Titans-Dolphins Postgame Quotes


(opening statements)

Let me go back during the week, I think everyone's biggest concern and the discussion would be about Vince (Young)and his ability to play. I think this really speaks volumes for Vince to be able to work through a week where he's practiced really just a day-and-a-half, yet to come out and play the way he played against this defense. I think that kind of shows what he is doing at the position. I am very proud of him from that standpoint. It was his first three touchdown pass game.

We knew that this was going to be a battle, physical battle up front. We anticipated it being a difficult day as far as running the football against them. We also felt that we were going to have to play as good as we could defensively to stop the run and so the good thing for us today was our turnovers and then our red zone defense, we held them to three field goals. Our special teams played well so everybody got their money's worth today. It's nice to get a win and that's a good football team.

(on Michael Griffin's interception)

He's a playmaker. It's a great interception at the best possible time for us. You add the penalty on top of it and that put us in position to win the game.

(on effects of Vince Young's injury)

He was okay. He was fine. As I said, he is not 100 percent, but he ran the ball, got down when he needed to, didn't put any strain or stress on the legs and threw the ball well for us.

(on giving the two-back offensive look)

It was a different look, but it was also protection. It was changeup. They are very talented on third down. They can pressure and run people from all over. We tried to throw a different look at them.

(on effects of the loss of Keith Bulluck)

Well, it did. We will have to get some tests in the morning. I thought Colin (Allred) came in and Gerald's playing well for D.T. (David Thornton) and Colin came in and finished up. Of course, you get Colin back to health and can finish the ballgame with either one.

(on the punts and the timeouts at the end of regulation)


We had our chance to win regulation on the series before. We went three-and-out. My gut feeling…a lot of times I make decisions like that, I gut feel. What I didn't want to do was call timeout, send a signal to them and force them to take a shot and make a big play down the field because then they had three timeouts. We had our chance to win the game in regulation. We didn't get it so, you know, I was playing for a tie.

(on Justin Gage's two touchdown catches)

I mean Justin's really done a great job coming back off that injury and you know, he's a very talented receiver. He played a little bit the last couple of weeks and made both those catches. Those were tough catches and great throws. Tough catches especially going to the ground with that second one. Glad to have Justin back in the lineup.

(on what it means to be at .500 for the first time this year)

Well, I think it's just a testament to them, what they're about, their personality and their commitment and their will. I mean, they played hard, had fun and stuck together so it's nice to get another win.

(on the two-point conversion and timing issues)

After a score, the referees are going to allow the teams to match up and I think he waited a little bit too long. Clearly, they were having issues, not us. We were waiting on them and so that's typically what they do after a score.

(on today's defense being similar to St. Louis last week and limiting Chris Johnson)

They're talented, yeah, they made it to the line of scrimmage and they are talented. They're a very talented group of defensive players.

(on who got the helmet device after Bulluck came out of the game and how he did)

Tully (Stephen Tulloch). He's fine. We worked out during training camp what we did in preseason so he's fine.

(on Rob Bironas' winning field goal today and his confidence in him)

Yeah, my concern was protection. Obviously because people really, they really do get rushed when you're kicking field goals in overtime. You know what I'm concerned about the snap, the hold or the kick. It was just protection. I saw protection (was) good so I felt pretty good about it.

(on how to prepare for the short week)

Well, we've already discussed it inside. They've got to take care of themselves. They've got to rest and we'll adjust. We've adjusted before. We did the Thursday thing last year. We're doing a Friday thing with the holiday and I make a habit of letting them know in advance what we're going to be doing so there's no distractions so they're well aware of our itinerary and our schedule this week.



(on how much discomfort he was playing with)

Somewhat, somewhat, off anD on. One of the biggest things (Mike)Heimerdinger was saying on the sidelines was to quit thinking about your hamstring and your leg and stuff like that, just go out there and play. A couple of series I was thinking about it and then some series, I was like forget it man, let's just go out here and try to make something happen. That is pretty much what I did and continued to keep doing on different drives to kind of continue to keep my confidence up and to try to keep it off thinking about my hamstring.

(on normally scoring if he was completely healthy on the play that he took off downfield)

Oh yeah, you know that. You definitely know that. I mean, just taking care of it man. I felt I could have gotten more, but at the same time just talking with my trainers all week man, just don't try to do it too big and pull it bad. That is pretty much what was in the back of my mind. Just get what I can get and get down and save my body.

(on scoring if he was not as conservative)

It depends. I don't know. A couple of guys had some good shots at me, but at the same time, protect your body and get your butt down. I nothing like C.J. (Chris Johnson) or nothing like that.

(on how nice was the win, even though he had to go into overtime to get it)

Definitely not. A win is a win. Just like the Arizona game, a win is a win. Sometimes, you know it's going to be ugly and sometimes we are going to take it out like last week and blow out a team. The biggest thing is our special teams did a great job and everybody stuck together to get the win. And all respect to (Rob) Bironas for getting that kick through and Griffin, Michael Griffin for getting that interception as well.

(on throwing the ball with better touch)

It's all about knowing where your guys are at and preparation. It's not about all the arm, it's the lower body and the core, something I worked on a lot. As well as me and (Mike) Heimerdinger, that is something that he preaches all of the time. Make sure your feet are set and your feet are underneath you and things like that. The biggest thing is knowing what the defense does and after that I just get the ball in the big guys hands.

(on if he feels that he is putting the ball in the right place as soon as he makes a good throw)

It's not about putting the ball in the right spot. It's about getting the ball in the area of a receiver so they can make plays. We've got some big play receivers right now, with Justin (Gage), Kenny (Britt), and Nate (Washington) as well as Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) coming of the sideline making plays as well. The biggest thing is, like I said, you just got to know what the defense is doing so you know where you can put the ball at and go with your eyes and stuff like that.

(on the overall quality of receivers)

We don't have the Terrell Owens' and the (Chad) Ocho Cinco's and things like that. We just have some guys that go out and take care of their responsibility, their assignment, and eventually they will get to the point where they want to be at their career. You wouldn't know about T.O. (Terrell Owens) unless he caught that ball at the 49ers, that big catch against Green Bay a while back. These guys are slowly developing, making their name for themselves in the league. That is what I like about them. They just go out there, play ball, have fun, and just take care of their assignment. Sometime they don't get the ball as much, but they make key blocks down the field. That is all you can ask for, for guys to go out there and take care of their responsibility and their own assignment.

(on challenging Dolphins defense controlling Chris Johnson)

Anybody wants to take on that challenge. I really felt like that is how the defense was going to play us. They are going try to take C.J. out of the game and try to make me win the ball game on my own. Me and the receivers take on that challenge all of the time because I feel like these guys are stepping up each week for us and making big plays just like you saw today. As well as our offensive line, they are giving us time too, to develop it, let the play develop and also get the ball into our hands. As our offensive coordinator, I want us to continue to keep working, we are getting better and better. Coach Heimerdinger, he is finding out how to really use us man, because we have a lot of talent in our offense. We can have a breakout year this year, next year, down the road because we have some talented guys on offense.

(on things falling into place on the nearly improbable playoff road)

We don't really want to think about it, but after the game, you sit back at home and you try to…Coach Fish (Fisher), he's a big predictor. Every time he does it, it shocks everybody. We don't want to feed in it too much, we want to get ready for this big game on Friday. It's going to be a short week for us. A lot of guys are banged up so we have to get in training room and do what we have to do to get everybody ready to go as well as getting extra film work to get ready for San Diego.

(on Coach Fisher's prediction)

I can't put that in. That is confidential.

(on the touchdown passes being some of the best of his career)

You know me man. I really don't feed into it. I just like to go there and just win, find a way to help my teammates win a ball game and do my assignment. Some of the key things are preparation, like I say all the time during the week, and knowing the different plays and the different coverages he's throwing at us.

I took at advantage of it. They played some press-man on our speedy guys with Nate (Washington). I don't know what they were thinking about on those corner routes with (Justin)Gage. Those types of things like that, just continuing to having confidence and getting the ball to them so they can make plays like that for us.

(on response to Griffin not making the play on the possible interception)

Griffin is a professional. He knows what he is doing. I'm not a free safety at all. That is his job. So, there is nothing I can tell him to do but keep out there and keep doing what he has been doing. He is a pro-bowler so there is nothing I can really tell him but to continue to keep his confidence up. Just like he did, he got an interception for us and a big win and a personal foul.

(on the win being an early Christmas present)

We've had seven early Christmas presents coming off of our bye weekend. It has been fun. Like I said, we've got to get back to work. We have a tough team coming in. They are phenomenal guys throwing the ball down the field. (Phillip) Rivers is having an unbelievable season in December, like always. Us, as an offense, we have to keep him off the field and take care of our responsibilities on offense.

(on his experience from his rookie season impacting his mindset now)

I remember sitting on that sideline against the Patriots when we didn't finish. Everybody was going in and I was just sitting on the sideline. This time is going to come again. Keep the confidence up and when it comes back around, know how to handle it. I'll take it as a learning thing for myself. I know what I have to do all this week to prepare, to get myself ready, to lead this team out and come back to get a win on Christmas.

(on the importance of giving Steve McNair's children some great memories)

It's big, man. That is what Steve used to do to the guys. Just to keep these guys, their motivation, their confidence still up and trying to take their mind off of that, because sometimes they are thinking about it. Just to see them smiling and having a good time in the locker room, everybody hugging them and squeezing them. That is fun for them. Definitely, it fills my heart with joy just to see them smile because I know the big picture will really happen. But just to those guys smile, that is the biggest thing, just to see my little brothers smile. That is all I love about it now. **


(on the increasing difficulty of running the ball each week, the Dolphins defense in the 2nd half)

Yes, it's getting tougher every week. Everybody wants to stop me, stop our running game. But, this is opening up stuff for Vince (Young), giving him a chance to throw down the field and for our receivers to make big plays.

(on the screen play)

I slowed down a little bit. I was going to see what Eugene (Amano) was going to do to his man. When I cut in, I just took a wide angle.

(on Ted Ginn, Jr.)

I talked to him after the game and told him to keep his head up.

(on letting Miami back in game after leading 24-6)

We relaxed a little bit and by the time we looked up, they were right down on our tail again. So, basically, we just had to come back with the same amount of effort we gave in the first half and keep our foot on the gas.

(on whether or not there is a better duo in the NFL right now than he and QB Vince Young)

I wouldn't say there was. I have great confidence. I feel like we're the best.

(on the clock management decisions at the end of the game)

I'm not sure about that. That's Coach Fisher's decision and whatever he decides to do, we've got his back.

(on Vince Young's current play and his accuracy)

I had heard about Vince before I got here and when I got here, people were saying he was inaccurate and that he had to change the way he throws the ball and all of those things, but he came out here on Sunday and continued to put it right in the receivers' numbers.

(on playoff possibilities)

You pay attention to it when the team is on that you need to lose and sure, you pull for the other team. Some things are falling our way, but at the end of the day, you can only control what you can control. A couple of years before we got here, it was the same situation and they went out and lost. If they had won, they would have gone to the playoffs. So, this year, we're just going in and taking care of what we have to take care of.

(on the team reaching their current .500 record)

It feels good to be back to .500 after going 0-6. We're just trying to go on another winning streak, but yes, to be at .500 right now feels good.

(on today's win feeling like an early Christmas gift)

We were just up by so much, we felt like it wasn't supposed to be that close. But, it worked out for us in the end.

(on Michael Griffin's interception)

It felt good. He almost had one earlier and for him to give it up and for them to get the score, I know he was down on himself a little bit. But for him to come back and get that interception and to help us get this victory, I feel good for him.

(on his pace after today's game and the increasing difficulty in his race to reach 2,000 yards rushing)

I'm just trying to get these victories and you never know what kind of game I'll have. I might have a 200 or 300-yard game. So, I'm not worried about it too much.


(on the defense playing without some starters at the end of the game such as Keith Bulluck)

We missed him, but the younger guys that filled in at linebacker and the guys that had to step up out there on the field late in the game stepped in, did their job and helped us win that game. It was a big team win. Plays came from everybody today. Especially when you have two of your best defenders not in there at crunch time.

It becomes so important that the guys that are backing up, that they know what to do.

(on executing the Titans defensive game plan)

Our key today was to stop the running game, and for the most part we did that. We got some turnovers, got some three-and-outs, and got ahead a little bit. That made them pick up the ball and have to throw it. It's what we wanted. Not that we wanted to put the pressure on anyone, but if we don't stop that running game, they've got such a good running attack, if you don't stop that you'd have nothing. I think we did a pretty good job of that.


(on the game today being symbolic of the entire season)

You know what, we put ourselves in bad situations, and right now I guess you'd say we're paying for it. Every game we have to fight hard and give it our all, people playing through injuries and stuff. This season is a lot longer because last year we started 10-0 quick and after that we were just playing.

(on the Titans defensive game plan)

Coach said that Ricky put the ball on the ground a few times. He saw that on film. We knew they would put the ball on the ground. We just had to manage to see how we could do it. In the first half, their offense was moving the ball, but we just continued to play and play and play and were able to pull it out.

(on making a key interception at the end of the game after allowing a catch near the end of regulation)

On that first one, I had the opportunity to catch it and I tried to bring it in. The receiver managed to put his hand in there and tip it back out. Then I tried to tip it back to myself and he managed to catch it on the second tip. Football works funny ways. Either it's a four-quarter game or sometimes you have to go to overtime. But we managed to keep playing. Dave Ball made a great play in the end, their quarterback threw a bad ball and I managed to get an interception, and Rob Bironas put the icing on the cake.

(on getting his first interception of the season)

If felt good to get out of that zero column. Zero INTs. That was a question everybody's been asking me all season. Finally, I'm out of that zero column in the secondary. But I have to give credit to the secondary, the linebackers, the ones who came in and stepped it up and also that D-line, who stepped it up today.


(on having to step up with the injuries in the defense today )

Definitely. I try to always lead by example. I really don't like to talk much, but Keith is the emotional leader and I'm there to step up. You know I've been here four years and I do whatever it takes. I let my play speak for itself. I want guys to feed off my play and go full speed every play and give it all they have.

(on beating the Miami Dolphins)

This is huge for me. This is something I take real personal, being from Miami. Now my folks back home get to watch the game. I'm going to go full speed every day, but today was actually a day for me to go a little extra harder.

(on letting a lead slip away in the fourth quarter)

I don't know what happened. We have to do a better job of closing out games. As you see, going to overtime is not what we want to do. Giving up a touchdown in the fourth quarter is not what we want to do as well. So we've got to find a way to close out games earlier and stay focused throughout the game and don't get lax. Having the 24 points and with them being down, we've got to close games out and do a better job.

It's unbelievable how an NFL game is. You're up big and then, just like that it turns around. Like I said, we have to be consistent in this league and you never get comfortable, no matter what the score is. The NFL is the best of the best, and we've got to learn to close out games. Hopefully we've learned, because we have a big game coming up on Friday.


(on the Titans offensive game plan today versus the Dolphins)

We knew we would have to open up our run game some. We'd have to go deep, and throw some short passes. It was more so, just looking at their D-backs and seeing what they would give us, knowing we had to go deep in order to open up CJ (Chris Johnson) and get him some running lanes. We knew they were going to play that extra guy in the box, so that was a chance for us to make some plays at receiver. It wasn't anything different. We just had to come with a different approach.

(on his first touchdown since the Pittsburgh game in the season opener)

It really feels like it's been a long time. I don't know about this season, but after those first six games, it seems like this has been a two-year season. I know it's been awhile, but it feels good to get in the end zone.

(on what it means to the Titans to be 7-7 after the 0-6 start)

It means a lot to us. It just shows the hard work we've put in to get back on track and put ourselves in a position to hopefully make the playoffs. A lot of it was just looking back at those first six games and knowing if we changed one thing or two things, we'll be back in it, so we knew the whole time we had a great team and had the ability. We just had to get it all together.


*(on if he thought the Dolphins coaches would ice him)*

On second or third down I was thinking that they might take a timeout, but once I get out on the field, I don't think about it. I'm just lined up to make the kick.

(on his field goal range in overtime)

It had good distance on it. I know the winds had turned in the fourth quarter going that direction, so coach Fisher said that if we lose the toss we would be kicking off that way.

(on if it is hard to stay loose on a cold day)

No, they have good heaters on the sideline. Just keep stretching.

(on if he thought that with a lead of 24-6, he imagined he would have to kick the game winner)

No, I wasn't. I was thinking that I may get to kick another field goal or two, but as the game went on I was thinking it's going to come down to a close ball game and when they hit the two-point conversion I thought we were going to drive in the fourth and have to kick one. I always hate leaving it up to a coin toss.

(on what it is like knowing it's in your hands and dealing with the pressure)

I don't think about it. You can't think about it out there. I just looked at Brett (Kern) and Kenny (Amato) and said, 'Lets go to work.' We needed the win and we needed a little bit of help and we have two more games and we need those wins, so we are trying to get to the playoffs. When Vince is throwing a long pass, or they are catching touchdowns, or Chris Johnson is running I don't think they are nerves. We are just out there doing our job and trying to get the win each week.

(on if calling a timeout ever fazes him)

Statistically, if you look at the stats after a timeout, the higher percentage is a timeout, so they are just going with the odds.


(on his day)

I am just trying to help out the defense as much as possible with punts inside the 20, and when I go out there and have a good kick, I just try to do my best.

(on his last punt that was downed at the two)

I knew I had to get off a good punt, and I just hit it really good and said that it's probably just going to go in the end zone, but it took a great bounce.

(on the day of the whole special teams unit)

Yeah, Ted Ginn and Devone Bess can change a game at any time so our focus was to have good kicks first and then to go out there and cover the best we could and our cover guys did a great job all day.



(on mistakes in the game)

Too many early, certainly in the beginning part of this game, the first half of the game. Too many big plays, too many turnovers got called with untimely penalties in the ball game. I give my team a lot of credit. They did what they do and they fought their way back into this ballgame. They made some good stops and got the ball out and made some plays there in the second half of the game, but too much bad early.

(on missed opportunities)

Give some credit to Tennessee. They did a good job with the red zone defense. They've been pretty good in the red zone all season so far. In that situation we couldn't execute and had to settle with field goals. This kind of game, when you are out here on the road, you need touchdowns. It was important to get a score in there, coming off the turnover.

(on emotions in the locker room)

Disappointed, obviously we are disappointed. We should be. This football team expects to win. This isn't like it was. We expect to win, came here expecting to win. Not kind of thinking we were going to win or any of those things. We expect to win, so they're disappointed.

(on Chad Henne's performance)

I've got to look at the film. He did rebound. He did get us going again. He threw one or two and knows that they were not good decisions. I am sure Chad will tell you that, but he is getting better and better.

(on the explanation for Camarillo's penalty)

I kept asking and really didn't get much. Only thing I really got was that he was down. I didn't see the play, but that is what they said.

(on Jason Taylor's play)

They blew the whistle.

(on if he was surprised Coach Fisher didn't call time out in the fourth quarter)

I'm out of that business of Monday morning quarterbacking on anybody else.

(on Pat White in on the two point conversion)

I would have gotten questioned if it didn't work, but it did. So, we had a lot of confidence in there. It really was just ball handling with that at that point. We felt really good about that play. Felt really good about the play, got it, lined up exactly the way that we practiced it and executed it pretty well. It was just a matter of snap and handoff. Pat's been doing that all year. We felt like we had to have a little bit of Pat in this game in some different situations and the reasons are so we can see some of these things and how they line up. That worked out pretty well. Pat had a couple of positive plays, I know he had a third down conversion, obviously he handled the ball well in that situation.

(on Brian Hartline's fourth quarter catch)

It was a heck of a catch. He did a good job. Critical situation. Talked about finishing in the fourth quarter, giving your self a chance. You get a young guy that steps up in that situation and makes a play like that, it says an awful lot about him. He did a good job.

(on Ricky Williams' contributions to the team this year)

Well, Ricky has been really good for us. Obviously, he's done a great job and I'm real proud of him, proud of that group up front offensively. I don't really know his numbers today one way or the other but Ricky's been really good for us and has stepped up big for us in Ronnie's (Brown) absence.

(on the play of the defense in the second half)

They did a good job. They kept fighting. We came in the locker room at halftime and we talked about that. We said, at that point we had done several things wrong and this is where we were in the football game so let's go out and try to play the best half of football we can and see whether or not we can climb back into this thing and not panic. For the most part, the guys did that. We got ourselves back in it but just didn't finish it. This is the first time we have been in overtime since I've been here and we learned a few lessons.

(on it becoming tough to win the division)

We've got two games left, we're going to work our tails off and try to win the two games. We have got to worry about this game coming up first against Houston and let the rest of it sort its self out. I really don't know where we are one way or the other at that point. We're worried about getting this team going again and winning this football game at home.


(on coming back and then losing in overtime)

It is disappointing. We fought back. I was real proud of our guys. We stuck in there. We executed our game plan. It is just came down to the turnovers and I take ownership of that.

(on wide receiver Brian Hartline's catch down the sideline)

Brian made a couple big plays there. He came up with the ball. They had a cover two. It is third-and-five or third-and-seven. It is one of those situations where you need to make a play and nobody was open. I just threw the ball up there to Brian and trusted that he would come down with the ball and he did.

(on the key interceptions)

The last one, I was trying to get it over the defensive lineman. There are excuses, but I am not going to make them. I will just say that I missed the pass and next time I will connect on it.

(on playing well in the second half)

I thought there was a rhythm out there. We were making some plays. Guys were coming down with the ball. Overall, we were making clear decisions going to the right places, but three turnovers killed us.

(on being inside the 35 yard line eight times and only scoring 24 points)

If we are in there eight times and come out with a couple field goals, come out with turnovers, that really hurts us. Especially at the end of the half, we could have got some momentum going. Overall, we just hurt ourselves.

(on what the message was at halftime)

We were just saying that if that was their best shot, this wasn't our best shot. We need to come out in the second half and get some improvements, protect the ball and just execute ourselves. We just hurt ourselves in the first half.

(on the magnitude of the game)

It is a chance to go to the playoffs. It is a playoff game. We needed this win.


(on what the official told him about his overtime penalty)

I was told it was a late hit.

(on what his intentions were on the penalty)

There was no whistle and all his teammates were telling him to get up. I think he was starting to get up. Either get him down or knock the ball out. Those are my intentions. It is a physical game and it had been a physical game the whole time. That is what they called. That is how it goes.

(on quarterback Chad Henne having an up and down game)

He plays well. He plays aggressive and when you play aggressive sometimes that happens. Everybody makes mistakes. As a quarterback, your mistakes get seen a little bit more. We don't blame him for anything. He came out ready to attack. He is who led us down the field to tie things up at the end. I always credit Chad for a great game. Mistake or not, that is how he plays. He plays aggressively and we like it.

(on needing to get more touchdowns)

You have got to punch it in. We have got to get it in the end zone when we are in the red zone. You can't settle for field goals. When we get turnovers, we have got to capitalize and put more points on the board. Those are things you have to fix. To win these types of games, you have to capitalize and get touchdowns and not field goals.

(on having a lot of 7-7 teams in the mix)

We are not going to change our approach. Our approach has always been to work hard. Come out there and fight. That is what it is going to be. We have two games left and we are going to fight for both of them and just see what happens.


(on wide receiver Brian Hartline's catch down the sideline)

It was an acrobatic catch. It was great he ended up with it. At that point, we were focused on getting in the end zone.

(on the character of the team)

This team has shown a lot of fight all year long. After we put ourselves in that deep hole in the first half, no matter how well you play, it is tough to get out of it. This team has great character. I am proud of this team. It just didn't go our way late.


(on the comeback)

We have done that in several games. You get down and you know it is going to be an uphill battle, but we have the playmakers to do it. We have the heart to do it. A lot of people would have just laid down. That is just not the makeup of this team. That is what makes me the most proud. There are no moral victories and this is a tough one to swallow.


(on the touchdown he gave up)

You have to make a play on the ball. He just made a play on the ball. I tried to get the ball out. It happens. It is part of the game. I have been playing the game a long time and that is part of it. As a defensive back I have one of the toughest jobs on the field. It isn't the last one. You play this game for a long time, that happens. I just have to come back have a short term memory and forget about it.

(on the Titans coming after him)

They weren't trying to come after me. They want to get it to their best players. Those are some of their best players. That is just part of it. You play against their best players you expect it.


(on the loss)

I don't like losing. Losing control of our fate by our own hands is the worst. Now we are sitting around watching games to see how others do.

(on the mistakes)

You can't put the ball on the ground. You can't have penalties in the red zone. You can't do stuff like that. They capitalized on their red zone opportunities and we didn't.

(on the comeback)

We have been doing it all year. Unfortunately we didn't completely finish and that is how you have to look at it. I don't think anyone is happy. I know I am not happy. It was tough, but to give up now would be even more of a tragedy. We have two games left and you never know what could happen in the NFL. That is our mind set.

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