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Titans Fans Share Their Mock Drafts in a Special Edition, NFL Draft Mailbag


DETROIT – It's time.

Well, almost.

The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday here on the Motor City.

The Titans currently hold the 7th overall pick, and they're scheduled to make seven picks overall.

I asked for Titans fans to send me their own mock drafts, and you delivered.

Thanks for responding.

So, let's roll out your picks for the Titans, and see who nails it… or not.

Ian McCabe from Aberdare, Wales
I've filled the holes and completed our roster for the Lombardi to make it's way to Nashville!
7. Joe Alt, OT , Notre Dame
*traded pick 38 for 47 and 70*
47. Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson
70. Junior Colson, LB, Michigan
106. Malik Washington, WR, Virginia
146. Christian Jones, OT, Texas
182. Mohamed Kamara, EDGE, Colorado State
242. Marcellas Dial, CB, South Carolina
252. Fabien Lovett, DT, Florida State

Jordan Ogden from Bloomsdale, Missouri
Here is my mock draft with a trade with Green bay swapping the 38th pick for the 58th and 88th
7 - Joe Alt - Notre Dame (LT)
58 - Bralen Trice - Washington (Edge)
88 - Jaden Hicks - WSU - (SS)
106 - Maason Smith - LSU (DT/DE)
146 - Luke McCaffrey - Rice (WR)
182 - Edefuan Ulofoshio - Washington (ILB)
242 - Walter Rouse - Oklahoma (OT)
252 - Evan Anderson - FAU (NT)

David LaWare from Milton, Georgia
Traded back 2 spots in Round 4 to pick up an extra 6th -- Titans trade Rd 4, Pick 106 w/ Steelers for picks 108, 177.
Could use some more OL pieces, but overall covers a wide range of Titans depth needs:
Rd 1, Pick 7: Joe Alt, T (Notre Dame)
Rd 2, Pick 38: Ladd McConkey, WR (Georgia)
Rd 4, Pick 108: Jarrian Jones, CB (Florida St.)
Rd 5, Pick 146: Cedric Gray, LB (North Carolina)
Rd 6, Pick 177: Kitan Oladapo, S (Oregon St.)
Rd 6, Pick 182: Kimani Vidal, RB (Troy)
Rd 7, Pick 242: Marcus Harris, DT (Auburn)
Rd 7, Pick 252: Will Reichard, K (Alabama)

Paden Stewart from Madison, Alabama

(7) Olu Fashanu OT Penn State
(38) Junior Colson LB Michigan
(106) Mohamed Kamara EDGE Colorado State
(146) Erick All TE Iowa
(182) Isaiah Davis RB South Dakota State
(242) Lideatrick Griffin WR Mississippi State
(252) Cole Spencer OG Texas Tech

Nolan Synnott from Denver, Colorado
R1(7): Malik Nabers
R2(38): Patrick Paul
R4:(106): McKinnley Jackson
R5:(146): Cedric Johnson
R6:(182): Edefuan Ulofoshio
R7:(242): Rasheen Ali

Gary Mercanti from Ottawa, Canada
1 - Joe Alt
2 - Chris Braswell
4 - Johnny Wilson
5 - Brandon Coleman
6 - Tommy Eichenberg
7 - Demani Richardson
7 - Sam Hartman

Steven Crosio Toms River, New Jersey
7: Joe Alt Offensive Tackle Notre Dame
38: Darius Robinson Edge Rusher Missouri
106: T'Vondre Sweat Defensive Tackle Texas
146: Jacob Cowing Wide Receiver Arizona
182: Tommy Eichenberg Linebacker Ohio State
242: Mark Perry Safety TCU
252: Sam Hartman Quarterback Notre Dame

Steven Morton from Johnson City, Tennessee
11. Olu Fashanu
49. Ricky Pearsall
68. Brandon Coleman
97. Jeremiah Trotter, Jr
106. T'Vondre Sweat
146. Gabriel Murphy
182. Issac Guerrendo
218. Tip Reiman
Traded 7 to New England for 11 & 68 - NE moved down on trade with Minnesota & back up to take JJ McCarthy
Traded 38 to Cincinnati for 49 & 97
Traded 242 & 252 to Baltimore for 218

Manuel Nagel from Wiesbaden, Germany
1.07 Joe Alt - OT - Notre Dame
Trade: 2.38 for 2.44 & 3.92 (with LV)
2.44 Ladd McConkey - WR - Georgia
3.92 Roger Rosengarten - OT - Washington
Trade: 4.106 & 6.182 for 4.107 & 5.166 (with NYG)
4.107 Jonah Eliss - EDGE - Utah
5.146 Tykee Smith - S - Georgia
5.166 Kristian Boyd - DT - Northern Iowa
7.242 Marcallas Dial - CB - South Carolina
7.252 Anthony Gould - WR - Oregon State

Anest Lako from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Trade #7 to the Vikings for Pick #11, #108, and a 2025 3rd round pick to make up for the Sneed trade.

11 Rome Odunze - WR Washington

38 Kingsley Suamataia - OT BYU

106 Jaylan Ford - LB Texas

108 Jaheim Bell - TE FSU

146 M.J Devonshire - CB Pittsburgh

182 Zion Tupuola-Fetui - EDGE Washington

242 Al Walcott Jr. - S Arkansas

252 Rasheen Ali - RB Marshall

Daniel M from Cozumel, Mexico
Trade Pick 7 to the Eagles for pick 22, 50 & 53
22: OT Amarius Mims
38: OT Kiran Amegadjie
50: ED Chris Braswell
53: WR Ricky Pearsal
108: DL Maason Smith
146: LB Trevin Wallace
182: CB Dwight McGlothern
242: S Omar Brown
252: K Harrison Mevis

Tony Johnson from Fort Knox, Kentucky
Rd 1, Pick #7 - Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame
*Traded back twice in Round 2*
TEN - 2/43, 3/79, 5/143
ATL - 2/38
TEN - 2/56, 3/87, 6/216, '25 4th
DAL - 2/43
Rd 2, Pick #56 - Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida
Rd 3, Pick #79 - Javon Bullard, S, Georgia
Rd 3, Pick #87 - Bralen Trice, Edge, Washington
Rd 4, Pick #106 - Maason Smith, DL, LSU
Rd 5, Pick #143 - Zak Zinter, C/G, Michigan
Rd 5, Pick #146 - Jarvis Brownlee Jr., CB, Louisville
Rd 6, Pick #216 - Curtis Jacobs, LB, Penn St.
Rd 7, Pick #242 - Cody Schrader, RB, Missouri
Rd 7, Pick #252 - Will Reichard, K, Alabama

Jarett Foote from Nutley, New Jersey
From The Sick Podcast Talking Titans
Trade to 12- Brock Bowers TE
38- Darius Robinson Edge
76- Patrick Paul OT
106- Javon Baker WR
146- Caelen Carson CB
182- Will Shipley RB
227- Trevor Keegan OT
242- Even Williams S
252-Darius Muasau LB

Alexander Boedigheimer from Washington
7. Joe Alt, OT Notre Dame
38. Darius Robinson, EDGE Missouri
106. Malik Washington, WR Virginia
146. Jordan Jefferson, DT LSU
182.Jarvis Brownlee, CB Louisville
242. Dominique Hampton, S Washington
252. Luke Reimer, LB Nebraska

Andrew Vosburgh from Rochester, New York
I have the Titans trading down to 13 with the Raiders to pick up picks 77 and 148.
13. Troy Fautanu OT Washington
38. Darius Robinson DL/EDGE Missouri
77. Junior Colton LB Michigan
106. Javon Baker WR UCF
146. Elijah Jones CB Boston College
148. Tip Reiman TE Illinois
182. Kristian Boyd DT Northern Iowa
242. Travis Glover OT Georgia State
252. Rasheen Ali RB Marshall

Nicolas Delamar from Laval, France
pick 7: OT from Notre Dame, Joe Alt
pick 38: EDGE from Missouri, Darius Robinson
pick 106: Safety from Washington State, Jaden Hicks
pick 146 is traded with pick 252 to Saints for picks 150 and 190
pick 150: DT from LSU, Jordan Jefferson
pick 182: TE from Minnesota, Brevyn Spann Ford
pick 190: LB from Ohio State, Tommy Eichenberg
pick 242: TE from South Carolina, Trey Knox

Tyler Samson from Tontitown, Arkansas
7th Overall: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame
38th Overall: Xavier Worthy, WR, University of Texas
106th Overall: Maason Smith, DL, LSU
146th Overall: Renardo Green, CB, Florida State
182nd Overall: Jaylan Ford, LB, University of Texas
242nd Overall: Justin Eboigbe, DL, University of Alabama
252nd Overall: Javion Cohen, IOL, University of Miami

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hey Jim. Here is my "dream draft" scenario I had played out. I doubt this happens, hence the "dream" part of it. Here it is:
Trade with Raiders:
Titans receive: 1.13, 2.44, 3.77
Raiders receive: 1.07, 4.106
1.13: Penn State OT Olu Fashanu
2.38: Missouri EDGE Darius Robinson
2.44: Minnesota S Tyler Nubin
3.77: UCF WR Javon Baker
5.146: Temple LB Jordan Magee
6.182: Washington S Dominique Hampton
7.242: FAU DT Evan Anderson
7.252: South Carolina TE Trey Knox

Blake Traw from Millersville, Missouri
Pick: 7 Joe Alt LT Notre Dame
Pick: 38 Keon Coleman WR Florida State
Pick: 106 Mohamed Kamara OLB Colorado State
Pick: 146 Dallin Holker TE Colorado State
Pick: 182 Nathaniel Watson LB Mississippi State
Pick: 242 Tray Taylor S Air Force
Pick: 252 Marcellas Dial CB South Carolina

Rahul Ganhi from Hanover, Maryland
1.07 - Malik Nabers, WR
2.38 - Kingsley Suamatai, OT
4.106 - Edufan Ulofoshio, ILB
5.146 - Malik Mustapha, S
6.182 - Tip Reiman, TE
7.242 - Ethan Driskell, OT
7.252 - Jawhar Jordan, RB

Bryce Nichols from Lafayette, Tennessee
RD1 P7 - Joe Alt / ND OT
*Trade with Saints - P38 for P45 & 2025 3rd*
RD2 P45 - Junior Colson / UM LB
RD4 P106 - T'Vondre Sweat / UT DT
RD5 P146 - Malik Washington / UV WR
RD6 P182 - Mohamed Kamara / CS EDGE
RD7 P242 - Drake Nugent / UM OC
RD7 P252 - Gabriel Murphy / UCLA EDGE

Parker Fleming from Memphis, Tennessee
Titans get 1.9, 3.75, a 2025 R2
Bears get 1.7
Titans Get 2.44, 3.77
Raiders get: 2.38
Joe Alt
Zach Frazier
Jermaine Burton
Javon Baker
Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
Malik Mustapha
Jordan Travis
Jaylin Simpson
Layden Robinson

Chris Horten, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Trade 7 for Jets R1 P10; R3 P72; 2025 R4
Trade 10 for Denver R1 P12; R3 P76
12 Brock Bowers TE [T]
38 Jordan Morgan OT
72 Devontez Walker WR [T]
76 Ruke Orhorhoro DT [T]
106 Jalyx Hunt EDGE
146 Edefuan Ulofoshio LB
182 Luke McCaffrey WR
242 Dominique Hampton S
252 Frank Crum OT

Sims Fann from Auburn, Alabama
7 Joe Alt
OT | Notre Dame
38 Jer'Zhan Newton
DL | Illinois
Plethora of great options here, but I can't pass on Newton at 38
106 Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
LB | Clemson
Big fan of Trotter Jr. Reminds me a lot of (prospect) Nick Bolton. Might not have some of the traits DW is looking for, but after refining some technique issues and getting involved in an NFL weight program, I think he has the potential to develop into an above-average starter.
146 Johnny Wilson
WR | Florida State
I love Jamari Thrash here as well, but ultimately Johnny's attributes are too good to pass up. I'm one of those guys who puts a lot of stock in Bruce Feldman's "Freaks" list. I don't think you can get enough of those kinds of players, especially later in the draft. Wilson will be a great contingency plan for Nuk's spot and has a shot at competing for the starting job once Hopkins leaves.
182 Tanor Bortolini
IOL | Wisconsin
Pretty impressive measurables all around, seems like the kind of guy Bill Callahan would give his stamp of approval to. Every major weakness I've seen when watching Tanor seems technique-based, so operating under the assumption that he could be coached into a competent multi-role lineman.
242 Braiden McGregor
EDGE | Michigan
A project pick for sure, but this is the 7th round and I think the upside is clear. Was a fun watch at the Senior Bowl, think he could provide immediate special teams value as well as much needed depth at the position while working to carve out a role in the rotation.
252 Will Reichard
K | Alabama
Need a long-term answer after the goat Nick Folk is done, I know most kickers are brought in as rookie FAs but crazier things have happened

Dave Betlach from Chesterfield, Missouri
7) Rome Odunze WR
38) Kingsley Saumataia LT
106) Jaylon Ford LB
146) Tykee Smith S
182) Jaheim Bell TE
242) Ainias Smith WR/RS
252) Kimani Vidal RB

Ray Thomson from Vinemont, Alabama
Pick 13 JC Latham offensive tackle Alabama.
pick 38 lad McConkey wide receiver Georgia
pick 44 Tyler newbin safety Minnesota
pick 77 Junior colson linebacker Michigan
pick 106 Mason Smith defensive tackle LSU
pick 146 Kyrie Jackson cornerback Oregon
pick 182 Cornelius Johnson wide receiver Michigan
pick 242 kamani Vidal running back Troy
pick 252 Cam Little kicker Arkansas.

Joshua Woodlee from McMinnville, Tennessee
1(7): Joe Alt-OT
2(38): Michael Hall Jr-DT
4(106): Jaden Hicks-S
5(146): Jacon Foster-OT
6(182): Gabriel Murphy-Edge
7(242): Jordan MaGee-ILB
7(252): Kamal Hadden-CB

Batalla de Titanes from CDMX
Good morning Jim, we greet you from Mexico, 4 lifelong fans of our Oilers/Titans from Mexico, first the ladies Osiris aka La Patrona and then us the handsome, Armando El Rey Titan, Beto La Enciclopedia and Yavir Only Yavs. Our Mock Draft is as follows:

Round 1 Pick 7 OT Joe Alt Notre Dame
Round 2 Pick 38 WR Xavier Worthy Texas
Round 4 Pick106 LB Cedric Gray North Carolina
Round 5 Pick146 ER Cedric Johnson Ole Miss
Round 6 Pick182 S Malik Mustapha Wake Forest
Round 7 Pick 242 DT Jordan Jefferson LSU
Round 7 Pick 252 TE Erick All Iowa

Tratamos de cubrir necesidades y volver al equipo mas fisico y veloz.

Saludos a toda la aficion Titan en el mundo, desde Mexico el Podcast Hecho em Mexico de Titanes para Titanes. Titan Up, mi ama y la Chona.

Caleb Parris from Cookeville, Tennessee
Round 1 pick 7: Joe Alt
Round 2 pick 38: Darius Robinson
Round 4 pick 106: Ty'Ron Hopper
Round 5 pick 146: Javon Baker
Round 6 pick 182: Christian Jones
Round 7 pick 242: Fabien Lovett
Round 7 pick 252: Jordan Magee

Bryan Burgmeier from Syracuse, New York
7 - Alt
38 - Kneeland
104 - C Carson

Collin McNiel from Hoover, Alabama
My prediction for the top 10 NFL Draft Picks
1. Bears - Caleb Williams
2. Commanders - Jayden Daniels
3. Patriots - Drake Maye
4. Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr
5. Trade - Vikings - JJ McCarthy
6. NY Giants- Rome Odunze
7. Trade Bears - Malik Nabers
8. Falcons - Dallas Turner
9. Trade Titans - Joe Alt
10. Jets - Olu Fashanu

Christian Awori from Boston, Massachusetts
Round 1. Joe Alt
Round 2. (Trade Back to the mid/late 40's) Chris Braswell
Round 3. (Pick in the late 80's to early 90's) Javon Baker
Round 4. Javon Foster
Round 5. Nehemiah Pritchett
Round 6. Gabe Hall or Kristian Boyd
Round 7. Edefuan Ulofoshio and Trey Taylor

Alberto Armando Tellez Salcedo from Durango, Mexico
Muy buenas tardes Jim aqui va de nuevo mi analisis de lo que necesitamos para el Draft. Necesidades urgentes LT (LG Skoronski, C Cushenberry, RG brunskill, RT NP-F), DT (Solo Big Jeff y SJ-D) el ILB (Solo Murray) ya que no contamos con titular en esas posiciones, la posicion de FS (Molden es mas un slot), Edge3, TE3, RB3 y WR4 son necesidades secundarias que requieren mas profundidad.

Tomando en cuenta esos factores, hay que mencionar que hay jugadores con talento generacional como Rome Odunze (Mi jugador favorito), Marvin Harrison, Malik Nabers, Joe Alt (El favorito de las mayorias) y Brock Bowers, quien llegue de ellos el equipo saldra ganando y sera un jugador de impacto inmediato. Por favor ran carthon, Brian Callahan no vayan a dejar pasar a uno de estos tremendos jugadores.

Este Draft es la mejor clase de Receptores de todos los tiempos, mientras que en safeties es una de las peores por lo que si el GM Ran Carthon puede ir por Justin Simmons por un precio accesible, estaria genial.

Me di a la tarea de hacer estos posibles Mock Draft, sin aplicaciones que en ocasiones hay jugadores muy arriba o muy abajo, use mi propio tablero.

Estos son 5 posibles escenarios, sin cambios con otros equipos. Las probabilidades van de mayor a menor.

Plan A
1.007 OT Joe Alt Notre Dame
2.038 LB Edgerin Cooper Texas A&M
4.106 LB Jeremiah Trotter Clemson
5.146 DT McKinnley Jackson Texas A&M
6.182 S Sione Vaki Utah
7.242 G Trevor Keegan Michigan
7.252 WR Anthony Gould Oregon State

Plan B
1.007 WR Rome Odunze Washington
2.038 OT Kingsley Sumataia BYU o OT Patrick Paul Houston
4.106 DT Maason Smith LSU
5.146 S James Williams Miami
6.182 LB Curtis Jacobs PSU
7.242 TE Dallin Holker Colorado State
7.252 ER Grayson Murphy UCLA

Plan C
1.007 TE Brock Bowers Georgia
2.038 WR Adonai Mitchell Texas
4.106 DT Mekhi Wingo LSU
5.146 S Beau Brade Maryland
6.182 OT Frank Crum Wyoming
7.242 TE AJ Barner Michigan
7.252 RB Kendall Milton Georgia

Plan D
1.007 WR Malik Nabers LSU
2.038 OL Jordan Morgan Arizona
4.106 DT Brandon Dorlus Oregon
5.146 RB Isaac Guerendo Louisville
6.182 ER Cedric Johnson Ole Miss
7.242 S Dominique Hampton Washington
7.252 TE Jaheim Bell Florida State

Plan E
1.007 ER Dallas Turner Alabama
2.038 DT Darius Robinson Missouri
4.106 ER Mohamed Kamara Colorado State
5.146 LB Cedric Gray Kentucky
6.182 OT Javon Foster Missouri
7.242 S Josh Proctor Ohio State
7.252 WR Bub Means Pittsburgh

Te comento que la aficion en Mexico esta muy emocionada con la llegada de Sneed, Pollard, Ridley, Cushenberry, Murray, principalmente, les comunico que va haber un evento en la Ciudad de Mexico para presenciar el draft el jueves 25 de abril del año en curso en la Bomba Yucateca que es el Olimpo Titan en Mexico atendido por su creador Manuel Alejandro Lopez, en la siguiente Dirección Anillo de Circunvalación 116, Atlántida, Coyoacán, CP 04370 Ciudad de México, CDMX en el sur de la ciudad.

Esperamos hacer una transmision en vivo del Podcast Batalla de Titanes de ese primer dia de draft. Luv ya Blue and Titan Up.

Jacon Sain from Fayetteville, Tennessee
No trades:
7. Malik Nabers, WR
38. Kingsley Suamataia, OT
106. T'Vondre Sweat, DT
146. Curtis Jacobs, LB
182. Patrick McMorris, S
242. Luke Reimer, LB
252. Kingsley Eguakun, IOL

Too many trades:
18. Amarius Mims, OT
38. Johnny Newton, DT
49. Chris Braswell, EDGE
72. Junior Colson, LB
76. Ricky Pearsall, WR
182. Tip Reiman, TE
242. Sione Vaki, S
252. Kingsley Eguakun, IOL

Omar Parker from Bay Area, California
(Dream) Draft Scenario:
QBs don't fall as Minnesota wishes so trade with Titans.
7- Goes to Minnesota
11- Brock Bowers
23- Fashanu, Fuaga, Latham or Guyton

38- Ladd McConkey

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Enjoy the draft!


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