Titans statement on Haynesworth contract status


(Regarding Albert Haynesworth's Contract Status)

"This offseason, we are pleased that we have been able to complete long-term deals with a number of players, including Michael Roos, David Stewart, Justin Gage and Ahmard Hall; and we will continue to pursue these types of deals with young and emerging talent.

Unfortunately after months of ongoing discussions with Albert Haynesworth's representative, we were unable to agree on the right number for compensation; and by league rule, he will play under a one-year contract this year.

Albert is a player whose abilities we value and respect, which is evidenced by the one-year contract that makes him the highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL in 2008. We have great expectations for his play this year and what his play can mean for our defense and our team.

We will remain in contact with his representatives throughout the season; and at year's end, see if both sides can agree on a fair number on a long-term agreement for a player with his qualities."

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