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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Fans



NASHVILLE, Tenn. –**Well, it's been a busy week at Saint Thomas Sports Park. 

Following last Saturday's playoff game loss to the Patriots, players cleaned out their lockers and headed their separate ways for the offseason. On Monday, the Titans parted ways with former head coach Mike Mularkey.

In recent days, the team's chief decision-makers began interviewing candidates for the team's head coaching position. Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel, Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, and Rams offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur all interviewed this week.

So the search for the next head coach is well under way.

And, so is this mailbag…

Christopher Harris from College Station, Texas

Question: Jim. I'm reading between the lines and wishful thinking at the same time.  Just let it be known that I said it 1st: Bill Belichick the New Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans!!! Titan Up!!!

Jim: What a way to start things off…

Chip Whitley from Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Question: It appears that we may have missed out on Josh McDaniels as a head coach but we are still in need of one and perhaps a new OC. Nobody is mentioning it but why is Tony Romo not being considered for OC. He is 3rd all-time in career passer rating and still has shown that he can read defenses. I feel that Romo would help Marcus Mariota's progression much more than any other available coach. Jay Cutler and Jon Gruden were both hired out of the booth for the right price and I think the Titans should at least reach out to him. Go Titans!

Jim: Hey Chip. Well, I've been asked about Romo before. He's making a lot of money in the booth. Can't see it happening no matter how much fun it might be to talk about.

John Williams from Dallas, Texas

Question: Jim, I meant to ask - 15-17 yrs ago, or more, we had a public BB where we could vent, debate and whatever.  What happened to this venue for fans to express the good, bad and ugly of our feelings?  I know you probably are getting an earful more often than not - this social outlet might help. Enjoy the off-season.

Jim: Hey John. Are you saying you meant to ask before, or meant to ask 15-17 years ago? :)

Well, either way I'm not sure about that outlet. Feel free to sound off here. I can promise you I'm reading all my emails, and will do my best to respond.

Paul Bellucci from Spring Hill Tennessee

Question: Hello Jim. I enjoy reading your articles each week. I'd just like to say it was a disappointing season. I'm all for the coaching change. The Titans have so much talent they need someone to bring it out. They looked like world beaters one minute and the next Oh Boy!

Well any way I do have a question for you. I read somewhere recently that Nick Saban would consider going back to NFL for the right team.  Do you think the Titans might just be that team?

Can't wait for next season, Go Titans!

Jim: Hey Paul. Thanks for the email. Well, Nick does have a car dealership in town …

This is just me, but he's rolling at Alabama and would be surprised if he left.

Alexis Johnson from Memphis, Tennessee

Question: Hi Jim, it seems like everyone has forgotten about us getting new uniforms since the great firing, any updates?

Jim: Hey Alexis. Well, it remains one of the most popular questions for me. It's happening this offseason, but right now I can't tell you when exactly. Stay tuned.

Rick Pinkerton from Terryville, Connecticut

Question: Jim, Thanks for taking my question.  I wrote to you about two months ago, hoping that the Titans would get the chance to play the Patriots, to see how they measure up.  Well it happened and now we know.  True, we had some penalties called on us that stopped drives, but our defense could not stop them.  I still believe that had we played an ENTIRE good game, with no injuries we had a chance to stay with them, like Jacksonville did to Pittsburgh.  Not bad for our WEAK division to have 2 out of the four final spots in the AFC.  I believe next year we may have the strongest division in the AFC with Andrew Luck returning and Deshaun Watson coming back.  Two questions: Do you see us keeping both Derrick and DeMarco?  Based on how Derrick performed in New England I think we need both, as how the Pats do it.  Also what do you think of Mularkey's removal?  I thing Robinson wants one of the Patriots assistants.  Your thoughts?

Jim: Hey Rick. Thanks for the email, and comments. I'm curious about the running back spot as well. I think DeMarco still has something left, but his situation will need to be sorted out with the new head coach and Robinson. I do think the Titans need another back in a tandem with Henry, whether it's DeMarco or someone else. As for the head coaching position, I trust the GM and his decision making. I will say that Mike did a great job changing the culture and the results. But the feeling is the team can and should reach even greater heights moving forward, with the new head coach leading the way.

Alex McCormack from Madison Alabama

Question: Why doesn't Jon Robinson hire Jeff Fisher as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans? They should also keep Dick LeBeau as the Titans defensive coordinator?

 Jim: Hey Alex. Appreciate the question. Fisher had a good run as head coach, but can't see a Fisher Part II. As for LeBeau, his future in Tennessee likely hinges on who is hired as head coach.

Bob McDowell from Nashville, Tennessee

Question: why is Jim Schwartz or other candidates with head coach experience seemingly not being considered for the head coach position?

Jim: Hey Bob. Fair question. I'm not saying whether Schwartz is/could be a candidate or not. But keep in mind the Titans aren't allowed to interview him until after Philadelphia's season is over. The Eagles are playing in the NFC Championship Game over the weekend. As for others with head coaching experience, well, we're just a week into the search. I guess there's a chance Robinson could dive in further, unless he's already found his guy.

Russell Martin from Mangolia, Texas

Question: JIM do you think Chip Kelly could possibly be a good fix with Marcus as our quarterback?

Jim: Hey *Russell. I got this question a lot a few years back. Didn't see it then, and now he's the head coach at UCLA.

Romeo Ford from Columbia, South Carolina

Question: Hey Jim! As we all know that we've had a struggling season on offense productivity, defense identity and being consistent. Now as we face off season which I really am very disappointed that we couldn't get further into the playoffs, but only hopeful for next year. Jim. AFC South is going to get tougher as we all know that, this year was up for grabs; seriously! and we still struggled. Jim, out of respect, let go of the legendary defense coordinator, offense coordinator, personally i would let go of the head coach as well, start over, bring in some top notch coaches. Trade Murray for some draft picks, lets go get a good defensive line that can actually pressure the QB because our D-Line made QB look like God mode out there (untouchable). We have put together a good Wide Receiver core, Offensive Line, and a good QB who "NEEDS", to learn the "no huddle" offense, "screen pass packages" and open the play book like they have been doing to the play action pass that caters to Mariota abilities. I would like to see even a west coast speed style offense and get henry going at RB. Now on Defense, keep Casey, put money on the Defensive line like we did on our Offensive Line. Our Linebackers are "Okay", but getting better, our Cornerbacks, FS, S are okay, they are learning and become better if they could just get a better defensive coach that could see who can spunk up the defense. Jim to say this, we have great potential to compete with anybody, without the right pieces together we are nothing. Please tell the Titans head office of this idea if you can and we "Will", Win especially if we have a great "Offensive play book built", for success. What do you think of that? Hey also Jim if yawl need me to come up there to put things together I would and make a great impact on how things should get done especially on offense. Have a great day

Jim: Appreciate the comments Romeo. I'll pass this along to the new head coach…

Robbie Wood from Hendersonville, Tennessee

Question: Marcus Mariota keeps suffering injuries, just like he did Saturday. Do you think it's time for him to be put on the TB12 method?

Jim: *No. And the injury he suffered against the Patriots was a minor one. He didn't miss a snap. *

Chris Chapman from Hermitage, Tennessee

Question: Hey Jim!!! What a season bro! Every single player and coach needs to hold their heads up. I know they're very disappointed but they fought thru more adversity than a lot of other teams this season and made it into the playoffs and came back from an 18 point deficit against Kansas City. A lot of fans were quick to write em off this year and then there were those fans like myself who got very frustrated with em but didn't write them off. I'm ashamed to admit it. No matter whether they win or lose ive been a fan since they came to Nashville. I think a lot of fans got a taste of a winning season last year and just automatically expected them to morph into an AFC powerhouse like New England and that's unfair to expect out a young team. I'm ashamed of myself for allowing my faith to be shaken earlier in the season. They definitely showed me in the Kansas City game why they have a very bright future! Gonna be a lot of new faces here in 2018. I have a cpl questions, I just wanted to fess up 1st, a lot of other fans owe these guys an apology. Do you see Coach Lebeau staying with us another year? I know he loves this game; its obvious having been in this league for over 50 yrs. Do you see Marcus making a giant leap considering he has a full off-season to improve instead of having to rehab the whole time? Personally, I think he's gonna take the NFL by storm in 2018!!! As always thank you for what you do!!! My message to the team: Hold your heads up high and enjoy your time with your families because every single one of you deserve it! GO TITANS!!!

Jim: Hey Chris. Appreciate the email, and comments. It's too early to know about LeBeau. Plenty depends on who is hired as head coach. He's taking a wait-and-see approach. As for Marcus, I think he'll be much better in 2018 after having an entire offseason to concentrate on football instead of recovering from surgery. Have a good one.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Titans players clear out their lockers at Saint Thomas Sports Park, signaling the start of the 2018 offseason. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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