Titans fill need on defensive line with athletic Jones






(on where he expected to go in the draft)

Me and my agent discussed it and knew that I had a very good chance of going in the later part of the second round and if I didn't go then the early part of the third.

(on how much interest the Titans showed and who else was interested)

They showed a lot of interest when I went there, especially the D-line coach really liked me. I sat down with Coach Fisher and he really liked me so I got a good vibe from them. They were probably ranked number one on my list, but I also thought Minnesota and Tampa Bay were going to try to get me. I'm so excited right now to be a Tennessee Titan.

(on if he is relieved to be selected on the first day of the draft)

I was just sitting there playing cards. I have been sweating all day and when it got to the second round I was getting kind of nervous and anxious, but I am so happy now and don't have to sleep funny. I know where I am going.

(on if he is more of a defensive end or tackle)

That is up to the Tennessee Titans. I am a very versatile player so I'm going to let them decide that. Right now I am just happy to come.

(on how he was used in college)

In college, I played both but mostly inside.

(on switching from tight end in college to defensive line)

I liked it. It is paying off right now. I liked that move. I didn't like offense too much anyway. This where I need to be at, defensive line.

(on his wingspan and the advantage it brings)

That is something I felt I used to my advantage in college. I feel like I can use it a little more. Hopefully with the help of Coach Washburn he will help me become a great defensive lineman in the NFL.

(on what Coach Washburn told him about his game)

He said I had natural talent and natural ability. He said with his coaching he can get me there. I am a very raw person right now. I know my technique needs to be improved but I feel with his help and my athletic ability, we can make things happen.

(on what he knows about the defensive linemen already on the team)

Actually when I came in for a visit I met [Kyle] Vanden Bosch. I know [Albert] Haynesworth is still there. They just signed Jevon Kearse. I going to come in there and there are veterans I can learn from. They can help me out as well too.

(on what he thinks about the veterans on the team)

They are some hard workers, especially Vanden Bosch. He is a hard worker and that is something I think I can learn from him. Albert Haynesworth is a very good defensive lineman too. Jevon Kearse speaks for himself. I feel that with that supporting cast around me, I feel I can be a great player.

(on what his strengths are)

My strengths as a D-lineman I feel like my versatility – I can play inside and outside, my get-off on the ball and my speed and my long arms.

(on what he wants people to know about him)

Just that I'm a real good person at heart. When I get on the football field, I'm going to work hard for the fans and I'm going to work hard for my team to produce wins.

(on how long he spent down at D1 training in Franklin)

I spent two months down there from December 18 all the way to the Combine. We actually stayed in Franklin but I got a chance to experience the Nashville life and the people and I really liked it. That is why I felt when I left there if I ended up playing there I thought I could live there and have fun there.

(on if he still weighs 270 and if he plans on playing at that weight)

Right now I weigh 270 and it depends on if they want me to gain weight or lose weight.

(on if he is able to go either way with the weight)


(on what card game he was playing)

I was playing spades with my friends.

(on whether he was winning)

Oh, yes.

(on if he was surprised to be picked)

To tell you the truth when the Titans came up and I saw the pick was in I didn't think they were going to call. I thought they were going to pick someone else. I saw a 615 number on my cell phone and my heart started pumping real fast. I picked it up and sure enough it was the Titans and they were saying they were getting ready to draft me. That was it.

(on whom he spoke with first)

I talked to Coach Jeff Fisher and then I talked to the general manager and then I talked to Coach Washburn.

(on if he knows any guys on the team and whether he has played against them in college)

No, none at all.

(on his comparison to other players from bigger schools)

I feel once I got to the Senior Bowl and the first and second practices got under my belt, I felt like I belonged out there. Even though I was from Eastern Michigan, I felt like I belonged out there with the other people.

(on whether he went into the Senior Bowl wondering where he stood)

No. Actually I went in and I didn't want to be just another small school person. I wanted to make a name for myself and get a buzz from down there to help me out as far as in this process. I went down there with kind of a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to prove something.

(on who his agent is)

Mike McCartney.

(on other college teams recruiting him)

Just Eastern Michigan. That was my only football scholarship. I was all-state in basketball and I averaged 25 [points] and 15 [rebounds] in basketball. I kind of excelled on the basketball court. I did pretty good on the football field, but I excelled more on the basketball court.

(on basketball offers from college)

I didn't get any offers. If I probably would have waited because signing day for football is before signing day for basketball. I didn't know if I was going to get something, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to have my school paid for and my parents didn't have to pay for school. I just took it and made the best out of it.