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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Win Over the Colts


NASHVILLE – Make it four in a row for the Tennessee Titans.

After an 0-2 start, the Titans are now on an impressive winning streak, and atop the AFC South.

Sunday's win over the Colts maybe wasn't a thing of beauty, but the team got the job done.

Now, it's on to Houston.

Let's open up another mailbag first and see what everyone is thinking…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Alan Taylor from Brentwood, Tennessee
Hey Jim, hope all is well. Great game Sunday - Nissan was rockin and hope that continues for all of our remaining home games. Defense across the board was really good and thought that Andrew Adams played really well. He was a ball hawker all day. Found my eyes watching Big Jeff a lot. I know people talk about him plugging up the middle and pressuring the QB even when double-teamed, but man, is he good laterally. Not sure I have seen many interior DL that can get sideline to sideline the way he does - thoughts? Also, why did we not let Malik run the offense the last 2 series knowing we were just going to snap and run the clock down with Derrick? Tannehill looked like he could barely pivot to hand the ball off. Thanks as always for what you do.

Jim: Hey Alan. No doubt on Simmons. He's a beast in the trenches, very disruptive. But he also plays with great effort, and makes plays downfield. He sets a great example for the rest of his teammates. As for Willis/Tannehill, Ryan wanted to finish the game. The big question now is whether he'll be healthy enough to play on Sunday in Houston.

Neil McGeehan from County Derry, Ireland
Jim, what a huge win for the team v the Colts. It wasn't perfect but it's a win and at this stage of the season it's all we need! A lot of new players on the offense, here's hoping they can gel heading deep into the season.

Jim: Thanks for watching from Ireland, Neil!

Chris Berry from Cleveland, Tennessee
HUGE WIN!! Taking both games on the Colts early this season and another loss by the Jags this week is a huge step towards winning the division. Obviously there are still a lot of games left, but everyone knew this one is huge even if they want to call it just 1 of 17. With that said, is it time to admit major concern with the offense? We are 6 games in and haven't put up more than 24 pts in a single game even with crazy redzone efficiency. 19 pts with multiple turnovers and even a pick 6 is making me nervous.

Jim: Hey Chris. It was definitely a huge win. But yes, the Titans are going to have to be better on offense, because some teams with some pretty good offenses are coming up.

Michael Schlitz from Columbus, Georgia
Good morning, Jim. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and celebrated another Victory. The game stalled a few times but was thrilled to see the Defense wrecking havoc all over the field. I'm positive Coach is already looking onto Houston. Definitely a team that knows the Titans well and can't be overlooked. I'm sure we'll have a solid game plan with our Keys to Victory.
My question actually pertains to game planning for your opponents. While we do not face Kansas City this week, we will in 2 weeks. They will be coming off their bye week and well rested. Seeing how much success Coach Vrabel has had following our owe bye's, how much pressure is there to make changes based off a well rested and healing team? Or does the coaching staff treat it like every other game plan?
Again, I'm not trying to go too far into the future because right now they do need to be focused on Houston. It's more of a process question than it is what are they about to do about Kansas City coming off their bye week.
Thank you for everything you do for us fans.

Jim: Hey Michael. Well, I can tell you this week the focus will be squarely on the Texans, and it better be – we all remember Houston coming to Nashville and beating the Titans last year. After that it will be all-in on the Chiefs, and trying to find ways to slow them down. Let's face it, the Chiefs are going to be a huge challenge no matter what.

Dan Lorenz from Fairfield, New Jersey
Are there Titans fan groups traveling to Houston to meet up and tailgate with?

Jim: Hey Dan. Yes. The folks with 'Tennessee Titans Fans in Houston' have a tailgate planned for the Blue Lot at NRG Stadium the morning of the game, starting at 11:05 a.m. Remember, it's a 3:05 kickoff. Have fun! It should be a wild night in Houston on Saturday night, with Game 2 of the World Series in town.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. Another nail biting win, and the offense couldn't score a single touchdown. But a lot of the offensive ineptness seems to be due to the game plan design. 2022 is shaping up just like 2021. The Titans are good enough to make the playoffs, but will again be unable to advance because of the lack of offense. At some point during the playoffs, a team has to be able to move the ball down field and score a touchdown with the two minute drill. Just like last year against the Bengals, the Titans offense doesn't seem able to do that at this point. Cody Hollister played well today. With his height, he should be a real problem for defenses on fade patterns. If he were, that would open up the field for Woods, Hooper, and Nick W-I. All three are capable of doing much more than they have been asked to do in this offense. I really believe that if the Titans don't emphasize the offense in general and the passing game in particular, they are looking at another disappointing end to the season, just like last year. What do you think, Jim?

Jim: Hey Jim. You're getting way ahead of yourself saying this team is going to make the playoffs, and have another disappointing finish. We're six games in, Jim. It's October.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Another win to mask the complete failure our offensive line and play calling are. If Derrick Henry wasn't The King the Titans would be a bottom dweller. Something has got to change. Aaron Brewer plays hard.....but that equates to absolutely nothing. Radunz, who I'm a fan of, is not NFL level in the slightest bit. Gotta tip the hat to our amazing Defense. These guys are just incredible man. Bowen had some really bad calls too and they covered up for the ineptitude of the play calling as well. Do J Rob and Vrabel finally pull the trigger and make a change? Make a trade? Something?

Jim: Hey Eli. I think we could play this game of 'Take this guy off the team and they wouldn't be as good" with a lot of players, and teams. The fact is the Titans are fortunate enough to have Derrick Henry. As for what happens moving forward, well, the Titans are going to have to win pretty much with what they've got. Sure, there could be a move – the GM has proven he's not afraid to make trades. But, for the most part, the Titans need to get healthy, and they need to play better.

Eric Youn from Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha Jim! With the news of Matt Ryan being out for the season, the playoff chances seem even better now for the Titans. Given this and that Ryan will most likely not be 100% Sunday as well as we are playing, record-wise, one of the worst teams in the NFL, is this the time to give Malik his first start?
It seems that Ryan is the definitive starter for the rest of the year, but giving him the chance to rest his injury versus the chance of aggravating it makes this seem like the right move in the long term. Ryan can still be active in case Malik gets in trouble early. Your thoughts?

Jim: Aloha Eric. If Tannehill is healthy enough to play, he's playing. It's the way Tannehill wants it, and the way the team wants it. The Titans are trying to win every game, so they can win the division, and improve their seed in the playoffs. I'm not going to endorse sitting Tannehill here unless he physically can't play.

Mike Tate from Chattanooga, Tennesse
Good afternoon Jim. Just one simple question today but it's a serious one.
Todd Downing!! Thoughts??

Jim: Simple answer: He's an overused scapegoat for too many fans.

Mike Sorey from Medical Lake, Washington
Hey Jim, I was not going to write but I'm here to ask the Titans fans to stop with the OBJ talk. We don't need another veteran to come here not to produce. Veteran receivers come here to die. Moss, Jones, Johnson, and just see what happens with Woods this year. Until this team learns that we need to become a passing offense to win a super bowl, then get used to winning this crap division we play in and just getting into the playoffs. I will always be a Titans fan but this not a team receivers want to come to. Thanks for the rant!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Mike.

Paul Montalvan from Shelton, Washington
Hi Jim. Hope all is good. Great to see our Titans doing so well. Seems like we have some momentum despite the hiccups now and again. This is why we follow the game though right?
Not much of a question this time around but had some great news right after the game. My daughter has been a fan since she was running around in her little Eddie George jersey and a diaper -we are devoted fans. Anyhow her boyfriend took her to Nashville this past weekend for the Colts game and a bit of a break from work. We got a phone call soon after the game and apparently he proposed to her. Shocker! Bittersweet as you could imagine. To see my little girl all grown up now and ready to start a life of her own with somebody she loves. Couldn't be happier for the both of them. I think they are in Nashville for most of this week so if you have any suggestions on things to see while they are there it would be appreciated. I know there's a lot of history there in Nashville along the Cumberland.
Thought I'd share it with you and all the loyal fans. Kind of corny but nevertheless it just shows that all kinds of stuff happens on Sundays. Best to you Jim!

Jim: Great story, Paul. Thanks for sharing, and congrats! Sounds like you and your daughter hit the daily double over the weekend! Tell them to enjoy Broadway, to check out Percy Warner Park, Cheekwood, the Parthenon, the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman, the Country Music Hall of Fame, etc. Lots of great restaurants downtown, and all over the city. The Predators are in town Thursday night against the Blues. Hope they have a great time!

Buck Amodei from Smartsville, California
Hi Jim. Did you notice how much success Henry had running behind Radunz and NPF on Sunday? Like... every big run on Henry's highlight reel was designed to the right side, although he did change direction on the last big run. Look, Radunz has been deemed a bit of a disappointment by some and he looked more like a giraffe than a starting OG against the Commanders, but I was impressed by him yesterday. I'm pretty sure about 110 of Henry rushing yards came off from his lead and Henry couldn't even get started running to the left side. Anyway, once Davis comes back from his foot injury, I'm campaigning for Radunz @ LT. As for Jones and Tannehill, I hope they are ok going forward.
Anyway, we need to do something about the offensive line if we are going to have a meaningful passing game and trading for another WR isn't going to buy Tannehill more time in the pocket. Daley has regressed the last two games and he whiffed again yesterday on a bad sack allowed. What say you?

Jim: Hey Buck. This is a good observation by you. I thought Dillon did a nice job run blocking as well, and Vrabel said he did OK on Monday. With that said, Nate Davis will get his job back when he's healthy enough to go. When that is, well, we'll have to wait and see. As for left tackle, I don't think Dillon is next in line behind Dennis Daley.

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Hola Jim otra vez aqui felicitando la actuaci�n del equipo que logra barrer por segundo a�o a los Colts, gran trabaj� de Randy Bullock, Austin Hooper, Derrick Henry, Jeffery Simmons, Aaron Brewer, Ryan Stonehouse, Roger McCreary, Ryan Tannehill, Kristian Fulton, Terrance Mitchell y Andrew Adams. Todo el equipo bien en general.
Mi pregunta es por la salud de Ryan Tannehill, Ben Jones, Jeffery Simmons y Joshua Kalu.
Adem�s del posible regreso de Ugo Amadi, Kyle Philips, Elijah Molden, Chance Campbell, Racey McMath, Nate Davis y Jamarcus Jones. Treylon Burks se que podr� regresar hasta el partido contra Broncos por los tiempos.
Gracias por mantenernos informados Jim. Luv Ya Blue, Titan Up que recuerdos de los jugadores que estuvieron hoy en el Estadio Nissan, con el equipo desde 1978 y hasta que muera.

Jim: Hola Alberto. Seguro que fue una gran victoria. En cuanto a la salud de estos jugadores, es demasiado temprano en la semana para decirlo. La semana de práctica no comienza hasta el miércoles, y ahí es cuando sale el primer Informe de lesiones. Amadi ha sido un inactivo saludable, y los demás están trabajando para regresar, algunos más lejos que otros. Siempre es bueno saber de ti, y que tengas una gran semana.

Pamela Saldana from Nashville, Tennessee
Hey Jim! Yes!! I love this throwback smashmouth football!! Vrabel calls it a formula and I believe that. It's a strong, calculated and precise style that is the very foundation of football.
Are there things to clean up? Yes. Does the offense need to be more productive? Yes. Do we need more 3rd and 4th quarter points? Yes! Can we win a Superbowl playing this style? YES!!
TiTAN UP people and get with the program!!!

Jim: Thanks for writing in, Pamela.

Jonathan Humphrey from Rumsey, Kentucky
JIMBO JIMBO 4 IN A ROW WINBO!!!! HA HA!!!! Man am I pumped for this winning streak. Not a question just wanted to air out my gratitude for this team. I know that there are a lot of things said and asked even that are negative on here every week and there are Definitely things we can clean up on O and D but man if the fans still dont believe in this team they should now! Going into the Houston game we should feel pumped and energized but also laser-focused. Let's hope for a 5 game winning streak after this week and get behind our boys and cheer (I believe the crowd really rallied around our boys and got them the energy they needed). TITAN UP my peeps! Playoffs are still in sight! Thanks again to you Jim for all you do. I love reading this mailbag. :)

Jim: Hey Jonathan. It was a great crowd, and a big win for sure. Need to keep it going in Houston.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
: Well Jim, another win over a loathed division rival and it's a big one. Again, far from pretty, but they never are it seems. Still, the Titans have clawed back from a 0-2 start, to leading the AFC South. Not bad. The injuries have us leading the NFL IR stats for the second year, fielding players we've never seen and keeping Vrabel and Robison constantly shopping for replacements. Too often, our receivers struggle to get open and our secondary struggle to keep up. Inexperienced blocking puts our QB in desperation mode at times, giving him 1-3 seconds to find the quickest target. Lack luster blocking sometimes leaves Henry facing a solid wall, or smothered by blitzing defenders in the backfield. This prevents Derrick from reaching the second level where he typically excels.Yet through it all, they still get it done - again. The new fast, "no-huddle offense" the Colts used so effectively against the Jaguars, failed to impress the Titans defense and was largely ineffective. In fact, the defense made them pay with turnovers. As for the offense, they never stopped fighting. Henry broke 100 yards and they chipped away at the Colts for 60 min. Everyone contributed, even new players. Then, Bullock stepped up. So in spite of the stats, the Titans still find ways to win. Incredible. How do they do it ? First, they support each other. When the offense is slow, the defense steps up. But the big reason is Ryan Tannehill, that's how. Ryan has been and remains the one and only thing this team can count on week after week, year after year. Tannehill and Henry shoulder this team, no matter who is on the field and they never quit. Tannehill will never be a flashy, flamboyant QB. He will never get top billing from networks or analyst and he doesn't care, That makes him perfect for the Titans. The Titans are a bruising, tough, blue collar team that is not flashy and don't want to be. As for "tough", Tannehill is as tough as a football player gets, mentally and physically. He takes his (and others) mistakes on his shoulders, takes full responsibility, and he never takes the easy way out. He has been the relentless leader who often tops the ratings of the flashy QBs, though it goes largely unmentioned. He has started 49 games, while being the victim of record-setting sacks and pressure. And even when hurting, he refuses to abandon his team. If Sunday didn't prove that to fans, they weren't paying attention, or can't be pleased. No I'm not a relative of Ryan's, but I'm sure an admirer. I've said before, we owe Ryan a lot of respect and appreciation. He earns it every week. Want another opinion ?, just read the post-game columns in the Indianapolis Star. They would trade for Ryan Tannehill immediately. A few Titans fans even "thought" they wanted Russell Wilson during the post-playoff pout, but look at Wilson's and Denver's numbers now. Point is, while Sundays game left me breathing another sigh of relief and wondering WHY we can't score in the last 30 minutes of a game, it also left me proud of these guys and Ryan Tannehill in particular. So here's wishing him a fast recovery and looking forward to watching his 50th start with this team. That sets a high bar that few QBs will achieve, so let's give him some help and appreciation. Thanks as always Jim! Titan Up !

Jim: Always good to hear from you, Randy!

Have a great week everyone!

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