Titans-Browns Postgame Quotes



(opening statement)

Well, you know, needless to say it was an unbelievably tough loss for us today after we played so well in the first half and have things not go our way in the second half. We had quite a few injuries today. I don't know where they are all going to come out. Craig Stevens had a quad. Jake (Locker) with his thumb. Coty (Sensabaugh) had a MCL. Bernard Pollard, we don't know, it may be an Achilles, we don't know. So, there were a couple of other guys that were banged up. Anyway, there were a lot of things that went on in that second half that could have gone either way. It didn't seem to go our way. A lot of it was self-inflicted. You know those are the things we got to eliminate if we are going to win football games.

(on why there was so much passing in the fourth quarter)

Well, we ran it some and weren't getting anything on it and we put ourselves in third-and-long and we were struggling to make a play. We had some matchups that presented problems early in the game from a passing standpoint. You know, we didn't execute.

(on if he considered punting on fourth down in final quarter)

I did, I considered it, but I felt like with them having only one timeout we would have a chance to win the game right there.

(on if he considered other plays other than quarterback sneak on late fourth-and-one)

We had a number of options. Quarterback sneaks have been the most successful short-yardage play over the last few years in the NFL. We weighed that with another one. We thought about not going for it, but once again I just felt right there we had a chance to win it and we didn't get it done.

(on if he was disappointed in second half penalties after talking about cleaning up mistakes during the week)

You are exactly right. That can't happen. We had a couple of penalties that I will have to look at and see on the tape. But, that's got to change. There is no question about that. We had crushing things when we got the turnovers, two of them. All of a sudden it changes and that is a hard thing to overcome.

(on if playcalling was comparable from second half to first half)

Well, obviously we tried to run the ball some early in the second half. We didn't do it. It wasn't good enough on any drive.

(on how he expects the team will respond)

Well, we will go back to work. It is obvious that we made progress from last week with having worked and it showed on the field in the first half. I mean, I really believe we are on the right track with what we are doing with our players.

(on if he will make any player moves)

You don't have a lot of options when you have a 53-man roster. We will look at those things, but it is a very, very difficult loss for us today and we have to look at some of those things and see how we can address them.

(on special teams' problems)

Well, I mean that hurt us, too. You know, we can't have a blocked punt. Special teams have not performed for us. That's an area that has to get better.

(on if injuries had a role in going for it on fourth-and-one)

Yes, people you don't want to hear that. There were a lot of factors that were involved with that decision. Half of a yard, we felt like we could get it and you know, we didn't.

(on if team will be without Jake Locker for a stretch)

I don't know, we will see. It is his thumb, yes.

(on if he was hoping for an ejection when quarterback Jake Locker was hit in the end zone)

Most certainly, I didn't like the hit in the end zone. Our player (Derrick Morgan) got ejected today, and I don't even know about that. That's not my call. I thought it was a very poor thing to do.

(on Derrick Morgan's ejection)

There was a lot going on, on that field out there. I couldn't tell.

(on the play where Marqueston Huff was flagged for remaining out-of-bounds)

We'll look at it. We'll ask the league about it. I don't know.

(on if they thought that Charlie Whitehurst got the first down when challenging the spot)

Yeah, I thought he did based on what we saw. We thought he made it.

(on regaining the team's lack of composure in the second half)

Well, I think you have to identify what the problems are and be willing to make changes. That's what it is all about. I'll have to look at this game and see what was called, and why it was called. If we can make changes, that's something that you have to do.

(on if it's conceivable that some of the changes will have to wait until next season)

I'm not talking about next year. I'm worried about trying to address what our issues are right now. I don't know where we're going to be when we come back, from an injury standpoint. We'll continue to work the way we've worked. We'll clean those things up. If we can play other guys, we will, if they're guilty of doing something that has hurt our football team.

(on any confusion on defense)

No, I don't think it has anything to do with the 3-4. I think maybe what you're talking about is when they were in the no-huddle, and they were going to the line right now. We were trying to communicate the calls and change those. Maybe that was it, maybe it was a factor of some different guys in there playing. We had Avery (Williamson) in there a lot today, and sometimes, as a young player, those kind of things can happen.

(on how hard it will be to make those adjustments on defense)

We have to keep working. We have to keep looking at what we do and trying to improve. It's pretty obvious in the first half that we're capable of doing that. We have to find a way to do it.

(on if the team's second-half play washed away successes in the first half)

It's certainly disappointing, that's for sure.

(on if Charlie Whitehurst was making the right reads in the second half)

I'll have to look at the tape. I felt like Charlie (Whitehurst) did a good job in there today. Once again, there were a lot of factors involved with the second half. If we make any play, if those two turnovers stand, it's a difference in the ball game. It's hard right now.

(on the play of Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter)

It's encouraging to see some of the plays that we made as a unit in the first half. We did a lot of good things. It's also discouraging that we weren't able to do that in the second half. We had a big play to start the second half off, and we don't hold on to the football. Those are the kind of things that, you have to make those plays.

(on if losing Craig Stevens at tight end early hurt the offense)

Well, I mean we had a plan with Taylor (Lewan) in there as a tight end as well, and we still ran some of those. We continued to try to use different runs, and we didn't have a lot of success with it.

(on what he told the team in the locker room after the game)

The important thing is that the way they worked last week in preparation for this game showed itself early. We have to stick together and continue to work. We definitely have to clean these penalties out that happened in the second half.

(on if there is a point where the team can't depend on Jake Locker to be out on the field all the time)

I'm not speaking about anything in the past with Jake. All I can see is where he's been with us. I don't know exactly what happened or what the prognosis is from today.



(on the loss today)

This is a disappointing loss for us.  We fought hard in the first half, and came back out in the second half and we let them back in the game.  It shouldn't have been that close at the end, in my opinion.  We made some mistakes and they capitalized, and they were able to win the game.  We have to go back and watch film.  I think there were some things that we could have done better as far as executing our plays.  Things like that to put ourselves in a better position.  They just capitalized on our mistakes, and they were able to score points when they needed them, and they won the game. 

(on having a huge halftime lead)

We felt good about it.  We've seen that they've come back in the past so it was something we discussed before we went out in the second half.  They were still able to come back and overcome that.  Being down in the first half, they were able to win the game.

(on where the Titans go from here)

I mean all we can do is work, to be honest.  This is disappointing.  I just look forward to the next game and hopefully we can get this taste out of our mouth real soon.


(on dealing with the loss today)

We've got to step up, we've got to step up.  We can't blame everything on the refs. … It's tough.  Words can't express how mad I am right now.  We did it to ourselves and I feel we have to come out in the second half and eliminate the mistakes.  We had the opportunity to seal the game and we didn't.  We can't blame it on anybody but ourselves.  That's what really hurts.  I feel we didn't execute like we should have. We have to get off the field, and stop them from scoring.

(on getting so much playing time with the Titans defense now, after limited action early in the season)

It's a big responsibility and coach is putting a lot on me, but I've got to respond and get better each week.  I feel I'm going to keep on improving.  I felt good having the pressure on me, and I felt like I wanted to be the guy to make the plays out there.  It was a big-time game and it was good experience for me, so it will help me out.  I feel I've made some big strides and I have to keep on improving.  I'm excited for this team.  I feel like we have the right pieces and we have to keep fighting.


(on the loss to Cleveland)

It's rough.  Especially as a defense.  We come out and have to help out the offense anyway possible.  We have to make the plays, and we didn't do that in the second half.  I wouldn't say a 'bad dream'.  I don't know too much what it is.  It is what it is. … We're not giving up and we'll keep on battling.  We still have a long way to go.  It's a marathon and it's not a sprint. So we'll keep on developing as a unit and keep on pushing forward. 

(on if Browns' offense did anything different in the second half)

They executed their plays, and we didn't. 


(on what was different in the second half, to change the outcome of the game for the Titans )

They changed up some things, but I don't think it was necessarily what they did.  I think we just didn't do a good job of closing out the game today.  They did a good job of fighting, coming back and believing that they could win.  We just have to do a better job of closing the game out.  It's very tough.  We've worked hard as all outdoors to get a win.  The first half went really well. I think we did a lot of good things, but that second half, we just have to play, put some plays together. … I wouldn't say we got comfortable.  I think they just did a better job of changing some things up. They did a good job of coming out the second half and adjusting some things.  As I say time and time again, it's going to be impossible to put a finger on what happened in the second half, without watching any film.  So we have to go back and watch this film, understand what went wrong in the second half, and move forward.  The plays were there.  Let's just put it that way. The plays were there.  We just have to do a better job of closing out games. 


(on what he was thinking after scoring on a 75-yard pass play to put Titans way ahead in the first half)

We've got to keep pounding.  We can't take the foot off their neck.  We have to keep scoring.

(on how he feels about the loss today after having a huge lead earlier)

I'm just speechless about the whole thing.  We had the game.  We should have finished and won.  I'm at a loss of words.  It's definitely devastating.  We had a lead like that and end up losing it like that. 

(on what the Titans do from here)

See what we did in the first half.  All the positive things we did.  And see what we can do to turn the negatives around. 

(on his scoring on a 75-yard pass reception, despite the eventual loss)

It was good for the offense to move down the field and put points on the board.  Our mentality coming in to the game was to win the first quarter.  We had started slow in some of our games. 



(on his injury status)

We'll take a look at it tomorrow and hopefully get a better idea tomorrow. We got X-rays. It didn't look like there was anything on the X-rays.

(on how he injured his hand)

I hit it on a helmet. I'll get an MRI tomorrow. They wanted to check some of the ligaments in there.

(on his reaction to his injury)

We got the penalty. We were excited about getting the first down. I went to do something and kind of felt it and looked down and it was swollen up pretty good already. I tried to move it to see if I could grab the ball and wasn't really able to at that point.

(on how his hand feels)

When it's just hanging out, it's alright. We'll see.

(on facing another injury)

Just got to keep working. It's frustrating. I said it last time, but it's an opportunity to overcome it and be stronger for it.

(on the start of the game)

We got off to a pretty good start offensively. We moved the ball well and put a lot of points on the board in the first half. It was exactly what we wanted to do, to play well like that on the offensive side of the ball, and we did.

(on having to watch from the sidelines)

It's hard any time, whether you're on the field or not. It's difficult.

(on moving more with the ball)

It was a conscious effort on my part. I'd gotten away from the type of football that I'd always played that allows me to enjoy playing the game and be successful playing the game. I knew we needed to get back to it.

(on getting hit in the end zone)

I thought I was clearly in the end zone. I wasn't expecting to get hit. I kind of thought that was a cheap shot. They were under my belt pretty good.

(on determining that he didn't have a concussion)

They ran me through all the tests on the sideline and everything. I was able to pass those, and so they felt good about it. I felt good about it.

(on if that hit was separate from hurting his thumb)

Yeah, they just happened to be on the same hand.

(on having to go through so many medical tests)

Like I said, it's frustrating, but it's something that at this point, right now, is inevitable. I'm going to make the most of it and do everything I can to hopefully get back on the field.

(on getting hurt inside the pocket)

I think I've done a good job when I've gone outside the pocket, being able to protect myself. Unfortunately it happened inside the pocket.

(on if his current hand injury is related to previous injuries)

I don't know if it has anything to do with it. It wasn't like it was an issue coming into the game,  but it has happened a few times to this point.

(on not being able to control being injured)

Like I said, it's frustrating, but it's something that's outside of my control. I'm going to control what I can and work as hard as I can to overcome it. (on Charlie Whitehurst's performance)**

I thought he did a great job. Charlie (Whitehurst) came in and did an awesome job. I think he finished the half two-for-three with two touchdowns. It's a pretty good way to start off. We've always known that Charlie is a talented quarterback and has the ability to lead an offense and be successful as the quarterback of that offense. He did a great job doing that today.



(on what he thought some of the reasons were for differences between the first and second half)

Yeah, we couldn't put much together in the second half.  Obviously, we didn't score any points.  We relied on our defense there.  They did a great job. We weren't able to help them out there in the second half.  It's little things; give credit to Cleveland.  They made some adjustments and made it harder on us. We've got to make plays. We didn't score once in the second half.  If we'd had scored a touchdown or three points, you know, obviously, that could have been enough.

(on the little things Cleveland did to have a better second half than the Titans)

I don't know how much they did scheme-wise but they made the plays and we didn't.  It was the inverse of what the first half was like when we made all the plays and we weren't able to make any in the second. 

(on the quarterback sneak)

I wasn't sure on the first effort if I landed.  I don't know when they blew the whistle. I thought I landed on the other side of the stick but obviously, I didn't. 

(on the emotional state of the team after today's game)

It's been a tough four games.  I think it comes from Wiz (Whisenhunt).  I think we'll stick together and that's what he's telling us to do.  I think that the guys on the team...it's a tough spot.  It's the toughest spot as probably a lot of guys have been on in their careers but you've got two options – stick together or not.  I think that we're mature about it and I think we'll stick together.

(on if the loss hurts more because of how well the team played in the first half)

A loss is a loss. We had a good chance to win this one. 

(on if the team got more conservative in the second half after having a big lead in the first half)

We didn't make plays.  I mean, we didn't make the plays that we made in the first half in the second half.  We were really close on a few of the third downs.  We were just shy of and little things got us. 

(on if this is one of the worst losses he's had to endure in his career)

I'm not sure.  Every loss hurts and this one definitely hurts.

(on if the team lost momentum in the second half)

I'm not sure.  You look at what happens in the league every week and you have to expect a game is going to be made of this thing and we expected that.  At halftime, we knew we had a huge lead but we were prepared if it got close to win the game.  That's where our mindset was.  That's what happened and we weren't able to get it done. 


(opening statement)

Obviously a heck of an effort by our guys.  Similar to Pittsburgh, it was a tale of two halves especially defensively but it's the NFL and we found a way to make enough plays in the end to win it.  To me, it speaks to the character of the men in the room.  The resiliency, the poise, the focus.   I think a lot of teams would have shut it down given what we faced at halftime.  I did tell them after the game they have to stop doing it.  I have an EKG scheduled for tomorrow because my heart can't take many more of these.  It's a heck of a win for us like I said and we are hopeful it will be a boost coming back home against the Steelers.

(on changes in the defense for the second half)

No, I talked to Jim O'Neil at length and it was frustrating.  I listened to him call the majority of the game and I thought he was on point based on tendencies, down and distance and situation we had set up the call sheet.  We were making plays.  The guys looked playing heavy legged, we weren't challenging, or we were on our heels a bit. We came in at halftime and there we no significant changes to the plan.  It was like, hey, we just have to play better, we've just got to suck it up, we have got to get focused, it's one play at a time, do your job.  But that's the mentality we have to take at the beginning.  We will address it defensively and make sure we come out of the gate a little better but I am so proud of that group how they responded in the second half.  

(on talk with defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil at halftime)

We both saw the same thing. I think you make a mistake as a coach when you start to search for answers that are not there. Believe in the scheme; believe in what we are doing.  Get the guys in the right position and then it's a two-way street and they are going to make plays. They have got to make plays and they responded.  I thought the players handled themselves well. It was similar to the Pittsburgh locker room and going through that experience helped us. It was like 'Hey, we've started our comeback,' but it was actually before the second half even started. I think that first score in the first half was tremendous for us.  To get that momentum going before halftime and even though we ended up, I think, kicked a field goal the first drive of the second, I think those 10 points really, really set us up and got the belief back.  It was no major changes to the call sheet.  We just went out and executed better. 

(on the third-down challenge)

It was (secondary coach) Jeff Hafley, he is the point guy up top. I had a pretty good view of it from where I was and I did see the ball was behind his body.  I thought his body had the first down. He never got the ball in front of him.  We thought at that point, given the circumstances, with even a 30 percent chance, let's go ahead and throw it. Once they started to peek at the replays up top from the TV copy we felt pretty good about it.

(on the fourth-down stop)

I was (surprised) a little bit but it was inches and I thought we had done it last week against Baltimore. I think that is one of our strengths.  Those guys, they weren't sitting there waiting to be drawn offsides. They were ready for a play to be run and I thought we did a heck of a job not just stacking them up originally but getting extra guys in just pushing the pile. He didn't really spin out and fall forward until they had already blown it dead.

(on Tennessee's penalties getting out of hand)

I don't know.  Whatever situation we have got to keep playing and there were some situations that went our way.  I've always felt, when it comes to officiating, there are times when it bounces out.  We can only play with the situation they put us in.

(on using all three running backs)

I think it was important for Ben (Tate) to come back and it was good for his confidence. He did a real nice job running in the zone scheme and getting his shoulders squared up.  I thought our backs did good job of protecting the football.  This is a team that hits hard and tackled low. They attacked the football and I think our guys job finishing runs.

(on Travis Benjamin's confidence after the fumble)

I grabbed him after he came off after the fumbled punt and just said to him, "hey, just hang in there.  If you have a chance to make a play, just make a play".  It is obvious that he lacks confidence in the punt return game.  For me that is a microcosm of the team.  Here is a guy that had something bad happened to him and he didn't go in the tank.  He bounced back and made two plays including the game winner.

(on Brian Hoyer weathering the storm on the road)

He did.  I think his poise was pivotal for us. I think that calming influence in the huddle, he was never out of sorts.  We guys came on the sideline they knew what the adjustments were when they missed a play.  Guys never turned on each other, the O never turned on the D and that's what being a team is about. For us to have that type of quality leader on offense is why we are where we are.

(on the initial game plans on the running backs)

It was going to be a healthy dose of Ben (Tate) to see where he was. We felt good about him physically and that showed up early and we wanted to mix the other guys. Wilbert (Montgomery) is in charge of it and I think he has a pretty good feel of when to put guys in and when to pull them.  A lot of times they do it themselves after they have had a long run or they get a little dinged up they will say hey, go ahead and take me out. To me it's great to have that depth. Depth is a great problem to have especially when especially at running back. 


(on whether or not he knew they would win)

Did I know we were going to win? I knew we had it in us. We've shown throughout the first four games that we'll play until the end and I think it was a complete total team win; offense, defense, special teams. I saw Tank [Carder] in there, I said geez man, and if you don't do that, it's a lot harder. Big players play at big times and I think our guys stepped up today when they needed to.

(on how it felt when they started out behind)

We've been here before, I mean we were here three or four weeks ago against Pittsburgh, so go out and do one play at a time and don't look at the scoreboard and just play until the clock says zero.

(on if he was surprised to see the Titans sneak on fourth down)

I think it shows they were afraid for us to get back on the field. They didn't want our offense back out there, they wanted to see if they could just finish it right there. I think that's a risk you're willing to take if you feel like you can't stop an offense, and other than times we were going for it on fourth down and missed, I think we really had our way with them, there were just times when we didn't convert when we needed to.

(on what he was thinking when he went onto the field at the 42-yard line)

We have plenty of time and we don't have to get into two-minute mode. Before that I was sitting there thinking, OK, we'll get the ball back at 1:58 with no time outs, maybe one time out left, and then your whole mentality changes. You can play your normal offense for the most part, and I think we did a good job of that.

(on what he said to Travis Benjamin after the mishandled punt)

I don't recall. My relationship with Trav goes back to when we were both rehabbing our ACLs, and I love the guy to death. He's quiet, but he was one of the guys that said we're better than this, I'm sitting here watching these guys and we can win in this league. He's the kind of guy that doesn't talk all of the time, but he sends a text message like that and shows how much it means to him. I have a lot of faith in him and our relationship really grew as we rehabbed together.

(on his touchdown pass)

On a play like that we figured they were either going to all right blitz us or three-man rush us, and right away I could tell it was a three-man rush. Usually with that you're never going to hit a play on schedule. It was kind of a scramble, it was all about the scramble, and it's something we've worked on all week, especially in the red zone. [Travis Benjamin] made a great move in and out, kind of similar to Pittsburgh, and I thought I overthrew him when I first threw it, but he got up, grabbed it and got his feet down and made a great play.

(on how great it feels to accomplish the biggest comeback in Browns history)

It's just good to win, and I think like we said in there when we broke it down, let's just win by two touchdowns one week and not give everybody a heart attack. It is, when you win in this fashion, kind of just crazy. It's great to always win, but to win coming back and know you battled your butt off is a great feeling.

(on what the win does for the team's mentality)

We came out flat. It was a quiet stadium, we stayed on Eastern Time but we're playing at noon. It's a little different schedule, and speaking for myself I felt like we came out a little flat, myself especially. The first half, it's easy luck and I just had a brain fart and didn't read the play right. Once we get things going, when you play on the road, you'd like to come out and start fast, but we fought through and got the win.

(on what this game does for confidence)

Being 2-2 as opposed to 1-3 is huge and I think in the same fashion when we lost in Pittsburgh we had some momentum that we needed to carry over to this week. We'll celebrate tonight and then realize who's coming into town next Sunday.

(on whether or not he knew he would get out of the sack on the touchdown)

No, it was a play where our up-tempo offense gets their defense so tired. Usually when you come out there and it's that coverage, you have to throw it quick. But he was so tired I think, and I saw Travis just open up in the end zone.

(on the Browns fans at the game)

No doubt, and when we scored the last touchdown the stadium was going crazy. Our fans travel really well and to see that support is great.

(on summing up the historic win)

It's great. Winning cures all things, to be 2-2 rather than 1-3 regardless of what fashion you win it in is great. We're going to hold onto this momentum knowing the Steelers are coming to town.


(on the sack on the final drive)

It just happened so fast. I just have to make the play. It is right there in front of you and you have to capitalize on it.

(on if his heart was pounding following the play)

No, I was just composed the whole way, just doing my job.

(on the biggest comeback in team history)

That is something special. Just to be a part of this team and the camaraderie we have with the bonded people here is just amazing.


(on the first half)

Offensively I think we did a steady job throughout the game. The first half, we weren't good at converting third downs, so we couldn't stay on the field. Defensively, they were putting together these long scoring drives, so we just didn't have a lot of opportunities. I think that was the emphasis coming out of halftime.

(on the return of Ben Tate)

He did an awesome job. For a guy that has been out for a few weeks and probably didn't have his wind back coming off of a knee injury, he did an amazing job. He is invaluable because he was the only guy that had been in this system before. So he knows how to run the ball, he knows how to read the defense, he knows how to read the blocks and set them up. Having him out there is invaluable.

(on if this win can jolt the team moving forward)

I hope so. I think it will be important to come back on Wednesday and have a good practice and not dwell on the success in victory for too long.


(on the comeback)

I feel like we have been apart of this so many times, but at the end it just doesn't go our way. But it just feels good to have this happen and to end up winning a close game when we were down by what we were. It is just that we can't keep putting ourselves in these positions. It was good to see our defense can step up and not let them score so the offense could drive down and get touchdowns. But this is not the way you want to do it. We want to have two consecutive halves of playing really good ball. If we could do that then we could start winning by more. We just have to come out from the very beginning and play a whole game. We still haven't done that.

(on Jake Locker)

He is really, really good at extending the play. He is really good at that. He can throw the ball really well, and he makes all of the throws, but his legs are something that is really hard to account for when you are trying to cover those receivers, the tight end and you put [Dexter] McCluster in the backfield and you are trying to get your man and the defensive line is trying to get to the quarterback and [Locker] sees a little gap and he can run. He is pretty fast and he knows what he is doing when he tucks it. **


(on the play of Brian Hoyer)

I think it's everyone. We all believe in Brian and we believe in the offense and we believe in the coaches. We got off to a rough start but we weathered the storm and for us as a team that's huge. It shows that we can be down and come back and fight.

(on if their comeback in Pittsburgh made them believe they can do it again)

We didn't talk about that, but there is no doubt with anyone no matter what the score was that we were going to come back and win. It just shows that we are not going to fold. We have a strong unit, we all believe in each other and that's the main thing for a team to believe and trust and where we are going.

(on the resilience of Travis Benjamin after muffing the punt and then coming back and playing well)

I was so proud of him. It was a tough play and I know that it hurt him and it's not easy to come back from that. The kids scores two touchdowns at a pivotal point in the game. I'm not going to say that it nullifies his dropped punt, but it's just huge for him to make plays even though he was a little down on himself.


(on looking like he was feeling healthy out on the field)

Well first of all, I would like to thank God because being hurt and injured is not fun. You have to turn to him and my family for dealing with me when I'm injured because I'm not fun to be around. The training staff helped me get back as quick as I can.

(on if he has even been part of a 25-point comeback win)

I'm not sure I have. I know last year on Monday night against the Chargers we were down pretty big, but I don't know if it was 25. I think it's my first time of being part of something like this. I'm just happy that we pulled it out and I think that it shows that we are learning how to finish games. These guys keep fighting every minute and every down and that's the only way that you come back from down 25 points in this league.

(on if he was running with any extra vengeance)

I would like to give a lot of credit to the offensive line because when you average over five yards per carry and your longest run is only 15 yards that shows what they are doing up front. They were doing a good job of making it easier for me and making my job a whole lot easier. I think that's the way that I always run. I always run with a big chip on my shoulder. I feel like I have to prove something every game and that's what keeps me motivated.

(on if he was surprised to see the Titans go for it on fourth down late)

I was. I was especially with that D-line and linebackers that we have because we have some big guys. I would put my money on them just about every time.

(on what Brian Hoyer is showing him)

He stays poised. He stays focused and he's relentless and doesn't give up. The way he played today at the end making those plays and the drive coming back from making a mistake earlier and getting two touchdowns at the end of the game, that's big and that shows resilience. That's what you need when you are trying to take the next step.

(on why he didn't start the second half)

Coach just wanted West (Terrance West) to start it just to keep those guys involved and getting them the ball. Those guys are young and they are very good backs so I didn't mind it at all. It doesn't bother me because we are a team. I know that at the end of the game when it comes time to win, I was going to be in the game.

(on the distribution of carries)

It was good to me if we won the game because that's all the really matters.

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