Titans Halftime Quotes vs. Packers


(on the first half)

Well, conditions were pretty tough. It's something that we get a chance to look at and work on. We had some mistakes, but we made some good plays. We had some guys that made some plays.  I thought Daimion Stafford made some good plays out there on defense. QB JAKE LOCKER

(on if he feels the weather affected the offense)

It was a lot of water. Given the circumstances, we were able to move the ball a little bit running it. We would have liked to do a little better in the passing game, but it's something that we know we can work on going forward.

(on if playing in this rain helps prepare the team for inclement weather in the future)

Yeah, you get an opportunity to kind of troubleshoot a little bit. Some of the things that were difficult for you, you find a way to fix them. That was a good thing for us tonight.


(on the starting defense's performance)

Obviously, we would have loved to come out and play great football that first series and get a three-and-out. We had to go back out there and Titan up and play our defense, play the Titans' defense. We didn't do that the first drive, the second drive we did.

(on the weather)

It's football weather. Any weather is football weather. This is my first time playing in a rainy, rainy game like this. It's good practice.

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