Titans-Cowboys Postgame Quotes



(opening statement)

Well, you know, give credit to Dallas. They played a good football game today. (I am) very disappointed that we didn't play better today, especially at home. It really hurts and we got a lot of things that we can correct and work on from this game. So, too many mistakes in the first half. I think one of the things that really hurt was when we forced the turnover and we did nothing with it. Of course, getting 0-for-third downs in the first half that's not something that is characteristic of us. Once again, give them credit and we have to correct these things.

(on why Dallas was able to run effectively in the first half)

We missed gaps, we missed hits, we missed contain. You know, we missed tackles. They ran the football well. Give them credit. They did to us what we did to Kansas City last week.

(on if Dallas did anything to cause Jake Locker's early struggles)

They didn't do anything. They played their scheme. We had opportunities. Yeah, Jake (Locker) didn't play his best in the first half, but we had opportunities to make a couple of catches that gets us going and we didn't do it. And it's obvious to me now that we are an offense that needs to make a play early and to get something going. Once we do that, we respond.

(on if noticed if Jake Locker was jittery at the beginning of game)

No, I didn't see that.

(on Jake Locker being off compared to last week)

He was in the first half, that's for sure. He did a better job in the second half.

 (on what changed for Jake Locker in the second half) **

Maybe he just settled down. We corrected some things we were doing. We tried to zone in on what we thought was good for us. We had some success in the second half. But really (it) doesn't matter. We didn't do enough to win the football game. We all had breakdowns. We had dropped balls. We had missed tackles. Those are things we haven't done even though we have played only two games, but something that we got to get better at.

(on the matchup that Delanie Walker was able to take advantage of during the game)

Well I felt like we had pretty good matchups in other spots too, we just didn't connect on them at times. I'm sure I'm going to see some things when I look at the tape. Delanie (Walker) had a good day. You never know who is going to have it, but he won. We just missed on some other opportunities too.

(on losing Jason McCourty to an injury during the game)

It hurts, no question. Jason (McCourty) is a good football player. But then, we have a lot of confidence in Coty (Sensabaugh) to come out there and play. We just had to go with the young guy when we go to the sub, which is (Marqueston) Huff, but that's where we are as a football team. It's unfortunate, but Jason is one of our better football players. 

(on if he anticipates that Jason McCourty will be OK)

Yes, I anticipate that he will be OK. 

(on going to the no-huddle in the second half and if he got the results he wanted out of it early)

Well, it seems like we did. We moved the football. I'm disappointed that we didn't score a touchdown and cut it right there at the end in the red zone. We moved the ball, and that was something that was important to us. If we had done that a little bit earlier in the game, maybe we could have gotten into a rhythm, and things would have been different. 

(on if the Cowboys did anything in particular to take Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter out of the game)

No, once again, we had opportunities. We had a chance for Justin (Hunter) down the sideline in the third quarter, and we just didn't connect on it. That happens sometimes. They were playing outside. Usually when they do that, we have to go with more of the inside game. We did, and we hurt them with some things. The one thing we did – we adapted to what we were doing in the second half, and we had a little bit of success. It still stings that we didn't do better.

(on reminding the team after the game that it's only one game)

We have 14 games left. There are some things there – you look at the way we came back and cut it to six when we did absolutely nothing offensively in the first half and our defense held us in there. We have to learn from this game. That was my sense from our players in the locker room afterwards. Like I said, the thing that hurts right now the most is that we did this at home. We're working hard to be a good team for our fans here. I'm really disappointed that we didn't do a better job with that today.



(on looking uncomfortable and out of rhythm in the first half) 

Yeah, we just couldn't find a rhythm.  Had some guys open and missed them and we weren't able to get drives going.

(on what changed at halftime)

If I knew, we would have changed it earlier.  I thought we came out and executed really well in the second half, moved the ball, gave ourselves opportunities to score. 

(on how disappointing it was to settle for a field goal on the opening drive of the second half)

No, it's tough.  I thought it was a good way to come out.  We were backed up, moved the ball.  Kind of got some life back into the stadium, scored some points and then we were able to get defensive stops and we were able to go back down and score a touchdown again.  We felt pretty good about things at that point but we just dug ourselves too big a hole.

(on the Cowboys taking Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright out of the game plan)

No, like I said, we just didn't execute well.  We had Kendall for a big play at the end of the first half and we missed him and we just didn't make plays.

(on being frustrated after how well the offense did in Kansas City to start the season)

Yeah, frustrating but I think at the same time, you look at it and you're like 'man, if we just come out and play like we did in the second half and it's a whole different story.'  So, you know, there are things to build on but we can't play a half of football like we did.  It makes it too hard on the defense and like I said it's too big of a hole to come back from.

(on Coach Whisenhunt saying he needs to find an offensive play for the team earlier to get the team going)

We had opportunities in the first half.  We just didn't take advantage of them today so we've just got to do a better job of that.

(on Delanie's (Walker) play and his matchup today)

He did a good job inside there, single covering a lot inside with him and he found ways to get open and made some big catches for us.

(on Coach Whisenhunt being disappointed about losing at home today)

It was a great atmosphere before the game.  It was fun.  It was an atmosphere like I hadn't felt here since I've been here.  It's just unfortunate to go out and play like we did today but we can only hope the people here stick behind us.  It's one game. You can't get too high or low on it.  We'll come out and work hard this week and we'll try and get two on the road and then be able have an opportunity to come back here. 



(on Dallas' RB DeMarco Murray being able to run the ball today)

It sucks for everybody, but it really sucks up front, when you've got three guys that we put out there, and work so hard, and we believe in ourselves like that, to let him come out in the first quarter, let alone the first half and have over one hundred yards rushing.  We're down on ourselves right now, but we know we'll come out and do a better job next week, and try to get it done.**

(on what Dallas offense was able to do today to Titans defense that Kansas City couldn't do last week)

I won't say it's anything they did.  Although you can't take anything away from (DeMarco) Murray, it was us as a defensive line.  We, and myself personally, have to stay in our gaps.  Gap control and missed tackles. And I think that played a pretty big part.  I don't want to take anything away from Murray or any of those guys because they ran the ball, and ran it damn good.  We just have to come out next week and do a whole lot better than what we did this week.     



(on the Titans' defensive play today)

Something we had been harping on all week.  'Stay in your gap, stay in your gap'. Today we were all over the place.  And they gapped us when they found the openings. If you aren't in your gaps on those cutbacks, it kills you.  We have to clean it up.  And that's what we're going to work on all week.  We have to get prepared next week for another great running team, and we've got to figure out a solution to our problems.  It's just getting the gap fixed.  It's us playing bad ball, on our side of the ball.  It's something we've got to clean up on those cutback runs.  We played bad ball against the run all game, from first quarter until the fourth quarter.   

(on being personally upset about the loss)

It's something we've been talking about all year, being consistent.  And to come out today and play a game like this is a shot in the face.  Some things, I have to fix out there to get us going.  I had a couple of bad plays today.  And that's the biggest thing for me.  The way I feel today, I felt like trash out there, and I felt that I let my team down. 

(on the Titans losing at home)

That's what we were talking about when we came in the locker room.  That is being disappointed for my last three years and Griff's (FS Michael Griffin) last six years.  We can't have this, and it's something we have to fix if we want to be a competitive team. 



(on the Titans' loss today)

It sucks a little.  No matter on the road or at home, it definitely stings a little bit more.  This crowd was juiced up to see us to go and get a win, and we weren't able to do that.  So it's definitely disappointing, but it's one game.  So it's important for us to put it behind us and get ready to go next week, and practice our butts off to prepare for Cincinnati.  Every loss feels like it's a failed opportunity.  I don't want to put too much into one game.  We won one game last week and it was nice.  Now we came to our second game and fell a little bit short.  We have to move on and get ready for the third game. Don't dwell too much on the win, and don't dwell too much on the loss.  

(on hearing Cowboys' fans cheering in the stadium)

Of course it makes us mad, but that's our fault.  If we don't want that to happen, we have to handle our business throughout the game so it doesn't happen.


(about moving to 2-0 for the first time in six years)

Very frustrating. You know this is our house and we tried to protect our house and we didn't do that today, and again, like I said, it's going to be a great week for us to respond seeing what type of guys we have on this team and respond and answer quick to Cincinnati. But again we've got to start on working fast.

(about losing despite posting big numbers in this game)

It's very hard. When you lose, the records, whatever, if it's the best game I ever had, it doesn't matter, we lost. So no one cares about that, especially I don't.  It's a tough one, especially to lose at home the way we did, not really putting up points up on the board, and that's difficult. I have to say, I'm going to keep saying it, we've got to start fast. We've got to put points on the board, we need to get drives, our defensive got a turnover, we went out there and gave it right back to them. That's stuff we can't do.


(about Jason McCourty's injury)

Any time we lose one of the key leaders on defensive it's huge. Hopefully we can get him back next week and be ready to move on.

(about Cowboy RB Joseph Randle's performance)

He was just a better running back today and we've got to play better solid football. At the end of the day, they beat us.


(about being consistent week to week)

Consistent is the key, you know, that's what the coach tells us, and we keep doing that and we'll be good.


(on how the team responded from last week)

I think it started early on in the week. The guys went through the process of watching the tape and see the good stuff in the game from last week and tried to build on it and correct the bad stuff.  We came back and practiced well all week long and I think guys were just ready to play and play the right way.  I thought it was a really physical football game obviously.  I thought we did a good job with the offensive line, controlling the line of scrimmage and the running game and really giving DeMarco [Murray] some opportunities.  DeMarco ran really well, he ran hard, he ran downhill and when you do that, drive the football again and again and again, and control the football and control the game it gives you a great chance to win.  I thought Tony [Romo] did a nice job of throwing the ball when he had an opportunity.  He got behind the chains a little bit with some negative plays and sacks that hurt some drives for the most part. We wanted to drive and pass the ball really well in a very physical game for us.  Obviously, our defense did a really good job making stops.  Third downs were big for us.  I think they only converted two or so throughout the ball game.   I thought that was really, really good.  It was a big point of significance for us coming into this game, them not driving the ball.  Our guys did a good job of getting off the field and making big plays throughout the game.

(on this game being how you envisioned it)

Yes, this is how you want to play obviously.  You have to control the line of scrimmage in order to run the ball throughout the game.  Hopefully, if you are able to do that, if you can do that at the end of the game, it wasn't perfect by any means no question about it.  It was physical, downhill and I think we wore those guys down.  I tribute it to those guys up front and our runners.  Both guys did a great job to continue to run the ball throughout in a lot of different situations.  Again, this goes back to the defense making some stops keeping us up by a couple of scores. They made some big plays in the game to keep the score where it was until the end of the game.

(on if he spoke with DeMarco Murray following his fumble)

I told him that was his third carry and he was going to get about 30, so hold on to the damn ball.

(on how much this win tells about the character of his team)

You just have to go back to work.  When you try to identify what happened to the game last week you build on the good things and you correct the bad things.  I thought we did a good job going back to work all week during practice and we understood the challenge that we had here.  This team had a great win in Week 1 up in Kansas City against a good football team. We knew what the challenge was and came to work all week and got the win.   

(on responding when the score was 16-10)

You have to respond in a 60-minute game, as we all know and some things are going to go well for you in the game and you have to keep building on those* *things and keep the pressure on them and sometimes it's going to go against you.  You have to respond the right way to adversity.

(on Tony Romo moving the ball the way they wanted)

I thought Tony [Romo] did a nice job in this game.  We ran the ball a lot throughout the game.  I thought when we had the opportunities to convert big third downs, we did that. He did a good job on that one naked early on.  I think he played a solid football game for us. Obviously, we featured the running game.  Tony was more of a complimentary player, but I think he played a good game for us.       

(on how the defense benefits after running the football)

It all works together, obviously. We've talked about that when we drafted Zack Martin and allocated the resources to the offensive line over the last couple or three drafts that it's going to make our entire team better. It's going to make our quarterback better, it'll make our receivers better because they'll play a lot more run defense and obviously, if you're able to run the football and control the clock and control the game, it makes your defense better. They have fewer opportunities where they have to make stops. Our defense did a great job throughout the game. Early on, I think we went three and out their first two drives. Obviously our offense was moving the ball fairly well, but when you get those stops quickly, and the offense is back on the field, it's a good rhythm to the game.

(on LB Rolando McClain's interception)

Well, hard to know how he played overall until we watch the tape, but that certainly was a big play. That was an opportunity for them to go down into scoring territory and get another scoring opportunity, and again, when you  make a play on the ball, it's going to make a difference in the game. Unfortunately, it wasn't officiated correctly. It should've been a touchdown. Obviously, they blew the whistle too quickly. Again, I thought our defense responded well to get the ball there and then our offense responded well after that.

(on special teams play)

Throughout the game, special teams made a huge difference. Change in field position, blocking the punt and we felt before the game, Dan Bailey was going to have a lot of range today. He really hit the ball well in warm-ups, so we were going to be generous with giving him opportunities and he cashed in on every one of them. I only had a side view of them, but they look like they're going right down the pipe. He made some big plays, as did the whole special teams unit – made a big difference in the game.

(on decision to challenge Rolando McClain's play)

Oh, I was staring right at it. One of the things they always emphasize, and it's the right thing to do, is kind of work with the ref on it and get confirmation together. But, there was no question in my mind because I was staring right at it and for them to blow the whistle on that one, when it should've been a 65-yard interception return for a touchdown was excruciating, to say the least.

(on win being a confidence builder going into next week)

Well, you try take them one at a time and that's our mind set and you've got to clean the slate every week. We're going to go back and look at this game very unemotionally on Tuesday, and we're going to address some of the things that weren't good and certainly try to build on the bad stuff independent of what the result is. That's what you have to do - you have to do that play after play, series after series, half after half, game after game. So, we'll do that. I thought our guys did a really nice job of that last week. We've got to do the same this week and get ready for next week's challenge.

(on being a physical football team)

Yeah, you need to be a physical football team to win in this league.

(on how Rolando McClain has helped the attitude of the team's defense)

Yeah, he's a physical football player. He's got really good instincts for the game and he's very productive. He's productive defending the run, he's productive making plays in the passing game and he plays with a demeanor and a spirit that you want. It's great to have that from a middle linebacker because he gets contagious really quickly. He's off to a good start. Again, we'll go back and watch the tape and clean up things with him, just like we will everybody else, but it looks like he made some plays in this game today.

(on whether Rolando McClain has exceeded expectations)

We felt good about him all along. We just wanted to make sure we gave him opportunities and coached him along the way. I think he's responded well to that.

(on coming back after the long touchdown by Titans Delanie Walker)

That was big. It's big. You have to respond. It's a 60-minute game. When things are going well, you've got to keep the heat on them, you've got to keep putting pressure on them, again, in all three phases of your football team and certainly when they have success, you have to respond. I thought our offense did a good job of that in those critical moments early on in the second half.

(on WR Dez Bryant's shoulder)

He just needed to go in and get it cleaned up a little bit.

(on performance by RB DeMarco Murray)

Again, we'll watch the tape, but my vantage point on the sidelines, I thought he played a fantastic football game, downhill the whole game, physical. When you're on the sidelines and plays come to you and you see those collisions and him delivering those blows on those guys, it was physical, it was strong and he was really purposeful on how he ran. It starts up front. I thought we did an excellent job controlling the line of scrimmage. I thought both (Bill) Callahan and Frank Pollack did a great job of devising the run schemes for this game. I think we ran the ball a lot of different ways against a good defensive front, but certainly when DeMarco had the ball in his hands, he was a dominant runner today. There's no question in my mind about that.  

(on DeMarco Murray being able to handle the workload)

I think all along he has given us every indication that he can handle that. We've talked about him being a guy who can be a bell cow, there's never been any evidence to me from minute one when he showed up at the Dallas Cowboys that he couldn't do these kinds of things. We've tried to get other backs involved for a lot of different reasons. We'll continue to do that. We handed the ball to Lance Dunbar today – he did a nice job. We handed the ball to 21 (Joseph Randle) and he did a nice job. So, we've got good backs and we're going to keep using those guys. Certainly, DeMarco demonstrated he can be a big time back in this league and has been the last couple of years.

(on being a balanced offense)

Yeah, we want to be a balanced offense that attacks a lot of different ways. We want to play downhill with people, we want to be physical, we're going to continue attack running the football, continue to attack throwing the football and that's what we've been all about. I think we're stronger than we've been in about four or five years on our offensive line and that's very intentional that we've done that and it allows you to play like this, go on the road against a good football team and do the things you need to do throughout the ball game. I think that showed up a lot throughout this game today.

(on CB Brandon Carr's game)

Again, we'll have to watch the tape, but he certainly seemed to make a lot of plays. He was out there by himself on those receivers a fair amount and was making plays down the field, big plays. Also in the red zone, I thought he made some pretty good stops for us, but we'll watch it, we'll see how he did, but it look like he showed up from my vantage point.


(on the play of DeMarco Murray)

He's had a great camp; he had a great offseason, and he's just showing what kind of back he is to everybody.

(on his confidence in DeMarco Murray following his early fumble)

I've been around him long enough to know no one wants anything like that to happen. I didn't want the way I played to be like the way it was last week. This game will humble you quickly, and it's really about what you do after that. If you let it happen multiple times and it keeps happening, where you kind of go into a shell, you just won't be playing very long. To DeMarco's credit, he was pissed that it happened and then he got locked right in and went forward. I think that's the approach you have to take.

(on the Cowboys' touchdown drive after the Titans made it 16-10)

I think you could feel at that point in the game, it was the drive that you feel like can make the difference and make it very difficult for a team. We did some good things on that drive that allowed us to score, and we made some good plays.

(on his completion to Dez Bryant on third-and-15)

The play is designed for a certain route that he has that's more of a curl type of route. It's got more stuff in it than that, but for you guys to say that he stopped, yes, that's what he's supposed to do. At the same time, it's not a rollout, it's not a complete ad lib because his route's where it's supposed to be. I moved just to kind of create the time that I think you need for that specific route; for that kind of down and distance.

(on today's victory)

It was a good day. When you play defense like that and you can run the football like that; the Seahawks proved there's a certain way to kind of go about that. You just need to move the chains, do a good job on third down when you have the right down and distances, and then give your team a chance on the one or two drives that make the difference in the game, and I think we did that.

(on the future of the Cowboys this season)

We make a lot of big statements about what every team is going to be after week one. I'm sure at the end of today you'll find out that a lot of the things we all thought of last week are completely different this week. It's going to take four or five weeks before you kind of see what teams are going to be; who they are and what they're going to struggle with and what they're going to do well. I think then you'll have a better idea. For us, we're just going to try and obviously be better than we were last week. But, there were signs last week that we could be a team that has a chance, and I think we showed that today.

(on the importance of today's victory and avoiding an 0-2 start)

Today was very important; I think a win today was a very important win. Starting 0-2 is a very, very big hole that you don't want to be in. You have to take each week the way it is and just play. If a team is great and it's going to be a tough, physical game, you have to play it that way. If it's one that comes a little bit easier, then OK, but it doesn't matter about what your record was the week before. 

(on how he feels throwing the football)

I'm throwing it good. A few times out there today, they surprised us where I wasn't in position to throw, but we still made some catches. They kind of had a corner; it wasn't a blitz, but I threw one to Dez (Bryant), and he has a route on the play, so the ball kind of got to him and it was a nice catch he made. The subtle things like that all come back slowly from what they were and I feel better each week that goes by about some of that stuff. As far as down the field and throwing it, I'm throwing the ball really well and I'm excited about that.


(on the play of DeMarco Murray)

DeMo (DeMarco Murray) is a great back and we really appreciate the things that he does. I talked during the week about how much of a team back that he is. The things that he does to set up blocks and the way the he runs hard is really tremendous. All of the backs did a really job. When Joe (Joseph Randle) got in and when Lance (Dunbar) got in, those guys hit it just as hard as DeMo.

(on the importance of the 80-yard TD drive after the Titans scored 10 points)

It's always good to try to neutralize any momentum that happens. I think the best thing that you can do is just go out there and try to establish the rhythm back – just try to slow the game back down and don't let any of that bother you.

(on how this win helps establish an identity) **

It's just another stepping stone for us. Every game is that way. I always talk about getting better every day but also getting better every game throughout the season. We need to continue improve.  I thought there was some improvement, and there are definitely some things that we need to work on. We will go back and watch the film and see exactly what those things are.


(on the difference it makes when DeMarco Murray is running the way he did today)

It makes it easy for a lot of us guys. It makes it easy for Tony (Romo) to pass. DeMarco is turning straight beast mode, straight beast mode. I know he is going to keep doing that. If he runs the ball like that, all the running backs, it just makes our jobs that much easier.

(on the long touchdown drive after the Titans scored 10 points)

You can't blink. You have to stay focused and just think about executing plays and keeping drives alive.

(on if the physical play is something we can expect more of)

Of course, that's my style of play. We just have to keep on and not celebrate, but enjoy this victory and move on to the next.

(on picking up some key third downs in the second half)

Of course, that's huge. It's all about executing what's called and keeping those chains moving. It's one play at a time and just keep rolling.

(on the large number of Dallas fans that made the trip to Nashville)

It was exciting, but I was mainly focusing on us executing plays.


(on if he ran harder after his fumble)

Yeah, I can't let that happen. I just have to revert to what I'm used to doing and holding it in the hand that I'm comfortable in. I just can't let that happen. I will get to work on that.

(on the Titans defense looking to stop him)

I think it helps us out a lot. Definitely in the passing game it lets Dez (Dez Bryant) and Whit (Jason Whitten) get one-on-one matchups and we need to take advantage of those things. The O-line did a great job blocking and you have to give those guys credit.

(on how important ball control was today)

Yes, definitely. I think we controlled the clock and that usually means you have good success, so we have to continue to do that and make positive plays.

(on when he knew it would be his day to carry the load)

I thought it was everyone's day. I thought that O-line did a great job and Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) and Randle (Joseph Randle) came in and had some good runs as well. As an offense, we made some plays, but there is always room for improvement.

(on establishing the run this early in the season)

It's still early and we have a lot of work to do. Like I said, we have to correct the tape tomorrow and Tuesday and figure out ways to get better and get guys in better position to make plays. We are heading in the right way though.

(on if potentiall leading the league in rushing through two weeks means anything to him)

No not at all. Like is said before, I am not worried about those stats, I am just worried about wins and losses. 


(on DeMarco Murray's performance)

I thought DeMarco (Murray) had been really good all of training camp. I think as good as he was last year he realized that there were a lot of yards out there still. He is just a bell cow type of back. He can run hard, he can follow his blocks and create yards, but he can also do it on his own. He is just a really good football player. He works hard the right way, he's smart, he's tough and he's everything you want in a running back.

(on what Murray's performance does for the offense)

I think when your back has that type of demeanor I think it really just goes throughout your football team and expands and just the energy he brings. I know the linemen love that and I know he respects them as well. We talked about it, getting down there and finishing drives with runs. We didn't do that last week and we worked really hard on it and I thought we did a good job of that this week making some big plays.

(on if the fumble early in the game motivated Murray)

He's a great back. I think he is a star on the rise and I think that is something that he is going to continue to have to work on, protecting the football. It happens to a lot of people, but you just have to be able to protect the ball. But when he has that type of game I hate to even talk about that. He'll get that fixed. He is just a great young player. He works the right way, he's smart, he's tough, he's good with the linemen, he understands the scheme that we are trying to do and then he can also create on his own. That is a big game for us, and just the demeanor that we want to have as a football team. We talked about it since March. It's good to see it show up early in the season, and really it showed up last week, we just made too may critical errors.**


(on if there was a distance before the game that he knew would be his limit)

We always back up 55, 56, 57 sometimes, but obviously situational football can sometimes dictate what the actual range is. Today was a great day. There wasn't much wind, so I was feeling really good pregame. The operation was great and I think just as a whole we felt really good coming into the game. 


(on his performance)

I am just ready to look at the film. The most important thing is just find the mistakes and build on the good things. We're happy with the win, we're happy with the overall play of the team. We are going to find the mistakes, address those, fix them and try to get better.

(on if he knew he had the interception in the second half)

I knew. I told the coaches all of those years playing tight end at Alabama paid off. I knew it was an interception. It was just a good play and luckily I was just there to make the play.

(on if his intention was to keep running even after the whistle blew following the interception)

I just wanted to get into the endzone just in case. I knew they blew the whistle.

(on DeMarco Murray)

220 yards rushing for our offense, you can't ask for a better game. For our defense, we got time to sit on the sideline and go over checks and just stay fresh and be prepared to go back on the field. I mean that played a tremendous part in us just staying fresh and being able to make plays. You have to give a hats off to our offensive line and DeMarco (Murray) for the way they ran the ball.

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