Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – The NFL Draft is now in the rear-view mirror, and so is April.

Now it's on to organized team activities, a rookie camp, and a minicamp is on the horizon.

The start of training camp is edging closer.

This weekend's Titans mailbag? Well, it's here…

Nathaniel Jones from Johnson City, Tennessee

Question: Hello Mr. Wyatt, not so much of a question, more of a suggestion. Lots of power-speed running back duos are called "Thunder and Lightning", Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry were even called "Thunder and Thunder." I think a great nickname for our current (and hopefully longtime) running back duo should be "Nuke and Juke", for obvious reasons #titanup

Jim:Not bad. It's original at least…

Johnelle C from Kaneohe, HI

Question: Aloha Jim. First off Mahalo for all that you, Amy, and Mike do to keep us up to date on the exciting news for the Titans.  I've really been enjoying the Podcast and the videos, especially for the Titans caravans, so entertaining.  As you said in the Podcast, there is a growing fan base here in Hawaii, we LOVE Marcus and are very proud of him.  Do you think that there will be a Titans caravan in Hawaii one day?  That would be so epic.  Or maybe an event during the summer next year. Looking forward to next season.  Titan Up!

Jim: Aloha Johnelle. And what a great idea! I'm volunteering to be on the Hawaii Caravan! Not sure the bus is gonna float, but would love to see this one take flight!

Alex McCormack from Madison Alabama

Question: I think the Titans did a great job on their first pick Rashaan Evans but I'm not sure about the other picks. Not really impressed with the titans picking Luke Falk at 199th pick in the sixth round. But could have picked a better backup quarterback like AJ McCarron in free agency. They need to find a number one receiver for Marcus Mariota. They putting all they faith in Corey Davis would could not stay healthy at all last season. Should have traded Corey Davis for a draft pick in last week draft and got Calvin Ridley.

Jim: Hey Alex. You should look into Harold Landry III as well. Pretty good value – and player – at No.41. And Falk is a promising young QB the team can develop to hopefully be the long-term No.2 behind Mariota. The team also previously signed veteran QB Blaine Gabbert as well. And trading Corey Davis for a draft pick? C'mon, man! The guy looked great in the recent minicamp. You should take your Crimson Tide blinders off every once in a while...

Rico Schiller from Denmark, Europe

Question: Hi Jim. Thanks for doing these mailbags - I enjoy reading them, and they are one of the few sources I have to Titans football, being a Dane (from Denmark, Europe). My question is mostly a practical one. My wife and I are planning on going to Nashville this September/October, which seems silly, now that the Titans are finally coming to London, this year. Still we were planning the trip before we knew that - and I would rather visit Nashville than London, given the choice :-)

As a European, with a non-US credit card, where is the best place to buy tickets? And will there be any issues with me not having an US credit card/address? I know a lot of people will just try and buy tickets when they get to the game - but since I am traveling all the way from Denmark, I prefer having that part settled before arriving. Thanks for your help - and keep up the good work. Best regards.

Jim:Hey Rico. Good idea to make the trip -- you're going to love Nashville! And I know using Paypal to buy tickets on Ticketmaster.com is an option as well. I went on Ticketmaster and found this (hope it helps):

Accepted payment methods: Pick a card, almost any card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Ticketmaster Gift Card*, or a debit card with a major credit card logo. Now you can even use Apple Pay with app. International cards are also accepted on our desktop site. Our app only accepts credit cards with a US or Canadian billing address. *

**Sorry, Diners Club and Ticketmaster Gift Cards can't be used to buy Fan-to-Fan Resale Tickets. *

*PayPal is an accepted payment method. *

*Payments can't be split between multiple cards. *

*P.S. Sometimes you need a specific card to buy certain tickets (e.g. Citi Cardmember presales, American Express Preferred Seating). *

*All ticket prices for events that occur in the United States are stated in U.S. Dollars. All ticket prices for events that occur in Canada are stated in Canadian Dollars. *

Bill in Spokane, WA

Question: Mr. Wyatt, why hasn't Kevin Dodd played like a 2nd round draft pick?  He was healthy all last season, but rarely played.  He seems a natural pass rushing end in a 4-3 scheme, and faces yet another season as a 3-4 OLB.  How will Coach Pees make use of Dodd's impressive physical gifts?  Or, is it time to cut bait and trade him to a pass-rush hungry NFC team, like Detroit or San Francisco?  Would he be worth a 3rd round draft pick?  Thanks!

Jim: Hey Bill. Well, not making excuses for Kevin, but the foot injury set him back as a rookie. He had two procedures, and wasn't really right. But so far, you're right --- he hasn't lived up to the expectations of a second round selection. When he's played, he hasn't been good enough. He needs to improve, and produce. Coach Mike Vrabel has said from the beginning he thinks he can get something out of Dodd, and GM Jon Robinson is pushing him as well. It's time for him to step up and perform, no doubt. Thinking the team could get a third round pick out of him, well, that's not being very realistic at this point if you ask me – which you did. :)

Christopher Harris from College Station, Texas

Question: Hats Off to GM: JR, HC: MV, Owner: ASA and any and everyone involved in this year's draft selections!! High Quality, High Performing Athletic Beasts!!! I'll Take quality over quantity any time!! Super Bowl Bound!!!!

Jim: Hey Christopher. Thanks for taking the time.

Jeffery Green from New York

Question: Do you think the Titans will become the next Patriots of the AFC?

Jim: Hey Jeffrey. From an on-field, production standpoint, that's the goal. The Patriots have been the class of the AFC, if not the NFL, for many years. The Titans would love to topple 'em.

Chris Chapman from Hermitage, Tennessee

Question: Greetings Jim!!! WOW! What a draft!!! How cool is it that we got Evans and Landry (*both listed as 1st round picks). JR is just an animal when it comes to the Draft. I see where we picked up QB Luke Falk. It was reported that Falk and Gabbert will be competing to become back up for Marcus; what happened to Alex Tanney? Don't get me wrong, Falk's 69% completion rating is nothing to snuff at but do you really see a rookie QB getting the nod over a veteran back up? Personally, im good with whoever Coach Vrabel and Coach Matt stick in there. I realize we can't foresee injuries and what not. Do you believe that we should have a back up QB who has about the same skill set meaning dual threat capabilities so the game plan doesn't change much or do you believe we need a back up QB with a different skill set? Last year we watched Matt Cassel flounder a lot, he was very slow and showed lil to no arm strength get pummeled. WELCOME ROOKIES! Its time to go to work! As always thanks for all you do! Titan up!!!

Jim: Hey Chris. Hope all is well. First off, Alex Tanney was waived this week (and he's already signed with the Giants). Falk was brought it as a prospect, and I expect him to compete just like everyone else. Gabbert is clearly the favorite to be the No.2, but that's what training camp is for – and he'll have a chance to show he deserves to stick around at the No.3. As for skillset, the team is just looking for a QB who can run the offense well if needed. He doesn't have to be a Mariota clone, if there is such a thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Titans players take the field for Wednesday's minicamp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Donn Jones, Gary Glenn)

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