Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Well, February has sure flown by.

It's about time for the NFL Combine, and we're edging closer to free agency.

Let's knock out a quick mailbag ..

Gabi Stillman from Tel Aviv, Israel

Question: Hi Jim. I'm a long time Titans fan since they came to Nashville. My family is originally from Nashville (hence being a Titans fan...). We moved to Israel in the summer of 91. I recently found out last year that Nissan Stadium is built on my grandfather's old junkyard. I can't believe I didn't hear this story sooner.

Anyways... my question is this: I just read that Avery Williamson was in the country for the past week and that he was meeting fans.

I also read that Delanie walker came last year. Is there any way to hear of this before it happens? And if so how? I would really love to meet our titans when they come to town. One more thing I would like to ask... I am trying to buy tickets to the Titans game in London.

Despite watching literally every Titans game since they came to Nashville, I have only been to one live game and I really want to pick the right seats. Any advice on how to choose the right seats? Thanks Jim, appreciate you. 

Jim: Hey Gabi. You're right. Avery did make the trip, and he loved his time there. Here's the story link, for anyone who might've missed it. Unfortunately the group that organized the trip didn't give an advance notice. By design, it wasn't publicized at all in advance. I talked to Avery while he was there, but it was on the back end of his trip. If things are handled differently next year, I'll tweet it out and write about it. Make sure you're following me on Twitter: @jwyattsports. As for the tickets to the London game, here's a link from NFL UK. There's a chance additional information — and opportunities to purchase through team — will be made available at a later date.

Jimmy McDonald from New Mexico

Question: Hello, Jim. I've been keeping up with your mailbags for a while and you do excellent work keeping us all updated. So thanks. My question is how big of a change are our uniforms going to be? Could we see a color switch from red to silver or will everything be two tone blue and just be updated?

Jim: Hey Jimmy. Appreciate the email, and comments. Unfortunately I can't give any hints on uniform here. The big reveal will be at an early in April, so stay tuned. We might hear more about that in the near future. It's become the most popular question of the offseason so far.

Bryan Dunnaway from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Question: I have a question and a suggestion. Let's start with my suggestion so with it being the off-season and the players and coaches can't really talk about football why not change the rules about that it's a new day and era so why not let the players work with their position coaches? Not go through plays but something like OTA's you know like let them work on technique run through drills workout periods and things like that and then have a dead period to where they can't do anything. I mean this is their job it's kinda of like you or me going on vacation for months and then coming back and getting adjusted all over again. It would make the game a lot better to watch on Sundays because everyone would be more prepared you wouldn't have to worry about getting guys in shape or being overweight or out doing things they shouldn't be doing so like the month of May or June could be there time off and then July hit the ground running with OTA's min-camp and training camp in August and eliminate the preseason and go to 75 man roster well this was more like a question and a suggestion this would be a good headline for the owners meeting coming up in March about year around football.

Jim: Hey Bryan. Appreciate you taking the time. I think the current calendar set up works pretty well though. After starting camp in July and playing through December, January and even into February for some teams, the players need a break, mentally and physically. The Titans are scheduled to report for the offseason program on April 2, and they'll go all the way until the middle of June. Then they'll get a break until camp begins in late July. The break really needs to come later. Right now, rosters across the league aren't set. Free agency and the draft will change a whole lot. Even when the offseason program begins, it will be three weeks before the draft. I can't see any big changes with the calendar.

David Tonner from Clarksville, Tennessee

Question: I was wondering if there was going to be any change to Tim Shaw's status with the team now that there is a new head coach. I hope not and I also hope that they continue to reach out to Titans alumni.

Jim: Hey David. When Tim signed a few years back after his retirement, he became a "Titan for Life." He'll always be a part of the organization. General Manager Jon Robinson was instrumental in welcoming Shaw back in, and while former coach Mike Mularkey embraced him in a beautiful way, everyone considers Shaw a big part of the team. I can't imagine that changing.

Dennis Whelan from Zephyrhills, Florida

Question: I'm sure you get a ton of questions like this. Can you give this some thought and then pass it on to the coaching staff? I would love it if you people would consider checking out a very intelligent, athletic and powerful gentleman that is the number 1 heavyweight wrestler in the country. He actually has to cut weight to make 285 lbs. In my life I have seen a number of heavyweight wrestlers become all pro in the NFL. To mention a few: Jerry Sherk, Bob and Mike Golic, Tom or Tim Cousineau, and I'm sure there must be others. Would you and the coaching staff please give this man some consideration? I love what you're doing with this team and I think the coaching changes that have been made are going to allow these talented players to really show what they can do. Love the Titans, Dennis. 

Jim: Hey Dennis. This is outside my jurisdiction, but leaving it in this mailbag so it won't get lost in the conversation. Appreciate the email, and thoughts.

Llewellyn Roux from Lompoc, California

Question: Hi, Jim!  Do you know if any veteran players that are currently under contract may be designated the franchise tag by the Titans, if there are still unrestricted free agents by the March 6 deadline, and before the NFL calendar year starts on March 14?  Is it also common procedure for both the Titans and the player to go through arbitration, before the Titans decide to designate that player the franchise tag, if there is no contract settlement?  Thanks.

Jim: Hi Llewellyn. I would be surprised if it's used. Just like the team did by extending kicker Ryan Succop this week, I suspect the decision-makers would rather sign a player to a long-term deal rather than the one-year franchise tag, which is a set number for each position group.

Rick Davidson from Paducah, Kentucky

Question: Hey Jim! I think the Titans are in pretty good shape going into 2018 but there are always a few areas where we can improve. The guard position, a breakaway wide-receiver, speed rusher, secondary (always), and maybe linebacker to name a few. Do you see Mr. Robinson making a foray into the free agent market for any of these? Or will he try to go young and work it through the draft? I am excited about the new coaching staff and am really looking forward to next season. Keep up the good work.

Jim: Hey Rick. People ask me all the time what positions I think the team will tackle in the draft. And I always say: It depends on what happens in free agency. I do think the GM will look to address some of these areas in free agency, so that would certainly influence what happens in the draft. Which positions get addressed in FA oftentimes depends on the market. Keep in mind the team has just six draft picks this year, so that could also impact how the GM attacks the team's needs.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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