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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Win Over the Raiders


NASHVILLE – The Titans are in the win column.

Now, it's on to Indianapolis after Sunday's win over the Raiders.

Let's dive into a mailbag that's a little more pleasant that last week's Tuesday mailbag, even though it's clear fans know there's still work to be done.

Here we go ...

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Gilly Kid from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I'm not at all saying Todd Downing has called a bad game, but some of his play calls have been so predictable. The third down before the 4th and 4 play, the Raiders knew we would run the ball and our offensive line just allowed them to bull rush everyone. At this point is when Todd Downing should know to not go for a play like that. It's almost like he doesn't truly understand the mechanics of how pro football operates. He is still making plays that look like high school plays. The Raiders let go of Todd Downing for a reason, because Carr's stats went down and their offense started sputtering as well. Why do we hire coaches that do not have good track records??? It's just like when we hired Mike Mularkey, his track record was HORRIBLE as a head coach. Todd Downing's track record with us has been more horrible than good. When will news outlets and team news start addressing this to Vrabel and JRob??? I'm not saying fire him, I am just saying consistently pushing the issue down their throats should happen until we have more consistent and GOOD play calls.

Jim: Hey Gilly. I know coach Downing has been a punching bag for some fans of late, but c'mon, you can't have it both ways. Against the Giants, when the ill-fated handoff to tight end Chig Okonkwo was called on third and 1, a lot of folks sounded off because the team didn't hand it off to Henry. Now, after the team handed it off to Henry on third and 1 and it didn't work, I'm hearing from folks about how predictable that call was because it didn't work. Downing hasn't been perfect, he's even admitted this, but he was looking pretty smart on those first three TD drives on Sunday.

William Young from Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi Jim. Hear me out! Try Farley at WR for some plays?! He started out as WR in college so with him being the fastest player on the field let Farley stretch the defenses!!! Titans coaches are wasting all that speed by keeping him on the sidelines!!!

Jim: Hey William. The Titans drafted Farley to play cornerback. Yes, I know he only played one defensive snap on Sunday. But the coaches will continue to work with him to play on defense.

Josh Bomar from Knoxville, Tennessee
: Hey Jim. Writing to you immediately after the win, and I have to say, it's the first time after a win where I'm still disappointed in this coaching staff.... What are we doing?!?!?! You bring in Mitchell last week and he takes all the snaps from our first round draft pick??? Oh, and he got absolutely abused all game including getting bullied on the last TD of the game.. You have a two TD lead after the first half, and in typical Titans fashion, we let up and call the same dumb plays that everyone watching knows what is coming. We're definitely not gonna win the division with coaching like this.

Jim: Hey Josh. Yes, it would have been nice to win going away, and that didn't happen. And yes, Mitchell was victimized too many times. Clearly, the coaching staff isn't comfortable turning Farley loose. ... But it's hard to win in the NFL. The Titans just need to keep getting better, and winning on Sunday in Indy would be big.

Allan Stewart from Brookings, Oregon
The KING is back! Long live the KING!

Jim: Derrick Henry ran with a purpose on Sunday for sure

Greg Moore from Jackson, Tennessee
What can the coaching staff do to stress (2nd half counts) to the players? Or maybe the problem is the coaches not making adjustments. Thru 3 games the two-tone blue has been outscored 57-7 in the 2nd half. My friend, that is a problem.

Jim: Yes, it is, Greg. There's no doubt about it.

Ron West from Fayetteville, Tennessee
How are injured players paid? For example, Lewan. I would assume that there is program that continues
to pay them something. How does it work?

Jim: Hey Ron. Players that go on Injured Reserve get paid for the year just like they're healthy and on team.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Great to get that first win over the Raiders. But the game indicates that there are still problems with the offense. It disappears in the second half. That's no way for a playoff team to compete in the NFL. The philosophy seems to be to keep the game close and then at the end count on the defense to make a big play or the kicker to make a pressure field goal. The offensive philosophy in the second half appears to be to go into a shell and not do anything to give the other team's offense a short field. And that's backfiring because the opponents all seem to realize that's what's going on. Todd Downing has to stop trying to put the offense in a position to not fail. Instead, he needs to put it in a position to succeed, in the second half as well as the first. The offense has simply got to improve its second half performances if this team is to repeat as division champion. Your thoughts?

Jim: The offense didn't put up a single point in the second half, and again, I know Todd Downing catches a lot of the heat. And, again, I'm not going to sit here and say he's been perfect. But the Titans found themselves in 2nd and 20 on their first drive of the second half because of back-to-back penalties, and Ryan Tannehill ended up throwing an interception. Treylon Burks dropped a fourth down pass in his hands that ended another drive that started at the two-yard line. Another drive was derailed because Tannehill was sacked on second down and the Titans found themselves in a third and 21, which was the biggest dud possession of the game. Yes, the offense has to improve, but it's not always on the O.C.

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Hello Jim. I would like to acknowledge what I thought was a tremendous effort from King Henry. I would also note that the first half offense played with a level of determination to succeed. The second half seemed like a different team showed up at halftime and kidnapped our offense. It is hard for me to understand the difference in the two halves of the game offensively. How does that happen?

Jim: Hey Jeffery. I agree, Derrick ran hard. I ran down some of the second half possessions with Jim from Lubbock. I agree, the offense can't put up a goose egg in a half. It almost came back to bit them. It's going to have to be more consistent if this team is going to win a lot of games.

Matt Montanaro from Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Pretty devastating injury news for Lewan. Do you think that he has met the end of the road with his career?

Jim: Hey Matt. That's really a question only Taylor can answer.

John Clark from Chesapeake, Virginia
Well we got our first win out of many for the season. I still have concerns our offensive line we need some serious HELP like ASAP the victory to the game starts in the trenches and this needs to be addressed ASAP in the locker room and staff meetings. Second the outside coverage there is no way we still should be going through this issue for the last 10 plus years whoever that DB is that gave up that TD and that got that penalty called on him needs to be replaced even though this is a team sport it's still something that called ACCOUNTABILITY and the players and staff need to start holding players feet to the fire that's the difference between greatness and being mediocre. great win let's get ready for a winning streak!!!!!

Jim: Titans need to use the momentum moving forward, John.

Doug Goldstein from Las Vegas, Nevada
Jim, my question is what the heck happens in the Titans locker room at halftime that inspires them to take the foot off the gas. It's a really bad nightmare that keeps replaying itself. I literally woke up at halftime, turned on the game, and was pleasantly surprised at the score. And then they did absolutely nothing in the 2nd half except watched Carr completely blow a game that he easily should've won.

Jim: So, Doug, you're saying you woke up and the Titans went to sleep?

Connie Alinikoff from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. What in heavens name is going on with the Titans second half disasters? In three games, no scores in the 4th quarter and only two TD's in the third. It appears that the opposition adjusts at halftime and Titans just stick with the same old game plan: run, run pass. as frustrating as it is for Titans fans, no doubt the team and staff are more frustrated. I hope things turn around quickly. Thanks Jim for giving fans an outlet to vent.

Jim: Well, Connie, I'm now wondering if it has anything to do with Doug's sleeping pattern

Howard Turner from Atlanta, Georgia
Waddup JDubb! Dubb, as in we finally got one! I told myself I wouldn't chime in until we made the win column, and here we are finally.
I'll start with the general observations I'm sure you'll get this week:
Yes, we found a way to get the King going. #HadUsWorried
Yes, we found a way to get Bobby Trees involved #WasStartingToGetConcerned
Yes, we protected Ryan pretty well. #HopefullyThisIsATrend
Yes, we found a way to get stops all day long, and when it mattered most against a high powered offense #RedZone #HadUsAllSquirmingInOurChairs


As I celebrate this much needed win, I am very perplexed.
We have only played 6 quarters of Titans football in 3 weeks. All 3 games showed us the team we could be and need to be early, and showed the team we can't be late if we have aspirations for Lombardi.
2 of the 3 games we go up and down the field to amass a 2 touchdown lead by halftime. The Bills game we are very competitive and only down 10 midway.

AndThenWeCrumble #CantGet1stDowns #CantGetStops #AllowingBigPlays #Penalties #Miscues #Sheesh

What is this? We are built to close out games, but I am getting conditioned to question our early leads expecting Mr. Hyde to show up.
Jim, is this a half-time adjustment issue? Is it coaching? Is it conditioning? Poor game management? Is Vrabel concerned; is it a point of emphasis going forward? What's your inside take here?



Jim: Hey Howard. #IfIKnewTheAnswerI'dBeCoachingandNotDoingThisMailbag.

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
Hi Jim - Hope you are well. It's been a while since I have sent in a note or question, but I have a quick story that should make most diehard Titan/Oiler fans howl. My wife asked me on Sunday afternoon how the Titans did. I told her they had a good first half but spent the entire second half trying to give the game away and still managed to eek out a win. I was honest and told her the last hour was real tough to watch. At that point she said...Soooo let me get this straight. They did everything they possibly could to blow the game... and they couldn't even do that right? Keep in mind she has watched me follow this team for 45 years. I was dying...what a great line Jim. Enjoy Titan lifers.

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Joe. Hey, things could be worse

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, I'm shocked that the Titans beat the Raiders. I'm even more shocked that the Raiders only got 1 sack. IMO Brent Jones is a solid center, Nate Davis is a solid RG, and NPF is a good RT for a rookie and will be a solid RT by mid-season. I'm very surprised that the left side of the o-line held up because I expected the left side of the OL to be humiliated today. All I can say is that I was wrong about the left side of the o-line at least for today. Let's see if they can keep it up for the rest of the season. Anyway, congrats on the win and the 1/0 record.

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jimmy Dee.

Have a great week everyone!

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