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Titans-Raiders Postgame Quotes




Opening statement:**

"It's a good win for a football team. We wanted to get a win on the road, it's a tough situation traveling to the West coast. I thought we were ready in the pregame, I felt good about it. There's a lot of good things that came out of this game and I think it's good for our team to experience some of the positives that we had. Offensively we were very balanced in the first half, 20 runs, 16 passes and I liked what we did offensively. We were making first downs and second downs. We weren't getting into third down situations. Defensively we would like to stop the big plays, but when we needed big plays defensively, we made the big plays. We made three big plays plus three turnovers and when we needed them at the worst of times we got them and that's what you get from a great defense. So there's a lot of positives that come from it."


Q: Do you feel like you have a good offense for regular season?**

Mularkey: "We changed up a little bit, we did some things with a no huddle, we did a come-back huddle, we tried to keep them off balance for the preseason. We've been doing it for three games. It's the same and I'm pretty please on where we're at. We need to clean up some areas. I like that we didn't have a lot of penalties. I don't know what we ended up with penalty-wise, but I think we had one through three. Things we've been working on and harping on, these guys have been responding to it."

Q: How was the offense performance, can you touch upon G Sebastian Tretola?

Mularkey: "He was going in, but we had a 16-play drive. When they went in, I don't know where the clock was, but it ate up majority of the time in the quarter, which was really a good response because they had just scored a touchdown and we came right back with a 16-play drive and scored a touchdown. So that again, there's so many positives that will come from this game that I hope will help us down the road."

Q: What's the update on TE Delaine Walker?

Mularkey: "He's going to be fine, just lost his breath there a little bit and you know we played as smart with him, but he's fine. I think right now, nothing serious came out of the game. Again, that's three physical games we've played and maybe that's a good sign that we play that physical and we're staying healthy doing it.

Q: What about the hit that LB Sean Spence made?

Mularkey: "Great play, great hit, great timing of it. Those are the plays we need to make. Those are the plays we're capable of making. We have to tackle better, I've said that, we definitely have to tackle better. We have to do some drills, and some one-on-ones out there. We got to do something to tackle better. Too many yards after contact.* *

Q: How does the running back battle look between RB Bishop Sankey and RB, David Cobb? Do you think Sankey is coming out on top?

Mularkey: "It certainly looks that way just because at the end of the game, we weren't moving the ball consistently. There were a couple three runs out, but that's a topic for discussion still. We have one more game for those guys. The most they're going to play is probably going to be next week. And then we'll see where they're at." 

Q: How is WR Andre Johnson's performance looking?

Mularkey: "Yeah, Andre has really made plays since he's been here. He didn't get a lot of opportunities last week. It wasn't based because he wasn't the number-one call, but because the coverage dictated where the ball was going to go. Here, he had opportunities and the opportunities were good for that drive." 

Q: Does Andre Johnson add something Harry Douglas doesn't?

Mularkey: "Harry's [Douglas] more of an inside guy- that's what Harry was drafted way back in '08 to play slot. Harry can play outside, he's shown that too. He's been a 1,000 yard receiver, but Harry's specialty is the slot position. Andre's [Johnson] is an outside guy." 

Q: How have TE Alex Ellis and TE Jerome Cunningham been filling the void?

Mularkey: "Yeah—again I'll have to look at the tape. Some of the runs were re-routed, but it felt pretty good. I think we average four yards a carry again. They're pretty styled upfront and I still felt like we carried the ball pretty effectively." 

Q: Can you talk about your decision to run Harry Douglas for 4th and 1 play?

Mularkey:"We'd be scheming those plays and Dougie's  [Harry Douglas] not a bad one yard gain either. He's four yards off the line of scrimmage and Derrick [Henry] is seven. We schemed it and decided to take the shorter route to get it. We were going to go for it. I'd definitely go for it in the regular season." 

Q: Can you talk about QB Marcus Mariota's spunk throughout the game?

Mularkey:"If you pop up like that after a hit like that, that to me takes the air out of the guy that hit him. That's always been the case and he did, he popped right up – faster than I probably would have. I'm very comfortable with it [the lateral run]. Those things, the stuff he's done in his college career, he's done it out of practice. I'm very comfortable. I trust him to make the right decisions."

Q: How did you feel about WR Tajae Sharpe's performance today?

Mularkey: "He made a great catch. I don't know how he saw the ball. He had a defender that I thought should have intercepted it, but he squeezed through and just had concentration on the ball. We had a chance on the flea flicker. Marcus [Mariota] said I should have trusted his throw; we had him beat on both sides. He may have had another big play and gotten the ball in bounds." 


Q: It seems like you guys had a bit of rust out there. Was that a challenge?

Casey: "We just got to clean it up a little bit; communication and just knowing our assignments. We're letting too many plays get away, and we're letting too many plays go and get over our head and up the middle of our defense. We have to find a way to make this happen. A lot of times we come back and bounce from it, but I think we have to do a better job of getting the game started off."

Q: You had a sack. What did you see on that play?

Casey:  "My guys did a great job of covering the back end and it allowed me to hit my second move and beat the guy that was trying to block me. And [Derek] Carr tried to step up and he came right into my arms."

Q: Some of the young guys on your defense came up with some big plays, didn't they?

Casey: "Oh, definitely. That's what we try to harp on all preseason and training camp — making big plays for our offense. The young guys have been doing a great job at it, and they've been coming up with big plays so far."



Q: How do you feel about the game?

Murray: "It felt good. I think we came out, started fast. You know, that's something we kind of emphasize. We're a good team and we were able to make a few drives. You know Tajae [Sharpe] had the reception for us to get us in the tight red zone. So I thought we played well."

Q: Do you think the offense is ready for the regular season?

Murray:  "Yeah, I think each week we kind of stepped up and did some good things, protecting the ball. It's about time that things get a little more serious now. Obviously, the games have kind of been working out. But, we are definitely heading in the right direction."

Q: You had some nice runs tonight. Are you feeling like you're ready to go?

Murray: "Yeah, yeah. I feel good. The offensive line, they're in there blocking well. We're all on the same page, so that makes a big difference. We are doing the right things throughout the course of the week to make sure we are ready to go on gamedays."

Q:  Did you have any trouble playing on the dirt and the grass?

Murray: "Yeah, it was fine. I didn't notice much of a difference."



Q: Did you guys get done what you wanted to today?

Mariota:"Yeah, I thought the offense was efficient. We were able to get points on every drive in terms of the first team. Eventually, with those guys we were able to finish the game. That's all you want, you want to come out with a win."

Q: What went through your mind on the play to Tajae Sharpe? It was such a bang-bang play? Did you ever have a thought of, 'Oh no'?

Mariota:"I thought I put it away enough that the DB couldn't get it. He made a great play. He was breaking on it pretty fast. I don't think he got ahold of it. It didn't look like he did, but great play by Tajae [Sharpe] to keep his concentration and finish downfield.

Q: Did you get winded? You got hit pretty good on a completion that went for a first down. What's your mindset when you take a hit like that? Do you bounce up?

Mariota: "It's part of it. It's the game that we play. My main focus is trying to get a first down. I wasn't really paying attention to what was in front of me. It was good. It was good to get a hit like that to get the cobwebs out a little bit, but I was glad we got the first down."

Q: The balance that you had throwing it, this is probably what you want to do every Sunday, I imagine?

Mariota:"Definitely, if we can run the ball like that, and kind of have a passing game the way that we did. You know, hopefully that will make our offense really versatile and tough to stop."

Q: Do think this offense is ready for the regular season?

Mariota: "Yeah, I think all-in-all guys have put in the work. We built a pretty solid offseason and preseason. Now, it's just putting it all together once the season starts."

Q: You got Andre Johnson involved a lot tonight. You had one drive where you had three straight completions to him. You haven't thrown to him a lot in the preseason. Do you think you're showing that you could make that a good combo?

Mariota: "Yeah, definitely. He's a great player. He's been a great performer for a long time. To get him the ball, to get him involved is important. It really allows us to have another dimension. He's a great player, and he made a lot of good plays."

Q: That catch-and-run by Tajae Sharpe on the first drive was a tight window. Did you think that was definitely being caught?

Mariota: "Well, I thought I put it far enough away from the defender where Tajae had a chance to catch it. Again, hats off to Tajae for keeping his concentration and finishing."

Q: Did you think he was going to score on that?

Mariota: "I wasn't sure. I was more happy we had the completion."

Q: When Delanie Walker left, what was your concern?

Mariota: "I figured he was alright. He's a very important piece of this offense, but he seemed fine. He should be good to go."



Q: After you made that catch, you had a lot of guys running after you. Were you thinking six, or did you know they were coming from every angle, it seemed like?

Sharpe: "Yeah, I was trying to get six out of it if I could."

Q: Offense clicking right? It seemed like guys are running it, throwing it. It seemed like everything was working tonight.

Sharpe: "Yeah, you know when we get our run game going, that's going to open the passes. When we're hitting on both cylinders, from the air and also the ground, then you know we're going to be a tough option to stop."

Q: What was the craziest thing you heard from the crowd tonight? First road game, this place they say some crazy stuff.

Sharpe: "I can't hear them. Just a lot of booing and things like that. Stuff you expect."

Q: Coach said that if you were disappointed to not get in the end zone, you didn't show it. You were fired up after that play, right?

Sharpe: "Oh yeah, I was definitely disappointed, I was really excited to make the play, but I just wanted to finish it off."

Q: How did you see that ball coming in? It looked like it was almost picked.

Sharpe: "Yeah, it almost was. I misjudged it, but I was able to keep my focus on the ball, and I would up with it, and just took off."


Opening Statement:"[There were] a couple of things we went into the game wanting to do, really wanted to start fast. I thought we did on offense. [We] wanted to run the ball. I thought we made some progress running it, in particular with our backups. It was good to get some of those guys in. We talked about that, wanting to get DeAndré [Washington] and Jalen [Richard] some carries and we did that. I want to stop the run. We really haven't stopped the run the way we expect to this year. Misfits continue to cause problems. We have to get that cleaned up with the season approaching. Obviously, that's a critical area that must be addressed and will continue to be addressed. The evaluation continues. That's a part of this preseason, so that continues. Then we wanted to get out healthy, and we did. So that was a (inaudible). Good thing to have happened in the preseason. We get a lot of work, get the evaluation we need, grow your team and be ready to roll. I thought Derek [Carr] was sharp. He made a couple of real nice throws in the first half. We took him out in the middle of the drive there on purpose to put pressure on Matt [McGloin]; Matt not understanding it was coming. We planned to do that. Actually if the first half had gone a little differently, we likely would have done it in the first half. The way the time possession went, they controlled the ball too much. We didn't get enough opportunities, so it kind of pushed through to the third quarter. [We] accomplished what we wanted because we wanted it to be uncomfortable. We wanted it to be, 'Well what the heck?' Come in and get the communication and be able to pick up. It was a learning opportunity there. So that's what it is. Questions?"

Q: What did you like about what you saw from DeAndré Washington and Jalen Richard?

Coach Del Rio:"I thought they both ran hard, ran with vision. They make people miss, so I was pleased. Pleased with both of them really. They were pretty good in the returning game as well. So I think going into the offseason we were hoping we could develop a running back that could be a really good backup for us and it looks like we have a shot at having one of those guys help us, potentially both. We'll see."

Q: Are you concerned about Latavius Murray?

Coach Del Rio:"No. We saw him last year. We have a body of work under Latavius. For us the bigger question coming in was to find out who would be able to be the backup back for us. Obviously, we didn't feed him tonight. We gave him two carries and that was it for the night. So, no. I think for us, we wanted to make sure we gave the two young guys an opportunity to run with the first group and give them that exposure in this third game."

Q: Are missed tackles a concern for you right now?

Coach Del Rio:"If there are any, yes. Wherever you see some, yes. I thought tonight was more just misfitting. Just missed a line or mental error, some of those things where your eyes aren't right, you're just not where you're supposed to be and the whole defense is counting on you. Those things really cause problems and we have to get those cleaned up."

Q: Is it a matter of focus or what is it?

Coach Del Rio:"I take it real personal. I don't know what to tell you. I don't have a good alibi, it bothers me. You can't be a great defense doing that. We have the intentions, we've set our intentions. We're not shying away from that. We're not backing down from that, but it's got to be a whole hell of a lot better than what I saw out there tonight."

Q: What happened on that long pass play where Nate Allen stopped started to celebrate?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I think we thought it was an interception. Sean [Smith] has a 100 jug balls a day, starting tomorrow (laughing). So we're going to make sure that doesn't…I mean it was like a pick, we're on our way here and then the guy pops out of it with the ball. So that was unfortunate. I think we'll play much better, OK? We're counting on that, alright?"

Q: Was it nice to see big plays on special teams?

Coach Del Rio:"I think special teams remains a focus for us. Roster spots will be determined based on the ability for guys to help us with special teams. We place a lot of value on it. It is definitely good to see where we're making some progress. I know there's still many things we want to clean up in that area as well, but overall pretty solid."

Q: There wasn't a lot of pressure on Marcus Mariota, was that part of playing conservative and not showing too much?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, we played pretty vanilla, that's for sure. Even when we're playing vanilla and rushing full, we have to get more rushing than we got tonight."

Q: What do you want to see out of Cory James?

Coach Del Rio:"We like Cory. We think he's developing well. He and Ben [Heeney] and Malcolm [Smith] really we feel like we have three guys that can play for us. We'll continue to get him exposure and bring him along. I think he's doing a nice job with the role that we've given him. I'm anxious to see this tape, see how he did tonight, but he's had good exposure. He's been running in practice with the ones occasionally and mixing in, and we did that again in the game tonight."

Q: How do you think McGloin responded tonight?

Coach Del Rio:"It was OK. It was OK. The drive ended up stalling, so it wasn't great. We would have like to see him continue. Derek was moving. The team was really on the move and doing well and I caused it to go away (laughing). I took Derek out, but we accomplished what we wanted to accomplished. We need to prepare our football team. We had two examples of Derek having to go out in a game. One at home in the opener against Cincinnati and one at Tennessee where he just…I just remember he had to come out for a play. So those things happen in games, you just want to see how your guys are going to respond. It's a good opportunity to kind of teach, learn, have those guys understand how quickly it can happen. Most other positions are really tuned in. The quarterbacks are kind of comfortable there, watching his buddy do it. There isn't a lot of change. You get another defensive tackle in, he's used to going in and rotate a lot. Linebackers, they'll rotate. Quarterbacks don't technically rotate in, so I thought it was a good exercise to evaluate it."

Q: The fact that you have a game again in four weeks, was that a factor at all tonight with the way you played?

Coach Del Rio:"No, I wouldn't say that. I think both teams knew they were coming in. It's preseason football week three. I thought we did what we wanted to do, they did what they wanted to do. I think both teams got out relatively healthy. We had good work. We would have liked to see things finish a little bit better where I'd have a big smile on my face right now. But, a good day's work and we'll get ready for the next one. We have a short week with the Thursday night game approaching, at least it is here at home."

Q: How has Derek Carr been developing? Can you relax a little more?

Coach Del Rio:"I think he was very successful throughout this offseason and camp and everything. I think it's been a tremendous offseason for him. I feel really good about where he is. I think the fact that maybe other people can relax a little bit about him, maybe that helps. For us, we have and we know that he's had a tremendous offseason. I think you saw a couple examples of what we've been seeing. You guys are at practice, you've seen how he's carried himself and how he's connecting with receivers. He's poised to have a nice year for us."

Q: Karl Joseph played on some special teams throughout the game. Is that just part of the process?

Del Rio:"Yeah, he's still growing. He's still competing for time, still developing. Remember, he missed the whole offseason. For a young guy, as far as getting reps, he was there mentally doing the best he could but it takes time. It takes reps and experience. He's getting it on the run right now. He'll continue to work on it."

Q: I know you said missed tackles and poor tackling technique is something you take personally. How fine is that line when you miss a tackle between lack of desire and lack of technique?

Coach Del Rio:"Effort is really a skill that we develop. Guys play hard. Our guys play hard. I don't think we saw any examples of a guy not wanting to do the right thing. I think, if anything, over-anxiousness and kind of wanting to go make the play yourself so badly that you're leaving your gap or your responsibility, getting caught out of position, false-stepping, things like that are occurring. It's not a lack of desire. Our guys want to be really good. They're hungry to play well. They're playing hard. So no, we've just got to clean things up and they'll be a whole lot better."


Q: There was a couple touchdown passes this game and the previous game; do you feel like it was crucial to get going like you did the previous game?

Carr:  "Yeah, I was really excited to finally watch some film and get some tendencies down and really game plan as much as you do in the preseason and go out there with that kind of mindset so it was nice to do that this week and to go out and score some points it was nice  it was good to move the ball and show what we've been working on just a little bit but we're going to be playing them here again in a few weeks so we can't show  too much so we kept it pretty basic but it was good to go out there and get some points and just execute, it was nice."

Q: What did you see from the two young rookie backs in the backfield?

Carr: "We all know what [Latavius] can do obviously, any running back that makes it to the pro bowl, I don't care how you get there, you earned your way, especially playing against these defenses. We know what we have in him so it was cool to see what we can get out of the two new young guys and I thought that they ran really hard and the game wasn't too fast for them I didn't think that they were too nervous or anxious or anything like that I thought they were just out there playing football and that's great to see. That only helps our offense and gives a change of pace kind of guy and we have two of them so it's kind of nice."

Q: The last drive of the half obviously didn't end the way you wanted it to, was you coming back in the third quarter restricted?

Carr:"No, we knew what we were going to do. We knew I was going back out there but if there had been any way I could have, I would have done that. To miss that, my goodness. Honestly, that will keep me up tonight, it drives me nuts but that's just who I am. To go earlier back in the week and when we're practicing they let us know what their plan was and all those things."

Q: Del Rio said regardless of what happened the first two games, they know what have in you, but as far as you're concerned, are there any worries about your performance?

Carr:"Not at all, I had a great camp, Coach Downing and Coach Musgrave have been pushing me really hard and showing me things I could do better and turning on the tape from last year's camp to this year's camp it was way better and so when it comes to the preseason I don't put too much into it. I remember throwing three touchdowns against the Seahawks my rookie year and then playing the Seahawks and throwing two picks so it holds a little bit of weight but to me, it's not a big deal."

Q: It was a long training camp and being out there as much as you were, how much does this make you more antsy?

Carr:"I'm not kidding you, I think the source you get playing for the amount of time and then standing for however long, that's the hard part. You're so conditioned and just keep throwing and you feel good and you want to keep playing and then they stop and you're out. It's like, I'm good, I can play the whole game if you want. But I can't wait for the opener at New Orleans I'm really looking forward to it especially being able to see Dennis Allen again so that will be cool but he gave me my first shot but I don't think he'll be rooting for me too much on that day."


Q: Have you seen differences from training camp to where you are now?

Carr:"Yeah we definitely did some things that we liked. The nice thing is that the mistakes aren't like, Dang how do we fix that? Is it going to be something that's going to take a lot of time? Are we going to have to maybe find a different way to do something? That's not the case. The mistakes are me missing a couple throws by that much. The mistake is maybe missing a block by that much or a route by that much. That's good especially this time of year. We definitely have worked really hard. A perfect example is Amari [Cooper] in the back of the end zone. He's worked really hard knowing where the out of bounds is and doing those things. You're seeing. He knows exactly where he's at. He catches it, puts the two down and you see him deliberately try and do it. He's taking the coaching that Coach  [Rob] Moore is giving him and what he sees on film and he's putting it to use. When you see stuff like that it's like man guys are really taking hold of what they need to do better and that was a perfect example. The signs are looking good, but obviously when the real ones count we'll see."

Q: How do you feel the young running backs played tonight?

Carr:"I felt that they did a great job. I was talking about it a little bit earlier. The game wasn't too fast for them. They weren't anxious. They weren't nervous. They just came in and ran hard. I remember turning around and handing the ball to Jalen [Richard]. I turned around and handed it to him and he was gone. That dude hit the hole so hard. I'm used to Latavius [Murray] doing that but usually with a younger guy they kind of dance and they want to see it and things like that. Nah, he just put his head in there and didn't even care. That's really good."

Q: Were you able to see DeAndré Washington's run?

Carr:"Yeah. That was a great block to give DeAndré [Washington] an alley to go through. I was able to see it. I try, especially with those young guys, usually when I hand the ball off to Latavius I'll do my boot and let him take care of the rest, but with those young guys I want to see how they do so I hand it off and turn around real quick to try and watch. I'll probably get knocked on that when they grade the film. To be able to see him hit that hole and there was no hesitation. He just hit and that shows that he's trusting in what Coach Bernie [Parmalee] is telling him and he's trusting in that and he's just hitting it. He's just playing. To see that in two running backs, two young running backs, that haven't played defenses that fast. They have seen physicality like that. For them to just get the ball and just go, that's a great sign."

Q: How do you, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper work on accuracy with long balls?

Carr: "Reps. Rep after rep. Ever since I was a little kid, my dad would stand 38 yards, as I got older 40 yards, 42 yards, 45 yards and he wouldn't let me leave until I threw three perfect ones. I'd sit there sometimes hit two in a row and then miss one. Do it again. It wasn't in a bad way. That's my mindset too. I wanted to make them perfect. It's just rep after rep. I get on [Michael] Crabtree all the time because in one-on-ones all he wants to do is run go routes. I said Crab, you know we're going to have throw something else someday and he just laughs, but you see the hard work paying off. In the one-on-one drills we didn't hit as many as we'd like, but at the end we started to hit them and then we hit one today and it's like there we go man. It's good to see. Hitting those is just reps. Seeing how guys like them caught, seeing where they like the ball. A guy like Andre [Holmes] I might throw a little different than I would to [Amari] Cooper. I throw it different to Crab than Coop. It's just there's different ways that guys like it and how they want to play off the defender and you just have to learn those things."


Q: Is there any concern regarding the defense's play this preseason?

Mack:"There's a lot of that. There's a lot of concern, but at the same time with the group you got, you have to go to the drawing board and get it corrected."

Q: Does anything jump out to you as an issue such as bad fits?

Mack:"Fits, everything... It is just a lot of different things that we could touch on. But, it starts with us and me and all of the different things. So, we want to get it corrected."

Q: Are the 'misfits' playing a factor in the defenses ability to stop the run?

Mack:"Most definitely misfits. Misfits, consistency, just staying consistent because those are the things you work on in the preseason. So, the good thing is we get to see those things now and correct them for the future.

Q: Does it bother you even though it's a preseason game?

Mack:"Oh yeah, oh yeah. It definitely bothers you, especially being a defensive guy and being a leader on this defense. It's stuff that you don't want to see, but at the same time, it's a great learning experience right now. This will only get us ready."

Q: Are you used to the extra attention and chipping from the side?

Mack:"That's always part of the game, whether you think it's dirty or not. I love it. You know what I'm saying? So, I want some more. Love it and get ready for the next play."


Q: To get some explosive runs were nice. There were actually a few times where there were three's, four's and five (yards). Was that what you needed, explosive runs are great but, to be a consistent running team?

Washington:"We have to take them. That's the biggest difference in the league. You have to take those three, four yard gains. As the game goes on, hopefully those will open up to 15, 20 yards and so on."

Q: On the touchdown, was that where you were supposed to run and Derek [Carr] just found you?

Washington: "Yeah, it was kind of a game plan deal, there were some things that we liked in our film. He was just able to execute it. DC made a good ball and I was able to complete the pass."

Q: Was it nice to get in there with that first unit offensive line, guys that, if you come in to a normal game you're going to be fitting in with?

Washington: "Definitely, just to be able to mention those guys and go up against their ones was a good feeling. To have some success was definitely a good feeling."

Q: It wasn't just in this game, it was back in game one, you had another big run, you created some big plays. Are those important things to show, that three and four yards come and so do those chunks when you find the right spot?

Washington: "Yeah, anytime, any chance you get to make a big play, have an explosive play. We pride ourselves on having at least ten explosive plays a game. Anytime you're able to get one of those plays is always a good deal."

Q: On that one pass you took a pretty good shot, are you okay, clear-headed and everything?

Washington: "I'm okay, it's part of the game. It was a bang-bang play. I've dealt with it before. I'm alright."

Q: It's been about a month since training camp started. How do you feel you've evolved and developed as a player this past four weeks?

Washington: "There's still a lot of work to be done. It's a process. From this game, we're going to look and make the corrections and get ready for Seattle."

Q: You must feel comfortable at this level. I know it's still preseason, it's still practice, but you must feel comfortable at this level.

Washington: "I'm a lot more comfortable than I was when training camp started, but like I said, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done."

Q: You've seen [Jalen] Richard run. People are going to look at you guys and see the height and say 'These guys are the same'. Do you think you're the same, or do you think you guys are different with your style?

Washington: "I think we rely on the same thing and I think we're different in a lot of ways too. We're both here for a reason, to utilize our talents to the best of our abilities."

Q: [Coach] Jack [Del Rio] said he's going to get you in with the first team a lot this week. How does that excite you?

Washington: "It really just motivated me knowing I was going to be out there with those guys. They did a great job making my job easier. It was a lot easier for me being around those guys."

Q: On that long run, [Kelechi] Osemele cleared the top for you. There was a nice little crease for you. How has the interior line be working for you, opening enough space for you to get through?

Washington: "I'm a smaller guy, so hiding behind those guys makes it a lot easier for me. They did a great job on that play. I was just able to make it explosive."


Q: You had to wait a little longer. Was it nice to get a shot?

Richard:"It felt good to get the cobwebs off. I practiced all week but to really get out there with the full intensity and guys trying to take your head off that are not your teammates felt good. I did well, but there's always room for improvement. I'm going to take this game is a step forward to continue to improve."

Q: On the first return, you ran it back 38 yards. Is that how you hoped you day would begin?

Jalen:"I was envisioning it the whole day. I wished I could have taken it to the house. That definitely got my confidence up for the rest of the game. To start a game like that on the kick return felt real good. That was one of the things that helped me continue with my confidence throughout the game."

Q: How'd you feel physically with all those touches?

Jalen: "I feel real good, great. I chuckled with the trainers on the sideline. They were happy for me. They were like 'You worked hard those two weeks coming back.' I really did. This was well deserved. But like I said, we continuously have things to improve on.* *

Q: I know you haven't been on the field these last two games. Your team has struggled. The line seems to be coming together. Did you feel there was a good rhythm tonight?

Jalen:"I feel like there was really good rhythm for both of us. The o-line was a focal point going into this game. Like you said, the first two games might not have been as great as the coaches and players would have wanted the run game to look like. That was a main focal point coming into this game. We really wanted to run the ball. With that, we did well today. Me and DeAndré [Washington] and whatever other backs were out there, we saw it and we did it. The line did a great job of game-planning. This game was more of a game-changing game than actually just running plays."

Raiders WR Michael Crabtree

Q: Could Derek Carr have thrown that ball any more perfect for you when you ran down that sideline?

Crabtree:"That was because of a lot of practice. We've been practicing the go-ball and really all the routes. It was a good ball, and I think he couldn't have thrown it any better."

Q: Could you have caught it any better?

Crabtree:"It is one of those things where a catch is a catch."

Q: Was it nice to see the offense get going and get into the end zone?

Crabtree:"Yeah, it definitely was. We came out here to compete today. Usually in the third preseason game, you play a little bit more and I felt like we did a good job of competing. We get to see these guys in Week 3, so you got to have your mind ready."

Q: Was it crucial for the offense to get going the way that it did this week?

Crabtree:"I mean it is preseason, but like I said, you got to be competing, and I felt like we did that out there. 'Coop' [Amari Cooper] caught some deep balls, I caught some deep balls, Johnny [Holton] made some plays, Seth [Roberts] made plays, you got Andre [Holmes] out there, so we got a good group of guys and we just got to put it together."

Q: Derek is in his second year in this system and so are a lot of the guys, so where do you see that benefiting you guys?

Crabtree:"That is always good, that team chemistry, two years back-to-back. This program has not really had the same coordinator, same coach, same players for two years, so that is all good for those guys. I am just ready to put it all together and go out here and play. We got one more preseason game and then we on."

Q: How much better can you guys be with that second year as a whole?

Crabtree:"You never know. The sky is the limit for us. Like I said, we got one more preseason game, we can't wait to get out there, and then it is the regular season."

Q: Have you ever had your helmet pop off like that after a long catch?

Crabtree:"Yeah, it is football. So, we are all good."

Raiders LB Bruce Irvin

Q: What did you see out there tonight?

Irvin:"Just guys got out of their gaps. Tennessee made a statement that they were going to come in and run the ball and they did. You got to play good gap-style defense or you are going to see what happens. We didn't play real good defense tonight."

Q: Mariota was elusive, and you guys had trouble getting to him. How much of that was you guys off your game, or maybe a vanilla game plan?

Irvin:"You know, he is a real good athlete. We didn't rush our proper lanes and he was going to get out of the pocket and make us pay a couple of times. That is something we have to clean up and prepare for when we play them again."

Q: Do you have any idea if you are going to play against Seattle on Thursday?

Irvin:"No idea. I don't know."

Q: I know it is preseason, but any thoughts on the Seahawks coming in here yet?

Irvin:"I mean it is a football game. I was there for four years and it was cool, but I am a Raider now and am happy to be here. It is time to move on."

Q: I am sure you aren't happy about the yardage total the Titans had in the first half, but is it because a play here or there, or is it anything more substantial?

Irvin:"It is definitely a couple of plays. Guys getting out of their gaps and Tennessee made us pay for it. When you play a good running team like that, you have to play good gap-style defense, you have to set edges and play your gaps. If you don't, then the other team will makes us pay and they did that tonight.

Q: Is it more of a desire thing or a technical thing for why guys were getting out of their gaps?

Irvin:"Just doing too much. You hit it right on the head; just guys trying to do too much, trying to make a play. You know, if you play the defense right, the plays will come right to you. That is what we got to learn as a young team, continue to grow and continue to improve."

Raiders WR Amari Cooper

Q: You had a chance to talk to a couple of the Alabama guys after the game. How was that?

Cooper:"It was good. Talking to those guys was real good."

Q: What did you try to do this past season to get better?

Cooper:"Just try to work on the small things. Trying to get better at catching the ball, just making those routine things and taking care of my body."

Q: Could Derek Carr have placed that ball any better on that touchdown catch you had?

Cooper:"He is one of the most accurate guys I have ever played with. It is crazy. I kind of compete with him in accuracy drills and he is really competitive too."

Q: You guys were in the two-minute drill and were moving the ball there. Were you guys a bit disappointed that you guys didn't finish that off?

Cooper: "Yeah, of course. We were disappointed we didn't get to finish that off. But sometimes that is how it happens. Next time when we get similar opportunities, we have to make sure we finish it."

Q: Amari, are there any other receivers in this league you study to try to improve?

Cooper:"I don't really study other receivers. The only receiver I tried to emulate a little bit was Chad Johnson. He is like second to none with things he was able to do as a receiver. I just like his style of play."

Q: What did Andre Johnson say to you at the end of the game?

Cooper:"He just told me to keep balling and keep doing what I am doing. That guy was my favorite receiver growing up. Played at the University of Miami, and I am from Miami. He is just a great receiver."


The Tennessee Titans battle the Raiders in Week 3 of the 2016 preseason in Oakland. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)


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