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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn.  – Welcome to spring.

And welcome to another edition of the Titans mailbag.

I'm headed to the NFL owners meetings tomorrow, so look for coverage from Orlando.

But I'm knocking out this mailbag before I hit the road.

Let's do this…

Jason McLeod from Hohenwald, Tennessee

Question: Are the Titans satisfied with their WRs or will we be seeing some free agents after cuts and rookies come to fill the void?

Jim: Well, it's a good group, and because of that there's no sense of panic. The team drafted Corey Davis at No.5 last year with the thought he'd develop into an NFL star, and the end of last season provided more optimism. I think he's going to be a good one. Rishard Matthews has been a reliable pro, and Tajae Sharpe and Taywan Taylor should be even better than the last time we saw them on the field. All of them have worked together this offseason in California, with quarterback Marcus Mariota. Does that mean another receiver won't be added? No. I still think additions will come, either in the draft, in free agency, or both. The team needs more numbers at the position. But right now I see the 2018 starters coming from the group I just mentioned, although I expect there to be more additions, and contenders.

Marco López from Nezahualcoytl, México

Question: Hi Jim, good morning, two questions about the new uniform: Will it change the logo of the helmet's meteor? Will it change the color of the helmet? And will I ever be able to see the Titans playing in a retro match with the helmet and uniform of oilmen of '94? Thanks Jim for your attention.

Jim: Hey Marco. Wish I could give you more information here, but the line I've been using on the uniforms is: I plead the 5th – until the 4th (April 4th, that is). That's the date for the big uniform reveal. If I spilled the beans in advance here, it would ruin the surprise. And my job security. :)

Nancy Hall from Lebanon, Tennessee

Question: I am thrilled that Mariota is working in California with his receivers but I have a question.  We have heard that this new OC and quarterbacks coach will virtually change Marcus' approach - his footwork, his stance, etc.  If this is the case and he is working out in CA now, is somebody with him (coach, whatever) that is possibly beginning the process of changing his approach?  I would hate to think that he is out there working hard "the old way" rather than getting a head start on learning the new way of doing things!  And if there is a coach out there with him how is that possible?  I thought coaches could have no "football" contact with players now.  Thanks!

Jim: *Hey Nancy. Marcus has been working with the receivers, but you're right, he's not allowed to work with his new OC (Matt LaFleur) and quarterbacks coach (Pat O'Hara) until April, when the offseason program starts. And even then there's a little wait until they're on the field – the first few weeks of the offseason program focuses on conditioning rather than on-field work. But until April 9 – when the offseason program begins – the coaches and players aren't allowed to talk football. Marcus I'm sure has worked on timing with his receivers, while trying to improve his technique. But the hands-on approach from LaFleur and O'Hara will have to come later. They've have April, May and June before the offseason program ends, and then they can pick it back up in late July when training camp begins, so there's time. *

Tarn Sandhu from Selma, California

Question: Great work Jim!!! I look forward to reading your work! I wanted to see what you think of our schedule next year. If we can build off of last year, which I think we will since we basically have the same players coming back plus the great additions in FA plus the draft. I think we could go 12-4. What are your thoughts? Titan UP!!!

Jim: Hey Tarn. Appreciate it. I'm not going to throw out a prediction. It's just so hard to know how other teams will end up being, especially this early in the offseason. It's a tough schedule, though, there's no doubt about it. Both Super Bowl participants – the Eagles and Patriots – will visit Nissan Stadium, and the AFC South opponents will also be tough. Games in Buffalo (a playoff team last year) and Miami (Titans took an L there last year) won't be easy, and the Chargers in London is a tough matchup. The Giants will be improved, and winning in Dallas is never easy. The Ravens will be a tough out in Nashville, and the Jets and Redskins will be different looking teams as well in the fall. Of course I'm expecting the Titans to be a tough out for teams, too, but they're going to have to earn Ws.

Jeffrey Mayberry from Las Vegas, Nevada

Question: Hey Jim, it seems like our WR group is missing a key element. We have the big body (Davis), route runners (Matthews, Douglas, Sharpe), the shifty slot (Taylor), but where's the burner? Thought we might make a move on Paul Richardson or John Brown but we didn't. Is that something you think we'll address in the draft?

Jim: Hey Jeffrey. Just hit on this with Jason. I definitely expect some additions, but it may be down the road. A quick FYI – Harry Douglas is no longer a part of the roster. His contract expired earlier this month, along with Eric Decker's one-year deal.

Connie Felipe from Beaverton, Oregon

Question: Aloha Jim ... First I'd like to thank you for all your work keeping us up-to-date with what's going with the team. Hope you at least are able to find time to enjoy some relaxing downtime during the off-season.

Second, just wanted to say how I love the fact that Marcus Mariota was able to spend some time with some WRs/TE to hopefully develop that chemistry & rhythm in perfecting the passing portion of the game. Hopefully they will become productive targets as with Delanie Walker who has proven to already have that chemistry with Marcus. Truly looking forward to some awesome pass/catch highlights in 2018. Third, I have a 3-part question regarding the running backs.  a) With the addition of Dion Lewis, is Henry still slated to becoming the "bell-cow", or would they have to compete for that position during OTAs/training camp?  b) What can you tell us about the development of Khalfani Muhammad drafted last year, who I believe just played in one game with 0yds, and of Fluellen whose been with the team for a while now but only produced less than 50yds last season. c) Do you think more RBs will be acquired either via free agency or the draft ... seems like there should be more on the roster to promote competition ... I myself would love to see the team draft Royce Freeman (fellow Duck alum) as there is already an established "chemistry & rhythm" relationship with Marcus, and believe he could be productive immediately ... just a thought... Mahalo & Aloha for your time ... I can hardly wait for this season to begin! #TitanUp

Jim: *Aloha, and Mahalo Connie. Hope all is well. I agree it was great to see Marcus working with the receivers, and I wrote another story this week about the DBs working out together. These are great developments from a team-building standpoint. As for the running backs, I'm expecting Henry and Lewis to both play a lot. I could see them on the field some at the same time as well. I've already heard some folks dismissing Lewis as a third-down back and that's it. I think he's going to be more than that with the Titans. He's going to be on the field. Muhammad did a great job on the practice squad, but he's going to be in some stiff competition once again. And I wouldn't rule out another running back being added at some point to go with Henry, Lewis, Fluellen and Muhammad. My thinking is three will be on the roster this fall.

Terrence Hicks from Virginia

Question: Hey Jim, I am living in Virginia but originally from Memphis and been a Titan since the beginning. I am excited about the new season and things we will do moving forward. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on a backup QB and what we are looking for in a #2.  TITAN UP!!!!!!!   

Jim: Hey Terrence. This one is very much TBD. After parting ways with Matt Cassel, the team hosted veteran QB Chad Henne on a visit, but he ended up signing with the Chiefs. Veteran QB Blaine Gabbert visited town earlier this week, but he hasn't been signed. We'll have to see how it plays out. So stay tuned here. Other options are also out there, in free agency and the draft.

Cliff R from Denver, Colorado

Question: Hey Jim! Titan up from Colorado. My question: It looks like the Titans could go for the backup to Marcus in the first few rounds. What if Lamar Jackson slips to us at 25? Wouldn't that be the best player available who has a similar skill set as Mariota? This guy can be used for a handful of touches per game and give us an exciting option if Marcus gets hurt. What do you think of this idea?

Jim: Hey Cliff. Well, let's see what happens between now and then. Personally, I think Lamar Jackson is an exciting prospect. But with other needs, not sure team could take him at 25. Mariota is the QB of the future for the Titans, so spending a first-round pick on another QB just doesn't add up for me.

John Williams from Danbury, Texas

Question: Greetings, Jimbo.  I'm not sure I have a question; however, your article regarding "Members of the Secondary" - Jim, it brought a tear to my eye while coupling it to the QB/Rcvr's work in CA - and of course our very talented OL has shown camaraderie for quite some time.  I'm more of a CAB too (crazy A$$ Bast) anyway.  I'd be throwing catfish!  My point is this:  I'm not a prophet, soothsayer or the like - but, I do have premonitions that are generally close.  I have a feeling about this team - seems to be a brotherly love of sorts and Mariota is ready to control it. . . I feel sorry the Texans, Colts and Jax. . . Thank you, Jim.

Jim: *Hey John. Appreciate the email, the comments, and the passion! And thanks for reading! The camaraderie is great, and I definitely think it will carry over into the season. At least that's what the players hope. *

Cody Milholen from Lexington, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim, great work from an even greater guy! I'm sure we'll see some Adoree Jackson and Dion Lewis on kickoff returns, but could we see both of them at the same time waiting on a punt return, or even on offense with some kind of tricky glitch play? Also, one last thing. I know the coaches aren't allowed to talk football with the players yet, but are they allowed to go ahead and give them the playbooks to study? Thanks and GREAT work!

Jim: *Hey Cody. Thanks for the late entry. Appreciate the compliment as well! Interesting question on Jackson and Lewis, and it's sure fun to think about, huh? It's early, but I wouldn't completely rule it out. Adoree' did a nice job on offense, and the thought of him and Lewis on the field together would sure put fear in defenses. As for the question on the playbook, coaches are working on it now. And they're not allowed to give them to the players until the start of the offseason program, which begins on April 9. It will be here before we know it! *

Have a great weekend everyone!

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