Titans Halftime Quotes vs. Saints


(on the first half)

We turned the ball over too many times, and that's what kills you.  Other than that, we were pretty good on third down. We moved the ball and were successful in the red zone.  There were a lot of good things, but we can't give up the sacks and have to eliminate the turnovers.  Defensively, we have to play our scheme better.  It was not what we were shooting for.  They did a better job after that first drive, but we have to continue to work. 


(on the defense in the first half)

I think we picked it up a little bit after the first drive.  We definitely have to improve on third down.  We got them into some third-and-longs, and we just have to make a play to get them off the field.  We were able to respond though.  We came back and got them off the field a couple times.  We have to work on the same thing though—we don't want to give up points on that opening drive.  That has to continue to fuel us and motivate us when we get back to work next week at practice. 


(on the starting offense against the Saints)

The offense was clicking, and we were moving the ball real well in the first half.  Jake was on point and was making all the throws.  I thought we came out of the locker room and started fast.

(on his two touchdowns)

On the first touchdown, I just swept my feet.  It was a regular fade that we had been working on in practice.  Jake and I have established a really good rhythm on that play.  On the second one, (Brian) Robiskie cleared it out for me.  Zach made the throw, and I came through and took it to the house.

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