Titans-Ravens Postgame Quotes



(on what happened with protection breakdowns)

A lot, a lot of things. Bad coaching, not good execution, that's how it goes. There's no excuse for it. We have to be better on all levels. It starts with me and I've got to do a better job, and I will. We've got to coach better, we've got to play better and it's not just the protections, it's not just the third downs, it's everything. We're right back to where we started at, we're 3-3. We were 0-0 to start the season. We'll get back to work here in a few minutes and improve.

(on not playing in a way to get national respect like the team hoped)

I'm not going to make a big deal about that because I think it was addressed. After that game, things were said in that locker room and there were emotional comments. I don't think that that lingered. I didn't hear that after we addressed it and talked about the respect. There would be no one that would need to respect us the way we played or coached.

(on how surprised he was about today's result)

I thought we were ready to play. I'm surprised. The penalties and the third down to get us going first half—they converted third downs and then we really hurt ourselves with some early penalties there in the first half. They're a good team. I give them credit. They came out ready to go and they clearly outplayed and outcoached us today.

(on whether the lack of scoring was a head scratcher with a healthy offensive line)

It starts with the play call, it starts with the preparation, it starts with the route, it starts then with the protection. Everything has to work and coordinate together. If they're pressuring us, we've got to be able to give the quarterback enough time to be able to get to a receiver who's got to be maybe adjusting his route a little bit because of the pressure, but they clearly made a decision that they were going to pressure and they did that.

(on what he says to his team after the loss)

I appreciate that you guys cover our team as closely as you do. The conversations that I had with our team are going to remain with our team. It's important that you stick together, that we evaluate what everybody is doing individually and collectively on all three sides of the ball and then we get ready to go play a Charger team.

(on whether quarterback Marcus Mariota is shell-shocked and should have thrown the ball quicker)

I think we're going to evaluate all of those things here in a little bit when we're able to watch the film and get back and coach. I don't think he's shell-shocked because I know the type of competitor he is and he's won games for us. We'll have to fix a lot of things and that's one of them.

(on how deflating it was to allow third downs)

I think I've been there as a player. As a coach you're trying to find some answers, you're trying to get into the pocket, you're trying to cover them. Again, we didn't do a good enough job of starting with the plan, starting with the preparation, and then obviously today with the execution.

(on the lack of pressure on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco)

Just not good enough. We gave up the drive and then we give them the third down and really what's kind of saved us in a few of the other games was our red zone. Our red zone defense was able to force those field goals. Today we weren't able to do that unfortunately. So, we'll have to get back and we'll have to work. We'll have to stick together because if we don't, that's when bad things can happen.

(on if something was consistently happening on third downs today)

They protected us and they got open and they caught the ball. It's third-down. It comes down to protecting, getting open and catching the ball. On the other side of the ball it comes down to rushing and cover. That's really what it comes down to.

(on the number of games without touchdowns)

We didn't score any today. That's the most important thing that I'm trying to look at, is today, not what we've done in the past, but what we needed to do better today. You're absolutely correct that we didn't score any points today. We talked about being able to attack the football and try to create some turnovers, and we weren't able to do that defensively, except for the one time, KB (Kevin Byard) made a nice catch.

(on if today's result was a hangover from the last week)

You don't have any time for hangovers. You lose or you win. I've been trying to send the message that we have to go on, we have to move on, we have to leave the last game and understand what's going on. We have to get back out and practice. That will start at 12 o'clock on Tuesday for our trip to London. Whether you win or you lose in this league I've tried to make it very clear that there's another good opponent waiting for you at the end of the week. 

(on the status of guard Quinton Spain and outside linebacker Derrick Morgan)

They'll be evaluated here in the next few hours and I'll probably have something for you on Tuesday.

(on why he decided to run the clock out at the end of the first half)

I think we got behind in the rain. We got the first down, which was good, and then it didn't look like it was going to lead to much after that first first-down. So I made a decision to try to get in here and get regrouped and be able to play some defense to start the second half to ensure that it was going to be 14-0. I think with the rain—and we did make a nice play on first down but then I don't think it looked like the drive was going anywhere after that.

(on how much chipping he tried to do in the game play today)

I think we'll look at getting guys out each and every week as we see fit. As far as, you know, we like the matchup with (Anthony) Firkser. Obviously you saw that, we didn't see enough to be able to—that was the plan, to try to give Marcus (Mariota) another option with Firk (Anthony Firkser), he made a nice route, Marcus threw a nice pass. Then each week we're going to have to identify how we need to block him, if we think we can block him, what kind of pressures they run, where our protection is going. So we'll have to look at it and see if it needs to get fixed or needs to change or something needs to get changed. Some weeks we'll chip, some weeks we won't, based on what they're doing. Today they certainly had our number.

(on if he considered taking Marcus Mariota out at any point during the game)


(on what he said to the team after Ravens guard/tackle Alex Lewis got hurt)

The message at that point was play as hard as you possibly can between the whistles and that we don't want to do anything after the whistle. That's not the type of team we want to be. That's not the type of team that I want to have or we want to be a representative of. We want to play as hard as we possibly can, and then once the whistle blows we want to go back and get lined up again. I just wanted to make sure that they were very clear of what I was asking them to do and have been asking them to do since we've been here. That's all. Nice job, 21-0, let's save everything we've got for the next snap. I'm not worried about anything post snap.

(on the thought process when he challenged the Ravens wide receiver Michael Crabtree's catch)

It was kind of going fast and I figured it was probably going to be a catch, but it was a big completion, I wanted to slow things down a little. It was kind of two-fold. I wasn't able to win the challenge obviously, just trying to slow things down. Any time you convert a third and long like that that's close to the sidelines, I just felt like giving it a challenge.

(on if Marcus Mariota could have thrown better)

We all could do better. We could throw it better, we could run it better, we could tackle better. We can clearly rush better and cover better and coach better. I want all those things to be put in there. That's the headline: 'Tennessee Titans didn't do nearly enough on all levels to win the football game,' or even make it competitive.


(on if he's ever been in a game like tonight)

No, that was a first.

(on what the feeling is after a game like today)

Not very good.

(on what kind of things have to happen for things to change for the team moving forward)

Stick to the process. Can't lose sight of the fact that it's a long season. Got to come back tomorrow, make the corrections and get ready for next week.

(on the protection breakdown versus receivers not being open)

Well, it's a combination of a lot of different things. I can do a better job of stepping up in the pocket. I put our guys in a bad spot trying to run around too much. Those are things I've got to do better.

(on if things snowballed after a while in the game)

No, I mean, we couldn't make enough plays. We'd make a good play here and there then we'd hurt ourselves. So yeah it was tough getting into a rhythm but yeah, give credit to them. They did a good job of getting after us and making plays.

(on how frustrating it was to know you've been better than this on previous Sundays)

It is what it is. When you don't score points and you don't move the ball and you don't hold time of possession, it makes it tough on your team, we've got to do better. We've got to do better as an offense.

(on explaining the regression from 200 yards last week to 100 yards this week)

We've got to make plays. Unfortunately, when you're not making explosives, when you're not creating big gains, it's tough to move the ball, especially against teams like Baltimore and like Buffalo that have good defenses. It is what it is. We've got to get back to drawing board, continue to work on our process and see what we can do better.

(on how hard it is to believe the team is in this position after such a high two weeks ago)

Yeah, it's such a rollercoaster of emotions, for sure. With that being said though, we've got to dust ourselves off and move on. It's a long season. We've got another good opponent coming up this week. No one's going to feel sorry for us. We've just got to go up there and work and grind and get better and find ways to win.

(on gripping the ball in the wet conditions)

Yeah it was fine.

(on another week where the team has struggled to run the football and drives not being sustained)

Well, we can help in the passing game. If we're making plays down the field, if we're making explosives, those guys have got to back off a little bit. When you're running into tough boxes, it's a tough to make plays.

(on the running lane being cut off for him when the protection broke down)

Yeah, they did a good job. Their linebackers and some of those spy guys did a good job of coming off the blocks and making plays. I mean, again, maybe I can do a better job of sticking around the pocket, allowing the play to develop and giving our guys a chance to make plays.

(on if he tried something different going without the glove in a couple of series)

No, no, it was raining. I couldn't…with the glove on and the rain, it was tough. So I just took it off.

(on if there was an expectation of a heavy rush after a certain point in the game)

Not at all.


(on Baltimore's success on third downs on their opening drive)

It was third down. I mean everything early in the game was third down. We are a pretty good third-down defense. They are pretty good third-down offense. They came out, did some tempo, tried to line up and hurry us up in the beginning of the game. We just didn't get enough stops on third down. That's on me, it's on the secondary, that's on the defense. If we get off on third down like we've been all year, those are field goals, those our punts and we didn't do that today.

(on if a game like this is embarrassing)

I am not wanting to say it is embarrassing. I mean we put a lot of time in this. We go out there and give it our best shot. It the National Football League. You are are going to get beat. We got beat bad. We don't want to get beat bad. We never want to get beat bad, but it's one loss and it is how we respond now. We didn't do a good job. We didn't do a good job responding from last week's loss, so we've got to do a good job of responding and bringing it to London. Teams get beat every week. Jacksonville got the brakes blown off of them as well. The division, everyone is 3-3 so we are at the top of the division, thankfully and we've got to keep it going. We've got to get a win next week.

(on how quickly attention is shifted to game in London)

You do what you always do. We sit here, it is going to hurt. I mean if we have a big win, people say put it behind you, you've got to move on. If you have a bad loss, you've got to put it behind you. We have got to watch the film and make a lot of corrections. They did a good job of exposing some of our weaknesses and we have to tighten that up. We have to get on a plane, go overseas and play a hot Chargers team over there.


(on loss not sitting well with team)

I mean obviously not good enough. We've got to change, play better, that's what we're going to do.

(on how he explains struggles on offense right now)

We'll see, watch the film and evaluate it and go from there.

(on Marcus Mariota not having time to get the ball to receivers)

Like I said, football is a team sport. It takes all 11. Obviously, no one did their job well out there today. We've got to come in tomorrow and clean it up.

(on having pride with the work the team puts in and responding to a game like today's)

I mean, it's tough. You win some, you lose some. We got whipped, that's what it comes down to. We got to look ourselves in the mirror and change some things.

(on remaining in first place despite loss)

Yeah, not really focused on that, focused on us. We got to play better in all aspects.


(on this being a unique week)

We know what we have to do. We are all tied up in this division and hey, we are starting from scratch again. We have to have a short memory and we have to move on and get this thing on the show, quick because if you blink, it could be November or December and you could be in last place or first place so you've got to get this one over with. 

(on what adjustments were made at halftime)

We've got to hold up. If they are bringing more guys or beating us late or right off the bat, we have to be on the right guys and have to hold up longer. We put ourselves in bad situations. We were in third-and-long in a lot of situations. The routes take longer, everything takes longer, so we have got to be better and not put ourselves in those situations.

(on if the worst thing to do is get frustrated)

You've got to have short memory. It could be way worse. We are right where you want to be, what is it after five or six games. The front, you know, hey, we are all together and we've just got to move on, get this game out of our mind. We've got to make the corrections and we've got to go execute.


(on offense having a tough game)

We just didn't play well enough. We didn't go out there and execute. It is really as simple as that.

(on frustration of not scoring a touchdown for second consecutive game)

We just have to get better all around. We are going to come in and look at the film, see our mistakes and correct what we can correct and just go from there.

(on the feeling of being shut out at home)

It's terrible. Like I said, we just didn't play well enough. We didn't execute. We've got great fans, so it's terrible to lay a goose egg at home, but like I said, we are going back to the drawing board and going to get better.


(on the Titans being shutout at home by the Ravens)

Whether you call it 'embarrassing,' or a 'butt kicking,' regardless, at the end of the day, we are family and we are going to stick together. We'll take all the blame, and then we'll go back to the drawing boards and play football. As a defense, I felt like we fought our butts off. But, at the end of the day we lost, and all we can do right now is just go right back to the drawing board and fix all the things we had mistakes on, and look forward to next week.

(on the nine minute scoring drive the Ravens offense put together on their opening possession)

They are a great team. They came out today and played the better ball. As a defense, we're responsible. But, at the same time it is a learning experience for us all to make sure we're close together, and that we band together regardless of whether we are winning. I think that is the reason why we are going to be able to come back from this loss and be able to move on, because everybody is family, regardless of what happens. We are still going to stick together. 


(on the Titans' loss today to the Ravens)

Definitely wasn't expected. Anytime you come out here and don't play well. Our offense doesn't play well, or the defense. You don't get off the field on third downs. We talked about making impact plays on special teams and didn't do enough. Brett (Kern) punted great today, but we didn't make any plays in our return game. So, we have to go back to the drawing board and hurry and work these things through, before we go to London to play the Chargers. The season kind of starts over for us now. We're 3-3, and still optimistic, but we have to play better if we are going to win anymore ball games. We have to put this game behind ASAP. You have to just watch the film of today's game and then just throw it away and think about the Chargers for the rest of the week. Getting ready for the Los Angeles Chargers.

(on Titans' defense giving up so many long drives to the Ravens)

We just couldn't get off the field no matter what we did. We called all types of calls. Cover 3, Cover 1, Cover 2. We just couldn't get off the field. And that kind of bit us in the behind, real bad, and we kind of got behind the eight-ball a little bit. If we can do better on third downs, and get off the field, we'll give our offense more opportunities to score points.


(on the Titans two most recent losses)

You can't be down on yourself because if you do, it is going to keep on getting more and more ugly. You just have to get better. Find ways to get better and go on about the business of getting our next win. And that's what you have to do. Nobody likes to struggle, so this loss definitely hurts. But you have to go on to the next one. Focus on the next one. Fix things and move on.  We have to now figure out a game plan, when we play the Chargers, and that is what we are going to do.  


(opening statement)

Thanks for being here. I was excited to listen to Z (Za'Darius Smith). It's exciting to listen to his enthusiasm, and that's the way the whole locker room feels right now. But, before I get to that, I just want to say that our prayers are with Alex (Lewis) and his family. I would say this, that so far, so good. There's a lot of optimism. He neurologically has his movement and all of those kinds of things, so they're doing the test right now. We're waiting on a CT scan right now, which will give us a lot more information. So, as soon as we get that information, we'll release that information right away as to how he's doing, so that all of our fans and his family can know. But, we said a prayer as a team for him in here when we came in, so that's where our thoughts are – with Alex (Lewis) right now. OK, as far as the game, just a historic defensive performance. I thought our offense played very well to get the lead. To get a 14-point lead, it changes the dynamic quite a bit. It forces the other team into a little different game plan, maybe then they wanted to be in, and special teams – in that all three phases kind of demonstrated the way we're capable of playing today. We want to build off of that.

(on how big it was to set the tone on the first drive)

I think that's a great point. The fact that we came out, had the football, and took, what, seven, eight minutes off the clock at least? About seven minutes, 17 plays, was it? Run, pass, we kind of established we could mix it up a little bit. I thought we had a couple of key third down conversions. We had some third-and-long conversions over the course of the game that were just massively important, but to get out and get the 17-point lead, and to get another stop to come and make it 14 really set the tone for the whole game. So, our offense deserves a lot of credit there. 

(on how much of a team effort it was to collapse the Titans quarterback pocket)

That is a great point. That's exactly what it was. It was a team effort. You just felt the pocket collapse. I think he got out two or three times because he is super fast. We had him in the end zone I thought at one point, he got 20 plus yard run. It just goes to show how talented he is and the fact that we were…I don't think you can really say who got the sacks as much as it could've been anybody because we were just rushing so well, rushing our gaps so well, we're very disciplined and the sacks kind of ended up going to where Marcus (Mariota) tried to escape more than anything. So, team effort, absolutely. 

(on if the number of Ravens' pass rushers was the reason Baltimore was able to get to quarterback Marcus Mariota)

Well, I don't know. You never can say that. You're always hopeful, that's always the plan. There's been plenty of times we've gone out there and we thought we were going to get to the quarterback, or get sacks or whatever, and the balls been out and the guys have throws and catches on us, and we've been disappointed. So, you just never know. It's a matter of – in any game – of guys making plays, and my brother said that last night. We talk about it a lot, but in the end, it's a player's game. The players are the ones who make plays. As a coach, you do your best to put them in position to make plays, or to give them the best chance that you possibly can. But, this is a player's game, man. I mean, Sunday afternoon, pro football is a player's game, and our players played great. They're the ones that deserve the credit.  

(on the 11 sack performance)

I don't. I think the coverage – it's a team effort, again. Just to your point. We had great coverage. We mixed our coverages up well and we played them all well. It wasn't like we were mixing coverages and we played certain coverage better than another coverage. We played them all well, and Eric Weddle and C.J. Mosley deserve a lot of credit, because we had a lot of calls out there that – where they were responsible for making calls in the no huddle, because they tried to tempo us, and they do a great job of tempo. It's one of their strengths, and we were able to get our defenses called and executed. So, I just think those guys deserve all of the credit in the world. 

(on the importance of winning two out of three road games)

Really important. It was a goal. You loved to be 3-0 on this trip, but we probably feel we should've been, but we didn't deserve it. We didn't play well enough, coach well enough. But, to be 2-1 in this trip, to be 4-2 after the four road games, that's where you want to be. We know the upcoming challenge. We know who we're playing next Sunday, coming into our place and what they're about, and how good they are. So, that's really going to be in our minds especially as coaches, as we go to work for the next day and a half, two days, to game plan. But, we're going to enjoy this one tonight.

(on if he is hoping that the team's successful pass rush continues next weekend)

We'll keep trying it. We'll keep trying to get there. That's the way to say it. It's week to week. 

(on if throwing to wide receiver Michael Crabtree was an emphasis early in the game)

Yeah, it was. Absolutely. Marty (Mornhinweg) is great about that. Crab (Michael Crabtree) wanted the ball. He was on the sideline; he was saying he wanted the ball. Willie (Henry) says he wants the ball, John Brown says he wants the ball, all those guys, Chris Moore, tight ends. Everybody wants the ball, and I want the guys to want the ball. He got one of the game balls, he and the defense. When you start the game the way he did, he caught a couple huge catches on the sideline. To me, he's a superstar. He's a dominant football player, and we know that. We want to feed him.

(on Michael Crabtree's catch on the sideline that was challenged)

Well I saw it because I was right there and I was just like, 'Man, he got them down." Then on the screen it was showing he got them down, too. We were confident in that.

(on how many players could have gotten both feet down as Michael Crabtree did in that catch)

Not very many. It was a great play.

(on if injured guard/tackle Alex Lewis is planning to stay in the hospital overnight)

That's what we're waiting to find out. He's got a CT scan, so we'll know more on that in a few minutes I'm sure.

(on if the reps that center Bradley Bozeman and tackle Orlando Brown JR. got in today's game was influenced by James Hurst's reps at right tackle in practice)

Yes, that's exactly what it is. That's the way he was prepared to play the left guard spot and James (Hurst) practicing the right tackle spot the whole time. We could do it the other way too if we had to, but that's the way that Joe (D'Alessandris) wanted to do it.

(on if Baltimore players were looking forward to playing against former Baltimore defensive coordinator and current Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees this week)

Dean (Pees)'s the best. Dean's great. We have great respect for Dean, and great love. He's been here a long time. We've been through a lot together as a bunch of guys, the defensive players especially. I think they wanted to show their best. It is special because he's over there on that sideline and I'm pretty sure our guys wanted to show their best to someone they respect so much, and that's what makes it so special, one of the reasons it's really special.


(on finding wide receiver Michael Crabtree early in the game)

You know what? I honestly don't even think too much about that stuff. I just rely on the fact that our relationship is what it is and I hope that I make it known well enough that he knows how I feel about it. Marty (Mornhinweg) may be actively thinking about that stuff, but it's just the way that things turned out. I think we have a good group of guys and they're all going to get their chances. Mike's (Crabtree) a very prideful guy. He takes a lot of pride in what he does. He wants to be a great receiver and he wants to impact the game in a positive way for us. So, you know, with the fact that I know he's like that, there was never really any question in my mind as far as all that stuff.

(on if he knew he was going to throw the ball to Michael Crabtree on the Ravens' first offensive play)

Well, yeah. I mean, you know what, once again I didn't think about it in the way that 'oh, man I'm going to him and people may be kind of down on him' or whatever. He may need a little confidence. I wasn't thinking about it in that way. It was one of those plays that, you know, we talk about during the week. Do we want to run a post? What do we want to do? Crab (Michael Crabtree) felt good about running the shake and he did a great job getting open. And, even though we were down there on the six-yard line, it took a lot of confidence from Marty to still kind of call that play and trust the protection up front. So, there's a lot that goes into that. Obviously, he was number one, but you never know where the ball's going to end up.  

(on Michael Crabtree's ability to get open)

Yeah, he's a real crafty guy and he does a really good with setting guys up, especially when you give him a chance to run double moves and things like that. Like I said, he's real crafty and he can do a great job with that stuff.

(on the importance of the Ravens' first touchdown drive of the game)

It was huge. I mean, I don't know how many third downs we converted there, but they're a really good third down team. They play really tight defense. You know, it's just one of those things. You don't know how important those things are. You know, it's like last week we weren't able to do that at all. And, if we were able to do it one time, who knows what happens in that game. And this week, you know, we go out there, we don't bat an eye and we make those plays, and it wasn't easy. You don't want to have to go through that every single time because it's going to be tough, but we were able to do it. And, you know, when the situation called for it, and I think that definitely had a big impact. You know, we got good field position the next drive and went down and scored again. It was a great way to start the game against a really tough, physical defense.

(on watching the performance of the Ravens defense)

You know, I'm looking at the big screen most of the time so it's not like I see the back end and see the whole picture. I kind of just see the guys catch the ball or, in today's case, see our defensive front just pushing the line back and getting after the quarterback and really not allowing too many step-up lanes and things like that. It's fun to watch when they're over there doing those kinds of things. We pitched a shutout today, so that helps your offense out a ton. I think we helped them a little bit with being able to stay on the field for a couple long drives and give those guys rest so that they can go back out there and do that. But, I mean, come on, there's not too many that you're going to have like that. I think they barely got over 100 yards. Just, what a performance.

(on going up against a Dean Pees' defense)

Hey man, there are so many defenses in this league that try to get you to miss (identify) and do so many different things to create a pass rush and, you know, especially on third down. Every team has their own couple wrinkles and it's up to myself and the (offensive) line to get on the same page. You know, our coaches do a great job of identifying those things for us throughout the week. I think we've been very decisive on making the decision on how we're going to handle those things, and what the best way for us to handle those things are. And then I think in game time, the guys have done a great job, you know, applying our plan and getting after it.

(on the injury to Ravens left guard Alex Lewis)

Yeah, it's always tough. You know, it's a part of this game. I've said it before, it's what makes this a little bit different. I hope he's OK. You know, I saw him after the play and he looked like he was aware of everything and all that. I thought it might have been his shoulder because he kind of took his time going to a knee. He knew he was hurt so he wanted to stay on the field and have everything stop for a minute. And it wasn't until after, you know, obviously they brought out the plank and all that that I realized it might be little more serious than that. Obviously, we are thinking about Alex and hope that he's doing alright.


(on the defense shutting out the Titans offense)

To get a shutout in this league the way the game is offensively, it's a tall task. To do it the way that we did on the road, recovering from last week's disappointment, was huge for our team, and defensively led us to the victory.

(on the difference between this week's performance compared to last week's)

Defensively, we felt like we let the team down (last week). We didn't get the stops in the end, and we wanted to take it to the next level. We believe in our offense and we believe in this team. But, at the end of the day we felt like we could have played better, and we need to play better. Everyone had that focus the entire week, and individually getting better, and really just having that focus to dominate a game and to really be a great defense. We took good strides today.

(on the defense producing 11 sacks)

It was amazing to be a part of. It starts with Wink (Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale) coming up with a game plan, and the assistant coaches devising something that we could go out there and execute, and be confident in. (The Titans) do a lot of different things offensively to keep you on your toes and off balance with their calls or checks. We were just a step ahead of them with what they were doing. Early on we felt like our pass rush was getting home, and if we could cover on the back end it would really make things cloudy and not clear for (Marcus) Mariota. Eleven sacks, that's one for the memories. Honestly, when I'm done playing I will always remember this game that I was a part of, when the defense had a franchise record in sacks. That's pretty special.


(on how much fun it was to play defense today)

It was really fun. Wink (Don Martindale) had us out there fired up, we just had to fly around and make plays.

(on picking up two of the team's 11 sacks)

It felt good. Coach Wink (Don Martindale) called some great blitzes, and we just had to execute and make the play.

(on if he has ever played a game where the defense got to the quarterback as often as today)

No, I think this is probably my first time, going on my third year. Coach Wink (Don Martindale) was firing stuff up, and we were really trying to get after them, and were really aggressive this game.

(on if he thought the pressure began to get to quarterback Marcus Mariota after the sacks started piling up)

To be honest, I wasn't really paying attention until they said that we had 11 sacks, and I was like, 'Dang, I didn't know we had 11 sacks.' We were all fired up and just flying around.

(on the emotional moment after the game when the team swarmed around defensive coordinator Don Martindale)

It was really emotional when they told us we had 11 sacks. We just went out there and we were like, 'We have to get Coach Wink (Don Martindale). We have to put the Gatorade on him.' So, we tried to turn him around so he couldn't see it coming, and we had to get him real good. 


(on bouncing back after last week's performance)

It's football. You know, I say that a lot. I'm going to say that all the time, because that's what it is. Preparation, working hard at practice and getting back to the basics. That's my formula.

(on getting involved in the offense early in the game)

I mean, that's Marty (Mornhinweg). You know, I don't call no plays or nothing like that. I just play receiver and do my job. That's good on Marty.

(on getting into the end zone)

 Getting back to me. You know, (Joe Flacco) trusted me, you know. That's big, making plays.

(on QB Joe Flacco trusting him in the passing game)

That's trust. That's what you need in football, you know. Quarterback, receiver relationship. It's only going to get better. It's all about how much time you put in, how much work you put in. I'm new; this is my first year here so I got to do what I got to do.

(on watching the Ravens defense today)

I watch them every day, man. I want to say they played great today. Was that the most sacks by any team? Yeah, that's big, man. I haven't ever seen that. I was just, you know, feeding off their energy.

(on his eye black)

Enjoy life, smile every day. That's what I'm doing; that's what I'm about.


(on the key to sacking Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota 11 times)

The key to it? I'd just say the team working together as a defense. To get sacks, you got to be good in coverage, so I say on the back end they did their job very well and, as you could see, we came out with 11 sacks.

(on if he knew the Ravens had so many sacks during the game)

I didn't until we got to nine, was it? I think it was nine and they said if we get one more we're going to break a record. So, we went and got two more, right? We made it happen.

(on his growth as a player this season)

I would say, man, just growing as a player. I didn't play football that long, and Coach (John) Harbaugh has been talking to me about working on my craft, practicing every day. Practice makes perfect. Me just going to work every day and playing my heart out, man. It's starting to show and I'm just glad everybody is seeing it.

(on playing against former Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees)

Ah, see you're trying to get me. But, I'm going to tell you a quick story, man. When I was at pro day at Kentucky, Dean (Pees) was there and Dean told me we're going to make you a Raven. And I respect Dean so much for that because it happened, you know? Man, much respect to Dean Pees, man. A great defensive coordinator, man. We love him to death. But, hey, we won tonight so we're going to leave it at that.

(on Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale)

Oh, yeah. Defensive coordinator Wink, I've got to give it to him because he's really cutting us loose. He's letting his guys do what we do best, man, and get after that quarterback and lock people down on the coverage end.


(on how much fun it was to play today)

It was great. It was a shutout win. We set a franchise record with sacks today. Anytime you go on the road and get a shutout against a team like that you feel good.

(on if it was an emotional game for "Wink" (Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale)

Yeah, you've got to be happy for Wink (Don Martindale). He called a heck of a game, setting records, playing against the former defensive coordinator (Dean Pees). This game meant a lot whether people wanted to say it or not, but the way we won mattered.

(on defensive coordinator Don Martindale downplaying the significance of this game all week.)

He definitely downplayed it but we know. When you're a competitor deep inside, it matters. Everything matters. I think we came through for him today, and we just celebrated and we're happy for him.

(on the 11 sacks by the Ravens defense)

Rushing and coverage work together. So, we're covering and they're making the sacks, we're happy.


(on what it's like as a defense to get 11 sacks)

It's fun, man. We had fun out there. You see everyone going off and you want to be a part of it as well, and I'm happy I'm a part of this defense. We work hard week in and week out and we're a unit. We're all in for each other. So, it's very fun. It's very fun seeing that, and definitely when you have a performance like this, you're excited. You're really excited.

(on if he could sense early that the defense was rattling quarterback Marcus Mariota)

No man, you just go chop wood. Chop wood every play. Every down you chop wood, and we knew that we got up. It got late and they had to throw the ball, so that's when your D-line gets to tee off, and you bring some exotic looks and they don't know where you're coming from, and we got great DBs. They're very smart, and they're covering, and they're giving us time, and the rush is getting there.

(on how bad the team wanted this win for defensive coordinator Don Martindale)

We want every one for Wink (Don Martindale). We want it for ourselves, selfishly. We want to be something special out there. For Wink, it's great to go against his predecessor, and he stepped up and we came through and pitched a shutout. You don't ever talk about unicorns while you're doing it, but we got it done. We got it done for him and we celebrated after.

(on if he could tell if there was mounting frustration on the Titans offense after each sack)

No, they're trying to score. They're trying to draw up something that they think they can score, and they hit us on a couple plays. They had some big gains through the air across the middle, but we just strapped them back up the next play, and we got a couple losses and stuff, and they couldn't put multiple plays back-to-back on us. That's what we pride ourselves on. Even if we get beat one time, don't let them stack.


(on what it's like to play on a defense that gets a shutout and collects 11 sacks)

You just want to play productive defense, and we had the opportunity to do that today. Our offense did a good job of controlling the time of possession, so we pretty much had a fresh defense. It was a team win, offense, defense, and special teams alike. So, it was a good win. It was a good road win, too.

(on if the early sacks are 'contagious')

This is the NFL, you know what I'm saying? Me being a pass rusher, I would love to go out there and have the opportunity to get that many sacks, but unfortunately that's not the norm. We're going to continue to play defense, and we're going to continue to play Ravens-style defense. So yeah, it was a good game. But, like I keep telling you, we have to be humble when we win, and we have to be humble when we lose too, as well.

(on if he got the sense this week that this game meant a little more to defensive coordinator Don Martindale)

 No, all games are important to us. All games are important to us. Me being a 16-year vet, I have learned that. There is no game more important than the next. This was our opponent this week, so definitely important to us, because we lost last week and we don't want to stack losses. Not in this league, not in the AFC either.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 6 of the 2018 season on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018 at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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