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Titans-Bills Postgame Quotes





(opening statements)

I think it is the case of what I have been saying the last couple of weeks that when you can run the football and not turn it over and get your turnovers and make plays when the opportunities present themselves, you have a good chance to win a football game. So there again, that's what we did. We got a very competitive Bills team on the field that I thought was well-coached and clearly took advantage of the bye week and showed us some different things. And, I thought we did a nice job in adjusting to some of the things. Overall, it was a pretty solid game for us in all three phases.

(on if the plan going in was to focus on putting the football in Chris Johnson's hands)

I indicated, I think early in the week, that stats are misleading. This is a very talented defensive group even though the statistics didn't represent that as far as their rushing defense. We felt like every week there was going to be a different matchup and we were concerned with the matchup because of their speed, particularly up front. It was not easy to run the football, but we stayed with it. There are other ways of getting C.J. the ball, certainly a couple of screen passes, and that last third and 15 was just a tremendous effort to pick up that first down, in my opinion, and was one of the key plays in the game.

(on of he thought Vince Young had scored a touchdown)

No, what happened was that we had the wrong personnel on the field. We were going to take a timeout anyway and so rather than just take a timeout I took a shot at the review and threw the red flag instead of calling timeout.

(on momentum now working in the team's favor)

We have back-to-back three solid weeks of preparation. We had a lot of uncertainty last week with our health, Dave Stewart's standpoint, Mike Otto's and so on. We got guys back and in addition to that, we are focused and having fun. You can see that Vince is relaxed and having fun and is really into the game plan. Nobody is pressing and the plays are starting to come.

(on Rod Hood's play)

He is taking advantage of the opportunities. He has played solid football for us. Again, he is an experienced vet that understands our system now. The guys communicate well together. That ball went through T.O.'s (Terrell Owens) hands, but those are the bounces that we didn't get the first six weeks and it was good to get one today.

(on Vincent Fuller's interception)

That is how important Vinnie is to our defense. We missed him, but he recognizes things, he breaks, he does things and that's not the first time he has done that.

(on the quarterback maturation process for Vince Young)

He's not going to go through or play games where he doesn't throw an interception. It happens. He knew exactly what he did. He just went on to the next series, the next play. No, he's fine. I thought he did a great job with his legs and blocking for C.J. (Chris Johnson) and overall I thought he played pretty well.

(on how well the defense played)

Well, we gave up some plays. We were disappointed. They were all disappointed. We should not have given up the plays we did but nevertheless, they settled down. You know, it was good to see them settled down. Chuck (Cecil) made some adjustments at halftime which were good. Of course when you start getting the lead and you're able to rush the passer, good things happen.

(on the holding penalty and why the Bills didn't accept it to back up Rob Bironas)

You know, you're going to have to ask Coach (Jauron). I don't know. He does a great job with his team and I think he thought 51(yards) was, you know, was a little bit out of reach. They'd already gotten their hands on one kick and we mishandled the snap right before half or a low snap. No, it was a great kick. It was just what we needed to put the game away.

(on running Chris Johnson too much)

No. Again, I'd like to get LenDale in the game. It hasn't happened but in particularly, the offense spent half the third quarter on the bench and you know, we need time of possession and things. I'm not concerned about him right now. He's healthy, he's in good shape and he's having fun.

(on LenDale White battling the flu this week and seeing limited action today)

We had, particularly because he didn't practice this week. He was sick and had the flu. He was okay but we had some things in our goal line package that we thought would give us an opportunity and we just didn't get it done.

(on Chris Johnson's touchdown and how he amazes the coaches every week)

Yeah, that was a great play. Again that screen, that third-and-15 screen, we hurt ourselves with some penalties and those things we got to get corrected. For us to keep that drive alive at that point, on third-and-15, I think everybody (inaudible) it was a screen and C.J. makes the play. I mean that was just a great effort.

(on being made nervous on Vince Young's block made for Chris Johnson)

No, he's a football player. He's done that since he came or did that in his first week of training camp up at Austin Peay on the practice field and no pads. So I'm not concerned.


(on the way he is playing and the way he is seeing the field)

Basically, just very comfortable, like I said, the preparation is the key. I feel like me and (Mike) Heimerdinger is very close by Wednesday we doing a lot of studying. He gets to know me a little bit and we get to know him. When we are sitting in the office and things like that, we get to see different things that defenses are doing, that they might do on me, that we can take advantage with our receivers and C.J. (Chris Johnson). Definitely our offensive line has given us some time back there to make key plays. Me, it's just my confidence level and with my teammates. Like I said, that's when I continue to earn their respect and my coaches. I just want to go out there and do my job as a quarterback and just lead the guys down the field and that is what I have been doing.

(on rebounding after his first interception of the season)

That is one of the biggest things. If you make a mistake, or you make a big play downfield and things like that, put it behind you and just get ready for the next series or the next play. I took a shot down there, I wanted to give Hawk (Lavelle Hawkins) a try, but at the same time, I should've just took the underneath route with Kenny Britt on the side. But at the same time, me and Coach Heimerdinger talked about it, and then yeah, put it in the past and get ready for the next series.

(on what he is doing well)

Just taking what the defense give me, being very patient. Defense is doing a lot of different things up front, but at the same time, as long as I keep my eyes right knowing where that free safety at, or, if they go two safeties, things like that, or they blitz. What are they doing behind the blitz and things like that, I just really feel like I am very comfortable with the game plan and what the defense is trying to do to me. You know, we get to the sideline with Coach Heimerdinger and Kerry Collins and talking about different things and then when the next series comes and if they do it and coach calls the right play, I just want to go out and execute it. And, like I said, our receivers making big plays down field, our offensive line is giving us some time back there to make throws downfield and the guys are making plays downfield as well.

(on confidence vs. preparation)

Definitely a lot of preparation during the week, overtime, getting out late, five o'clock and things like that. Ready to go home tired but at the same time, you got to get it in. Because I know the guys want me to, when I get out their on the football field in the huddle. I want them to understand that I know that's going on with the offense and I want to get these guys to the line of scrimmage so they can make they calls and things like that. As well as my confidence level is a tremendous high. As I have been sitting back and watching and learning the game of football as a quarterback the things you need to do. That is all I have been doing, just being ready and the preparation is the biggest key right now.

(on the receivers' performance)

Kenny Britt, Nate (Washington), tight ends, receivers, Bo Scaife, a lot of the guys, Chris Johnson, made key catches as well. That's some of the things we doing at practice. When we go out there at practice you don't see no drop balls, you see guys confidence level high. Like I said, their preparation is getting better and better as well, so, once you have that type of response from your team like that, all you have to do as a quarterback is get the ball in these guys' hands and they will make plays for us.

(on the atmosphere and confidence level of the team after the three wins)

I believe it's big. I mean you see guys having fun. You see our defense making plays. You see the play with Michael Griffin and (Cortland) Finnegan fighting over the interception and things like that. From special teams from defense to offense, I feel like, the confidence and the excitement of the Tennessee Titans is coming together.

(on playing with Chris Johnson)

When I was in high school I played with a back that was talented that ran the ball and did kick-off return. He pretty much played everything. What C.J. brings to the game, he is a very special player. Once you get the ball in his hand, he is going to make plays. All we have to do as the other 10 guys when we get the ball in his hands is make key blocks down field for him. Just take care of our responsibility and let C.J. be C.J. He is a very special player.

(on the block to spring Chris Johnson)

The biggest thing was not to do a Brett Favre. I saw him cut back. I didn't want to not do anything. So, I made the block for him to spring him and he got the first down like he did.


(on Chris Johnson carrying a jersey to the press conference)

On Twitter, I asked T.O. (Terrell Owens) for the jersey. He said that they were going to come in here and beat us. I told him that they weren't going to do that, but after the game he needed to let me get the jersey. I actually didn't see him after the game, but he sent it over here, so a shout out to T.O. Thanks for that.

(on being the leading rusher in the NFL)

It feels great. I was the leading rusher before the game started. I wanted to be consistent or whatever, and at the end of the day, at the end of the season when I look up, I still want to be the leading rusher.

(on the block Vince Young made)

I won't say I'm surprised because, Vince, he's a competitor. Basically, a lot of people say different things about Vince and this and that. But basically, the only thing on Vince's mind is that he wants to win. He doesn't care if he throws for 300 yards and rushes for 100 yards. At the end of the day, he going to want to look up and have that victory.

(on the teams confidence level improving during the recent winning stretch)

My confidence level is high right now. I'd say my confidence level has been the same throughout the whole year. Basically, we weren't winning and for us to get these three wins in a row, like I said earlier after we won our first game. Our goal is to try to go 10-0 in these last games.

(on having Vince Young at quarterback running the option play)

It changes a lot. The defense has got to choose. Do they want to stop 10 (Vince Young) or do they want to stop 28 (Chris Johnson). That is what me and Vince say everyday. Whichever one you choose to stop, the other one is going to have a good day.

(on what the other teams players have been saying to him)

Basically, they are telling me that they are not going to let me beat them. They are not going to let me beat them. Anybody else on our team can beat them but me. I don't pay any attention. I get preparation for them like they get preparation for me. Basically, at the end of the day it's just two teams out there going at it.

(on being the best back in the league)

I got great confidence, so I would say I'm the best back in the league but that is not my situation to argue about that. I just got to go out there on the field and prove that and other people will say who is the best back.

(on wanting to run a play like Fred Jackson did when he threw a touchdown pass)

We tried it last week, but it just didn't work. The pressure got in my face. I completed the pass, but it was out of bounds. We've got that in our offense. We just have to pick the right time to do it.**

(on being on pace to rush for 2,000 yards and what type of car he plans to buy the lineman)

A gas or a remote control car.


(on the feeling in the locker room now that the team is winning)

Definitely, there is a lot of excitement in this locker room. You can tell how everyone is acting. It's a great feeling to get back on track and start winning. You see a lot of people happy with smiles on their face.

(on the looseness of the team after winning)

Everybody just wants to go out here and have fun. That's the key thing. You know, we can't play this game forever, so we just want to have fun. It's more fun when you're winning. Regardless of who the quarterback is, when you start winning, you have a great feeling, the team has a great feeling, and you have the heart and spirit to go out there and play.

(on Titans' offensive performance)

We got our confidence in ourselves and everything. We're going out there and running the ball well, and when it's time to pass, we're catching the ball. We're keeping the chains moving, on every offensive chance that we get. .


(on the resurgence of the Titans' defense)

Feels good man, it feels good. Our team is starting to click and we're making plays and starting to turn it around. This is where we want to be. We worked hard after the bye week and it's showing. Vince (Young) has taken command of the offense, CJ (Chris Johnson) is making great plays, our defense is creating turnovers and that's what you want to see out of a football team. It helps to have guys like Cortland (Finnegan) and Vinny (Vincent Fuller) back. Those guys definitely bring a different aspect to game. On defense, they create turnovers. We're just clicking on all cylinders. The defense is making plays and we're doing good right now.

(on his sack today)

I read it and it was a man coverage blitz. I came up on the coverage, got there and just made the play. I figured he (Buffalo QB Trent Edwards) would throw the ball away. He didn't throw it away, and I got him.


(on the defensive effort today of the Titans)

You know they had a few big plays to put them in scoring position, but other than that we kind of kept them in check . In the fourth quarter, we knew the offense was playing well, and we had to eliminate the big plays on defense, and we did a great job of that … We're real opportunistic right now. The beginning of the year , we weren't getting these breaks and the ball wasn't falling our way. You know, we'll take it.

(on the change in the Titans' defense from the beginning of the year to now)

We're totally different. Guys have confidence in doing things. We got a lot of our guys back that were hurt. So we're a solid unit once again and it's a good thing, cause we can go out and play the type of football we know we are capable of … The feeling that we know we can beat and play with anyone in this league has definitely returned. Right now we are in a situation where we just have to play the rest of our games and if we win them all, maybe something good will happen. We're trying to stand in anyone's way who is trying to go to the postseason, so it makes it fun for us.


(on the play of Vince Young)

I think he is comfortable in knowing that he has guys out there that he can play with to make plays, right now. You know, Vince is so competitive sometimes that it's amazing to see the things he will try and do in order to get us to win. But he hasn't been doing the crazy things. He's been doing the things that we need a quarterback to do and he's been managing the games well. He's been believing in the skill guys next to him, and the offensive line in front of him. And he's been playing good quarterback football, I think so far. He's been managing our games well. Unfortunately, he had a turnover today, but thus far, I think that the main thing that he's doing is believing in the guys around him, and we're believing in him.



(opening statement)

We played hard again, not smart all the time and made a few too many errors. The decision, obviously, to make them kick the field goal, the 51-yarder, was right at the edge of his range and I wanted the ball back. We hadn't been real successful in long yardage situations. I thought we had a good chance of getting 10 any way on a fourth down play. It turns out I should have taken that penalty; obviously it would have been in our favor. Then the two interceptions at the end just made thing look significantly worse than it was and it's always bad to lose.

(on Trent Edwards' performance)

There was some good obviously but some things we missed. That's why in the last series or the last few minutes, we decided to get Ryan (Fitzpatrick) out there.

(on if Ryan Fitzpatrick gave them a chance to win when he was put in the game)

I don't know how much of a chance we had to win, but yes, at that point we did.

(on Edwards' passes being off target)

Yes, they were pretty far off target. Terrell (Owens) was pretty open on the sideline.

(on pulling Edwards late in the game)

I don't know if it's an indication of anything. Today certainly didn't end the way we wanted so we made a decision at that time.

(on Edwards remaining the starter)

We will discuss it as we go along. We have to see the whole game. Obviously, from the field, you can't see everything that happens. You get, after the fact, information as the game goes on.

(on the quarterback sneak call)

We have been so successful with it. That's the reason why we called it. It looked like it was a yard or a little less which was the situation we really liked it in. So it's really been our best short yardage play.

(on if he knew what was happening on the sideline during the episode with coach Tyke Tolbert, Terrell Owens and Josh Reed)

No, I don't. I can say this about any football game, there's lots of yelling going on the sidelines.

(on tackling against Chris Johnson)

Again I will have to see the tape. Clearly he is a tremendous running back. His speed is so exceptional and he's got great balance. He accelerates so quickly, so quickly out of there and the option adds a whole new dimension. The option is really difficult to defend. Among a lot of really good athletes on their squad, but the quarterback and the running back are two exceptional athletes and make it very difficult.

(on the number of false start penalties)

I think a lot of it is youth, the young mental youth of the line. I know Seth McKinney is not a young player, but all those other guys are. As we have said often, I believe they are going to be a good line, but it's going to take time and I think that is something we don't have a lot of.

(on Trent Edwards being rusty)

I think he did some things, I thought, really well. By the end of it, it could have been rust. We will look at tape and see and go from there.

(on the halfback option play)

Freddy (Fred Jackson) is really a terrific player, just an all-around player. You see him in the return game, you see him running the ball, you can see him catching the ball and he can throw the ball. He demonstrated that today. The play has a lot of pull, especially when you run the ball a few times from that formation.

(on not using the wildcat formation very often)

I suppose we could have. It's part of our plan to use it. In the recent weeks we introduced it, so we expand it a little bit all the time. We will use it more as we move along.


(on fading at the end)

What's new? That is how it has been the last seven or eight weeks. We lose games in the third or fourth quarter.

(on what happened to Trent Edwards' accuracy at the end of the game)

There were passes completed so I don't know. Did he just get off at the end? It was one of those things. That is a question that you will have to ask Trent. I am just going out there going with the plays that are called, trying to get open.

(on showing his critics that he still has something left)

According to you I am washed up and everybody else. It is what it is. I pay no mind to it. I hear it. I go out and I play. I am going with the plays that are called. If I am involved then I am involved. If not, I try to do what I can with the running game.

(on talking with Cortland Finnegan)

That is not my game. Obviously, he is one of those guys that wants to be physical. It is what it is. I just go out there and try to compete. He is a competitor and that is what I saw it as.

(on the exchange on the sideline)

We were just going with the play that was called and the read that we both assessed, that is myself and Josh (Reed). We felt we missed it and we are just trying to get everybody on the same page. Josh obviously saw what I saw and I saw what Josh saw. We just tried to communicate that to Tyke and across the board. As receivers we have to assess the defense just as well as the quarterback has to assess the defense. Josh and I saw the same thing, so we were just trying to get everyone on the same page.

(on the challenges of a losing season)

I have never been in this situation with a losing record at this point in a season. Every team I have been on has been successful. I have been involved everywhere I have been as well. You know guys, I have no answers. Every day I go out and I practice hard, I try to work hard. I try to communicate with the staff, with the quarterback try, to be on the same page. This team is banged up so there is a number of reasons why we are where we are right now.

(on looking forward to the end of the season)

I just want to finish strong. That is the thing. It is not a matter of me looking to the end right away. I have a receiving coach that coaches at Tusculum. He reached out to me and he is having a rough season, or had a rough season. He asked me what does he do in these times. Obviously, we were struggling at the time and I just said it is really not how you start it is how you finish and that was the message that Frankie DeBusk delivered to his team. I have taken the same approach. It is not how you start, it is how you finish. Every day when you go out on the practice field I practice hard when I go out on the football field, I try to do the same thing.


(on offensive performance)

We knew we had some opportunities offensively. In the first half, we made some plays to stay in the football game. In the second half, we didn't. I think that's the bottom line, really.

(on second half offensive struggles)

This is on us. They didn't really show us anything different. We just didn't play very well in the second half. We came out with a little bit of energy but they did a good job. They had the ball for most of the second half. We certainly helped them by giving them a few picks and the game kind of got away at the end.

(on his TD catch from RB Fred Jackson)

It was a play design that we had been working on. Fred put it out there, I told him to just put it out there. It was a well-executed play. There's nothing more you can say about it. He did a good job of selling it.


(on Chris Johnson's performance)

You study him on film, and then you have an opportunity to get out there on the field with him. He definitely has a good burst of speed. He has great vision, he can set up the blocks for him two or three men away. He knows how to manipulate the defender to get him to stop his feet, which will allow him to get outside. He's a great all-around talent. There's a reason why he's the number one back in the league. He showed it again today.


(general assessment of game)

I'd like to give them a lot of credit. They were playing solid all four quarters of the game and we didn't really put together a four-quarter football game. Their defense made plays and offensively we didn't make enough plays to get us enough points to win that football game.

(on whether he was surprised at being removed with three minutes left in game)

No, I missed a couple of throws there and that's the situation we were in. He (Coach Dick Jauron) wanted to make a change. That's up to him, that's his decision. It was comeback routes by Terrell (Owens) outside. I missed one high, then I missed one inside. The third play was to Josh (Reed), an inside option route, and the slot corner made a nice play on it and stepped right in front of him.

(on how he felt in his first game in a month)

I felt good. I felt comfortable from the start. I didn't feel like I had to shake off any cobwebs or anything. We drove down and scored on the first drive. I made the right reads on that drive, I felt, and didn't feel like there was any rust.

(on defensive adjustments made by Tennessee in the second half)

I think we got into a situation where we had to throw the ball. When you get into those situations, you get kind of predictable and the front four know you're throwing the ball so they're going to come after you a little bit. It's always tough when you're staying in passing situations.

(on miscommunications among offensive personnel during game)

When you get into a hostile environment, obviously you need to communicate a little more. Some of those things out there weren't communicated properly. That's just the situation we're in. Tennessee has a loud crowd and we were in third-and-long situations. It's tough to communicate sometimes, but that's something we need to fix. It's something that's been a problem throughout the year and we need to address it.

(on his interpretation of Terrell Owens' body language and actions during game)

I've played with similar players that handled themselves that way. There's players that don't say a word on the sideline and don't communicate with you, so you have those extremes. I've been playing this sport long enough to where I feel like I've found a way to handle those situations and those teammates. It doesn't change my attitude or my outlook at all.

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