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Titans-Lions Post-Game Quotes




On QB Marcus Mariota going nine-for-nine on his game-winning drive: **"Yeah, went out there and he said it, I said it, 'Let's go win. Let's go win the game right here on this drive,' and nobody blinked, nobody has. Those guys just hung together on the sideline. There's never a waiver of woe, blaming people for things. They stuck together and gave us a chance all the way to the end, which I said last week after that last game. We were down 15 and we still felt like we had a chance to come back, so that's one thing we learned. We learned we can finish. We can finish games. We can come back and we can do it on the road. There's a lot of really good lessons learned from that game."

On if he thought the team's last possession was the drive to finish the game:"Yeah, we were a score down. We were going to base offense, call the same game plan plays we have on first and second down, had to convert some third downs. We were trying to score, I mean, that's why we went for it. If we didn't score on that play, still could've tried to stop them and give us another chance to try and score a touchdown, but I thought we had the best play call. If we were ever down there again, that was the call. Andre (Johnson) made the catch, but the throw was right where it had to be."

On the second half pass rush from his defense:"That's two games that they have come after the quarterback relentlessly. Again, we didn't get any the first game. They were throwing a little bit more down the field this game than last week and our guys didn't get frustrated and kept coming. I mean, it was relentless. Even on that last drive, they were teeing off."

On the Lions' defensive performance with all the injuries suffered:"I answered this question earlier in the week. Somebody asked me what their strengths were. The strengths of that defense is their effort. I don't care who's in there. They play with such effort and intensity that they always have a chance to be successful because of that and I'm a firm  believer in that."

On what he saw from T Taylor Lewan and T Jack Conklin:"Very happy with those guys, you're talking about a couple of good players. I know Ziggy (Ezekiel Ansah) went out early in the game, but you're talking about on an island when you can't hear snap counts and a split second edge rusher is difficult to block, and I thought our guys did a pretty good job of holding up on the edges."

On CB Perrish Cox finishing the game with an interception:"Obviously big, we talked about needing one and he said before the game walking down the tunnel he was going to get one. I didn't know how big of a play it was going to be, but he did some other things that were pretty good in that game. That was important. That was huge for us."

On how this type of win builds confidence and momentum:"I just think we learned some lessons about ourselves. I think we know who we are and what we're capable  of doing and I think that just supports the guys that we have in that room. We had a great group of players in there that work very hard, like working together, have fun together, but when it comes time to work they work together. They learned today, again, they thought they could. Well, they did today, they came back. They finished a game and they did it on the road. A lot of circumstances were tough at the end there and I was really proud of the grip that this team showed."

On if the fourth-down play was a defining moment for Mariota:"All I know, ballsy. It didn't surprise me, the throw. The guy is a gamer. He'll give us a chance every game we play in. Andre (Johnson) made a great play, but that's why he's going to go to the Hall of Fame because that's what he's here for."

On if Mariota was injured:"Marcus (Mariota) was cramping."

On the importance of responding with a scoring drive after Mariota threw an interception:"That was big. That was big. Needed some throws. Needed some big throws down the field, huge play by Delanie (Walker). Tried to get Delanie (Walker), again, involved as much as we could. That was a huge play for us, to put that drive together. We needed something. We were really chugging, but we weren't gelling like we needed to until those last couple drives that we needed."

On the issues with the offensive line:"I'm going to take the blame on the safety. I changed the play call. It had already gone in the huddle, I wasn't comfortable with the previous call. I changed it and really with a 25-second clock, to get out of the huddle and execute the play I put in, I put them in a situation to fail and it failed because of my choice of plays. That's not on them. That's not on the offensive line. That was all on the clock because of what I did."

On his defense getting breaks on different drives:"I think the breaks were even if you want to say that. There were a lot of breaks for both teams, a lot of things for both teams. I liked the way, especially at the end there, when they (the defense) knew we needed a stand. Just to watch them come together and make it happen against a very potent offense, a very potent offense."

On if he can remember a game with more penalties:"I might have to think that's a record. That's got to be an NFL record. I would have to think that. I know there were a lot."

On how much field position impacted his team:"It hurt a lot. We were worried about their punter all game because he's capable of pinning you back in there, but we pinned ourselves with the penalties. Really our first three special teams plays we had penalties that pinned us back, which we haven't been doing."

On the confidence he has throwing to WR Andre Johnson in pressure situations:"Actually saw that live in practice. A very contested throw and saw him come down with a catch like that."

On what he saw different from OLB Kevin Dodd in his pass rushing today:"I'm  going to say effort. It didn't stop. There wasn't a let up. I thought Dick LeBeau did a great job and again I'm really happy for Coach LeBeau with a win here. To see his name up in the rafters is really pretty amazing. What he was calling and the guys teeing off, it was just the effort all the way through. I mean, they never let up and at some point the holes kind of break."

On RB DeMarco Murray playing a role in the passing game in the fourth quarter:"He's a dual-threat. I think Derrick Henry is a dual-threat with the ball in his hands. Are they like the scat backs Detroit has? Not in that fashion, but again, they're tough to bring down in open space. You've got to pick your poison. Make a guy miss or have to tackle one of these guys and that play he made down the seams, that was a huge play for us, really huge play to get us down into scoring territory."

On why tackling is still an issue for this team:"We've got to do better. There's no question. We have to do better. We talked about it last night in the team meeting because we knew the type of players the Lions had that it was imperative that we tackle better. And then I'm going to go to the other side, they've got good players. They're very crafty, very shifty, very tough to get them. You watched it. It's difficult. It's got to get better, but I'm going to give them some credit as well."

On what he saw from WR Tajae Sharpe in his second game:"Made some catches when we needed some catches, tough, took some shots and doesn't flinch. Again, I'm going to have to watch all the tape on him just to single in on what he did exactly, but I know we have a lot of confidence in Tajae (Sharp).

On if he considered challenging the possible interception by CB Jason McCourty:"No, I didn't. Like last week, if I could do it over again I probably would, but I didn't."

On if he ever thought Mariota may miss any snaps due to cramps:"Only time was at the end. If we got the ball back, I thought we would get the ball back. I was hoping it would be an interception, but when he was down on the sideline, if we were going to get the ball back the game was over. So that was the only series I knew he would not be in."

On the status of LB Avery Williamson:"I think Avery's all right. He strained his back a little bit, but that was really the only injury. We had a couple fingers. You have fingers every game, but really that was the only significant one."

On LB Brian Orakpo's two-sack performance:"I think he's a game wrecker, I really do. He didn't do much different this week. His effort didn't change. He still brings it every down. He's going against a rookie tackle who's going to be pretty darn good in this league, but his effort is a lot to why he's the player he is."

On if he was given an explanation to the possible fumble recovery on Detroit's final drive:"I can't challenge that. I don't know. There's really no point for me to argue anything because I can't challenge it being under two minutes."

On another possible fumble recovery being ruled down:"That was a bang-bang play as well. Knowing now with the timeouts and everything, I'd probably use a timeout there and challenged it and take the risk."

On the benefit of this victory for a young team:"It's a valuable lesson for all of us. In every game I've ever coached in my career I've learned something. I have these first two games. I think this is something they can take with them and know if we're ever in this situation again that we have a chance to come back on the road against a good team."

On if his wife is happy with the win:"I haven't heard from my wife yet. I'm sure she's happy."



On the temperature of the huddle during the last drive: "Everyone just had a confident look, everyone believed in each other. There weren't many words, guys just kind of felt that we could do it, and that's all that really matters."

On what overcoming penalties says about this team: "It's huge. We kind of dug ourselves in a hole a little bit, but again, I'm proud of those guys. All the credit to them to stick in there and fight, it's going to be a huge confidence booster for us this season."

On the touchdown pass to WR Andre Johnson: "They came out in a look that we had kind of anticipated. Looking at it, we had a matchup with Andre on a linebacker. We felt that we could kind of exploit that a little bit, and he made a great play. I just tried to give him a chance, and he made a huge play."

On fighting off cramps throughout the game: "That's on me, I can't let that happen. Can't be dehydrated like that throughout the game. I have to make sure I'm hydrated before the game starts."

On if he feels as if this will be a momentum booster:"Absolutely, you hope this is a momentum boost. You hope that you can use this for the rest of the season. Just to see the guys in the locker room, to put in a week of work that we did, to fight and continue to battle even when the game was not going our way says a lot about this team, says a lot about the character of the guys in the locker room. This could be a huge momentum boost for us, and hopefully we can use it for the rest of the year."


On the offense's performance today:"We just kept fighting, kept staying in it. Just kept moving the ball, kept having faith in each other and in the end, we delivered."

On what he takes away personally from a game like this as a rookie:"Just watch film, see what I did wrong and correct my mistakes on Monday."

On the team's development from last week:"We're growing, getting better every week. We want to create an identity in what we want to do, and that's what we're trying to do."



On getting out of Detroit with a win:"Yeah, it's hard to get a win in this league, especially on the road. Coming in here against a very good team, you know, they gave us there all. It went to the last drive. Defensively, our guys played lights out. We just asked for one more drive and Marcus (Mariota) led us."

On how this win changes the mood of the team:"It's huge. Obviously, coming off of a disappointing loss that we had last week, you've just got to stack them up as much as you can and have a short memory. We're going to enjoy this one for a few more minutes and we know we've got a very good Oakland team next week."

On what it says about the team to get a complete effort on the game-winning drive:"Yeah, Marcus did a great job of just staying composed and you know, Tajae (Shapre) made a huge catch, Delanie (Walker) and obviously Andre (Johnson) made the biggest play of the game. He's a hell of a player, you know, we're lucky to have him here. Mariota was calm. He was calm and he knew the play was going to work and he led us calmly down field and he got us a victory."

On if he saw WR Andre Johnson's game-winning touchdown reception:"I did, I did, I saw it. I mean, it was an unbelievable catch and he's a guy, every day he's on the jugs, before and after practice. You see why he's played so many years."

On sticking to the running game more today than last week vs. Minnesota:"Yeah, I thought coach basically did a great job at calling plays and putting us in position to have some success on the ball. Derrick (Henry) came in and did a good job. Offensive line, those guys did well. Obviously, you want to continue to run the ball as much as you can, but I think Marcus and guys doing a little bit more in the second half were doing well."



On getting a win on the road:"The biggest thing, like I said before, is just getting another opportunity. I said, 'If we were to win this game, then nobody would be thinking about last week.' We got the win, everybody's happy, everybody's got smiles on their faces, so we'll get ready for next week and try to get another one."

On QB Marcus Mariota playing through cramping and the final scoring drive: "He's tough, very tough kid. He works his butt off on and off the field, so it doesn't surprise me what he was able to do during that drive. He's a very tough player, and I knew that he wasn't going to just come out of that game just because he was cramping. He had a great performance."

On Mariota's game-winning touchdown pass: "He put it in a good place, the defender was running underneath me. He put enough air on the ball so I could go up and make a play on it, so it was a great throw by him. We were able to get it done."


On how much winning this game means to him: "Huge, a lot. We came into this game with the mindset of coming out here with a victory. Sixty-minute game, they were up on us going into halftime, but the guys stuck together and came through. It was big for us because going into the next game at home we need this momentum to turn the season around for us."

On if adjustments were made at halftime: "Definitely, the game plan was, I guess when they came out, they wanted to do a lot of double-teams and things like that. We did a little bit of switching up and tried to get guys one-on-one up the middle and on the edges, and the game plan turned around for us. Our guys, they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback, was able to get to him and get him down, and change the ball game for us."

On taking a win into the team's Week 3 preparation: "We just want to keep building on this and getting everybody back healthy, and we'll get ready and go roll."


On his team's performance in today's game:"Once again, obviously, you know this is the way the league is, it's just going to be tight games that are tough. It just depends on the team that makes plays at the end and obviously we didn't make enough plays, they did. Obviously, we've got to play better, we didn't play very well. They played well, they did some things well. They ran the ball well, we ran the ball OK. I think we were fairly close in that area, it might've been fairly close in yardage overall, but just kind of playmakers at the end. They made a big catch there at the end. We couldn't get it done, so we've got a lot to work on. Too many penalties, without question. I mean, time and time again we take it into the end zone, it'll get called back out for one infraction or another and some pretty sizeable gains as well. Obviously, we let them off the hook a couple times with a couple defensive penalties, so that's something we've got to get straightened out. Seventeen penalties is disappointing, we've got to get that straightened away and get it straightened away quickly."

On why his team was so undisciplined:"I'm not certain it was discipline. There were a variety of penalties that happened out there and maybe just guys that were trying a little bit too hard in certain situations, but there were enough to go around, there's no question about that."

On who QB Matthew Stafford was looking for on the last play:"I'm not sure exactly. When you say what he was looking for, I'm not sure exactly what happened and all the details of it at this point. Obviously, the guy did a nice job sinking the zone. The guy made a play and we didn't.

On why Stafford was so animated after not getting a roughing the passer call early:"Yeah, no it was a discussion whether or not that was a low hit, whether it was a forcible low hit or not, or the guy was just taking him down. The official felt he was taking him down, therefore it did not warrant a flag. Matthew thought that it was, so he has a right to voice his opinion."

On if he thought it should have been a roughing the passer call against Tennessee:"Doesn't matter what I think. Like I always tell you, what he called is what happened, so we don't make any excuses or anything of that nature. We're going to play football, alright?"

On the tough position the injuries put the team in:"That's why you've got guys that play second and third team, you know? That's why they're there. They've got to be able to step up and play. Some guys, young guys, went in there and did an admirable job. We'll take a look at it and see the details of it, but you know, we've just got to play better, doesn't matter who's in there. That's what pro football is all about, you're going to have some attrition sometimes. More than you'd like in some games."

On if he has any update on DE Ezekiel Ansah's or RB Ameer Abdullah's injury statuses:"I don't."

On how serious both injuries looked:"You know I don't talk about injuries. We'll see what happens."

On what the Titans did differently on their two scoring drives:"Can't take anything away from them now. I mean, let's be honest, they made plays there at the end. They had a couple nice runs there. They made some plays and we didn't make enough, that's the key."

On if players lose track of what is a penalty and what is not in a game such as today's:"All I know is there were way too many. Whether or not it's a composure issue, a composure issue is when you get personal fouls and guys are out of control and there are fights and things of that nature. These were technical issues, I think, that we had a bunch of issues with a lot of different guys."

On how pleased he was with DE Devin Taylor's performance:"Yeah, you know, Devin did a nice job and certainly was able to collapse the pocket some there. We were able to get a little bit of pressure on the quarterback. I think overall he played pretty well it seems. Like I said, we'll take a look at the film and see. Some of the guys stepped in there I thought and did a decent job. Really the bottom line is winning, you know, that's the key. I think we had a lot of men that gave it their best, but you know, we've got to win."

On in-game adjustments when penalties are being called on both teams: "I just think that, in certain situations that, guys just have to be able to understand exactly what's being called, and they'll let you know pretty early, matter of fact, even before the game. Obviously, you can look at the stats for that particular group and see they were fairly high. We've just got to do our job, don't worry about all that stuff. We've just got to do a better job, 17 penalties is ridiculous."

On if there was any specific penalty he thought the officials were over-calling: "No, I don't ever complain about it. All I know is we need to stop with the infractions, plain and simple. That's my job. I'll get those guys straightened out in that area."

On red zone penalties: "I've talked about that situation where we've had it in the end zone a couple times and come back. Obviously, any time that happens, that's going to put you in a little bit different point differentials, going to make it a little bit more difficult for you. Particularly a team that plays good defense the way they play, it's a good front and they do a heck of a job. Your opportunity is going to be limited. You've got to take advantage of them, we had a 17-play drive, didn't put it in the end zone, things like that. When they keep you out, I think that's a plus for the defense."

On if it was frustrating seeing receivers drop passes: "Sure, yeah. It's unusual for us. We had none last week and an abundance this week. There's no question about it, those guys have good hands, all the guys that are involved in those."

On if he would like QB Matthew Stafford to avoid blocking downfield: "We try to keep him as healthy as we possibly can, obviously. He's a competitor as well."

On if there is a common thread to losing a 10-point lead two weeks in a row: "Common thread this week was too many penalties. Every week is a little different. Every week is a little bit different, we have to do a better job."

On if Tennessee scoring on their final drive was due to the Lions' defense being tired: "No, that's not an excuse. We had good field position, I think, in terms of Sam (Martin) punting the ball well. We had them pinned back in a number of different situations, we just didn't make plays when we needed. Sometimes we didn't tackle well enough, sometimes we didn't fit well enough, sometimes we didn't knock the ball down in situations where we had. Other times, we were penalized, gave them first downs after first downs. We had all those things in, and certainly that doesn't make for a very good performance."

On if he is disappointed in a 1-1 record: "I'm not worried about that. I'm just disappointed in the fact that we didn't play well. The record will take care of itself as you play it out. We just didn't play well enough, we didn't play well enough to win. Right where we should be, we played just like right where we should be. You don't get lucky in this game."

On if he thinks DE Brandon Copeland was targeted by Tennessee after moving over mid-game to linebacker: "Just like I said a little earlier, I don't care who it is we line up out there. I don't care if we have a defensive back who normally plays in that position, or whoever it might be lined up. He's expected to play, and play well. We expect that from all of them. That's how we treat them, next man up. We get ready and we get going. You either get the job done or you don't, plain and simple."

On how close LB DeAndre Levy was to playing today: "We don't talk about injuries or anything of that nature."


On what he saw on the roughing non-call when he was hit:"Just felt like I got hit low. He (the referee) told me that if he wraps up that it's OK, so I don't know that rule well enough apparently."

On the push-off call on TE Eric Ebron's touchdown catch:"Yeah, I mean, I didn't see it. I threw it, he caught it and I kind of already turned to the sideline looking to see if we were going to go for one or two at that point, but that's a tough one. I think, I don't know how many penalties we had, 15, 17, something like that. Can't do that. Tough to win a game that way, tough to get into a rhythm. You know, we did it to ourselves out there, mistakes, drops, penalties. You name it, we did it."

On the reasoning behind the sloppy performance:"It's on everybody, you know. Everybody had their hand in it, you know, receivers, running backs, tight ends, o-line, me, for the offensive side of the ball. I'm speaking for us. It wasn't good enough and we'll work to correct it. That's all you can do. Got to look at the tape, see where we can be better and go from there."

On what happened on his interception:"Guy made a good play. He was guarding Anquan (Boldin) on the outside and just kind of sloughed off, and that's a tough one. (Eric) Ebron had some tough outside leverage, so he kind of had to cut his route short and it was the right job by him. Obviously, hindsight's 20-20, I wish I wouldn't have thrown it. But he was guarding somebody else and came off and made the play."

On if the drop in offensive production was related to mistakes or Tennessee's defense:"A combination of both. I mean, I think Tennessee's got a really good defense, did a nice job of being physical, but we had a bunch of yards and a bunch of points taken off the board from penalties and mistakes on our end. So that's something we can't do."

On how he feels physically:"I'll be OK. You know, obviously it's shortly after a game, so it's never feeling my best, but I'll be fine when it comes to next Sunday."


On if his interception is a good sign that the team can force turnovers:"We're trying to create turnovers all the time. They're hard to get. Sometimes you've got to pull the ball out and get the ball out some kind of way and when they give you opportunities in the pass game to do it, you've got to take advantage of them. They gave me a chance on that one and I just caught it. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers does it next and try to catch the next one. It's not like, OK, now we're on a roll. I mean, we had one turnover, so definitely have to get one."

On the defense playing through injuries:"Next man up, guys go down all the time. When guys come in we've got to be ready to play. It's just kind of how it is. It's the NFL. Guys go down, somebody else has to come in."

On if communication issues arise when multiple players leave the game:"I mean, it's always tough regardless of who is in the game, but it's no excuse. I mean, it's no excuse. If you're in the game, you've got to be ready to play. Communication, technique, everything we all practice. We all sit in the same meetings, so we don't make excuses, we just have to get it done."

On if it is tough to keep composure when there are as many penalties as today:"I try not to let it affect me. I just try to move on and see what's the situation now. Did the penalty hurt us or help us? They got a first down, we're moving on. We can't take the penalty back. We can't do anything about it, so just have to keep playing."


On Tennessee's final scoring drive in the fourth quarter: "We just had some penalties, we we're getting backed up. They made the last push, and they made the play to win.'

On red zone penalties: "Obviously, it was frustrating. There were some tough calls out there, but all we can do is control our opportunity. If something doesn't go our way, we have to respond."

On if he thought the last Lions possession had a chance to score: "Yeah, definitely. We definitely were confident, but that's football. That's how it goes sometimes, things are not going to go your way, but we're still confident."


On the game getting away from the team:"Yeah, we just didn't play good enough to win. They were able to make the play at the end to kind of give them an edge and then, you know, it's just kind of what happened."

On the adjustments Tennessee made in the second half that allowed them to move the ball against the Lions defense:"They were able to just find the open man. For us up front, we didn't get back to the quarterback as much as we wanted to, especially like the second half was something we have to work on and get better at."

On if Tennessee surprised the defense with their run game:"No, we were prepared for the run game. We just had maybe a couple misfits or something here or there where they were able to kind of break out. Other than that, we tried to shut it down the entire time."

On so many players going down with injuries:"I mean, for us, you know, we kind of practice as if maybe someone's not going to be in the game. The amount of running and stuff we do at practice allows us to keep us energized, just in case someone were to go down, if someone has to step up, be able to play the entire game if need be."


On the missed opportunities with his two near-catches:"Absolutely. Matt (Stafford) and Jim Bob (Cooter) and my position coach and my peers and the receivers expect me to come down with that ball. Those are balls that I think I can catch. I've got to find a way to catch those, and that's that. I catch one or two of those and maybe the game's a little different. So that's what I mean, we didn't make a play late in the game and they did."

On the team's level of confidence late in the game:"What did we have, three timeouts? More time than we had last week. Yeah, we're definitely confident and will be confident from here on out. We've just got to make a play. It comes down to at the end of the game, we've got to make a play. They made a play, but we didn't, so we're close. We moved the ball, we ran the ball, we put up points. They didn't stick sometimes, so we know that we can play ball."

On if the team feels like it shot itself in the foot today with the amount of penalties:"Yeah, I mean, 17 penalties on us and then another 12 on them. I mean, you don't win the penalty battle, you make it tough on yourself. Just got to come back and be better. I mean, it's still early, still got a lot of football to be played. Seven more games at home, we've got a little on-the-road streak, but we're confident. We can move the ball, we know we can move the ball on the ground and the air. We've just got to come back and be sharp."


On allowing Tennessee to score on the final drive: "It was tough. They just made a play, we were in good position. Andre (Johnson) just made a better play."

On combining for 221 yards in penalties against Tennessee: "I've never seen anything like that, the refs were calling everything. Got to clean it up and do better next week."

On if penalties against defenders make him play more cautiously: "No, I just move onto the next play. I've never seen too many games that are just penalty-free, so I just move on and keep playing ball."

On all the injuries that amounted: "I'll leave that up to Coach (Caldwell) to talk about those."

On how frustrating it was to lose by one point: "You can't keep putting yourself in that position. You can't outcome every one of them. We would like to, but we're just going to move forward and get ready for next week."

The Tennessee Titans take on the Detroit Lions in Week 2 action at Ford Field. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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