Titans-Colts Postgame Quotes


Head Coach Mike Vrabel

Do you know what the status of Coach Dean Pees is?

"I would say that Dean's doing okay. They took him to the hospital, they evaluated him and they are going to keep him overnight for some tests. But everything that I've heard, as of now, has been very positive that he should make a full recovery and be fine with whatever he had going on upstairs."

Did you call the defense from there?

"Yeah. I was able to switch over, get the headset switched over and everybody on the staff – just like they do with Dean helps between Terrell (Williams), Shane (Bowen), Kerry (Coombs) and Tyrone (McKenzie). So that's something I think that we're equipped for. But we're really just making sure that Dean's health is fine and then I got to find a way to make sure that we're better prepared to play football games."

How did that go down during the game? Can you take us through with what happened as far as, 'Alright, we got word that Dean's coming out?' When does that happen? What do you do then?

"I think just making sure that Dean's healthy – I think is the most important thing right now. Then concentrating on coaching this team and giving credit to the Colts and coming back and making a lot of corrections and moving forward. But everybody that had a role in – from our ops staff, our doctors and the people here, our coaching staff, the people who switched over their headsets, everybody did a very effective job."

Was that right at the beginning of the first quarter when that happened?

"That happened early. Again, I think all the credit goes to Frank (Reich) and his team. They were ready to go. They played much better than we did. They coached much better than we did, and so we have to drop this and lose it after we make the corrections and get going. We got to go on the road to another division opponent, which won't be easy, and just try to get another win."

Will you plan to be without Dean this week?

"Well I think we'll be able to talk to the doctors moving forward and then I'll make some decisions here as we go, once I hear about how he's doing and what he's going to be able to do."

I know how you handled it last week coming off the Dallas win into the Patriots game, there seemed to be some issues along the way and certainly today in terms of handling success. You've talked about it in the past. Do you think this team has some issues handling success?

"I think that whether you lose in the last second of the game in Buffalo or you don't play or coach well, today the message is that it's a loss and they all hurt. They all count the same. Whether we handle success or failure. I think that we're 5-5 and we do some things well and then we don't do things very well in all three phases. And so my hope is that this team sticks together, that I can lead them in a direction that will allow us to improve, be critical of ourselves, take care of our teammates, get healthy, look at Houston and try to go and prepare to win a game. So whether it's success of failure, as soon as we make the corrections on this thing and look at it we've got to move on."

After the New England game, you mentioned that you really liked the Friday practice. Did you not like this Friday practice coming into this game?

"No, I think we did some things fine on Friday practice. Guys, I was a coach one time and we had probably the worst Friday of practice that you could ever have and held Drew Brees to three points and you couldn't of had a worse practice. I know that practice is critical and I only remind myself of that just to keeps things in perspective that it really matters how you coach and how you play on Sunday. You'd always like practices to be really good and crisp and without error – not to say that this Friday was any better or any worse. It's just, we only get one shot at these a week and we have to make sure that we're ready to go."

Is what Marcus Mariota did today similar to what he did in Miami?

"I'll address the injuries tomorrow when I have some more information. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some good news on where he's at."

Can you tell us what he said about it when he was coming off, as far as how he felt?

"I asked him how he was on the field and he said he would be okay. We made the decision to go with Blaine (Gabbert). You'll have a chance to talk to Marcus, I promise you. He'll answer everything about his health. When I find out more information about it, I'll let you guys know. I'm sure he'll be able to address those things."

What went into your decision?

"Well, I just think making sure that there was an effective way to take care of the quarterback. I think sometimes you get in these games and all our players want to finish the game and they want to compete. They want to fight. I definitely appreciate that in them, but at some point in time you have to get some other guys in the game and take a look at some other guys. We did that defensively because to move forward and win, we're going to need everybody and hopefully we came out fairly healthy. But we have to get back to work quickly and improve."

It kind of goes without saying, but how disruptive is it when you have to change quarterbacks in the middle of a game? I know things didn't necessarily start off like the way you would have wanted it to.

"There were a lot of challenges we faced – that's why we're supposed to be pros. We can handle those types of things – that we plan for them and that we have guys that can step in and do a job if they have to."

Your defense has been so good, how difficult was it today when they just couldn't get off the field and get stops?

"I think that the stops – they've done a good job at keeping it in third-and-manageable, which is again what they did today. These games come down to the red zone. The third down conversions get them down there, but you can still always kind of save yourself down there in the red zone. We uncharacteristically didn't perform how we had. I give them a lot of credit. They had a good plan. We didn't do a good enough job of coaching and executing down there in the red zone."

You did such a good job on Josh Gordon last week. T.Y. Hilton was a different story today. What do you think was the difference today?

"You know, just making sure that every week, every play, every series in this league you have to prove your value as a coach and your value as a player. If you don't do that every week in this league, you get beat. So I'll try to do that. I'll try to do a better job of doing that myself. I'll try to do a better job at reminding them and coaching them to that – that every week, every play, every series you have to go out there and prove your value as a player and as a coach."

What did you see were some of the struggles with the o-line? Giving up five sacks and they didn't manage to create a lot of holes for the run game.

"We'll take a look at it. They're a young, fast defense and they've been playing well – they've been playing better each week, a lot of movement. I'll take a look at it and we'll all take a look at it very critically. Make sure that what we're doing is sound and what we're coaching the players is sound. Then we'll try to get them to execute it."

Even before Marcus' injury, what was missing from the offensive execution early on?

"There were a lot of things missing from today – in all three phases. You can look at the punt team, you can look at the defense, you can look at the offense and then obviously the coaching. Without sitting here and pinpointing it and be specific without having looked at it, there were a lot of things wrong today. But were going to come back and we're going to keep fighting and we'll do everything we can to get prepared for Houston."

It seemed run heavy early. Was that the plan?

"Well, hopeful – I mean, hopeful that we can get on them and run the football. And then sometimes, things fizzle out, you have some good runs or you get a penalty. Again, penalties, uncharacteristic of us, I mean whatever it was. I know eight (penalties) for 112 (yards) – we've gone about three or four weeks without that. There are a lot of things that we'll get and understand why."

Safety Kevin Byard

What did they do so well that was hard to stop?

"I mean you saw it. We couldn't stop the run we couldn't stop the pass. We couldn't stop the deep ball. On both sides of the ball, we didn't do well. We didn't do well on special teams, gave up a few big returns. Turnovers on offense. It was a lot of stuff. I can't count too many things we did well today to be honest."

Unfortunately, one of your biggest wins this year is followed by a similar performance like this in Buffalo; does this team have a problem handling success?

"I'm not sure, I really can't answer that. What we've shown is that we obviously can't. We won a couple games. You got to give credit to the Colts. You can say we dropped a game. They had a good game plan, it was a good team, they beat our tails by (28) points so got to give credit to those guys"

Defensive Tackle Jurrell Casey

The most disappointing part is kind of the line of scrimmage, you guys weren't able to get pressure back there on 12?

"Not really disappointed. Definitely sucked that we couldn't get there. But when you can scheme it, get the ball out of his hand quick, max protect, taking shots, it's easy to protect that way. But we got to do a better job in our scheme to make sure we get there. Beat the max protection and beat the quick passes. Try to get back there as fast as we could, but we couldn't do that today."

Did you sense anything that didn't feel right today?

"No, it was rough. Spotted them two possessions down in the red zone, then we let them get some big plays. They capitalized on everything they got given to them and we gave up a lot today. Penalty after penalty, just not getting off on third down, whatever it was on the offensive side. We just wasn't as a unit today and we got to do better and clean that up"

What point did you guys find out about Coach Pees and what was that like?

"Found out about (Dean) Pees at halftime. We came out, we thought about it, then we just kept on going. Wasn't really a thought process, nobody really harped on it, it was something. But that's no factor into what happened today, we just wasn't prepared and ready to play."

Wide Receiver Corey Davis

Was it an issue of where you're running routes, you look back and you see the protection had already gotten down and Marcus (Mariota) was down? How tough is that, as a receiver?

"It wasn't just the protection. It was a number of things, but we've got to be better."

Did you talk to Marcus at all about when he went out and what he was saying about with his arm and stuff?

"I didn't. You got to talk to him about that."

After the last two weeks, how well you guys played, how surprising was this performance as an entire team?

"I mean, the surprise is disappointing. Obviously, we know better than we displayed out there. But we've got to put the blinders on and move onto the next one."

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert

Could you just walk us through when you saw Marcus Mariota go down and maybe what was said to you as far as getting ready and what to do moving forward?

"Yeah, just always being on high alert. It's an art you have to learn as a backup quarterback – kind of learning the guy's mannerisms and body language. I knew pretty quickly there to get warm and go play."

How would you feel for Marcus Mariota if it's the same injury?

"It's a bummer. Anytime you get dinged in this game it's never fun. The amount of time and effort you put into preparing your mind, your body and getting this team ready to roll - it's hard when you have to leave a game. Nobody wants to leave a game, especially due to injury. You know, it's just unfortunate."

What is your thought process moving forward? Probably not unlike some other weeks when this has come up, just have to get yourself in a position to play if need be?

"Yeah and in these situations like we're in right now, it's always good to fall back on the routine that I have. I prepare the same way week-in and week-out as if I'm starting or I'm not. When there's uncertainty like there is right now, it's always good to be able to fall back on that and trust that process. I'm going to prepare the same way."

The fact that you have played in a few games this year, does that help your situation a little bit?

"Yeah, it's just football. Go out there, tee it high, let it fly, throw the ball around, have some fun, lead the guys and just play my game. We're going to go back and watch the film, learn from it, move on and put it behind us. We've got a big game next week."

What do you see when Marcus Mariota is kind of shaking his arm out there when he is about to come out. What're you thinking in your head?

"It's a bummer. But when you see that happen, it's go-time for you. You've got to warm your body up as fast as you can because you've been sitting there for an hour and a half at that point not doing a whole lot and you've got to step in and try a win a football game. That wasn't the case today. But it's just kind of a quick process to get your mind and body ready to go."

How frustrating is the inconsistency in the offense? The last couple weeks have been great, but today you guys were struggling.

"Yeah, football is a funny game. You've got to come to play week-in and week-out, day-in and day-out. It's a humbling game. For as good as we played the last few weeks, and going really back to the London game and then to Dallas and then last week versus the Patriots - I really can't explain some things. But we're going to get back at it, kind of grade the tape, look at what we can improve on and become more consistent at and focus on those things. We've got to flush this one quick. We've got another big division game next week on Monday night."

On the pick, did anything in particular happen?

"I threw it right to him. (Laughter) No. 53 (Darius Leonard) had been doing a good job cutting that sub-package, rushing and dropping. I thought he rushed, but he kind of hung in the line of scrimmage and popped back. I tried to pull it back, but I hit him right in the stomach."

What's kind of the sense of urgency have to be for this team?

"It's a huge game coming up next week, but the beautiful part about this is that we control our own destiny. When you're at this point in the season and you can do that, that's the situation you want to be in. I've been on a lot of teams and a lot of different years where you are out of the race right now and that really tests guys. But the best part of about that locker room is these guys are eager and hungry. They work their tails off week-in and week-out. Having the chance to control where we go from here, that's all you can ask for."

Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

What are some of the things you can take from the game today?

"I mean, my eyes were bad on some. Could have been in a better position. I was there, little hindered by all of those things where catch tackle, it wasn't, like, something else. It was just me."

Was last week maybe about as good as it could be minus the interceptions, I guess? And this week maybe as bad as bad as it could be in a one-on-one matchup, in terms of production from the guy? He had 155, two TDs today.

"He was on fire. Hell yeah, it's a bad as it's going to get. You give that up, you're always going to feel bad. I don't even care if he won and he got 155, two (touchdowns) - it's still terrible. I mean, at the end of the day you've got to go back to the lab, go back to the film - see how they schemed us up, see what I can do better on him matchup-wise. And then, just go look forward to Monday night."

How quickly do you turn the page on this one and look forward to the matchup against DeAndre Hopkins the next week?

"Just as soon as I go home. I'm about to go to the crib, chill with my old lady. Let her gas me up a little bit, rub my feet or something just relax, talk it up. That's it."

You guys are good enough at dealing with success yet? I mean, after Dallas you dealt with success well against the Patriots. But we saw the Buffalo game, we saw the Baltimore game, we see this game. It seems like you don't always bounce back from a good one.

"It's always going to be ups and downs. You know, we want more ups than downs. At the end of the day, then it's about adversity, how it's gone hurt you. So we're never hanging our heads, never low about any situation. I think that nobody wants to come out here and lose. Nobody thought when we came out here, it was going to be this outcome. So to hear that it's not like we don't deal good with success. So for us, it's go back in the lab and keep pushing and keep grinding."

Head Coach Frank Reich

Opening Statement:

"Just an injury update, Margus Hunt had a knee (injury) and Ryan Kelly had a knee (injury). I just want to start by wishing Dean Pees and his family all the best. He was taken to the hospital - their defensive coordinator - during the game. So, just trusting and praying that he's OK and as a team, we just recognize that there and pray for him and his family. So, thoughts and prayers are with Dean Pees. As far as that game, now that's as complete a game as you can play. Really good football from start to finish in all three phases. Man, the defense - we talked about it all week. We knew we were going up against a team that was hot in the Titans in all three phases and the challenge was, hey the Titans came in here with the number one ranked scoring defense in the NFL. The challenge to our defense was let's show who is the best defense today. That's all that matters - is today. Our defense did that today. They showed they were the best defense on the field. And then offensively we just had it going - had a good mix of guys. T.Y. (Hilton), man, T.Y. was huge. Just had a good feeling about this plan for T.Y. (and) his matchups. I have a lot of respect for their corners, but we just - all of us just had a feeling that T.Y. was going to have a big game and he delivered in a big-time way and Andrew (Luck) again was clutch. No sacks again against a team that is the number one pressure team in the NFL. So, can't say enough about how the offensive line played. And then lastly, I'd just say we just talked about, we've been using the phrase, 'We've dug ourselves a hole and we have to dig ourselves out.' So we said, 'Okay we're out of the hole. Our eyes can see over the horizon, but now we have a mountain to climb.' We've got a long way to go. So we're going to keep the same mindset - one week at a time."

You talk about the offense and you talk about T.Y. Hilton and how much the tight ends have been involved. Is this the perfect example of how you guys can spread the ball around and make it hard for defenses to key on certain guys?

"I mean that's the idea. We've talked about it all year. We like to spread it around and I just give the guys a lot of credit. I give T.Y. a lot of credit. I mean the guy is a leader, he's a great player but when the tight ends are going off he's getting his three, four catches and making an impact. Just happy we're winning and happy the guys are playing well. So just great to see for him today. I mean, he's been leading by example and then he came up big today."

I think you've said from day one that when you got here, you didn't have long term concerns about Andrew (Luck). Can you put in context where he was when you got here to where he's at right now? This is maybe the best we've seen him play.

"The context was, we were throwing little – I don't even know what kind of balls they were - weighted balls, but they didn't have points on them. He was patient, I give him a lot of credit. He was really patient and he just said he was going to stay patient and trust the process and he did that. So that's a lot of credit to him."

It seemed like more pressure from the defense today with more blitzing early on. Is that something you felt like just needed to change to get the pass-rush going?

"Yeah, and I thought Matt (Eberflus) just called a great game and the guys were feeding off of it. (We) certainly mixed it in and it was effective and then kind of stayed with it a little bit."

Can you talk about the Indy/Philly special you tried out there?

"Man, I wanted that for (Eric) Ebron. So that's the same play that you've seen the Patriots run a couple of times. It's kind of in the 'Philly Special' world as well. They just played a lot of man-coverage down there and those kind of plays work against man-coverage. So I give them credit, they adjusted pretty quickly. Ebron made a pretty good throw all things considered. It just didn't come up quite as clean as we envisioned."

He'd be tough to live with if he throws a touchdown pass.

"I know, I know. Maybe the Lord was having mercy on us." (Laughter)

When you guys were 1-5, you said to the players that you dug yourselves a hole. Did you tell them anything else and how did you not allow doubt to creep in?

"It's always been - even each week up to 1-5, I mean I just know what we've been seeing the whole time, it's about the process, it's about the process, it's about the process. There's no other way to approach this game, but you can talk it all you want, but until the players embrace it, and they embraced it from day one. I give them credit and they practice hard, meet well and just fight to get better every day. That's been the mantra and that will continue to be the mantra."

Besides getting some healthy bodies back, how are you different right now than you were at 1-5? Are you different?

"I think we are just playing better football. The belief that we had early on has turned into a confidence. There's a young belief that we had. I thought we had players, thought we had systems and schemes to take advantage of what our players can do. We have some success, but are still learning along the way. Then slowly, you build confidence. There's a different mindset. We talked about that - the idea when you have a team that is focused on a process. One of the results of focusing on a process is a winning mindset and I think that's what we are starting to develop."

When you get a win like that with Reggie Wayne here today and a lot of other former Colts players, what does that do for the franchise?

"I'm not going to lie - especially because I was here with a lot of those guys - I felt a lot of pressure. There could have been nobody else in the stands but those guys and I wanted us to have a good outing. I wanted those guys to be proud. Those guys represent what Colts football is all about. So, it was especially fun today to have that kind of a game in front of our all-time greats."

You said you had a feeling that T.Y. Hilton would get going. Why did you have that feeling that he would have the type of day he had?

"It was just a gut feeling. Nick (Sirianni) and I were talking him about during the week, 'This is going to be a week.' We always have a lot of things in the plan for T.Y., but we were just determined. We were going to get these things called and that he was going to have a big day. Andrew (Luck) was just the money. I mean come on. Every throw was (with) pin-point accuracy."

*You've said you guys are out of the hole, but you know what there is a lot more to be done? *"Hence the mountain to climb. The good news is we're out of the hole. The reality is there is still a mountain to climb because of the position we put ourselves in. That's just what we have to do and we have to take the same approach."

Did the early blitzes kind of reinvigorate the pass-rush a little bit?

"Yeah, they really did. I think it's kind of like when there's blood in the water and they just get it going. That's a good feeling when you're on defense. The guys could just taste it and feel it. They played hungry and got back after it. It was a real good confidence builder for the defense for sure."

Tackle Anthony Castonzo

What was clicking on offense to keep that fast start early?

"It was just kind of everybody doing their job. We had a great game plan, the coaches were calling good plays and guys were just executing. Obviously when you have T.Y. Hilton who is able to go deep and be a threat anytime to score a touchdown that helps too."

Another strong performance by the offensive line protecting Andrew Luck. How does that make you feel that the offense had this incredible performance?

"I think our coaches are putting us in a really good position to succeed. They're not just putting us out there. They're definitely giving us a good opportunity to be successful. When our whole offense is clicking it definitely makes our job easier as well. We are the cause for some of the good stuff, but we also kind of reap the benefits of some of the other good things that are happening."

Tight End Jack Doyle

How do you describe the turnaround of this team?

"There is not like a moment or an aha moment like, 'Oh we turned it around then.' We've been practicing hard from OTAs to training camp to the season. We practice hard. If we can continue to do that and keep working we will continue to get better. We are seeing the improvements from week to week and there are still so many to do and that's what makes it fun to get back out there to practice."

What does the 24 unanswered points say about the offense and the defense being able to keep them out of the end zone?

"It was awesome. The defense is so fun to watch. They fly around and make big plays and try to strip the ball. Quincy (Wilson) had a big interception and Darius (Leonard). It's fun to watch those guys. They're doing a heck of a job."

What does this win say to the AFC South?

"It says we won week whatever it is. It doesn't say a whole lot other than we won this week and we got to get back to practice and keep moving towards our goal. The good part is that our goals are still out there. That's the good part. So we have to keep working and continue to improve."

Wide Receiver T.Y. Hilton

What was clicking for you guys to have such a fast start?

"Everything. We came out strong last week, but we felt like we didn't finish in the second half. Today, we put together a good performance."

Was there any extra motivation for you guys seeing Reggie Wayne inducted into the Ring of Honor today?

"It's great to have former athletes come back. You know, Reggie speaks for himself and I played with him and 12 (Andrew Luck) played with him, so just to have him out here – he broke us down today – it meant a lot."

What does this win say to the rest of the AFC South?

"Not much, it's just one game so just continue to get better."

Wide Receiver Dontrelle Inman

You join this team and the offense has looked unstoppable. How has it been on your end the last month?

"All the guys in the room are showing me love – Chester (Rogers), Zach (Pascal), T.Y. (Hilton). Everybody has welcomed me with open arms. It's been good. Coach Frank (Reich) and Coach Nick (Sirianni) – I already knew the offense. It's just concepts and different names change, but all in all they've welcomed me."

What does this team feel like after Week 11?

"We feel invincible. As long as we do the little things, discipline, I don't think anybody can stop us – on both sides of the ball."

You got in the end zone late. How did it feel?

"It felt great. It felt great to be back and score and celebrate with my teammates."

Four wins in a row, how does that sound?

"I only look at one game at a time. You start to look at the past and you start to look at records – that becomes a distraction."

Linebacker Darius Leonard

The pass rush was back today. What was the difference?

"We got to the quarterback a lot, so we had a lot of games up front. Let our pass rushers get free and they took over in the opportunities that they had and just made plays."

Were there a few more blitzes today? It seemed like there was a lot of pressure on third down.

"I'm not going to say we blitzed a lot. We just gave our guys opportunities to make plays and that's what they did."

How does four wins in a row sound to you guys right now?

"It's great. Momentum off of each win just carrying over and just being able to go out and compete each play and keeping your head down until the final whistle. Hopefully you see you're winning at the end of the game and that's what's been happening."

Quarterback Andrew Luck

Opening Statement:

"First off, I hope Dean Pees is all right. He's a pretty famous name in this league."

Do you feel like T.Y. Hilton was due?

"Yeah, maybe. It was a classic T.Y. (Hilton) game. It's fun to be a part of when it happens. He is special, man. He is so unassuming, you know? He just does things very, very well. So yeah, a little bit due. I was happy for him. We have been knocking on the door a couple times for it. Certainly he has an injury earlier this year that kept him out, but for him to come into a game and – when he's rolling man, it's fun to be a part of, it really is. It's fun to throw a ball to him. The guys love blocking for him and everybody is pitching in together. Great job by him today."

The offense is a little different when he's making those chunk plays, isn't it?

"Yeah. Shoot, you need explosive plays as an offense, you do. It helps a lot, it really does. Turnovers, explosive plays, third down and red zone - those are areas where if we want to win games consistently, we have to do that well. I think we did it really well today against a really good defense. It was a great challenge for us and I thought we did some things all right."

Can you talk us through the Eric Ebron pass?

"I thought it was a really good spot by him. It was safe. We were told to eat it if it's not there (or) put it in a safe spot. I gave it my best effort and I'll retire as a wide receiver from here on out."

When you first came back you talked about how much you enjoyed playing because you were out for so long. What's it like now to be on the stretch you're on personally and as a team?

"It's the same honestly. Certainly the result is different, but the mood in the building and the vibe every day when you walk in – win or lose - is positive. It's all about getting better. Frank (Reich) stresses the process, right? Everybody's goal is to win, right? Each team's goal is to win. So you have to focus on the process. What are you doing every single play, every single week? Yes, it's nice that the results are positive for us certainly, but I wouldn't say that I'm having more fun per se. I'm just enjoying it. It's a great group of guys. It's a great group of coaches (and a) great building."

Is it hard for you to weigh where you are right now with where you were at this time a year ago?

"I was not in a good spot a year ago today. I remember that. I am in a good spot now. So I certainly – and I've said this before, my perspective is a little different towards this game. I appreciate things maybe a little bit more and I think that's pretty consistent with anybody who's been out for a significant time with an injury. I know I talk to guys about it in the locker room and hear their stories and share my story. Shoot, I hope Marcus Mariota is OK. Everybody's got a story to tell. Certainly as a quarterback in this league, if you play for a couple years you're going to have gone through something. I'd like to think that what happened, the result of that is probably the best thing for my career, the best thing that could've happened."

Are you still pain free?

"Yes, still pain free."

Without going that deep, how is this team different now than it was when you guys were 1-5?

"I think some things are clicking. I do think you could look back and say 'All right, we're making fewer mistakes.' I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot less now, but at the same time we know we can be even sharper today. A penalty on that two-minute (drive) gives Tennessee a better chance to kick the field goal. I'm not sure if they already kicked it or not. On offense though, we have to convert on some third downs to give us a chance. There are things that are still out there that we need to clean up, but I think every week we do it a little better. Every day at practice we do a little better and it's because all of us are locked in every day. It's about getting better in that day. So, we'll keep working at it."

We talked about you being undefeated against the Titans. You're 10-0 against them. What is it about this team that you just seem to have so much success against them?

"I cannot speak to the previous years. I am happy we are 1-0 this year against Tennessee and we'll face them again obviously whenever that time comes. This is the ultimate team game. There's nothing individual about it so I'm not going to get into me versus the Titans. I don't think that's warranted."

Cornerback Quincy Wilson

Walk us through your vision on your interception.

"They motioned him out, I forget who they motioned out there, but I knew that when they came out in that formation that the ball was going to come my way. Either one of those throws. I just saw it the whole way and I couldn't believe he actually threw it."

What was the difference this week for the defense? Has the mentality changed?

"We are always working on preparation and working on finishing. Here and there, we will put together four quarter games, like we did against the Bills, and now we did it again. But we're just working on doing it every week now. The outcome is always good, so we are just going to keep working on that."

What message does this send to the rest of the AFC South?

"It sends a message that the Colts are here and we're knocking on the door. We are ready to come back next week and do it again."

The Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 11 of the 2018 season on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018 at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

The Tennessee Titans get set to take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 11 of the 2018 season on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018 at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)