee Titans.

Jesse Medlin from New York
Jim. That was a stolen game. I'll say this again. W.T.F.

Jim: The Titans didn't lose because of the refs, Jesse. The Chiefs made plays when it mattered most, and the Titans didn't. As for the Josh Kalu flag that upset a lot of folks – it was a penalty. He wrapped both his arms around Travis Kelce. Should it have been offsetting penalties? Yes. But that was a penalty on Kalu.

Sergio Escobar from El Paso, Texas
Hey Jim, again thank you for keeping us fans informed. I'm sure you'll get hundreds of letter stating the obvious, we need to get a new OC. When the game announcers are saying the opposing team knows what we will do next is embarrassing. Stevie wonder can see what we will do next. Vrabel and jrob need to fess up and say enough is enough. We can't blame Willis although he did miss some open receivers a couple of times. 1 first down in the second half? The defense played great when you see mahomes throw for that may yards and only win in overtime. Our D just got tired because all we did was go three and out. In your opinion why do we give up offensively in the second half if todd is not to blame? We have winnable games coming up but if this offense play calling continue we will lose out to the jags and colts as bad as they are. Thanks again and Titan Up fans.

Jim: I love a good dad joke, Sergio, but leave the great Stevie Wonder out of this.

Terry Anderson from Edmonton, Kentucky
Jim hope all is well. Looked good at Kansas City in the first half. The first drive of the third quarter was pretty bad because of penalties. Other than that, we need Ryan back on the field.

Jim: Yep.

Fabian Salcedo from Brownsville, Texas
Dear Sir! I have followed since the Houston Oilers and but (the Chiefs loss) was one of the worst nights as a fan. I had expected to have our team lose but not like this. Here are a couple of questions. When will the offensive coordinator be fired? Why not place our backup quarterback in (Woodside) during overtime? At least he would allow the defense to play us in another way and have some space for Henry. Sad to say that it's not the first time we lose because of our offense but one that will hurt for a long time! Our rookie quarterback should apologize to all our defense for the loss. I know our coach will try to excuse our offensive shortcomings but adjustments should have been made and our offense coordinator should be let go. Thanks for the opportunity to express how frustrated I am with this situation.

Jim: One of the worst nights as a fan? You lost me right out of the gate, Fabian. Heck, just go back to the 40-7 loss to Buffalo less than two months ago.

Mickey Whitson from Rossville, Georgia
Normally I defend the Titans to the end but the Titans took Henry out of the game. 92 yards in the first half and what 10, 15 yards the second. With just under 5 minutes left a penalty made it 1st and 20 and two RUNS later no Henry. Henry is the best player in this team period. Dont bench him. By the way my wife says KC cheated and she's mad.

Jim: I said earlier I would've liked to have seen Derrick in the game more myself, Mickey.

Jim Norton from Norwalk, Connecticut

Jim: You're giving us Jims a bad name, Jim.

Joseph Wainwyatt from League City, Texas
Why not trade 1st and 2nd rounders for stars? When we pick them it's more of Wilson, Farley, Radunz. Have we thought of making good use of our top picks? All of the top teams made moves at the deadline. Do we think a 32nd offense, and 1 first down in a 2nd half is going to compete for a championship? Or is competing for a championship not our sole priority?

Jim: I think you know the answers to your second and last question, Joseph.

Steve Brumfield from Nashville, Tennessee
I understand why Coach Vrabel is disappointed in the loss. I wasn't. Yes, I wanted to win, but my fear was that we will be blown out like we were against the Bills. The Chief's are equal to the Bills and we played them toe to toe without Ryan Tannehill and others. We will win the Division, and that means it's a clean slate going into the playoffs. Coach Vrabel does a great job at getting the team ready emotionally, mentally and physically. The team was like a swarm of bees on every down last night. And he does this every week it seems to me.
One more thing, I think a lot people have more respect for us than before last night's game. The game TV announcers certainly see us in a new light.

Jim: I think a lot of people nationally were thinking they'd see a blowout, Steve. The key now is to be back and ready to play on Sunday vs the Broncos.

James Kauffman from York, Pennsylvania
Hope all is well. I can't help wondering what could be if we had some receivers. I again can't help wondering why we overpay washed up players big contracts. Bud Dupree needs to go in the off season. Constantly hurt when we need him the most. Not getting a receiver at the deadline is going to ruin the season. As I said before last time I mailed you, Derrick Henry can't do it all.

Jim: I hear ya, James.

Daniel McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Ok, disappointed, but my question is why is this coaching staff so against making a QB change. I understand they want to see what Willis is made of. But it was obvious he couldn't handle the pressure. He looked lost.. I truly believe the game would have ended differently if they had put in Woodside. Not the end of the world or the season. Not trying to bash anyone, just curious.

Jim: I truly don't think this was every considered, Daniel.

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Ireland
Aw Jim, thats a sickener! Another fantastic defensive display just coming up short, these guys give 110% every week, so im trying not to get too frustrated about the 3rd & 20 run from Mahomes, at 4am GMT 😂. WRs are going have to start earning their spot, i know they dont be used a lot but you have to be ready when called upon & those 2 huge missed catches where just killers.

Jim: I hear ya all the way from Ireland, Neil!

Reinhard Schiendorfer from Fosdinovo, Italy
This was a truly epic battle, but we all know:
1. it is better to win the revenge in the playoffs than the other way around
and 2. someday we will have a lot of joy with Willis.

Jim: Verissimo, Reinhard. Grazie per la lettera e buona giornata!

Hector Hernandez from Teziutl�n, Puebla ; M�xico
Hola Jim buena tarde espero que est� ud muy bien. Pues para expresar mi enojo por haber perdido el juego de anoche en contra de los Chiefs. No entiendo como una persona (Downing) eche a perder todo el trabajo del equipo es una pena que siga como OC de los Titans, sino es por el king su ofensiva ser�a inoperante da pena que anoche no pudo mover el bal�n ni una yarda para tratar de ganar el juego en tiempo regular y luego en tiempo extra igual no avanz� nada, no me cabe en la cabeza porque sigue en el puesto, por favor hagan algo cualquier coach har�a mejor el trabajo que Downing, chiefs nos evidenci� en la posici�n de QB nos urge un buen QB porque ni Tannehill ni Willis nos llevar�n al partido grande (ojala me equivoque) o a lo mejor Tannehill con otro OC pueda desarrollar pero la convinacion Tannehill-Downing no nos llevar� a ning�n lugar. Ni Willis-Downing y no por Willis sino por Downing es p�simo como OC. El peor OC en la historia del equipo

Jim: Hola Héctor. Parece que los sentimientos de los fanáticos sobre Downing son similares en México que en los Estados Unidos. Gracias por escribirnos y que tengas un buen día.

Erik Davis from Zichron Yaakov, Israel
The Titans currently have the worst passing offense of any team I have ever seen in the NFL. I have been watching NFL games for over 50 years.
This is not on Tannnehill, Willis, Vrabel, Downing or the "wide receivers" on the field. This is on the general manager. When we lost AJ Brown we lost any chance we had for the Super Bowl this year.
Trading AJ Brown for Treylon Burks is the worst trade in Titans history.
So painful to watch when the defense is championship caliber.

Jim: Oh man, we've got from Ireland to Italy to Mexico to Israel, and we're about to hit Hawaii. This mailbag is bringing them out. Take care of yourself, Erik.

Leo C from Hawaii
: The offense has looked terrible especially in the 2nd half of games. I get that this is a run first team but the ability to pass is a MUST. It feels like this flaw is wasting a once in a generation back in Henry by putting too much on him and not being about do do anything without him. Blocking, receiving, and play calling are all failing in ways that are becoming embarrassing. What can be done to address these things right now, and what will be done to address them for the long term?

Jim: Short term, getting Ryan Tannehill and receiver Treylon Burks would help. Long term, identifying some playmakers in the upcoming draft or the right guys in free agency would help, along with Burks developing. And, I still think Kyle Philips is going to end up being a good player when he's healthy.

Jon Garza from Franklin, Tennessee
Why is it that Bud Dupree can't stay healthy? I think the contract is more than fair? But stay in the field man.

Jim: It's not about the contract, Jon. It's about the hip. But yes, his lack of availability has been unfortunate for sure.

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Minnesota
Hi Jim. Just a quick observation about the game.
I hoped that we would win...but we lost...and that's ok. I thought we would get trampled but we didn't. If we can play Mahomes and KC to a (OT)....we can play with anybody. Ok, so we lost....big deal!! We proved a lot of positive points and played our asses off doing it!! If we would have had a more experienced QB, we would have won....NO doubt. The last 2 minutes of OT was just too big for Malik....he looked like a deer in the headlights. He's good, but he's green. Enuff said. Give Mahomes credit....he's a player...had he not made that 20 yard over...we win. The Titans are for real......just hide in the weeds and watch!!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Richard.

Randy Paltzer from Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Hello Jim. When you have a chance please thank l of the Titans players for their continued effort. They have been fighting hard every week to win as much as possible. Unfortunately they have little or no chance of reaching their potential as long as Downing is left in his position. We keep hearing (from Vrabel) about how hard he is working every week to get our offense flowing. When will Vrabel realize that results are the only thing that matter. A change is necessary or he will eventually start losing the players confidence in his coaching ability. Mariota and Arthur Smith have the Falcons offense running better than ours right now and that should be the writing on the wall for Downing. Do what is necessary and TITAN UP.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Randy.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
I'm pleased with how well the defense played against the Chiefs. They made Patrick Mahomes look almost average. Todd Downing did a nice job of calling plays that accentuated Malik Willis' strengths, while running the offensive through King Henry. But in the end, the offensive line was too porous when the receivers weren't blocking and the receivers didn't get open enough when they weren't blocking. I think the receiving team needs to adopt a nastier attitude a la Anquan Boldin who was just as beastly blocking as he was receiving. I know that's easier said than done, but seriously, run some tape on Boldin and emulate to the best of your ability.

Jim: Always good to hear from you, Pamela.

Bill Slack from Hixson, Tennessee
Great defensive game considering they were on the field over 45 minutes. malik is not ready to be starting games and he may never be the answer. run henry more in the second half and titans win that game. can't say enough about the defense this season. hopefully when tannehill returns we can move the ball. #Titanup

Jim: Getting RT back should definitely help. It's just a matter of when.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
This has got to be it. I mean after the last two games this has to be the end of the Todd Downing failed experiment. This guy put Willis in so many bad situations last night I mean come on. Why was Henry bottled up in the second half? Todd Downing is why. Why did we have negative passing yards in the second half? Todd Downing is Why. Did you see the route concepts on the last two plays of the game? Omg that was disgusting and frankly unprofessional. That was seriously the saddest thing I've ever witnessed as a Titans fan and that includes a 59-0 game vs New England that was taken off air to show a Browns game instead. I get the family mentality the Titans go off of, but even Uncle Todd can be sent home from Thanksgiving Dinner! The Defense played over 90 snaps from what I counted last night. That's horrific. Dupree got hurt again cuz how much they were FORCED to play. I mean the dude has proven week in and week out that he's not worthy. I know for a fact 100% that I could call a better game than that. Wow.

Jim: Worse than the 59-0 game? C'mon Eli, you're being dramatic like Fabian now. The Titans were a two-touchdown underdog and lost the game in overtime. Tell your wife I'm counting on her to keep you in check.

Cody Connally from Detroit, Michigan
I want to be one of the first to say that I've honestly NEVER been prouder to be a Titans fan than I am today. I don't think I've ever seen a team (especially defensively) play their hearts out like they did in Kansas City. Those guys were hurting and gassed and still gave everything they had. Sure, we have some major issues on offense that we need to fix but I don't even feel like it's right to go there today just because of how our team laid their whole hearts on the field. Man, I wanted that W for those guys so badly but despite what happens the rest of the year, I fully trust this team come playoff time.

Jim: The team definitely played with a lot of heart, Cody. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough.

Len Cooke from Jacksonville, Florida
First off, let me give kudos to the defense. They played their butts off. They gave their all for 70+ plays and almost won the game for us!!
Now to the offense. To say we were predictable is an understatement. Downing called the same 6 0r 7 plays the whole game. If Henry didn't get 5 or more yards on 1st down. Then next was a screen play or a dump across the middle. We didn't throw a pass to a wide receiver the whole game! The defense kept creeping in and we did nothing to keep them honest. By the 4th quarter there were 8 or 9 guys in the box!! You can't run on that. We would have been better off using the old college QB RB option on a sweep. At least one or the other might get a lane. And where was the play action passing that Tannehill perfected? If Willis was so bad you couldn't give him more than 6 plays to run, why didn't you use Woodside in the 4th? Willis wasn't getting any better and after so many years, Woodside at least knew the offense. I know you can't answer these questions Jim, but the OC should be. I dismissed a lot of the derision on this sight over the OC for months now. I'm afraid I've gotten on board. The players didn't lose this game, he did......

Jim: This continues to be a consistent theme in the mailbag, as everyone can see by now.

Jeff Martin from Friendswood, Texas
Hello Jim! Thank you for answering our questions. I love my team but have to ask: Does being 32nd in the league in offensive yards and only having 1 first down in the 2nd half against a not so good defense even concern our GM or coach?

Jim: It should.

Carol Thomas from Chattanooga, Tennessee
I know there will be some who will be very critical of the play calling but I am not one of them. I am proud of the way our team played KC and even though it was not the ending I had hoped for the fact we kept Mahomes to only ONE touchdown until the fourth quarter after all the pundits had predicted a blowout was due to our DEFENSE really stepping up their game. Derrick definitely did his part and Malik Willis shows promise. I hope everyone remembers we were 12-5 last year and that was with 90+ roster changes so it's not over. TitanUp!!

Jim: You were right, Carol. Hope all is well!

Jonathan Hess from Roanoke, Virginia
Hey what a game I hate for us to lose but our guys played a hell of a game our defense was tremendous our guys should be proud of the game they played the only thing I didn't like was on second and third down they would take Henry off the field leave him in there as a distraction at least but as a true fan I was really impressed with our whole team I feel that if we play defense like that we will have a shot in every game we play in and as always titan up titan Nation.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Jonathan.

Daryl St. John from Panama City Beach, Florida
I see all thies people talking about how we can't win vrs all the top teams we had kc beat if we had tanny in there it would have been a ass beating I can't wait to play them again we handled mahomes the whole game bad calls saved them in my eyes and then I have to hear about how he is the mvp and all the typical crap you hear from the media also im very sick of aj brown talk let it go he didn't want to play here we offered him money he didn't want it the end soo on that let's go beat Denver and I sooooooo hope we see kc in the playoffs Go Titans.

Jim: Coming in hot Daryl!

Kelly Benitez from Fairport, New York
First, I'd like to congratulate our D. MAN, those men went into Arrowhead to show up and show out! Love seeing the pressure, the stops and the sacks. We went into the game double digit underdogs but held KC for as long as they could.
Second, I like to address the the Offense, as we all saw, the first half we dominated. With a slow start (nothing in the FQ) on the board but, boy did it take off there after. The way Willis (on his 2nd start) showed signs of what he could do was beautiful to see. Seeing Henry out there being the King and powering through. Loved it.
Third, after saying all of that, 1) why was Henry absent from the contest in the 2nd half? 2) what happened to the read option in the 2nd half? 3) why just punt instead of attempt the FG? Some points are better than none.
Thanks for covering, and giving us a place to voice praises and concerns as always Jim.

Jim: Hi Kelly. Can't give a great explanation on Henry – I thought he should have been utilized more in the second half myself, as I've said multiple time before. … The Titans were playing the field possession game in the second half, and couldn't take advantage of some great opportunities.

Bill Holmes from Fairport, New York
Going into the game with Tannehill on the sidelines, I was prepared for a one sided loss. Then for 57 minutes, the team was so resilient and tough I was surprised when we couldn't hold on. Man, it seemed like the refs changed their level of tolerance on penalties in the last 5 minutes of the game. Were we that sloppy, or did that look a bit...suspicious?
Pleased with the confidence level of Malik from start #1 to start #2, and our defense continues to amaze me. Sucks that such a "competitive loss" counts just as much as the blowout against Buffalo. But game over - we'll "Titan Up" again and come out swinging next week.

Jim: Back-to-back questions from Fairport, N.Y. Bill, do you know Kelly?

Michael Miles Sr from LaVergne, Tennessee
Jim thanks once again for hearing all the negative that will be said after the loss tonight. The only reason we got beat was because we let Mahomes run the ball. He had a total of six runs for sixty three yards and that hurt. I think Willis played a good game but we really do need to get Ryan back soon. Do you see him ready to play next week? Denver comes to our house and we need to send them back with a L not a W. Thanks for the work you do to keep us up to date on our Titans news.

Jim: Thanks Michael. Will have a better idea on Tannehill in the next few days, but he didn't look great walking around in Kansas City on Sunday night.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Titans Defense did enough to win the KC game, but JRob lost this game because his failures in trading AJ Brown and Terrible OL and WR draft picks! Titans have nobody who can catch and don't get me started on Todd Downing! Titans are last in the NFL in the Offense! Remember when JRob said We have to surround Tannehill with talent? LOL!!!

Jim: A lot of daggers coming out here, William. Getting the starting quarterback back would also help.

Alejandro Contreras from Jupiter, Florida
As always, I want to start by thanking you Jim, for creating this space for us to express our opinions (sometimes even vent our frustrations), for taking the time to read through our ramblings, and for the food recommendations in the Jupiter area :).
I have read everybody on Social Media having this bad to terrible opinion on the Titans, people saying "All Time Oilers fan, done with this team", and bs like the sorts. The "Blame everything on Downing" trend coming after every loss. I just hate it, if you don't like the team, please go and change teams.
I would've loved a win, but I, for one, am not worried at all by this loss,
Why you (don't) ask?, Well, my two (three actually) cents here:
1) We had Malik leading of offense, there can be a discussion of play calls, drops and anything we want to throw in there, but the bottom line, is he is not ready just yet. These games are great for his development, but he'll need to play better in the future in order to become a NFL QB1, I am sure he'll get there, just continue to get better every time.
There is a lot of work to do, yes, but I think our offense will bounce back once we get Tanny and Burks and everybody back on the field. I am sure, had our QB been on the field, this would've been a very different game on the second half with him and the King milking the clock.
2) The Titans Defense is for real! They held Mahomes and the Chiefs (Yes, the best offense in the league) scoreless for almost half a game, with offensive three-and-outs in between, they held the fort for 7 or 8 scoreless drives, (the Titans were just one Field Goal Short of winning this thing), and this units was missing at least three instrumental pieces. This Defense will just get better in the next weeks and will be at its best come January.
3) We are making the Playoffs, that is for sure. In my opinion, this was an expendable game, Yes, I know we should always point towards the W, but I think this was a game we could drop and not have any major implications in the rest of our season.
Remember that Saints Game on 2020? Henry sat that one out, Tannehill sat this one out because he wasn't 100%, that was the right call, winning this game doesn't change our playoff expectations and him hurting his leg on a sack or a scramble would basically tank our season. My point being, we have a good 2.5 game lead + tie breaker on our division, and I am confident the schedule will be manageable going forward and we'll end with a 13-4 record, 12-5 worst case.
...all of this added to my personal belief that the Wild Card Bye actually hurts our team (it has historically at least), and wishing they land on the 2nd or 3rd seed. Overall, a Win against the Broncos next week, then a Win against the Packers on TNF, and we are good to go.
So, please lets stop calling for players, coaches and gm's heads, and lets trust the process. Vrabel is a great coach and a great leader, and he is still our best chance of winning that first ring.
-I do have a question. Do you know what has been Henry's top speed on those long runs this year? Curious to know how he is doing speed-wise after the injury last year.

Jim: Lots of good thoughts in here, Alejandro. I wish I could tell you the speed on the Henry runs. NextGenStats usually puts something out on those, but haven't seen it this year for Derrick.

Johnny Long from Bowling Green, Kentucky
Have been on the fire Todd Downing train since his first season as Titans OC. That being said, what are our chances of hiring Frank Reich as an OC?

Jim: Oh man, this didn't take long

David Copelin from Bowie, Maryland
Hey Jim. Tough Sunday night loss to Chiefs but I couldn't help to share my concerns I saw during game. Malik Willis played a great 1st half but I notice he wasn't given opportunities in second half. I would have liked to see more RPO, Play action and plays/ targets to Robert Woods and Chig O. It seemed like Titans got away from what was working in the first half and I really questioned the OC. I know it's a team sports but it starts with coaching. If play calling doesn't change, I'm really concerned when we play a team like the Eagles!! AJ Brown has more receiving yards than our entire receiving group together…..very concerning. Your thoughts??

Jim: Hey David. The offense definitely needs to be better. We all agree on this. And, if it doesn't get better, there's reason to be concerned when the Titans face the Broncos, Packers, and Bengals before we even get to the Eagles. Just sayin'.

Anthony Pasillas from Reedley California
I just want to say that our Titans played a hell of a game. Hats off to them! Our Defense is tough. I just wish the offense would have kept the ball on the field a little longer. Why is it that we aren't doing short screen passes to our tight ends? I mean 3rd and short the opposing team already knows it's going to be a run, why not switch it up. KC switched it up to JUJu schuster and look where it got them. "W" doesn't our OC or whoever's calling the shots see that? Thanks Jim, and thank you for everything you do. Titans4life.. Tony!

Jim: Appreciate it, Anthony.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Not sure i have a question, but a reflection on last nights game. Our defense left their heart and soul out there, but sadly, the few times Mahomes used his legs, it was a game breaker. Our Offense, well, we have some glaring issues for sure. I thought that Willis threw some dimes out there, but alas, our receivers were having issues with catching them. He had little time to throw, as well as Tanny in his games. This must be addressed in the draft. We lost a heart breaker and had this game won up till the last 5 minutes. The throw to Hollister, was he on another play call? Willis showed poise and didn't look like the game was too big for him, but he did find out rushers in the NFL are a little faster than those at the college level. All in all, I thought that the Titan's had a good game plan and held this high scoring offense to the few points they truly earned. Another 100 plus yard game by the King! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed JIm, as I travel the 4 corners of our country and I rely on the news from this site. Go Titans and shake this off. Next game up and next man up!

Jim: Appreciate you taking the time, Joe.

Have a great week everyone!

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