Titans Halftime Quotes


(on what he liked about the first half)

The run game looked good. I thought CJ (Chris Johnson) had a nice run and made a guy miss for a big run. I think Shonn Greene came in and did a nice job also. He scored on a nice run. That was fun to watch. Just a little inconsistent on offense, had a drop, had a defensive penalty that really hurt us on a 15-yard play for them. Solid effort, but could be a little better. That's what the preseason's for.

(on how the defense played)

We came back after the beginning. We had the one penalty that hurt us, but after that, I thought the first group settled down. We got a three-and-out twice, and gave the offense the ball in good position. The last drive was a little sloppy I thought. We have to play a little better there, but you know, we're just getting started.


(on the offense's performance)

We started off on our first drive a little slow, but I thought we had three really good drives after that. We moved the ball well, we overcame some tough down-and-distances and converted on some big third downs. That was our goal, just to come out and build some momentum, have some drives and put 14 points on the board. I thought our run game looked really good. Like I said, we were able to convert in clutch situations, on third down and in our passing game. It was really good for our first time out, I felt, and things that we can build on.

(on staying in the game longer to get into a rhythm after a three-and-out and a one-play touchdown drive)

That was only four plays for us at that point. For us to get a few more drives after that was great. We were able to go down and move the ball, get first downs and grind out some drives with our defense sitting on the sideline, catching their wind a little bit. That was good to see that.


(on his long touchdown run)

We basically had the outside zone play stretch. They were running real hard on the outside, so I cut it back. When I got through the line, it was either the corner or the safety, and I just gave him a move. My offensive line, they got a great push on it, and they pushed those guys to the right side and gave me a cutback lane.

(on whether he is encouraged with the running game tonight)

It's very encouraging. We've been doing a great job in practices, just making our reads and going to the lanes that our offensive line is creating. It's just a situation that we want to continue to get better and better every week. We know we're doing a good job, but we don't think we're there yet. We just want to keep getting better and better.


(on how the starting defense performed) I thought we did a decent job. We just need to settle down a little bit earlier and execute our assignments a little better. We gave up a long drive to start, and we just have to do a better job of settling down and executing.

(on what the defense needs to improve on going forward)

We're not where we need to be. I know a lot of guys have high expectations for us on defense. We just need to keep working and look on the tape and see what we can get better at.

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