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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From the Senior Bowl


MOBILE, Ala. – This Tuesday's Titans mailbag is coming to you from the Senior Bowl.

The Titans will be on hand for practices beginning today. The group will include new Titans general manager Ran Carthon and head coach Mike Vrabel.

I'll be there, too.

So, let's get this mailbag up and running …

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Harry Prentiss from Sunbury, Pennsylvania
I wonder if all the talk of cutting Robert Woods will occur. I think he was misused this year. When you watch his play with the Rams with jet sweeps and crossing patterns if he'd have been utilized like that in Nashville I believe he would have very good and would've made everybody else better. I would like to see another receiver drafted but believe we need OL help more. What do you think?

Jim: I like Robert Woods, and I think he's capable of doing more than he did last year as well. I think he'd bring a proven veteran presence to the roster again in 2023, and I think he'd be even better another year removed from his ACL injury. But I don't see that happening at his current price tag ($13,750,000 base salary) for '23, so we'll have to see what happens there.

Derek Weimer from Evansville, Indiana
Jim been an Oilers/Titans fan my whole life my question is have you heard anything more about resigning Jeffery Simmons? Also being realistic does Malik Willis really look like he can develop into the starting QB that we truly need long term? I think if fully healthy and a solid O-Line and can stay healthy with a new staff we can be serious contenders within the next 2 years. Your thoughts?

Jim: Hi Derek. Simmons is under contract for 2023. The question is whether the team will sign him to a long-term deal. I think the team will try, but I don't think anything is imminent. The GM just got to town, and a lot of other things need to get sorted out first, which could potentially clear up some money. So, you'll have to stay tuned on this. As for Willis, I need to see a lot more from him. He's proved in 2022 he's not ready.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim, love your work and coverage on the Titans! I just wanted to ask you something relating to the hiring of Ran Carthon from the 49ers. Does a hiring like that maybe indicate that Mike Vrabel and Amy Adams Strunk are trying to get new faces in the building at other coaching/staff positions as well? I ask this because if that is the case then anyone who wants Tim Kelly to become the new offensive coordinator for this team can most likely forget about that. I just want your insight and thoughts on this.

Jim: Thanks, Evan. The hiring of Ran Carthon indicated the owner wanted a new GM. The HC will decide who he wants on his coaching staff, and you're going to see plenty of new faces.

Cliff Cushman from Magnolia, Texas
Hey, J.W.! Is Ran Carthon related to Giants running back Maurice Carthon? I could look it up, but if I am right, then everyone in the mailbag will find out. Also, how did Stonehouse break an NFL record for punting average and NOT make the Pro Bowl? I'm out.

Jim: Maurice Carthon, the former Giants running back, is Ran's father.

Chris Urban from Huntsville, Alabama
Hey Jim, thanks for all you do keeping us in the know during another long offseason. I was trying to get a Titans fix by playing NFL Pro Era, but I have a complaint. In the game, Derrick Henry is this short, wimpy player that has all the running back skills of Bishop Sankey. Seriously, it's bad. Derrick deserves better representation and more accurate abilities. Maybe The King needs to pay a royal visit to Mark Zuckerberg and the game development staff and get an explanation! That is something I would love to see!

Jim: I'll spread the word, Chris.

Swole Mitchell from Nashville, Tennessee
Is the weight room at Saint Thomas Sports Park open to the public?

Jim: Not for dudes named Swole. We don't want anybody showing up the players.

Kaiden Butler from Dyersburg, Tennessee
Hey Jim, so I have been thinking about a trade for Tannehill, I noticed that his contract literally ends in 2023, so maybe we can trade for a qb. I have three options:

1. Geno smith
2. Jimmy g
3. Any QB from the NFC East division
Can we please trade Tannehill for any of these? We need a qb ASAP, Malik does not throw cause he is just too afraid to throw cause he is not used to 350 pound men trying to tackle him. Or can we draft a QB this year?

Jim: A lot of options out there, Kaiden.

Stuart Silver from Sydney, Australia
Hi Jim. In reading the various mock drafts i notice the initials (RS) after the designated year of the player. For example: Fred Smith, Sophomore (RS). Can you tell me what does (RS) stand for and what it means in the draft?

Jim: I'm thinking it either means Redshirt or Return Specialist, depending on how it is used.

Brant Kardas from Kitchener, Ontario Canada
I have been a fan of the Titans since 1999. It has always been great cheering for the underdogs. Hard to find Tennessee gear up here in Canada, but I have a ton. Please tell me that the rumors about Brady to the Titans are only rumors. We don't want him or need him. What are your thoughts?

Jim: I've heard all kinds of "rumors" at this point. And with Brady, it seems like five teams are always attached to it.

David Oosme from Angleton, Texas
What's your thoughts on changing offense all together? Make changes to keep up with Bills, Kansas City, Bengals. Hire OC that passes. I think Tannehill is a good QB but needs help outside and blocking. Thoughts

Jim: I think the Titans are also going to need better personnel to keep up with these teams. A new OC could potentially change things, but that guy needs to be hired first before I can forecast what changes might be coming. Vrabel is working on it.

Randy Porter from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Hi Jim, With a new GM in place and the search for a talented OC underway, there is certainly no shortage of insightful scouts and advisors emerging on social media and here in Mailbag. My frustration once again, is the short memory fans tend to have and the resulting knee-jerk dismissal of Tannehill's accomplishments here. As usual, there are those who suggest trading RT for everything from a rookie beer vendor, to Tom Brady. We need neither. I've listed the stats before and won't do it again, but will remind everyone that Ryan's numbers have rivaled and even exceeded many top-tier QBs in this league.And that was with atrocious blocking, that allowed record setting sack totals and pressure. And yes, much of that was with Lewan at LT. This year, our O-line finally managed to reach the absolute bottom ranking in the NFL. Still Tannehill did everything in his power to help this team win. He had no blocking, no experienced receivers and a game plan that seldom even inconvienced defenses. And, as I commented last year, it would take Ryan getting hurt, to finally draw everyone's attention to this unaddressed problem with the OL. Well, as tough as RT is, it finally happened. Ryan got injured and Henry's effectiveness changed dramatically. So now, we finally recognize and address the serious O-line issues and the predictable, unimpressive play calling and schemes. Point is, we have a more talented QB, than short-sighted fans are admitting. RT is arguably the toughest, most durable in the league, and the one thing we could always count on. Ryan and Henry have carried this team when they had ZERO help and support. Still, they both found ways to win. Well, they gave all they had and the luck finally ran out this year. Frankly, I feel somewhat sorry for both Ryan and Derrick, considering what they have been subjected to on the field. The point is, I suggest everyone go back a few years and compare QB stats and rankings. You'll soon realize that we have a better QB than most teams in the NFL. Just watching QBs like Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Dak Prescott in the playoffs, should demonstrate their own shortcomings and without the issues Tannehill played under. There are many other QBs who never even made the playoffs, with far less ability than Ryan Tannehill and few if any could have played better under the conditions that Ryan did. There's no doubt, RT is the perfect fit for this team, at this time. That will change one day, but for now, he gives us the best chance of winning games. We don't need Willis yet, we don't need Dobbs and we sure don't need discards from other teams behind center. And that includes Brady. What we need is to give Tannehill legitimate targets and time to hit those targets. We need a top-tier O-line who take even one sack very personal and will open lanes for Henry, so he can reach his "second gear" that's made him dangerous his entire career. We need a creative OC, who designs solid, deceptive game plans, based on the opposing defense and the available talent on offense. We need a head coach that demands perfection, is proactive and not reactive and will make changes when something isn't working. We need a GM that provides the best personnel available, and an owner who sets the standards high. We need Mailbag to vent, pout and solve issues too complex for the owner, GM and head coach, and we need Jim to keep us grounded and remind us when we're full of it. Do this and maybe, just maybe, fans will sit their happy ass in their seats and stop selling them to fans with cats, birds, cows and toilet seats on their hats... Well, that's the dream anyway and we're halfway there.

Jim: Always appreciate your insight, Randy.

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Top of the Morning Mr Jim. Bud In the heart of the Bragging Jag nation. Still hasnt stopped LOL. I cant believe Im hearing moving on from Derrick Henry RU kiddin me! Dont know where this comes from inside the org but if so R they Kraze.!!! Where would the Titans be then REBUILDING??? As I said prior old newt Titans need starters in O line D line and wide receiver. As far as QBs go I think Josh Dobbs should stay. Malik Willis is just not ready period. Dobbs did in a short period of time more than Willis Could. Tannehill never a fan but he was durable up til now. There are front line names out there in all those needed positions. Time will tell if Titans are spenders or rebuilders. First few moves should be tell tale. Whats your take realistic of Brady, Aaron or even Lamar to Titans? great work as alway Mr Jim, My best. Respectfully Bud

Jim: Stay strong down there, Bud. I say the Titans should trade for Brady and Rodgers, and then sign Lamar, Geno Smith, Jimmy G and any QB from the NFC East and then let all of them compete with Tannehill, Dobbs and Malik for the starting spot. I think that would make everybody happy. 😊

Have a great week everyone!

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