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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It's Easter weekend, and the Titans mailbag is hopping. On the last day of March, the mailbag is packed with questions from all over the map.

Let's do this…

Joseluis Hernandez from Houston, Texas

Question: Will the uniform reveal on April 4th be available to stream anywhere?

Jim: Hey Joseluis. Yes, it will be -- there will be a livestream of the big unveil on Titans social and this website.

Joseph Dezine from North Miami, Florida

Question: Hey Jim how are you? First off I love your work and what you do us Titans fans especially those of us who primarily don't live in Tennessee. Three part question here: #1 Do you see Coaches Vrabel and LaFleur coming up with ways to utilize a defensive player other than Adoree on offense like Mike was used in New England. I would love to see Casey, KB, Rakpo, or even Nate Palmer (The #50 connection like Coach Vrabel) scoring TD's. #2 We missed out on Suh (His loss btw, I think his signing with L.A. reignited the Rams-Titans rivalry) why not just go after Johnathan Hankins he has ties to Vrabel and is already familiar with the division? Are they waiting on the right price to sign him or waiting for a DT/NT cut from another team? #3 I'm reading great things about Jayon Brown, which is really good since Avery signed with NY, but what's your thoughts about signing NaVarro Bowman? He's a proven player, a winner, been in playoffs at Conference Championship levels not on one and done teams, and has Super Bowl experience like Dion, Malcom, and Logan. Thank you again for the great work that you do Jim.

Jim: Hey Joseph. I appreciate it. Question No.1: Vrabel hinted at his initial press conference about that, and he mentioned Jurrell Casey as an option. Whether that comes to fruition or not, we'll just have to wait and see. Would be fun to see for sure. I've seen Hankins mentioned a lot in speculation, but nothing solid on that one yet. He hasn't visited Saint Thomas Sports Park. As for Bowman, I saw this week the Raiders were supposed to meet with him. I'm expecting the team to add more linebackers, and so far a few backers have visited. He's a solid player, but other options out there as well. Stay tuned.

Kerry Williams from Tompkinsville Kentucky

Question: Hi Jim. Thank you for keeping us updated on everything that's going on! As a graduate from WKU I share the same optimism of Taywan Taylor! Two questions:  Shouldn't the Titans be looking for a QB that is similar to Marcus? It just doesn't seem to work out well when they have to change the offense drastically if Marcus is injured.  Is there any chance we could trade up and draft Lamar Jackson? He could play multiple positions plus it would be cool to have three Heisman Winners on our team! Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hey Kerry. I think Taywan is going to be a good one, and the coach and GM do as well. Both Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel spoke highly of him this week from the NFL owners meetings. I'm sure you've seen by now the team signed former Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert this week – I think your question came in just before the deal was reached. Because of that move, I'll be surprised if the Titans add another QB early in the draft. I know the GM was spotted at Louisville's Pro Day, but the Cardinals have some other nice prospects as well.

Sam Martin from Sydney, Australia

Question: G'day Jim! Love my Titans, but are we too nice of a football side? I don't reckon Casey, Walker and Lewan would take much crap from anyone, but even they seem too nice off the field sometimes. And Mariota... well even I'd take him home to meet my mother.

But who are the blokes in the locker room that everyone shuts up and listens to? Who are the guys that the other teams are truly scared of? Are we missing a serious enforcer? Cheers

Jim: G'day Sam! Marcus is a nice guy, no doubt. But he's not "too nice" to win, and be successful. He has a mean streak in him on the football field, and he's a competitor. He hates losing. Casey, Walker and Lewan are definitely no-nonsense guys, but believe me, the team has plenty of other guy you probably don't want to pick a fight with. Heck, did you see Ben Jones take out that coyote? :)

Deandre Brown from Silver Spring, Maryland

Question: May I join your team? i don`t have film but i know i can run fast and catch a ball!

Jim: Going to need to see some film, Deandre. I know some Frisbee dogs who could say the same thing…

Buck Amodei from Grass Valley, CA

Question: Hi Jim. Now that free agency is winding down and the last big names are coming off from the market (Let's sign Hankins to fill our new NT void)... the attention is shifting more towards the draft.  I have a technical question about the draft process and disclosure involving a trade that has always been something I've wondered about.  I have to use a hypothetical situation to explain my point, but here goes...

Let's say it's draft night and it's the opening round and we are on the clock at pick #25.  Please explain to me how this goes... Let's assume Jon Robinson gets a call from the Saints organization and they want to move up two spots and conceivably get ahead of the Falcons (the Steelers would make more sense in 2018 by leapfrogging the Saints as a logical trade partner, but they don't like to trade picks).  My question is.... would it be disclosed to us as part of the trade process who the Saints, in my example, were going to select with the 25th pick?  The reason I ask is because when a team moves down 10 spots, the player we were interested in selecting is probably long gone before we pick again, but to move down only two spots... then knowing the actual player being sought via trade would be very relevant. 

I get that it really isn't any of our business who the other team ultimately selects, but in trades of small increments that take place like this, it would be a valuable piece of information to know whether the Saints (in my example) were attempting to trade up to take the player we wanted to select.  Then we could say 'No, we want that guy!'  Of course, in this example, there would still be an unknown pick before we were on the clock again.  I just want to know if the GM knows the selection ahead of time as part of the decision making process to agree to or reject the offer in small increment trade downs. Thanks again.

Jim: Hey Buck. You been talking to Joseph? I hear ya on Hankins. As far as the draft question goes, I'm doubting teams share trade secrets when it comes to who might be picked. Now if a pair of GMs have a great relationship, maybe they could be more open about things. But personally, I'd be hesitant to trust anyone in such a situation.

John Cannon from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: Jim, I've been wondering about the reasons for releasing Karl Klug. Could you fill us in? Thanks - TITANS UP

Jim: Hey John. Karl's one of my all-time favorites. I just think the GM and new HC thought it was time to go in a different direction at the position. Karl was coming off a serious Achilles injury last year, and I just don't think he was right for a while. I asked the GM about Klug this week from the owners meetings, and here's what Robinson said: "Any time you let a player go, those are tough ones. I really respect Karl and what he has done in his time here. I'd say he has overcome a lot of adversity, just from being a smaller statured defensive linemen, if you will, and playing in there in the trenches. He played bigger than maybe his body should allow him because of his effort and his motor and his mindset. He has a lot to be proud of. He had a heck of a career for us with the Titans."

Mark Sanderson from Burlington, North Carolina

Question: Hi Jim. Will there be online streaming available for the uniform unveiling for us out of town fans? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Mark. Thanks for your interest as well. Yes, there will be a livestream of the unveil on Titans social and here on the website. It should be a fun night!

William Gamble from Big Lake, Alaska

Question: Dear Jim. I have yet another special teams question for you. Do you think it would be a good idea to draft Tanner Carew in the 5th or 6th round? I know we have Beau Brinkley but this may be the steal of the draft. He has been the highest ranked long snapper since high school and has great precision and consistency. I think it would be an excellent decision.

Jim: Hey William. Hope all is well in Alaska. Sounds like you're a Carew fan, but with only six draft picks, I can't see the Titans using one on a long snapper. Not with the reliable Beau Brinkley on the roster.

Derrick Young from Kalamazoo, Michigan

Question: Where would you rank the Titans O and D in this coming season and how do you think Vrabrel's offensive scheme will work?

Jim: Hey Derrick. Thanks for the question. A lot of this TBD, though. The roster is still a work in progress, with the draft ahead and more additions in free agency. But the offense got a boost with running back Dion Lewis, and I expect it to look different – and be more productive – under new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. The defensive secondary should be solid, as Malcolm Butler joins a talented group on the back end. The pass rush will need to be solid, though. Will Kevin Dodd emerge and help Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan?  Can the Titans snag a productive pass rusher in the draft? Some questions remain. I'm also anxious to see how things come together once the OTAs and minicamps start. Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

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