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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Loss to the Eagles


NASHVILLE – OK, that was a rough one.

Sunday's 35-10 loss to the Eagles stirred up a lot of emotions within the Titans, and the team's fan base, as you'll see in here.

Head coach Mike Vrabel said after the game he thinks the team is at a crossroads at it heads into the final five games of the season.

We'll see where things go from here.

Let's see where this mailbag goes, starting now…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Scott Annan from Hilltown, Pennsylvania
Jim. Hello. I read your 6 things that stood out after attending the game in Philly, which is where I live. It was embarrassing leaving Lincoln Financial Field. I have been a die-hard Oilers/Titans fan since the late 80's and couldn't believe how poor the corner play was yesterday. With all due respect, how do you not have the corners as a glaring issue on this team after the game? In my opinion, Kristian Fulton and Roger McCreary are not good enough yet to play against very solid receivers in the NFL. Not saying that I am ready to give up on them, or have the answers to improve the situation, but definitely not impressed with their performances. I understand the defense was on the field for a long time today. It was glaring from the beginning of the game that the Eagles receivers would get separation all game long whether in man or zone. Thoughts???

Jim: Hey Scott. Well, there were a lot of things that stood out after the game, most of them not good. Can secondary play be better? Yes. But let's not ignore the fact the Eagles receivers have gotten the best of a lot of defenders this year. McCreary has struggled more of late, and he has to be better. But Fulton played just 19 of the game's 73 defensive snaps, and on the touchdown he gave up he pretty much got run over. He needs to get healthy, and the Titans need to get Elijah Molden healthy and back in the mix, too.

Mark Nevar from Port Colborne, Ontario
: Hey Jim. No good way to paint this one. Follow our team every day. Been a franchise fan since 78. Understand the injuries before and during the game. But we still needed to at least try something different on offence when we were way down. Who cares if it fails? Say what you want….. I think it is time for Downing to go. Right now we may make the playoffs. But that to me is not good enough!!! Your thoughts???????? My opinion is there would only be upside.

Jim: Hey Mark. This team is making the playoffs. And, you're right, no one will be satisfied with just that. There's no doubt this team needs to get things in gear. Key guys need to get healthy, and a lot of things need to be cleaned up.

Joe Arcudi from Merrimack, New Hampshire
Yeah.....who saw this coming? How about EVERYONE. THIS IS NOT A RANT FOLKS - JUST FACTS. Just simply not enough talent on the Titans to play with this kind of team. How about the coaching... Siriani knew he would not be able to run consistently... so drop back and throw it to the 10 different playmakers the Eagles have... that is just about 10 more playmakers then we have. Our O-line is scary bad (the worst left side of the line in the NFL - Daley and anundersized Brewer). Teams have figured out (finally) how to play the Titans. Just put two or even three DT (Larger bodies) in the game and man on the back side...and that is all she wrote.
The one prediction I nailed in the preseaon was... there was no way that 17 would get thru the season without getting hammered every single game. I did say he would not last 6 weeks with this o-line. Another thought... I love Dupree, but can he make a play to earn some of the bags of money we gave him? This goes back to when we signed him. The same offseason saw Judon and T.Hendrickson sign elsewhere and we decided to pay a player coming off a serious injury who had the benefit of playing on the opposite side of TJ Watt...hmm.
This season is what it is. We will win a bad division and most likely be a home underdog in the first round. It really is ashame that we seem to be wasting a HOF running backs best years..... yes I realize making the playoffs every year may not look like wasting, but when you have a player like this you have to think we would get a real shot at winning a championship.
All I want for xmas this year is at least three new starters on the O-line (nice draft pick in Radunz JRob), another really good CB (to make up for the Farley swing and miss) and of course mulitple playmaking WR's.
Happy Holidays JIm!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Joe.

Cory Thomas from Clarksville, Tennesssee
Hey Jim. My question is what's the news on Racey? Will we see him this year cause we need his speed on the outside to back up the defense?

Jim: Hey Cory. I get a ton of questions about Racey in here, and I've been doing my best to keep folks updated. Per Vrabel, it sounds like he could return to practice this week. I've seen him around more of late, and he even made the trip to Philadelphia, which is a good sign. But I really think folks need to temper their expectations with him. He hasn't practiced since August, and he had just two catches for eight yards last season. Sure, it would be great to get him back in the mix. But it's not long he's going to solve everything. A lot of things need to get better, too.

Terrance Sweeting from Nassau, Bahamas
Hi Jim long time Titan fan have a few points.
I think the biggest problem with the Titans are Oline and play calling.
RT17 is rushing his throws at times because he don't have confidence in the Oline to hold up.
Throw more on first downs, gain 4 to 6 yards then you could run or pass on second down to make it third and short. That will keep Henry in the game, and run time off the clock.
Throw more to Henry out the back field with him on the run, most of his catches he is stationary which makes it easier to tackle. TITAN-UP

Jim: Hey Terrance. I've heard from plenty of folks who seem to agree with your take. It really is a combination of things. Protection was really bad in the second half in Philly, that's for sure.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Well Jim. Just how bad can it get? Our defense gets beat up because they play the entire game. Our offensive line is terrible. Number 71 Dailey could not block me or you let alone an NFL player. Brewer, bless his heart, is tough but just to little. Wasted draft choices on Wilson and Radunz are even more evident now. Let's talk about the letting go of Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith. The debacle of signing Julio Jones to a contract plus giving away draft choices to boot. Paying for that again this year in 2023 with an additional 4th round choice. And to add insult to injury, watching AJ Brown totally destroy us! WE HAVE NO OFFENSIVE WEAPONS. Jim, can you not just admit that the Titans have drafted poorly? Vrabel and Robinson have made several foolish picks. Caleb Farley, Isiah Wilson and Dillion Radunz are all busts. The 2022 draft has several potential players but the jury is still out. Jim, not sure where we are headed but alot of this MESS is on management. Our OC needs to be gone!! Not sure where are salary cap dollars are going but it is not going to players that can win games. Look at rosters like KC, Buffalo, Miami, Philly, etc.. They keep their good players and WE LET OURS GO!!!! SO darn frustrating!!

Jim: A lot of angst in here, Donley.

Inetha Mallard from Elk Grove, California
Hello Jim. No question. Just wanted to share an article from Greg Olsen that definitely rings true. We have got to something different and quickly.
"You don't just want to say 'this is our identity,' because that can be taken away. That can be stopped," Olsen said. "You want to be good at many things and win in different ways."
The 2022 Titans are not good at many things. The 2022 Titans do not win games in different ways. When they win, it's because they run with success and prevent explosive plays on defense. The second a game gets away from an "ideal" Titans situation, the wheels usually fall off. That's evident on pretty much every 3rd and long for this offense.
This is an adapt or die league. And while the Tennessee Titans are able to stay afloat in the AFC South in their current form, they will never be legitimate contenders in the AFC unless they adapt to what the NFL is today.
One dimensional, stubborn, conservative teams don't win championships. It doesn't matter how talented your running back is.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Inetha.

Bear Butler from Somerville, Tennessee
Hey Jim, am I correct that teams can sign players from other teams practice squads, if so I recently saw an article,the Browns just signed 6-foot-5 and 350lb o-lineman Myron Cunningham to their practice squad. I think his size alone would be an upgrade to the 2$ steak that's getting tenderized and pushed into the backfield every game. I hoped there would be more of a run game with Ben Jones coming back but that didn't happen. I hope Burks is going to be alright, I think the Eagles player that dove head first into Burks face mask should have been ejected from the game. I do want to say I like what I've seen of Burks, he's a playmaker and a definite WR1 in the making. And the rookie Chig should be TE1 right now, Hooper is a playmaker and Chig is a baller. Anyways I don't know who is more to blame, the OC, the OLC, or the GM but the O-line ain't cuttin it, no running lanes for Henry and almost 0 pass protection. The defense did good against the run but the young secondary are still going through growing pains. Hope the whole team plays better next week. Oh yea uhm AJ Brown had more catches,yards,and TD's than our whole offense soon thanks alot JRob and whoever else that didn't get a deal done or atleast why didn't they play hardball and make him honor his full rookie contract. He's a great receiver, it really sucked to see him play against and not for the Titans.

Jim: Hey Bear. You are right that teams can sign players off the other practice squads, and the Titans have taken advantage of this.

Daniel McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
EMBARRASSING across the board.
OC gets an F.
DC gets an F
O line gets an F.
Secondary an F.
Vrabel gets an F for keeping the 2 mentioned above him.
JROB gets an F for overpaying Tannehill, Lewan and trading AJ.
Yes I'm pissed, right now I dought this team could beat any of the top 4 college teams.

Jim: Dang, this looks like one of my report cards at Father Ryan High School! Luckily back then they were on paper, and you could easily change the Fs to Bs!

Charles Rhoten from Kingsport, Tennessee
The last few weeks we look like the less physical team on both sides of the ball. It is not Derrick H or Ryan T fault. The OL if not very good. Brewer is undersized and just gets pushed around. We have bad penalties just don't look like a Mike V team. We need OL changes, we let our best WR go and did not do enough to fill his loss. At this point I'm not confident we will make the playoffs. I do blame our OC for a lot of our scoring issues but you can't give our DC a pass because they haven't stopped anyone lately either. What's your thoughts?

Jim: My thoughts are the team hasn't been very good the last few weeks against the best team in the NFC and potentially the best team in the AFC. And, I think the Titans are going to need to play a lot better when they make the playoffs if they're going to avoid being one-and-done.

James Kaufmann from York, Pennsylvnia
Good afternoon Jim. Watching our beloved Titans get destroyed I can't help thinking we should be panicking. The team is constantly hurt. We can't block anyone and not only that it looks like the Eagles run their organization a lot better than we do. Why is the Eagles are constantly able to get stars and we can't get more than one or two? We have zero chance of beating Dallas or San Diego playing like this. We don't deserve to win the division.

Jim: Appreciate James. My question for you is if the Titans, who currently sit at 7-5, don't deserve to win the division, then who does? The 4-8-1 Colts? The 4-8 Jaguars? Or, the 1-10 Texans?

Charles King from Springfield, Tennessee

Jim: Return to sender.

Duane Falls from Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Hey Jim. Getting pretty excited for the Jags game, as we have planned a great sports trip. As a Canadian, who is a Titans and Edmonton Oiler fan, by chance finally both teams play in the same city 2 days apart. Flying in Friday the 9th till Wednesday, any advice on what we should do is appreciated. If you're looking to see the best hockey player in the world right now, check it out on Tuesday. Go Titans and Oilers

Jim: Hi Duane. Hope you have a great trip, and enjoy both games. I'd definitely enjoy the downtown area, and Broadway. Check out the activities and Christmas lights at Gaylord Opryland, or at Cheekwood. Lots of great places to eat downtown. My restaurant recommendation guy is Dave McGinnis, or "Coach Mac." He knows the best spots, and this is his list: The Southern, Kayne Prime, Bourbon Steak, San Anejo, Virago, Whiskey Kitchen and Martin's BBQ. Personally, I've been to The Southern, San Anejo, Whiskey Kitchen and Martin's and I know all those are good. Another place I'd definitely recommend you going to is the new Fifth + Broadway, a shopping and dining complex that has options galore. As for as gameday activities, check this link out as we get closer to game day: Have a great trip!

Ronnie Brookover from Morgantown, West Virginia
First time writer. I've been a titan fan since Warren Moon was throwing the ball around with the run and shoot offense. A very loyal fan. I've watched every single game for past 25 years (thanks direct tv). No team is perfect as all teams have their ups and downs. I don't think that's what's in question here. The question is why when it's very obvious to anyone with football knowledge that the problem is the offense and offensive line. I've heard you say many times that our general manager and head coach are good at what they do. I'm not here to debate that. Verbal was coach of year last year. But by his reaction on draft day over AJ Brown being traded makes me wonder what say does he actually have. Maybe our general manager is good or maybe he's not. I do know to have one of the worst offensive lines in football last season and to not fix it in the offseason and now your offensive line maybe be worse than last seasons line makes me doubt your conclusion that he is good at his job. I don't know anyone who wouldn't have made that a priority considering the running back we have. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY 30 YEARS OF BEING A TITAN FAN I AM EMBARRASSED. ANYONE FROM THE HEAD COACH TO THE OWNER EVEN YOU AND ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE TEAM SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED AT HOW WE HAVE COMPETED WITH THE WINNING TEAMS COMPARED TO THE LOSING TEAMS WE KEEP BEATING. (I know Washington is over .500. But they weren't when we played them).

Jim: Oh man, Ronnie, I really felt it when you made the transition to ALL CAPS, especially since I got looped in at that point. The first time you've been embarrassed in 30 years? Man, you had a great run. And, you sure took the 59-0 loss to the Patriots in 2009, the 2-14 season in 2014, and the 3-13 season in 2015, better than most.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Predictable loss to Philly although the total beat down was a surprise. The injuries have definitely caught up with the defense. Punt coverage was pretty bad. But, at 7-5, the Titans still control the AFC South. With two games left against the Jaguars and one more against the Texans, the Titans should finish at 11-6. If they lose the Chargers game, they will end the season at 10-7. There is a still a lot to be feel good about with this team. I thought Dennis Daley was doing pretty well at LT, but he has really stepped back the last two games. Is there any chance that Dillon Radunz could move into the starting LT spot? Maybe Daley would be better at RT. He can't be much worse than NPF. Titan up! Thanks, Jim.

Jim: Hey Jim. If a move is made at left tackle, I suspect it would be Le'Raven Clark stepping in, based on the fact he finished Sunday's game at left tackle, the depth chart, and what Vrabel said on Monday. And, Nicholas Petit-Frere has been better than Daley.

Rod Peckett from Rockhampton, Australia
4am start this morning in Australia to watch the Titans V Eagles.
I wish I was as sure of winning the lottery as I was of AJ Brown having a field day against our secondary.
Oline - poor
QB - poor
1st and 3rd down conversions poor.
Secondary- poor.
Running game - poor
Boys against Men I am afraid Jim and that superbowl window appears to be as far away as ever.

Jim: Get some sleep, Rod!

Fred Trotman from St. Louis, Missouri
Jim no question just a statement. Well, maybe a question towards the end. I'm gonna start by saying I still believe this is a 11/12 win team at least. I'm disappointed on how bad we lost not that we lost. Starting with the Chiefs and our 6 game stretch I knew thing would be tough and I saw us going 4-2. Looks like we'll be going 3-3. last 5 games I see us going 4-1. So I'm not really as pissed as I'm sure most fans will be mostly because I expected to lose due to AJ, injuries, and just the pattern our team has. However, I will say this. The decisions the front office made this offseason has hurt this team severely. Even without the AJ Brown trade we've lost significant pieces on the O-Line and on the defensive side of the ball and it is hurting us. The guys we have starting were fill in players last year aside from rookies and new additions of course. I spoke to you last year about the loss of Jayon Brown and Rashaad Evans. Cunningham has been a dud, Dupree played good today but he's been hurt. Our offensive line is as bad as Mariota's last season. I know they don't actually play, but the front office has to take the brunt of the blame for how we look. Luckily we have some fight in us to beat the teams we should beat whether or not we've been the underdogs. Anyways I'm still hopeful TITAN UP!!!!
Side note. I'm planning on coming out to Nashville for the Dallas game and NYE. Any tips, suggestions on where I should celebrate? How about places to visit while I'm in town. Take care

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Fred. We'll see how things go.
I listed a bunch of spots earlier with Duane. Not sure how big a crowd you want to be in on New Year's Eve, but the city always has a big concert with fireworks and a midnight Music Note Drop. This year, Brooks & Dunn, Zac Brown Band, and Kelsea Ballerini will headline the free main stage event at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. And here's a pretty good website for things to do in Nashville:
Have a big time!

Mark Severtson from Whitney, Texas
Well, there we went again. Unless we are playing against The Little Sisters of the Poor, we are doomed for failure. I just can't wait to see the thrashing that we will receive by the Cowboys next week. This team is typical of the history of the franchise. Play well enough during the regular season to make the playoffs and then exit in the first round. I realize that there is still a lot of season to go, but this franchise is just destined for mediocrity. The worst of winning the division year after year is that it puts us far enough down in the draft to miss out on any generational talent that may be available. The Fisher Legacy will always be there. What is really painful to watch is all the former Titans that are excelling in the league. Brown, Smith, Davis, Conklin, Quesenberry, Jones (Julio), Clowney, and others. Even back in the day we had Blount as a rookie but couldn't see what a long term benefit he would become in the league. Seems that we swing and miss in the free agent market most every time. Team management must really stink at cap management. I am a die hard fan and probably will always be, but am wondering if we will EVER be anything than just an afterthought in the NFL hierarchy.

Jim: Psst, Mark … the Titans play the Jaguars this Sunday, then the Chargers, then the Texans. The Cowboys game isn't until December 28.

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Ireland
Hey Jim. So all the teams in the south lost over the weekend. That's the one positive from the weekend!!

Jim: This is true, Neil!

Richard Donnell from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Jim. Do you think we need to make a change at the Head Coach position? In order for this team to play at a higher level you would need to change the philosophy on how this team is being driven. If not, we'll still be a mediocre time but with a different coach.

Jim: No.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
Hey Jim, thanks for the outlet for fans to chime in. Hope we don't have too many negative posts this week as we were simply beat by a better team. I think the Eagles are probably the most complete team in the league and loaded with talent. It would have been tough to hang in this game even if Burks and Fulton hadn't been injured early in the game. The one thing everyone should notice by now on defense is that Denico Autry is crucial to getting pressure on the QB. He's as crucial as Jeffery Simmons and Dupree if not more so. We really need to get healthy before the playoffs to have any shot at a run. Also it may be time to try something different with the o-line. Now we can't pass protect or run block. O-line seems to be regressing as the season goes on. If we can't get that fixed, this last part of the season could get ugly. Let's get Chig on the field more. The guy is a big play waiting to happen. We're still in good shape to make the playoffs but need to be smart with personnel and try to get healthy on the way there. Are any of the guys on IR close to coming back?

Jim: Hey Charles. Well, there have been a few negative posts. Time will tell on the IR guys. Should get a better feel in the next few days.

Brian Weber from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Hi Jim, I do not have a question this week but more of a statement. Aaron Brewer needs to go!! He is constantly getting blown back all the way into the backfield and defensive linemen are on top of Tannehill and Henry before they can react. Top Priority for next year is to obviously restructure the offensive line and get some big boys that can block and get some receivers that can actually get separation. Defense's will continue to stack the box until both are fixed.

Jim: Thanks for chiming in, Brian.

Randy Phillips from Mount Vernon, Illinois
I have been to about 50 games in Nashville, but for the upcoming game against the Jaguars I am really excited because it will be my 8-year-old son's first experience seeing the Titans play in person. I have noticed that some of the players will sign autographs before the game down by the field do you have any idea what is the best time to try and meet a few players and maybe get some autographs prior to the game? We plan on being at the stadium when the gates open at 10:00.

Jim: Hey Randy. Sounds like a memorable experience is on the horizon with your son! Your best bet is to get on the lower end of the stadium next to the tunnel where the team comes in. Some guys, but not all of them, will sign autographs and take pictures then. There's no place to get them outside the stadium because that area is no accessible. If you see me in pregame, give me a shout!

Gene Gray from Hornbeak, Tennessee
Wow.... that was about as bad of a performance as we have seen from a Vrabel/JRob team. This offensive line is possibly the worst I have ever seen dress out for a game in a Titans uniform, other than Burks Tannehill has no help from the receiving core ... and we have a FHOF running back that cant get past the line of scrimmage . This is about as bad as we have seen it in recent years . And the defense ....without Autry and Landry we cant get any pressure to speak of and out secondary aside from Byard is garbage . AJ Brown had no trouble at all making us look bad yesterday and showed the entire league what a horrible decision we made not making the necessary cuts (Lewan) to free up money to resign him . And then theres play calling while we looked like a professional team against Green Bay we haven't been able to duplicate that offense since then , maybe we should get Downing a DD and a flask on the sidelines ....idk but at this rate we are one and done in the playoffs again .... JRob gonna have to trim the fat this offseason and get rid of these high contract injury prone wastes of roster space and get some talent in here ...gonna be hard to fill the seats of a new stadium with what we saw yesterday ...on the plus side we do have a chance of beating our record for most players used last year if we can continue our pace of injuries .... idk pretty depressing football we've had to endure lately ... have a good day Jim

Jim: Have a great day in Hornbeak, Gene!

Randy Lincoln from Hermitage, Tennessee
When you compare the Eagles' offensive line to ours, it isn't even close. Why can't the Titans build a solid offensive line? It has to be frustrating for Derrick when there are no holes to run through because our line can't seem to block anyone. And Ryan has no time to go through his progressions when the opponent's defensive line is pushing our guys back into him. Also, we can't keep our defensive backs healthy enough to compete. As a fan, this is a totally frustrating season. I just wish Jon and Vrabel could build a solid offensive line because we are wasting Derrick's best years.

Jim: It's tough to argue with the comparison, Randy, but let's face it: Philadelphia's o-line is a tough group for any team to be compared against. Losing your starting left tackle (Taylor Lewan) on the first play of Week 2 hurt, and on some Sundays the Titans haven't been very good up front. One of those days was Sunday. The group is going to have to settle down and be better if this season is going to end well.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Jim, after watching the last few games, I have come to the conclusion we need a revamped OL. We looked like amateurs next to the protection Hurd was receiving and no matter who we have in there for QB, we can't get the passes out or the line opening up holes for Henry! That was a beat down and no, I am not jumping on the front office for letting Brown go. We just could not afford him and he showed he did not want to stay in TN. We have some great talent on the receiver end and Burks is no doubt tough after that hit. That was targeting and that player should have been ejected, in my opinion! Hopefully, Burks is okay as well as the others who got injured in that blow out. After watching the Jags play, we better buckle up and the Cowboys look like no slouch either! I know we have players on injured reserve, but other teams are in the same boat. Hopefully, we can salvage this season, but alas, it looks dim if not lights out. Sorry for the rambling on and thank you for your great insights and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please convey that to our team as well.

Jim: Appreciate it, Joe. As you can see if you made it all the way down here, this was a popular topic in this Tuesday's mailbag…

Have a great week everyone!

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