Titans Halftime Quotes


 (on the first half)

 Offensively, we were in some tough situations a couple of times.  We have to run it better.  We put ourselves in some third-and-longs, and we gave up some pressure and made mistakes. But I like the way they responded at the end of the half.  Obviously the big play for the touchdown gave us a little momentum and fired up the defense.  We have to continue with that. 

 On defense, we can't allow them to make those short passes on us early in the game, get tripped up and give them big plays.  We have to eliminate that.   


 (on the defense bouncing back after the Falcons' early success)

 We've been doing bad the last couple weeks on the first drive and wrapping it up after that.  It's something we have to work on.  We have to keep getting better.  When we get everything going and everyone is communicating and on the same page, we can show the world what we can do.  We just have to start faster and put our offense in better situations.


 (on the starting offense against the Falcons)

 We had some spurts of good play, but overall we have a lot of improvement to make.  We can't come out here like we did today and perform the way we did.  There are things we have to work on across the board.  Overall, we had a couple of splash plays, but we have to get better.

 (on his 63-yard touchdown reception)

 It felt good.  It was something we've been working on all week.  It's something the coaches have been harping on with quarters coverage.  They were going to give us an opportunity to take a shot with the post.  We saw the coverage and ran the post.  Jake just found me.

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