Titans/Buccaneers Halftime Quotes



(on the first half)

We had two penalties that hurt us. One could have been avoided, and one could not have been avoided. Those cost us nine points. I thought the defense played well. They made some plays and got off the field when they needed to, but neither team was making first downs. There were a lot of changes of possession. We're going to have to play a lot of people in the second half.


(on the starting offense's performance)

We were just OK tonight. Obviously I made a bad decision on that deep throw, and it cost us a chance in the red zone. The other interception was a little unlucky, but those things happen. We had too many turnovers, and that can't happen. We also did some good things, though, but overall we know we have a lot to improve on.

(on if he likes what he sees from Kenny Britt)

He made some good plays out there. He got behind the defense, and Vince found him. He also ran some other good routes. He's doing a real good job, especially considering he hasn't practiced that much.


(on the starting defense's performance)

I thought we played well tonight. We were able to get in a groove. We weren't able to get in that groove during the Hall of Fame Game. So it was nice to get that in this game. The defensive line was playing their best and creating pressure, and we were holding our own in the back.

(on having to prepare for the Buccaneers offense without having film on it)

Sometimes it's just about football, and that was the case tonight. They rolled the football out there, and we just played. We made all of our reads and went from there.



(On the first half)

"I was really happy with the tempo. Our guys were out there playing fast. This is a great opportunity tonight for a lot of these young guys and I am looking forward to getting a better look in the second half."

(On the play of the quarterbacks)

"I am just ecstatic that the quarterbacks both came out here and executed. Our tempo was pretty good getting in and out of the huddle, as well as the execution. We will go back and evaluate the film and be able to get a better idea later."


(On the new defensive scheme and how it went the first time out)

"It felt good with the guys that were out there for the first series. It is a learning process obviously but I think the best thing that we did is go out and play fast. We created some of the things that Jim [Bates] has been talking about all offseason, pressure and turnovers. If that can define us all year, I think we will have a pretty good defense."

(On his new role in the defense)

"I will find a way to survive in this defense. Obviously I have done it for 13 years. It is a transition for me but I am enjoying the transition. Just because I am playing in a different position doesn't make me a different football player."


(On how the offensive line looked)

"They looked good. We were coming off hard. Our offensive line is a very talented group. It takes a bit to adjust to the tempo of live game action. You can try to prepare in practice but it is hard to duplicate it. Right now is the first taste. That is why we play the preseason games. Other than that we look great."

(On getting back out on the field)

"It felt good. I wish the first few series' went a little better but it's the preseason. It felt good to be out and hit another team."

(On the progression of the offense with the offseason changes)

"Everything is going well. We are just trying to find out who our players are and who is going to be here for us in September. We're going to find out a lot about ourselves during this preseason."


(On getting back out on the field and how things went)

"I thought our tempo was good, which is good in the first preseason game, finding a rhythm and a tempo. We have some things to clean up. We will look at the tapes and get better at it on Monday."

(On the progression of the offense with the offseason changes)

"I think we are making strides. Like I said we have to clean up some things, but I think we are right where we need to be. We just have to keep progressing, with three weeks left in the preseason, and keep getting better."

(On how things went for him)

"I felt it was good. When you're not getting a whole lot early, on first or second down, it kind of limits you a little bit throwing the ball. Again, I think we did fine. I wanted to come out establish a rhythm and tempo. As far as chemistry in the huddle and how we felt coming out coming off the ball, I thought we did well."


(On playing linebacker for the first time)

"It was good. I didn't really get the physical confrontation that I was looking for, like I wanted. A lot of the plays went away from me today but I thought it went well. It was good to get in there and play against a different team. We have been going against each other in training camp and we get tired of hitting each other. So it is nice to get out here and hit someone else."

(On his transition to a new position and how it is going)

"I think the game actually went better than I thought it would. I was prepared. I was ready. So I came out here and just tried to play fast and hard."

(On how he thought the defense played in general)

"Our job is to score and get the ball back and we did that twice tonight before halftime so I think it went pretty well."


(On his interception)

"We had switch coverage and they tried to go two verts. I just tried to play them both and I think the quarterback thought I was going to take the tight end and I didn't and just tried to make a play."

(On how he felt things went on defense)

"I think it was good. We will watch film and see what we need to correct but I think we all played fast physical. That is something the Bucs defense has always been known for, playing fast and physical. We will go to the film tomorrow and make our corrections and go out next week and try to play better."

(On him starting and how he is progressing)

"I thank God for this opportunity. I am excited for it. Everyday I am just trying to improve and get more confident in learning this defense and just do my best at my position to help this team win."

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