Top OTs in NFL Draft Waiting for Landing Spots



CHICAGO –** The Titans attended tackle Laremy Tunsil's Pro Day at Ole Miss, and for the longest time he was a popular pick for the team in mock drafts.
Then came the big trade that sent the No.1 pick to the Los Angeles Rams. The Titans are scheduled to pick 15th in the first round on Thursday night.

Tunsil initially had visions of going No.1. Now, the Rams are expected to select a quarterback.
"It's a business, and it's a part of the game,'' Tunsil said. "I'm human, it hurt. But (the trade) happened, and I'm OK. But I am looking to give my all to any team, wherever it may be. I am just here to play football."
The three-day NFL Draft kicks off in the Windy City tonight.
Following a Play60 event at Grant Park on Wednesday, the top prospects at offensive tackle shared their thoughts leading up to a day that will change their lives forever.
The Titans, of course, have paid close attention to all of them. It's no secret the team is looking for additional help on the offensive line.
Along with Tunsil, Notre Dame's Ronnie Stanley, Michigan State's Jack Conklin and Ohio State's Taylor Decker are regarded as the best at their position.
"It has been a long process, and I'm just kind of ready to see where I am going to end up and see where I am going to be playing for the next part of my career,'' said Stanley, who started 26 games at left tackle, and 13 at right tackle at Notre Dame.

The Titans attended Stanley's Pro Day at Notre Dame last month.
"All the teams I have talked to," Stanley said. "they've shown a lot of interest."
Conklin, a 6-foot-5, 308-pounder, started 35 games at left tackle in three seasons at Michigan State, and three games at right tackle. 
Conklin's draft stock appears to be going up. He knows he's been a popular pick for the Titans in mock drafts, and said they're one of many team that's shown interest.
"The Titans are a team that's gotten to know me a little bit, and I've gotten to know them a little bit,'' Conklin said. "And I really like everything about the Titans, and what they talk about and what they are trying to do there in Nashville. It's something I would love to be a part of.
"It is going to be exciting. Either way, no matter where I go in this draft, I am going to be somebody's first choice and I am going to go into that organization and earn my way."
As for Decker, he's ready for the day to get here.

Decker started 28 games at left tackle for Ohio State, and 14 at right tackle. The Titans attended his Pro Day at Ohio State, and have talked to him throughout the pre-draft process.
"I just want to be on a team,'' Decker said. "People ask me, "How would it be to play here? How would it be to play here? I just want an opportunity to play.
"At this point the work has been done. You have done the workouts, you've done the interviews, and you've shown them what kind of person you are. You've done all you can do at this point, and now it is time to enjoy it with you and your family.
"I've seen the mocks, but at the end of the day it's whoever picks you, picks you,'' Decker continued. "And I'll be happy to play wherever I go. At the end of the day I want to play football, and whoever takes me, I'll be happy to represent their program and be a part of their team, and hopefully add something to it."

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