Titans Draft Day Procedures

The following is a typical series of events for each draft pick the Titans

• The Titans go "on the clock" (10 minutes for Round 1, seven minutes for Round 2, five minutes for Rounds 3-7) immediately following the announcement of the previous team's pick.

•  After general manager Mike Reinfeldt, head coach Jeff Fisher and the personnel staff decides upon the pick, Fisher calls the player on the phone to inform him of the selection.

• Reinfeldt communicates the pick to the team's draft representatives (Frank Fitzgerald Sr., Frank Fitzgerald Jr. and Harry Pritts) at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

• The team representatives in New York submit a card to NFL personnel with the player's name, school and position.

• The selection is announced at the podium in Radio City Music Hall by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (first round) or vice president Gene Washington (second through seventh rounds).

• Media at Baptist Sports Park in Nashville receive bios and other information on the selection and are placed on a conference call with the player.

• Fisher and another member of the team's coaching or scouting staff meet with the media in the Baptist Sports Park auditorium.

• The process repeats itself until the end of the draft day, when Reinfeldt and Fisher meet with the media for a final time. At the end of the second day, the team's top pick is typically flown into Nashville to meet with the media.