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Titans Halftime Quotes


(on the first half)

When you have that first play, I think we did a good job overcoming that.  They had that free play for the touchdown, and that's a tough way to start a game.  The defense only gave up three points and got an interception.  They came back and did a couple of good things there.  We gave up some yards at times but didn't give up points.  The most exciting thing was the offense at the end of the half moving down the field, and we gave ourselves a chance with the field goal.  We started showing some life.   


(on his feelings returning to play in Seattle)

It definitely felt weird to be back.  But at the same time, it was great to see the familiar faces.  The reception I got from the fans in both the pregame and during the game was humbling.  I tried to address the team right before the game.  I didn't think I would get choked up, but I got a little choked up and ended up not really having anything to say.  I'm disappointed that the stats weren't better and we weren't able to score, but all in all, it was great to be back.

(on the interception returned for a touchdown)

On the first play, I had a choice to take a shot down the field to Jared Cook or take a quick completion to Nate Washington on the left.  I decided to throw to Nate, and it was kind of a freak thing.  It reminded me of my first pass the last time I was in this stadium, which was intercepted against the Saints.  I remember Pete (Carroll) coming up to me after that pass and saying not to worry about it because we had the rest of the game to play.  It was disappointing it started that way, not at all how I envisioned it.     


(on the performance of the starting defense)

I thought we did a pretty good job after the first drive.  They moved the ball on us and had some success, but we held them to a field goal.  Then we came back the next drive and got a turnover.  We definitely have some things to correct, but overall it was a solid start.


(on his interception)

It was basically a play-action. I was moving back in my coverage, and the quarterback threw it my way.  Before that it was frustrating for me, personally.  I had a few missed tackles early, which was disappointing.  Defensively, on third down we have to get off the field.  I think the positive thing we got out of it was we only let them score three points.  We didn't let them score a touchdown and were able to get a turnover and some sacks.       

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