Titans Postgame Quotes


(thoughts on the game)

It started off for us with a strange play, an interception for a touchdown. You know it's kind of going to be an off night. That's a tough way to start a football game. Even after that, to have another interception, which cost us a field goal. So we gave up 10 points there. Obviously the last drive with four minutes to go, we gave up a touchdown.

It was sloppy in some spots; they made some plays we didn't. But the good news for a preseason game is that we got back into it and tied it up at 17-17. We had a chance to tie the game (at 20) but missed a field goal. So we just missed out on a lot of opportunities through out the game, to have maybe even won that game. We could have been in a position to win it. But we weren't because of the turnovers and not making plays when we could have.

(on the play of Matt Hasselbeck)

It's hard to critique. I think you watch the tape. You just look at two interceptions but that's a tough one there. That (second one) was a throw away, really, on the third down, which was as good as a punt because they intercepted it inside the five-yard line on a third and very long. He just threw it up to see if he could make a play.

Other than that, the little that he was in as far as 15 to 17 plays, he moved the ball the fine. Especially with getting caught up in some long down situations. We dropped a screen that would have been a big play. One was tipped. So we weren't making plays to get anything going early when he was in there.

(on the play of Jake Locker)

He had a nice drive before the half ended. He gave us a chance there to get points and make some plays. We'll watch the tape and see more of exactly what he saw and what he may have missed. But overall he handled himself well in the pocket. Again, it's only 20 plays.* *


(on the first play from scrimmage)

That was a tough way to start the game. Not at all how I envisioned it. It was unfortunate that it happened here in my first game back. But it happened, and there are lessons to be learned from it.

(on two Titans receivers in the same spot on the interception)

Yeah that's not a good thing. Passing game 101, you never want that. But we had a chance to complete the ball and we didn't. We need to be sharper, the first play of the game you never want to start with an incompletion, never mind a turnover, never mind a turnover for a touchdown. It was one of those things where I saw it happening like it was in slow motion and I was just like, 'No'… But yeah it happened and it was disappointing.

(on if being back in Seattle was more emotional that he thought that it would be)

Yeah probably. Mostly I think because there are still here a lot of people that I think fondly of and respect, and the fans. It was not always perfect. When I first got here it was hard and I had to grow up, I had to improve and gain respect. Fight for it, work for it and it means a lot to me. It means a lot to me so see someone wearing my jersey. Especially when I am gone. I think in sports there is nothing more humbling than to see someone choose to rock your jersey. They can rock anyone's jersey and they are wearing yours. It's humbling, so in that sense I wish that I would have played better for those people and my teammates and my friends and my family. But all of that being said, it was a great to come back, and the chance yesterday for all of my new teammates and coaches and friends to see Seattle on a beautiful day and eat at the restaurants that I like and spend the day — today, our coaches hiked Tiger Mountain. It was great. That was special to me also aside from football. So I think that all of those things together made it a little more emotional than I thought.

(on his relationship with Jake Locker)

I learn from him just like I am sure he learns from me. Really our whole group, he and I are the ones that everyone talks about but our whole group, Rusty and Nick, our youngest guy, it's been a great … (general manager) Ruston (Webster) and (former GM and current COO) Mike (Reinfeldt), they are kind of like playing puppet master with how they make the team. It's almost like they set us up on a date. We think those people could get along and do well together. It's worked out great. In terms of a working relationship, in terms off the field, in terms of my family and his family, it's really been good. I think he is a really good player and I respect his game. I think he will have a long career. I think that everything put together, it's really a good match.


(on how the return trip went)

There are some things that we have to clean up offensively. But we were able to find a rhythm as the game went on, find ways to move the ball a little bit better, and find a way to score some points when we were in the red zone.

(on returning to the Northwest)

It's awesome any time I get the opportunity to come back here. I fell really blessed to have the welcome that I always do. The people are great and very supportive, and I'm very grateful for that.

(on how many tickets he had to acquire)

I actually didn't have to get any. Nobody put that on my plate. The tickets I could get are up in the nosebleed, so you can go to StubHub and get better tickets.

(on if he thinks he should be starting)

It's not for me to decide for both Matt and I. It's up to us to go out and play as well as we can and put our team in the best situation to win games. And at the end of the day I don't get to make that decision, so I am probably the wrong guy to ask. I just try to prepare, hopefully get better, and give myself an opportunity.

(on the difference between Saturday and his rookie year)

I think honestly it's being able to watch Matt and see how he operates. He is so good at it, and then just having the repetitions as well. Staying in the pocket, being comfortable throwing from the pocket. I feel like each practice, each game, it just becomes easier and easier for me.

(on if he got to connect with friends while in town)

I will have the opportunity to see some of my friends and family before I get back on the bus and fly back to Nashville tonight. Last night and this morning, just getting ready for the game, they were doing their thing, having fun, getting together with friends and family. Just focusing on the game, and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to say, 'Hi,' to them before getting on the bus.


(on if one of his two touchdowns gave him greater satisfaction)

No, just as long as I scored. It's been a long time, man. I've been waiting for this for a long time. The credit goes to my blockers for those outstanding blocks.

(on how each touchdown developed)

The first one was a shift to the right side, and the quarterback saw something he didn't like, so he sent us the opposite way and I'm glad he did. When I hit the hole, it was just wide open and I used my speed for a touchdown. The punt return, the coach told me I was in on second-half returns. I caught the ball, the blockers set it up pretty nice on the right side for left (side) kick, so that really helped.

(for those who don't know your story, what do you mean "waiting for a long time"?)

Last year I was at home watching. I wasn't playing last year. Thank God that the Titans gave me a chance to play football again.

(on how he spent his time away from football)

Working with my dad back in New Orleans. Picking up trash, just trying to maintain and stay focused.

(on how, considering his past, scoring twice makes him feel)

It feels good. These guys, I hope they know how much I needed that now that I'm back playing football.

(on what took him out of football)

Last preseason I messed my leg up, (the New York Giants) let me go and I never got a chance to get back to playing. So I'm feeling good.

(on how he thought the offense performed)

We did good. We've got to look at film, look at the mistakes we made, try not to make them again. Every day I take practice like it's a game. I work at eliminating mental errors and work at playing mistake-free.

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