Titans GM Jon Robinson on Making Trade with Eagles



(opening statement)

This morning we finalized a trade that sent Dorial Green-Beckham to Philadelphia in exchange for Dennis Kelly, an offensive lineman.  Appreciate what Dorial (Green-Beckham) did here.  We wish him nothing but the best there in Philly.  Looking forward to Dennis (Kelly) getting here, and getting to work later on tonight.

(on how long this deal had been in the works)*

This time of year a lot of teams talk back and forth with each other about ... we may have a surplus here, we may have a need there.  We obviously have done business with Philly in the past, and we kind of connected late in the week last week, and went through the weekend, and then it kind of manifested itself today.

(on whether there was frustration that Dorial Green-Beckham wasn't progressing as quickly as the team would have liked)

I think it was just inconsistencies.  You know, we've talked about that before.  Wanting to come in on a day-in-and-day-out basis, and perform at a level that's expected of Titans.  Again, the best of luck to him there in Philly, and we're looking forward to Dennis (Kelly).

(on why he made the decision to make the trade now)

It made sense for both teams.  I mean Dennis (Kelly) has to come in here and learn our offense, and Dorial (Green-Beckham) has to go out there and learn their offense.  So to be fair to both players, and give those guys time to get into a system to learn what they're going to do, instead of throwing them kind of into the fire week one.

(on if there was a level of disappointment with Dorial Green-Beckham's performance)*

Yeah, I wouldn't say that.  I think it was just value based.  Dennis (Kelly) was a guy that we thought would help our football team, that would make us a more competitive position group up there.  You know, he's played three positions, started a lot -- started 15 games in the NFL at [guard and left and right tackle] so we're looking forward to working with him.

(on if he plans on making Dennis Kelly a back-up left tackle)

We'll put him in, you know work him all along the front.

Titans players take the field for Day 13 of training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Gary Glenn)

(on how the receivers remaining on the roster should react to the trade)*

It wasn't a statement, it was just doing what we thought was best for the team.  You know, the NFL's a business and again, we've said it since January -- we're trying to put the most competitive 90-man team on the football field, and I think we did that today.

(on how Dorial Green-Beckham reacted to news of the trade)

I explained the situation to him, and he obviously only knows Nashville, because he was drafted here, and just wished him the best of luck.  He was thankful for the opportunity here, and that was it.

(on if Dennis Kelly is a better fit here than he was in Philadelphia)

Yeah, again, offensively I don't know system wise what they're running up there -- terminology, play calls and all that.  I just think based on his skillset he's big, he's smart, he's tough, and he's versatile.  Again, he's played a lot of positions, so I think he'll be a nice added mix to that group for us.

(on if he would have made this trade had Byron Bell been healthy)

Again, we just deal with the situations that come.  It's like would we make this play-call if it, you know, if this happened.  That was the hand that we were dealt with, and we have to go with it.

Titans Online looks at the career of former Eagles OL Dennis Kelly, who was acquired in a trade for WR Dorial Green-Beckham. (AP Photos)

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