Titans-Jets Postgame Quotes

Titans postgame press conference


(on finding a way to win tonight)

I give the players all the credit in the world. It wasn't pretty. We talked about not beating the Titans, and unfortunately, we did our best early on out there to beat the Titans. Then, for the defense to be able to do what they did, continue to get stops, give our offense a chance at the end of the first half to get some points, and then to keep slugging away in the second half. I give the Jets, and Todd (Bowles), and his staff a ton of credit. They played really well. They played really well on special teams, and the defense played really well. Working with a back-up quarterback is never easy in this league.

(on what clicked and allowed the offense to be more successful in the second half)

It's about getting the call in there, being efficient, and getting in and out of the huddle, while having success on first down. Going against the No. 2 third-down defense in the league probably didn't help us. We were struggling there on the third down. When that happens, you have two plays to choose from. You like this run, you like this pass. Maybe it didn't work out that well, so if you can have the ability to extend drives, and be good on those possession downs, you can get into some of these plays, and some of these runs and passes that complement each other. That will be critical for us going forward against Jacksonville, and making sure we do a good job on third down.

(on the game sealing touchdown at the end with quarterback Marcus Mariota and wide receiver Corey Davis)

Simple as guys making plays. Two guys – giving him time to protect, step it up, throwing to a guy he's confident in, and going to get the football and drop stepping it and getting in the end zone.

(on how much Marcus Mariota felt like he needed to step up after the fumble and recovery)

I've never been the quarterback, never carried a ball. So, I just noticed that earlier in the game, I think when he scored he just tucked it away. He split a couple guys and he looked like he was moving. He made a great decision to slide, and I think at that point in time said, 'If we can get a couple stops, I think we've got a chance.' I think that it looked like something clicked for Marcus (Mariota), and he was aggressive and not reckless. We've got to do a good job of taking care of the football there when we're scrambling at the end. I think that goes into guys making plays. The quarterback knowing when he's got a chance to break, contain from the pocket, and scramble for some yards, and really break down the defense. (on how the team turned the game around)

I don't think there's any pep talks. There's just an understanding that the coaches – we try to do everything we can. Then ultimately, like I try to tell you guys when we win, the players go out and execute, and they make plays to help each other and complement each other. All the credit goes to the players and the coaches for making some adjustments, and getting them ready and being able to execute. Really, it just comes down to execution. Maybe a little bit of confidence once you get a couple plays, make a couple plays. It just comes down to a little confidence.

(on what prompted him to shuffle the offensive line mid-game)

I'm just trying to make decisions that are best for the football team where I see fit. Whether that be in any position, plays, or schedule, I try to do my best just to make the decision with the team's best interest in mind.

(on the cornerback Malcolm Butler's interception)

I think that they were put in some tough positions, but that's what you do. You play defense. Great defenses, they go out there and play defense wherever they have to. Our guys did a great job second half of getting the ball back, and then obviously late in the game, a huge stop to give us an opportunity to do something with the football, and the offense did an amazing job.

(on Malcolm Butler's first game back from his injury)

He came back, he battled, he had to leave the game last week, and so he did everything that the doctors and training staff asked him to do. He stayed up on his preparation. It was great for him to come out there and ice the game. It was huge. He had another great third-down tackle on a flare pass that they tried to run. Dean (Pees) made a great call, and most importantly the players executed, and that's the situation.

(on what clicked with Marcus Mariota when his accuracy picked up)

There's a lot of things that probably go into the passing game. It starts with protection. You've got to get a quarterback in this league time to step up and read it. Very rarely is it the first read. If that was the case, then there wouldn't be any issues. But, sometimes that guy's covered, or sometimes they take it away. You have to have time to come back, and I thought the guys did a good job. They fought through some contact, which we knew there was going to be in this league. Sometimes they let them play, sometimes they don't. It was good to see a lot of guys make plays.

(on if cornerback Adoree' Jackson could have contributed more with returns in the game)

One thing we talk about is making sure that we have the ball at the end of a play. The next thing we talk about is getting up field and taking care of the football. I'm sure he's frustrated and would like to have not fair caught the ball. We'll work on those things. It's a part of fixing problems after the game, or after practice, whether it be on special teams, or offense and defense.

(on how much of a difference it was to have wide receiver Taywan Taylor healthy and active)

For him to be able to come out there – you know, we missed him early, but Matt (LaFleur) and everybody felt like he could get behind him. We needed that. We need that vertical threat, a guy that's going to get the football. The more that we can have everybody healthy, including Taywan (Taylor), and everybody else, the better. They can't just sit on you. They can't just sit on routes and bump you at the top of the route. We have to be able to run by them every now and again.

(on why he opted to keep throwing deep to Taywan Taylor)

They call them 50/50 balls. We were 66, you know, 27, or whatever the rest of it is, 30. I'm not good at my math. What is it, 37 percent? Thirty-three and a third. (on if he has confidence in Marcus Mariota to take control when it's critical for the game)

I think just having leaders and guys that have different personalities is critical. One thing we talk about on having a strong team, is that everybody respects the next person – coaching staff, players, everybody that helps in our organization. We appreciate the fact that everybody is different. Marcus (Mariota) isn't going to be that guy giving a pep talk. He's very calm, cool, and collected. He takes control of the huddle – you can see him in the most critical situations he's at his best. That's great to see. That's really the challenge. That's the measure of an athlete – when the pressure mounts, or what would appear to be a critical situation, that you have players that are willing to step up to make plays when your team needs it.

(on how today's win will direct the flow of the rest of the season)

It sure beats losing. I don't know what to tell you, but we're going to try to get back to work early and enjoy this here. But, we've got a heck of a challenge on Thursday night.

QUARTERBACK MARCUS MARIOTA*_(on what started clicking for the team after the first half)_*

Well, I think, to be honest with you, we kind of limited those penalties in the second half, I felt like. In the first half, I thought those were getting us hard downs and distances, really kind of stopped rhythm and momentum. Being able to cut those in the second half, I think, really helped us out.

(on how he felt when he got the ball back in the fourth quarter)

We still get a chance. I believe in every single one of those guys. I knew the guys up front were going to give us some time, guys outside were going to do a good job of finding ways to get open. Guys just made plays, and we were able to get it done. It wasn't pretty, but you know, sometimes you've got to win like that in this league.

(on what was going through his mind during the 25-yard play in the final drive)

Just try to make a play. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and I got lucky. I was fortunate enough to grab the ball. But yeah, man, I was trying to make a play for my guys.

(on if there was fight at the bottom of the pile)

There's a whole lot going on down there. I was just doing my best to hold on to it.

(on connecting with wide receiver Taywan Taylor today and how big those passes were)

I mean, I have all the confidence in the world in every single one of those guys, and Tay (Taywan Taylor) did a good job of finding ways to get behind those guys. I missed him. I mean, it's just one of those things. I'm glad we had an opportunity to go back and make a couple plays, and he did for us.

(on how he saw the interception early in the game)

I was high in protection and it was just a mistake, to be honest with you. I can't be throwing a hot route blind, you know? You've got to see what's going on in front of it. Trumaine (Johnson) did a good job of making a play.

(on being down 16-0 and the team remaining poised and finding a way to win)

To be honest with you, it really comes down to – we've got a group of guys that trust and believe in one another. That's all you need. Doesn't matter what the score is, doesn't matter what's happened in the first half. It's a fun group to be a part of, and we've got a lot of work in front us, but nice to get a win and pull one out.

(on if he felt off in the first half)

For sure, yeah. I missed a few and I made a bad read early on. You're not going to be able to play at a high level all the time. It's being able to handle that, stick to your process, and just find ways to win. That's all that matters in this league.

(on game winning drives and how his game has elevated)

Ask the guys around me. These guys find ways to make plays. I'm just the guy that's kind of distributing and allowing these guys to go do their thing. Everyone seemed calm in the huddle, and we knew if we just got an opportunity to get in the red zone, we'd have a chance to win.

(on the playcall on the touchdown pass to wide receiver Corey Davis)

It was a just great play call. I think Matt (LaFleur) had a read on what was coming, and Corey (Davis) did good job of finding the soft spot and finishing the play.

(on how hard it is to find a rhythm when there aren't connections on third down)

Yeah, it is harder. It's hard to keep momentum going. It's hard to score points. To be able to be an efficient offense, you have to be able to convert third downs, and stay in third-and-manageable. We were not able to do that at all, to be honest with you. It's something we've got to improve if we want to get to where we want to go. We'll look back at the tape and find ways to improve.

(on how much of an impact wide receiver Taywan Taylor made returning from injury today)

Huge, huge. For a guy that has been banged up and to come back, kind of take it in stride, he deserves a lot of credit. He much a bunch of plays tonight.

(on it being homecoming for the Titans today)

Yeah, it was awesome. I grew up watching all those guys. To be able to meet them and talk to them, hang out with them a little bit was really cool. It was a really fun weekend.

(on how the team makes sure to not look ahead and just take one game at a time)

Coach (Mike) Vrabel does a good job of keeping everything in perspective. All we can control is what's going on today. We've just got to work at our process, find ways to improve every single day, and just attack it. We'll see what happens. Hopefully, at the end of the season, we'll like where we're at.


(on what it felt like to help the Titans' defense seal a win at the end of the game)

It is what is expected of me, and anybody else on the team. Not being such a slow start, but just to keep working and never give in. Just cut it to the metal at all times. This one's for my teammates, my coaches, my son, my family. Just want to be successful, man. It showed our mental and physical toughness. We never gave up regardless of how the game went. We could have thrown in the towel, but we kept fighting. It was a character game, and we showed great character.

(on the mindset of the Titans defense coming out the second half)

We just had to keep fighting. We knew that our defense wasn't giving up any points like that. So, we just had to keep doing what we do, and make some plays so the offense can get the ball and do what they did tonight.

(on what went through his mind as the ball came towards him on his game-sealing fourth quarter interception)

It most definitely was in the air for a long time. I didn't know whether to go up with my hands and my body – I think I bodied it. It was just a great play, and an end-of-the-game situation. It is what it is. Most definitely knew the game would be over as there wasn't much time on the clock.


(on the victory and the performance of the Titans defense)

It's a great win, a shoutout to the Jets. They played a great game too and have a great defense. It definitely was a defensive battle, it went down all the way to the wire. I am happy about the win, but I'm just more upset because defensively, that's how we are. The past two weeks we haven't been consistent – I'm speaking defensively, that's who we are. I'm just more upset that we need to bring it every week, don't take anything off. Today was a great win, and definitely going to look at the mistakes and get ready for the Jags.

(on the play of the Titans' defense the second half)

Nobody wanted the Jets to have the ball at the end with a chance to win the game. We were just in a situation where we wanted to stop them and get the ball back to our offense, and we did. I feel defensively, we were in a great zone with a great rhythm, had a lot of momentum. Guys were making plays and doing things necessary to get off the field. Everything was clicking. Never take a win for granted, and the Jets played a great game. I'm just more upset that defensively this is who we are, and we let two (games) go the previous two weeks, and it still kind of hurts me because I know defensively what we are all about, and it showed today.


(on the defense keeping the Jets out of the end zone and holding them to field goals)

It was huge because like I said man, we played so poorly. You're talking about a pick six, a blocked punt, a blocked field goal. Most games we were supposed to lose, but I think that the fact that we were holding those guys out of the end zone when they had short fields, so hats off to the defense.

(on guys making individual plays – Taywan Taylor and Malcolm Butler)

That's what we expect from those guys. We expect a guy like Taywan (Taylor) to take the top off the defense every time he goes on a post route. And a guy like Malcolm (Butler), a guy I've been talking to all year telling him to keep his head up. He's been playing good football. Keep your head up because we are going to need you late in the year in games like this and he went and made the game-winning pick, so I'm happy for him.

(on the defense getting its first turnover in 16 quarters)

It was the perfect time to get it though. It doesn't matter how we got it, we got the turnover to win the game. Now we are on to Jacksonville.


(on needing a score on the last drive to win)

We just stayed together and made it about us. Guys making plays and just trusting in one another, staying confident and staying poised and came out on top.

(on the play of the defense)

Defense played their butts off. Kudos to those guys, they were out there getting huge stops for us and put us in position to win.

(on having a short week to get ready for Thursday)

We just have to be professionals about it, we know what comes with it. We going to prepare and get ready. We aren't taking anybody for granted. We're going focus on getting another win.


(on making adjustments at halftime)

We knew we had to put that one behind us and move forward in the second half and try to keep playing the ball we know how to play.

(on the game-winning drive)

We had the confidence in that two-minute drive. Marcus (Mariota) did a great job. The line did a great job of holding up and giving him a nice pocket while the receivers made great plays. It was a great last-minute drive.

(on making plays to help the team win)

I was excited to do what I could to help out in the two-minute stuff and help our team win. It was a great win for us.


(on the first half and the team's mindset at halftime)

We shot ourselves in the foot a little bit, but it's been the identity of this team the whole year is being resilient and getting through adversity and sticking together. We put everything behind us in the first half and came out in the second half and looked at the score like it was 0-0 and a whole new game.

We came out and locked in and pulled off a great win.

(On returning from injury and contributing with big plays)

It felt good. I'm not really used to the injury thing. It's my first time being injured and missing a few games, so I was definitely excited to get back out there. I was stoked and ready to go. I was glad I could get out there and help my brothers win.

(On making plays in the fourth quarter)

You are definitely playing for a lot. It's all about being ready. Came off an injury today and was ready to get back out here with my brothers and get in the game and stay locked into the game at all times and be ready when my number is called.

That's everybody's job. That's our job as NFL players to be ready to make plays when we go out there. We did that and was able to pull out a win against a great team.


(on how tough it was to bounce back after the first half)

It was just real slow for us, honestly. We made it happen in the second half. The defense was playing really well. We just have to start faster than we did today. But, like I said, we got the W.

(on how big the touchdown was at the end of the first half)

It was big. It kind of got momentum going into the half and that was big, getting some type of points going into the locker room. It mattered in the end.

(on not having any third down conversions until the winning touchdown play)

I mean that's an ugly stat, but we got the win. We have a lot to clean up moving forward tomorrow. We've got a lot to clean up, but winning, it feels good.

(on what the mindset was going into last drive)

Score. It's that simple. We know we needed to score to win so we did. I had the easy part, honestly. Marcus (Mariota), that was an unreal run. He continues to make it happen. We believe in each other, very resilient. We never gave up on each other and got the win.

(on the calmness heading into final drive)

In the huddle, there was honestly no panic. Marcus came in the huddle and set the tone. He told us that's kind of what we do. We did it.


(on coming back to post the win)

The team never gave up. The second half, we played really good complementary football. You would like to see touchdowns in the red zone there, twice, so it doesn't have to be such a nail biter in the end. But like I said, we played good ball there at the end to pull out the win.

(on having the short week coming up)

Well you just have to focus on everyone getting their body back, just making sure you feel good and are ready to go in 96 hours. It's exactly 96 hours until we play, so we've got to get in tomorrow and jump on those guys and get as far as ahead we can, as soon as we can.


(on defense in today's game)

We got our identity back. It got took from us and we got it back.

(on getting the quarterback sacks)

We got a little competition going. Everybody is trying to eat, everybody is trying to get sacks, so we are trying to see who wins at the end of the day. You win pride right there.


(on what was said going into final drive)

There wasn't too much that needed to be said. In the huddle, we kind of looked each other in the eyes, we knew it was time to go. We have been in these situations plenty of times during the season. We are familiar with it. We are not going to shy away from it, and you know, we came up once again and Corey made a big play to get us in the end zone. Our defense held it for us at the end, so it was a total team victory.

(on little time to have to celebrate with a Thursday game)

We know they are going to come in ready to go. A division opponent, it's always going to be a tough battle. We got to put this one behind us after today. It feels good right now, but we got to get ready for Thursday night and protect our home once again.


(on the inability of the team to score inside the red zone)

It's frustrating. We had a hold of the game in the first half, until the last two minutes. And we had plenty of time to put the game away in the first half and we didn't put it away in the first half and we had plenty of time in the second half, be it an inability to execute or penalties killed us. We killed ourselves, rather, the penalties didn't kill us, and it's a frustrating game.

(on why the team cannot finish during crunch time)

If I knew the answer to that, honestly, we'd be finishing right now. We're doing the same thing we've been doing. At some point, we've got to make a play to win a ball game. We had four penalties in the last drive alone that kept the drive alive. That shouldn't have happened. That should've never happened. We played the same way the whole day and just dumb mistakes at dumb times cost us ball games. That's why we're in the position we're in.

(on if he is upset because of this loss)

I'm fuming. It may not show here, but yeah, I'm fuming.

(on thinking whether settling for field goals would come back to get the team)

No, we weren't thinking that way. Just padding onto the stats that you have and the lead you had. We had plenty of chances to put the game away and put our foot on their throats and we didn't do it. We've got to score and we've got to stop them at certain times. We've got to stop them and we've definitely got to score when we get down there. We haven't for quite some time.

(on whether the offense is broken because of only three offensive touchdowns in the last five games)

It's not broken. We're not making plays.

(on if quarterback Josh McCown changed the call on the third-and-five play)

No, that was the call. We knew we were going to keep them in bounds and they were sending everybody up the middle. We tried to get outside but stay in bounds and they got us and we made him use the timeout like we planned on (them) using.

(on the ineffective offense in the red zone)

I wish I could answer that question. We haven't scored in quite some time consistently and we get stuck every time we get there. Thank goodness for (Jason) Myers and that's not enough to win ball games. We've got to be able to score touchdowns and stop people and we have not done that, especially today.

(on making changes to the offense)

I'm playing everybody I can.

(on how difficult it is to be asked the same questions 12 weeks into the season)

It's difficult to go through as a coach. I'm sure it's difficult to go through as a player but we're big boys and we put our pants on and we take our butt-kicking and the mistakes we made we cost ourselves and everybody's got to look in the mirror.

(on the big plays the Titans were able to hit in the second half)

Time in the pocket, some coverages, some were penalties. We just have to do a better job. Even that, we should close the game out and we didn't close it out on either side.

(on the number of penalties during the last drive of the game)

We were doing very well, except for last week, until today. We were up in the top 10 in fewest penalties, and today, I don't know how many we had, but it felt like we had one on every play, but it cost us, and it's disgusting.

(on the tone of his post-game talk)

Pissed off. Frustrated. Look in the mirror. Just look in the mirror. We won't be a good football team until we're a smart football team.

(on if quarterback Sam Darnold could have played today)

He could have played; he just needed more reps. You just can't bring him back after 14 to 17 days. Even if he's healthy, to not have timing and everything else and put him out there today in a game like this. We'll reload this week and see where he is.

(on if quarterback Sam Darnold will play next week)

I don't know. It's too early.

(on how close they are to being a smart football team)

Judging by today's game, we're far. Before today, we weren't very far.

(on how this situation compares to other situations he has faced in his coaching career)

It's a loss. I mean every loss for me is difficult throughout my career whether I've been playing or coaching, so we lock and load, and then we reload, and you get pissed off again. You consistently find ways to try to get better, however you do it. That's what I've got to do.

(on how he plans to keep the locker room together and salvage the final four games of the season)

Trying to win; trying to play the right way. Trying to play smart; trying to get better as a team is all we can salvage for the season.

(on if he has been concerned up to this point about the fractures in the locker room)

We're not fractured. We're frustrated, we're pissed off, but we're not fractured. When I speak to people after the game, including myself, I'm going to be pissed off and frustrated at the same time. We'll reload and regroup. Everyone's got their own feelings and understands where they're at, and we'll go from there.

(on if he feels as though he is running out of time this season)

We run out of time every game we play. You still have to become a good football team, a smart football team and not beat yourself, and we beat ourselves. We've still got to be better at that, so that's what we're going to work on.


(on settling for field goals coming back to bite the Jets)

Yeah, I mean, you can't do that. You've got to get seven when you're down there, and we didn't do that. And, yeah, if you do that too much in the NFL it will come back to get you and it certainly did us today.

(on how to improve the red zone offense moving forward)

Well, I mean, we'll look at what we can do different, better, to help ourselves and move forward. Today, we just weren't good enough when we got down there, and guys got to look at what we can do to be better and do our best to get it fixed.

(on if the offense's problems are related to play calling or execution)

All I know is execution; as a player that's your part. So, we will have to look at the film and see what we could have done, you know, better; how we could have executed better.

(on when he knew he was starting today's game)

Yeah, he told us later in the week.(on settling for field goals in the first half)

Yeah, I mean, I think again, you know, especially after turnovers you got to go get seven and we didn't do that. You know, when you get the ball in advantageous positions you got to go score and get seven. You can't stack threes up all day. It's going to come back and get you and it got us.


(on how he would summarize this game)

I would say that it would be a lack of discipline. You can definitely tag that in there. It is unfortunate because, the coaches put in game plans that should work, but it is little stuff – penalties and that kind of thing. We end up getting put in positions that we shouldn't be in. What can a coach do? A hold or anything like that, they can't control that. That's on us. We have to play smarter. It has kind of been a thing all year. It is pretty frustrating. But even with that, with myself, I can only say so much. If I'm not playing a perfect game I cant be mad at anyone else. You just keep going back into the lab and try to figure it out. I guess we have to weed out the guys that aren't disciplined. I don't know how it works. It can be frustrating for sure.

(on if the players have to hold each other accountable)

That is exactly what needs to happen. We have to do a better job of that. I'm going to keep saying that it's just undisciplined – you can't coach not holding. You can't coach getting those types of penalties, and getting false starts, and all of those types of things.

(on if the offense is 'broken' at this point)

As an offensive weapon, I don't want to believe that. I want to believe that we are all capable of scoring. It's hard to really say.


(on how frustrating the loss was)

It was very frustrating. Any loss is frustrating. We just have to come back and regroup, and figure out how to get a win next week.

(on the reasons behind the offensive struggles to get into the endzone)

As playmakers, we just have to step up and make plays. We're doing a great job of moving the ball, but for some reason we just couldn't get into the endzone. We just have to make more plays.

(on if running the ball was the game plan coming into the game)

I feel like it is always the game plan. I feel like we did a great job (running the ball). Our offensive line did a great job. We were able to move the ball good.

(on the penalties continuing to be an issue)

I just feel like we have to step up as a team and get more disciplined. We just have to take care of our responsibilities. That's everybody as a whole.


(on the team not making enough plays and making too many mistakes)

That's what it is. This game is won by players. The coaches put us in good positions, and we made some mistakes, and committed penalties and didn't execute.

(on the difficulty of these tough losses)

It definitely hurts, especially when you had a contributing factor to the loss. That makes it hurt even more, because you see how hard these guys are working, and have worked throughout the season, and throughout the week, and the amount of time the coaches put in. For players like myself and others that are committing the penalties, it's just bad football. At the end of the day, it's not on the coaches. It's on us. They put us in position, and they harp on penalties, and all of this stuff. For us to go out there and commit the penalties, it's our fault. It's on us.

(on if this was as tough of a loss since he has been with the Jets)

Yeah, especially because I had a contributing factor in that. I had a penalty in a crucial situation, and in order for a team to be successful you can't do that. That's on me, and every other player that committed a penalty. It's not on the coach, because they had the perfect game plan. We had everything. Coaches put us in the perfect position. It's just on players like myself, and others that aren't playing team ball, and committing those penalties.


(on the level of frustration after the loss)

You're holding the lead the whole game, and you're just losing on some stupid stuff towards the end. We just got to finish better.

(on having only scored two touchdowns in the recent games)

It's definitely frustrating, especially when the defense is doing a great job of putting us, and Andre Roberts is doing a tremendous job of putting us, in great field position. We're coming up with field goals which is nice, but in order to be really successful in this league we've got to put up points, and we're not doing that right now.

(on the emotions in the locker room after the game)

I mean, everybody's pretty pissed in here. We had control of the game, and we lost.


(on the blame for the loss)

That game's on us. You can't sit here and say anything on, 'They didn't coach us right.' None of that. It's on us. Penalties. Same story, different day.

(on losing the game at the end)

It's tough doing your job 95 percent of the game, and then the last five percent, you shoot yourself in the foot, and that's all on us as players. I don't want to hear no stigma about coaches or nothing. Its players, discipline, and everybody needs to hold themselves accountable, period.


(on defending quarterback Marcus Mariota in the second half)

I know the first touchdown we just had a communication error. Just didn't pass off the right person, and had a guy wide open. It was just some breakdowns in the second half. They always seem to creep up.

(on the Jets' "undisciplined" penalties)

Penalties killed us, on both sides of the ball. It was too sloppy, way too sloppy. We kept them in it. It gives the team life. Give them first-and-five, it's tough. It's really tough. We got a chance to get off the field, and we do dumb stuff.

(on the lack of turnovers)

We kept trying. I had it out on the quarterback run in the fourth quarter, and I thought that we were going to get it, but he recovered it. We just couldn't get it to fall our way.

(on whether they hold each other accountable)

Yeah, it's getting to a point now where it's becoming annoying because we're not doing what we're supposed to do. We still got to keep policing everybody, myself included. We got to try to eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

The Tennessee Titans take on the New York Jets in Week 13 of the 2018 season on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

More than 80 former Titans players return to Nissan Stadium as part of the team's 2018 homecoming weekend in Nashville. (Photos: Gary Glenn)