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Tuesday Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Did you miss football on Sunday?

Yeah, it was a quiet weekend, but the Thursday night win over the Jaguars allowed for some positive vibes to linger.

But now it's back to work for the Titans.

And it's time for another mailbag….

Chris Gonzales from Houston, Texas

Question: Hey Jim. I wanted to know if the Titans fans should be worried about Marcus Mariota's right arm/hand? It seems in the past few games that he has had some passes sail on him and he frequently is seen squeezing his hand. We know he had the ulnar nerve issue, then the stinger, then he was hit pretty hard in the rt arm and fumbled against the Jets. Is there still an issue there? We need to be 1-0 this week! Titan Up!!

Jim: Hey Chris. The extra few days off helped Marcus, no doubt. He injured the hand at the end of the game against the Jets, as you mentioned. It's why Blaine Gabbert took the final snap of the game. It's why he ended up on the Injury Report at the start of last week. But Marcus was good enough to play against the Jaguars, and I think a lot of the swelling has gone down since he was initially injured. He's had a lot of bad luck with injuries, but he's gutted through them when he's been able. He should be good to go for Sunday against the Giants.

Nathaniel Torres from Hampton, Virginia

Question: Good Morning Jim and thank you for all you do keeping us fans updated on the Titans. I have a two part question. First I was sad to see Jonnu Smith go down for the season. He was just starting to come on strong and I hope it doesn't hamper his career. With that said do you think there's a possibility we could get Delanie Walker back for the last couple games? I know it's a long shot but curious on where he is in his rehab. Second question, I've seen Kamalei Correa on the inactive list the last few games. Why is this? He's a good player that we could use to generate pressure. Thank you again Jim and TitanUp.

Jim: Hey Nathaniel. Terrible luck for Jonnu. As for Delanie, I know he said he'd love to come back and play. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. He's still in recovery mode and the last thing anyone wants to see is him coming back too early, and injuring it again. As for Correa, you're right -- he's been inactive the past few games. He's healthy, so it's been a coaching staff decision. The coaches like what they're seeing out of Sharif Finch on special teams and on defense, and he rewarded them again with a big play against the Jaguars.

Vickie Roberts from Trenton, Kentucky

Question: First off Congratulations to Derrick Henry for a great game on Thursday night vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. I've been a fan since watching Derrick play for Alabama. Not meaning to take anything away from his performance, but why this game? This is the type of play we have hoped for and expected from him this year but have been disappointed not seeing. What created the difference in his play in this game?

Jim: Great question Vickie. Well, he had opportunities, so that helped. He ran with an attitude, I'll say that. You could tell on the 99-yard TD run, when he stiff-armed several Jaguars. Earlier in the season, Derrick wasn't happy with his performance -- and he was nearly as decisive as he was against the Jaguars. But he has to be happy with how things went on Thursday night. Blocking was also top-notch, from the linemen to the tight ends. Now the Titans have to find a way to keep it going.

Sam London from Columbia, Tennessee

Question: Not a question, a comment and thank you. I was at a Cracker Barrel last Friday, December 7th, in line to pay my bill. The guy in front of me was talking to his friend in front of him and the voices sound familiar and I thought, no, it couldn't be. Well, I had to ask so I said, what's your name son? He turned to me, smiled and said 'Adoree' yes, it was Adoree Jackson and Logan Ryan just finishing eating. So many things flashed through my mind but in the end I thought that they just wanted to eat and go about their business. Logan paid for their meal, Adoree turned to me and said, have a great day and they left. The last time I spoke with someone from my team it was a similar situation, we were on the field at the stadium and the cheerleaders were asking me for the time and, the team went to the Super Bowl!

Jim: Great story, Sam. Maybe it's a good omen?

Micah Layne from Coalmont, Tennessee

Question: First off What a performance from D.Henry on Thursday night! Would have loved to have been there because it looked like the stadium was rocking. Great win. It looked like a pretty good week for our playoff hopes with Denver and Pitt and Baltimore losing would of even been better if the Pats didn't give one away and the Texans could of beat the Colts but let's just do our part and win these last three and hopefully it'll lead us into the playoffs. Go Titans.

Jim: That's the key – the Titans have to do their part. Other than Miami's win, it was a weekend of favorable results for the Titans. Even the Colts win over the Texans was good because it keeps AFC South division hopes alive. The Colts win didn't hurt because the Titans face them in Week 17, and both teams have six losses right now. But the Titans have to take care of the Titans. This team hasn't won four straight all season, and it's probably going to take five in a row to make it possible – starting with Sunday's game vs. the Giants.

Kia T from Foster City, California

Question: Hi Jim. As a long time Oilers/Titans fan, I often reminisce about the good ol days of the run-n-shoot ... with current list and of WRs and RBs, what do you think if the OC went back to that!? Ernest Givens (electric slide), Haywood Jeffries- Corey Davis, Tajae Sharpe/Taywan Taylor, combined with backs we got and NFL's scoring - it can be fun!. Be interested to get your thoughts and bring some vertical excitement to the club. Thx. Kia

Jim: Hey Kia. I remember those days, and it was fun to watch (even though I grew up a Bills fan). But it's not going to happen. Sorry. The OC has his own plan, and offense. You can always watch highlights from those days, though. :)

Sam Burton from York, United Kingdom

Question: Hi Jim. I've only been a Titans fan since the 2015 season but 3 years on and I'm Two Tone Blue through and through!

My question to you regards the upcoming offseason and draft. Where do you feel the Titans need improvement? Last season we boasted a very good O-line and this season they have obviously dropped in form. On the back of that what position could you see us drafting to help improve the team. Many thanks.

Jim: Hey Sam. I'd like to see things play out a little more, and also know who might be available in the draft. The list of juniors won't come out until January. Right now I'd say some areas of need would be o-line, edge rusher, and receiver. But there's a lot TBD, and hopefully a lot of season to play.

Tim Leidinger from Kaiserslautern, Germany

Question: Dear Titans Organization. Some of you might heard from us and some don't. We're the German Titans. A fan club based in Germany and a home for Titans fans from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all over the world with German roots. We're a registered organization and have currently 45 members.

The reason why I'm writing you is because we've started a charity lottery (we give away a SuperBowl XXXIV Mini Helmet signed by Jevon Kearse) and a created a GoFundMe page to raise money for a good cause. Why are we doing that?

Our youngest fan club member Jakob had a heart defect, aortic isthmusstenosis. This means that the aorta through which the body is supplied with oxygen-rich blood is narrow. In Jacob's case, this narrowness was so severe that no blood at all could enter the body via the aorta. A clear death sentence.... During that time the family was accomodated in the house Guardian Angle for almost free of charge in Hanover, Germany. We would like to help that other families receives the same support like Jakob and his familie! The house is financed exclusively by donations." Meanwhile Jakob is on a very good way! :)

You are able to find all the information here:

The GoFundMe page you are able to find here:

Since a campaign like this lives from publicity we would like to ask if you are able to support us in this matter. The Titans have a huge fan base and you are able to spread information with a lot of followers. Is there a possibly that you can create a news about it and share it? We really appreciate your help and support and we hope to raise as much money as possible for this good cause because every Euro or in your currency dollar helps. I know Germany is not really your local community but since we're fans from overseas we're a part of the Titans community. Best Regards, Tim Leidinger, Chairman – German Titans e.V.

Jim: Hey Tim. Appreciate you sharing. And good luck to little Jakob. We'll keep in in our prayers in Nashville.

Robert Jackson from Clarksville, Tennessee

Question: First of all I would like to say I am a Titans fan and have been a Titans fan and will always be a Titans fan. I have followed the franchise even when they were in Houston and I have always been a fan of the team. But now for my question: Why do we seem to go back and keep making the same mistakes we've always made? I thought we learned our lesson about using small running back's when we tried this with Chris Johnson back some years ago. So why then are we using Dion Lewis as if he is some kind of power back, running him up the middle? He is just too small, he is a great athlete and we should use him in some capacity yes! But he is far too small and we have misused him and that is the reason we're not already in the playoffs properly. When is somebody going to realize this especially after the other night? Derrick Henry should be our main back. The year we went to the Super Bowl we utilized a great quarterback with mobile skills and we allowed him to run around and do what he was comfortable doing with the football. We also utilized Eddie George very effectively to run downhill and run over people. So why don't we go back and take a page out of that playbook and do the same thing with Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry? If we do this I believe we will make some real noise if we get to the playoffs. I also believe our chances for winning the Super Bowl or excellent within the next year or so. It just seems like to me that our front office lets us down and has let us down time and time again over the last 23 years. What with coaches that are two conservative when they should loosen up some and the misuse of players by the coaching staff. I believe we have the makings of a real dynasty and I just wish somebody would finally get it right for us in Tennessee. Furthermore Houston wouldn't of had let the team go if they had been run right back in the 70s and 80s and early 90s as well. Again I'm not being a hater nor am I being mean spirited. I'm just asking some hard questions that need straight answers. Go Titans, long live the Titans in Tennessee.

Jim: Hey Robert. You lost me when you said you hoped the team learned a lesson with Chris Johnson. He's one of the franchise's biggest home runs in the draft, and one its best players ever.

Shane Alvarado from Concord, New Hampshire

Question: Do you have any news regarding Delanie Walker? Is there a chance he'll suit up week 17 if there are playoff implications? Or in the playoffs?

Jim: _Hey Shane. He's still recovering. I wouldn't get my hopes up for seeing Delanie this season. _

Tim Good from Portland, Oregon

Question: Hi Jim. Why do you think they take so many options off the table for the M&M boy? It frustrates Oregonians to see smash mouth football used with a Ferrari at the helm. We feel like his career is being wasted.

Jim: Hey Tim. Marcus is having a solid year, and he deserves a lot of credit for working through so many changes around him over the years. No one should feel his career is being wasted. I think if you asked Marcus, he'd tell you that smash-mouth football looked pretty good to him on Thursday night with Derrick Henry leading the way.

Have a great week everyone! looks back at the all-time series against the New York Giants. (Photos: AP, Donn Jones)

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