#TitansDraft Conference Call: Fourth Round Pick Marqueston Huff


(on where he was watching draft)

I was just watching it at the house.

(on playing both safety and corner and where he feels more comfortable)

Last year, I played all safety but the years before that, I was a corner.  My freshman year, my sophomore year, my junior year, I played corner and dime too.

(on whether he believes he will play safety or corner in NFL)

I have no idea. I just want to play football. Wherever they line me up, I just want to get the job done

(on if he has a preference of playing corner or safety)

I just like to go to the football. Like I told them, wherever you guys want to play me, I going to go out there and give my all.

(on what he believes he brings to the team as far as ability)

I am going to bring some personality and some athletic ability. A great leader, I just want to get the job done. I love football and you'll be able to see it.

(on being a hitter)

Yes sir, I can hit. I can do it all.

(on what he knows about the Titans and what teams did he visit)

Before the draft, I visited with the Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers. The Titans are a great organization. I remember watching them when I was little when they had Eddie George and Steve McNair. Just the things they do and the runs they have had in the playoffs, it's been a great franchise over the years.

(on if he visited the Titans)

No sir, I didn't.

(on what he knows about the current personnel and what players the team has in the secondary)

I am really not too familiar with the secondary, who they have there, but ask me that question tomorrow and I will have all the answers for you.

(on what gives him ability, flexibility to play both safety and corner)

My athleticism and I am a very smart football player. I think those weigh heavily. My flexibility and versatility enable me to kind of you know, juggle between all of the positions. Just my knowledge of the game of football, I really understand and pick up on defenses really quickly.  Think that will help me on the next level.

(on if he has played nickel in his movement in the secondary)

Yes sir. That's kind of what I started out as. Even this year as starting free safety when we got in our nickel package I kind of moved around and was in the nickel.

(on his impressive performance in the Senior Bowl)

I mean it was extremely important for me. I went to the University of Wyoming and the question is when you come from the University of Wyoming is the talent level you are playing against. I think when I went to the Senior Bowl, I really showed up and let everyone know that I can do it all and compete with the big boys.

(on if he has been watching the draft and how tough has it been waiting)

I mean it has been extremely tough. To be honest, I watched the first round, second round, and third round and after that I kind of chilled. I really didn't what to stress over it. I figured I would get a call sooner or later. Regardless, I knew I was going to have an opportunity to play in the NFL. I am even more excited that I am a Tennessee Titan now.

(on who made the call to inform him of selection)

I think her name was Alesia, it was lady then she put the head coach and GM on the phone. It was a very exciting phone call.

(on what he was told on phone call)

The first thing was congratulations. Once I heard that, a big smile came across my face. I knew what he was really saying and made me extremely happy. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

(on what he started to say in a previous question)

I like the offseason movement that you have made, especially the addition of Dexter McCluster. I think he is a really explosive player and I am looking forward to playing with that guy.

(on if he believes he can track Dexter McCluster down)

I don't know if I can, but I can tell you I will do my best.

(on what prompted the move to free safety)

Really, I am just a raw DB and at the moment we had better DBs at corner than we did at the safety position. But, it was supposed to be a temporary thing to just get through spring practice because we had a lot injuries. Once they did it, they ended up liking me a lot.

(on if he was watching from Wyoming or Texas home)

In Texas, I am back in Texas.

(on being called a loquacious guy and saying he will bring personality to team)

I mean, I just love the game of football. No matter what the situation is, you are going to be able to see that. I really enjoy that. I am a very loud guy. I bring energy. There is never going to be a dull moment with me.

(on if there are any current NFL DBs he patterns himself after)

Actually one of my personal favorites is Eric Berry. I watched him when I was in high school. I have always been a fan of Deion Sanders. I wore No. 2 in high school. Actually, I was watching a Tennessee game on television and this guy was running around everywhere and making plays. I really liked him and starting looking him up. I think he is a great player and always finds a way to get around the ball.

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