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Titans-Bears Postgame Quotes




(on CB Adoree' Jackson's first preseason start today)

From watching him the balls were caught on him early, both at the corner and the nickel position. But I thought it was what he needed, some experience against some very good receivers they have, and I thought it was good for Adoree' (Jackson).

(on if starting CB Adoree' Jackson was a test or if he earned the start)

Again, we've rotated a number of players on our roster as far as starting and not starting. That was just – again, nobody's earned anything yet. We'll set that roster and give you a lineup of who's starting when we start the regular season.

(on his overall assessment of the team today)

Too many mistakes, we have a lot of work to do. We have two weeks to do it. Same old thing with making too many mistakes, we have to overcome ourselves let alone beat anybody.

(on if he envisioned the starters going into the fourth quarter)

They didn't, they finished the drive that started midway through the third quarter. I wasn't going to pull our whole offense with one play into the fourth quarter. Again, what I've said from the very beginning is based on the flow of the game, how the play of the game is playing out. They may come out after a half, they may play into the third, and that's what they did. I'm glad they did, I liked our drive. I like that we came out better the second half defensively and offensively with our starters, and that was a good sign by our team.

(on how important it was for the starters to get a touchdown before leaving the game)

It was good, and that's what we wanted. We talked about it during halftime, we have to come out and respond to a poor showing in the first half, and again, three-and-out by our defense, a good drive by our offense, a 12-play drive, started on our own six, somewhere deep down, and the drive all the way down there, that was important that they did that against their starters.

(on Adoree' Jackson's punt return at the three-yard line)

That won't ever happen again. I promise you that.

(on if the penalties during the game and the blocked punt are indicative of lack of focus overall)

No, I think its just different people. The snapper had a tough block, this is his, really about a week and a half that he's been here in our scheme and he had a tough assignment having to block the guy, backed up, tough lesson to learn. You know, Quinton Spain getting thrown out, that's unacceptable. I know he got punched, I don't care how many times he gets punched, you can't throw a punch back. They know that. Maybe a fact of being undisciplined.

(on what Adoree' Jackson can gain from this game going forward)

Just to see the speed. Everything that took place today, inside, outside, will be a learning experience for him. Route combinations, how he's being set up, lots of things. I think it will be a good lesson learned for him.

(on how WR Taywan Taylor is doing)

I think he's OK. I don't think we had any very serious injuries. Jeremy Boykins maybe had the most serious with a groin, but we came out of it pretty healthy compared to the Bears, which is unfortunate for them.

(on the status of OLB Aaron Wallace)

Back has been bothering him and again, that's same issue he had earlier in camp.

(on if WR Taywan Taylor is someone he can get creative with)

I think so. I think you saw the play- shoot, I can't remember how long it was, I know it was third-and-long distance, I think it was third-and-30, make that catch, break some tackles and get a first down for us. Some of those end-arounds, where there's an unblocked guy on the end of the line of scrimmage, again, it's designed that way to outrun, you can see he has the ability to do it. We've got some things to him today, it was good to see he can be a factor and make some special plays go. 

(on QB Marcus Mariota missing a lot of throws and if he was out of rhythm today)

Again, let me look at the film and I'll see if it's the throws, the routes, the individual, the scheme- all what plays into it. If the guy's not open, again, this goes back to his first year where he used to hold it and try to make things happen, he's been instructed to throw it away. Again, can I tell you every one of them? To the right, probably more than anything. I have to watch the tape.

(on when he decided RB DeMarco Murray would play today and an overall assessment on Murray's performance)

Well, I thought he had a good week, had a good Friday. Felt good, had a talk with him yesterday. Again, I asked him to be honest with me after warm-ups if he was going to be able to go. I showed him the top 15 plays that were involved and we felt good about DeMarco going. And again, we were in a hole without a lot of places to run up front with our guys blocking so I'll have to see what he did on his own when I get to the tape.

(on if lessons were learned from today's game like after the Jets game)

You're talking about two examples of games we've played to this point. Really we've got to find a way to come back and do it again from last week that we didn't do. I've got to do a better job of finding a way to do that.

(on if he has the same plan going into the final preseason game)

We'll see. Again, we'll make that judgment tomorrow.

(on if the overall running numbers for the team- especially from DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry- are a concern)

Some of that is preseason, I'd say that. The depth of the game planning, is not like it is in the regular season. I said it during the week, Chicago has a good front seven. They've got some guys up there that are hard to block, hard to move. (Akeim) Hicks is a load up front. We struggle getting double team to blocks on him all day.

(on where he puts Adoree' Jackson in comparison to LeShaun Sims)

I'd have to see. LeShaun (Sims) had an opportunity to make a big play too with that interception. I'd just have to, again, give me a chance to watch the tape on both of them and give a fair evaluation before I say something.



(on how he would grade his performance in today's game)

It was all right. Not to the level that I expect myself to play. There's things, especially on third down, in terms of getting guys to go in the right direction, communicating, I can definitely do a better job of that.

(on if he had trouble finding a rhythm)

Yeah I would say so. I got caught up trying to do much I think. I was trying to move around in the pocket, move too much, it leads to inaccuracy. Again, those are things I've got to get better at, and I will.

(on capping off his time in the game with a touchdown)

It was a good way to finish. Obviously, it wasn't the way we wanted to play, but it was good that we were able to find a rhythm, go down and score, finish on a good note. With that being said, we have a lot of work to do. We'll find ways to improve.

(on if the loss is concerning in this stage of the preseason)

Well I think that's why you have the preseason. It's an opportunity to learn from mistakes, find out what's going to help our team, what's not going to help our team. Different situations you put yourself in throughout the preseason to get yourself ready. I think this is part of it. As we go forward, we play a game in two weeks and we have to be ready, and we will (be).

(on if facing and overcoming adversity in the preseason will be beneficial during the regular season)

Yeah I think it's important because it's not going to be all good throughout the year. You're going to have to battle through these games. There's going to be a point in time during this season where we'll be down two scores. I like the way that we responded. We didn't finish the entire game the way that we wanted to, but to be able to finish on a touchdown drive, put points on the board, get ourselves within one score, that's what it's about. This is the preseason, it's an opportunity for us to get better as a team, and we will. We will get better from this.

(on the inconsistency from the team during the preseason)

You can't get over concerned. It's a process. You can't weigh too much, you've just got to focus on getting better as a group, getting better as a team. I feel like throughout my young career in preseasons you go through these ups and downs, you find what you have with your team. We obviously have to get better. That's the main thing, that's the thing we can take from this. When it comes down to it, we'll learn from the film and we'll be ready to go. 

(on what he liked from today's game and what he wants to improve on)

I think we got out of some tough situations. We had some third-and-longs that we were able to convert. Young guys made plays throughout the day, whether it was Taywan (Taylor), or even Tajaé (Sharpe) and Rishard (Matthews). As we continue to grow as a group, we're going to need those plays from each of those guys. All in all, obviously the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but there's some positives that we can take from it and there's a lot that we can learn from it.

(on running back DeMarco Murray's play in his first preseason game)

I thought he did well. It was good to get him out there. I think it was important for us as a team, as an offense, to have him out there. He's a great player. One of those guys that's a playmaker, can make a difference once he steps on the field. It's good to get him a little bit of run. It'll be important for us as we move forward to continue to get better with him. He's a great player.

(on if next week's game against Kansas City will feel like a regular season game)

Having this Sunday game today going into Thursday night, it's good that we were able to schedule this. It'll be beneficial for us as we go forward because in the season we're going to have one of these weeks where it will be a short week. It'll be good for us to have a dress rehearsal from that stand point. Obviously we would like to play better than today.

(on his improvised flip to running back Derrick Henry)

I just scrambled up in the pocket, felt a guy come towards me, saw Derrick (Henry) kind of leak out and just gave him the ball. I feel that's my role as a player on this team is to distribute, get these guys the rock. You see what Derrick (Henry) can do with the football. For me, I just want to get out there, make plays for those guys, and allow them to do their thing.

(on if he knew how close he was to the line of scrimmage when he flipped the ball to Derrick Henry)

It's more instinctive. You have an idea where the line of scrimmage is. I didn't look to the sideline to see if I was within the line of scrimmage. I just play within myself. I thought that I had an opportunity there for Derrick (Henry), and it worked out well for us.

(on how rookie wide receiver Taywan Taylor has progressed throughout the preseason)

I think he's a dynamic player, a guy that can be a home-run guy whenever he touches the ball. It's important we find ways to get him the football, let him do what he does best. I think he's done well. There's been a lot thrown at him, and I think he's done a great job absorbing it all and playing. As we go forward, we'll continue to find ways to get him the football.

(on speaking with teammates who take penalties)

Yeah it's important. You can't allow those things to happen. You've got to try and compose everybody, make sure everyone understands the situation. You can't allow guys to get over-heated or focus on other things other than what's going on with us and our huddle. As we go forward, I think we all can do a better job of keep our composure, and we'll do that.


(on the play of the Titans defense early)

I don't think preseason or regular season should dictate how we want to come out there and how we want to execute.  We always want to go out there anytime there is an opportunity to get out on the field, to execute at the highest level we possibly can.  That first drive, letting them boys (Chicago) go 96 yards is something we definitely don't need, and something we definitely need to fix.  But I think after that, we kind of jelled together and kind of stayed together and were able to get a couple of stops.  That first drive is something we definitely want to get back, but it's too late now.  We've got to get back to work, get back to the film, and try to correct some things.

(on his assessment of the Titans effort today)

Too many mistakes on both sides of the ball. Like I said, that first drive, letting them go 96 yards, is something that we cannot let happen.  It can't happen as a defense. We have to get off the field on third downs. It's a great teach tape, just glad that we are not playing the first game right now. It's a great teach tape, that we can go back and look at film and correct some things that we need to.

(on the Bears targeting Titans CB Adoree' Jackson early in the game)

I think that was their M.O.  Trying to get Kendall Wright going a little bit and kind of work the rookie in.  The thing about it is, he's just a rookie. I told him, 'These things just happen, man. You kind of got them out early out of the way, now just settle down a little bit and use your technique and use your athleticism.'  I think he'll be good.  I think he came back and made a couple of good plays.


(on the Titans play today versus the Bears)

They won.  We can play lights out, and then the next week we have to play with the same intensity.  Be more consistent., that's the only thing we're working on as a young team.  I can't explain it.  It's just definitely disappointing. We preach on minimizing those mistakes because it hurts our drives, it hurts offense and defense and you know, that resulted in a loss today. The great thing about preseason is you can watch the film, dissect it and hopefully minimize those, once we open the regular season against Oakland.

(on any cause for concern on Titans defensive efforts today versus the Bears)

No cause for concern.  Not really.  Just have to do a better job of minimizing mistakes, starting off the game with more tenacity like we normally are capable of, and sustain a consistency throughout the game. 


(on the Titans defensive effort today against the Bears)

Definitely not where we wanted it to be coming out for a dress rehearsal. We have to make sure we clean up the mistakes that we did have out there.  Execute the plays and just come off much faster.  Definitely was a slow start for us today and not the way we'd liked it to be especially for a dress rehearsal, so we have to clean that up.

(on the 2017 NFL regular season kickoff being so close)

That's what we all live for and this game is all about playing football on those Sundays that matter.  Like today, we want to take advantage of these Sundays now, because this is going to get you ready for the season.  When the season rolls through that's the way we'll be flying around.


(on if he could say what caused the offense to not develop a rhythm)

You know what, I am not the coach. I can't really say what happened until we watch film. We need to start fast and those things happen when you don't start fast, move the ball. I felt like we kept our defense on the field for a very long time. When we have the ball in our hands, we just have to make plays.

(on if there was concern after this week's game which was looked upon as a dress rehearsal for regular season)

Really no concern, like you said it is preseason. The starters did play a lot this game. We still got two weeks to clean it all up. We got the Chiefs, another game that we can clean it up. Hopefully we can get everything situated, set for the opener. .

(on if it was disappointing after last week's performance)

I think it is always disappointing when you lose a game. I don't think it had to do with how we played week one, then week two. We just weren't crisp. We didn't play our game. We didn't execute the way we should have on offense. I am not speaking on the defense part. I mean we had crucial penalties that set us back. I think there are some things that we got to clean up and get that out of the way before we head into week one.

(on if starters playing long into game was a message from Head Coach Mike Mularkey that he wanted a scoring drive from starters)

I would say, I think that's why you saw us play as long as we did because it was sloppy in the first two quarters. He wanted us to get out there in the third quarter and try to clean it up which they did.


(on if the length of starters playing into second half was a message)

We came out slow. I haven't watched the film or anything but it seemed like it wasn't a cluster. It was one guy here, one guy there and not everyone doing their job. Just some things we have to clean up. I don't know, something about that game felt weird. That is a good football team, those guys are hungry. They had a rough year last year. We have obviously been through that the last couple of years. We have to come out faster. We have to learn that now rather than later.

(on what he feels like the team has to clean up two weeks out from opener)

I just think we have to come out faster. Understand, we can play, we can play with anybody and that's an obvious thing. We can come out week in and we out and play ball. We have the players, we have that fight. We can't have penalties. We can't have one guy there, one guy here, we have to play as a unit. That's the best thing about football, the best team sport in the world. You can get exposed by one guy not doing his job, especially on offense.

(on if he is concern about the running game not being consistent)

No, not at all. We have good players, I think when we get everyone healthy and ready to go and you got the receivers out there to open up the box, then you have guys like DeMarco (Murray) and Derrick (Henry) who can really run the ball and you see (David) Flu (Fluellen) out there too who is killing it. We got a good stable of running backs that are ready to go. It is just about getting into a game, getting into a groove, and getting going. Nothing has to be sexy about our run game. It has got to be five yards here, four yards here, and three yards here. Those are the teams that are successful in the run game


(on today's offensive performance)

I don't think we were fundamentally sound from start to finish, too many penalties offensively. So you know, we just got settle down. We have to settle down. We got to play ball, take one play at a time and go from there.

(on if he was concerned with offensive struggles)

Not at all, not at all. I wouldn't just label it preseason but sometimes you have to settle down, take a deep breath. Myself, Marcus (Mariota) and Delanie (Walker) have to control the offensive side and calm people down, make some plays and go from there.

(on playing in first preseason game this season)

Yeah, I was happy, it's great to be back out there with my teammates. It's great to obviously strap it on and go from there.


(on having opportunity score touchdown before leaving game)

It meant a lot. Once we are on point, it is hard to stop us. We had a couple of mistakes that put us back in third-and-long.**

(on the performance in team's third preseason game)

That is what the preseason is for, to get all the wrinkles out. The good thing is that it is happening now and hopefully won't happen in the season. Nobody is perfect, go out there and do what you do and tomorrow we will correct our mistakes and move forward. I look forward to KC on Thursday.


(opening statement)

In this afternoon's game, I think we started off fast unlike the two previous games. Tennessee has a very talented offense, really in all three phases, run game and the pass game. Marcus Mariota is really a good young quarterback, we did face him a year ago. We have a great respect for that. Really good at all three phases. Our offense came out and I thought Mike (Glennon) orchestrated a very efficient drive, went right down the field. His strength being at the line of scrimmage, you got to see a little bit more of what he is capable of. Special teams wise, we got the blocked punt and that was a big play in the game. We lost our long snapper Patrick Scales but Bradley Sowell came in and snapped both short and long after that. Cam Meredith suspected to be an ACL injury and is having an MRI. He got a high hit on a completion coming across the middle. A couple other of our guys Sherrick McManis hamstring and Leonard Floyd had a foot.

(on Mike Glennon starting)

We are going to keep evaluating. We haven't changed our depth chart for some time now. We will play Mark (Sanchez) next week

(on what Mitchell Trubisky can take away from the sequence where there was a delay of game)

I think experience. When you've got a rookie in that position it is pretty difficult. I think he can learn a lot of things.

(on what he saw from Mike Glennon throughout the week)

He's a competitor. You're always trying to progress in the league. You don't want to stay the same, you get better or you get worse. I think he got better.

(on the first drive and converting on three third downs )

He was sharp. The whole offense was sharp to put together that type of drive.

(on Cam Meredith's injury being a big blow)

It's a disadvantage. These guys work hard and spend a lot of time at their craft. Not particularly an easy craft. You feel bad. Obviously, he's disappointed. He'll bounce back.

(on how Cam Meredith's injury affects the offense's chemistry)

We've got other guys. They're not of his caliber but someone else will step up and we have got a good bunch to do that.

(on where the team is compared to this point last preseason)

We thought we were pretty good last year. I think we were able to address our secondary a little bit more, the depth this offseason. I think our guys are more comfortable in our scheme defensively. I think we executed better, and they executed better under pressure in game situations. It wasn't all perfect today, couple breakdowns that – two minute. I think we made strides and that's what you try to do, is get better every week.

(on defensive lineman Jaye Howard Jr.)

I don't think as a coach you ever have enough tape on anything. Obviously, he's a guy we like, we signed and brought here. He's continued to improve coming off an injury from a year ago and I think he's made good progress.

(on quarterback Mitchell Trubisky's performance)

Watching the tape I felt that there was good and there was bad, just like everybody out there. But, it was all good enough to win.

(on if he was pleased with the defense's performance)

I do, I was pleased. I've been pleased with them all week, all preseason. I thought today was probably our best outing against what I would consider a very talented Tennessee offense.

(on quarterback Mike Glennon's performance)

I don't want to get too much into how we operate. We looked at more video, there were options and I thought he executed it very well.

(on his impression of wide receiver Kendall Wright)

Yeah, again he's a new player to us, new player to me, new player to our locker room. I think he's been excellently received, he's got a little fire about him, competitive. That's the impression I have. I think he's been a good addition.


(on the offense and the success on third down)

I just felt like things were flowing a little bit easier. We worked our butts off all week and I feel like everybody did a good job.

(on his overall performance)

I felt good. There are always things to correct, but for the most part I can watch film, correct it, and have a great week of practice.

(on if he sensed quarterback Mike Glennon's confidence rising on the opening drive)

I think everyone's confidence was rising on that first drive just because we were driving the ball down the field well.

(on wide receiver Cameron Meredith's injury)

My first thoughts were that Cam has worked so hard and was having a heck of a camp and a heck of a preseason. We are pretty close since we came in together. It sucks to see one of your guys go down. He was going to have a big year this year. It's always bad when you see one of your guys go down, but he will bounce back. He is a hard worker and he will be back and ready for next year.


(on the opening drive)

We have been OK the last couple of games on offense, but today we picked it up. There is always room to get better and we have to continue to get better. 

(on what he saw from quarterback Mike Glennon and his ability to convert key third downs)

I think Mike was just going through his reads. He always does that. As a quarterback with that height, you can pretty much see anything. He was just finding the open man today. He is getting better and he is obviously our leader. When he plays good we all play good, but as receivers we have to go out there and make plays for him.

(on the week of preparation for the offense)

Preparation is preparation. You just have to go out there week in and week ou,t and you just have to try and practice like it's a game. You have to practice how you want to play. You have to do everything in practice how you will do it in a game. You have to go out there and do it when it's time.


(on the defense's consistent play over the first three weeks of the preseason)

The guys are just getting a little bit closer and guys are playing together more. The guys are learning each other's strengths and weaknesses. I think once that all culminates together, and we figure each other out that precise amount, then I think we are going to be great.

(on players staying in their gaps and making plays)

That's what happens a year into a defense. You think a lot less and you start to act first. That just builds a great team chemistry and guys knowing what to do and where to be is a sound defense.

(on if he was surprised how well the offense moved the ball)

Not at all. They have a lot of great weapons. They have a great guy back there slinging it around and they have great receivers ready to catch the ball. (Jordan) Howard is going to be Howard and our offensive line is going to be amazing as usual. We will just see where this takes us.


(on getting more carries and getting in a rhythm with the offense)

I felt pretty good. The first (preseason) game I didn't play that much and I missed the last game. It felt good to kind of get in a groove. 

(on this possibly being his final significant game action before the regular season)

I got in a little bit of a groove and got in my rhythm a little bit and I feel like I will be good to go for the first (regular season) game.

(on the long opening drive)

We did great (on the opening drive). We went 96 yards on the first drive. That was pretty amazing. I think we had like 17 plays. That was a good, strong drive.


(on the development of Chicago's defense)

We'll see how things unfold here down the line, but as far as how I think we line up, time will tell. It's a different mentality, a different mindset when the regular season rolls around. It'll be exciting to see. I know we're excited about how far we've come with a new group of guys that's been put together, so there's definitely a lot to look forward to.

(on what he has seen on the field that has encouraged him regarding Chicago's defense)

Guys just taking ownership of their positions. Guys owning their blocks; guys, you know, just taking ownership in their gap control and controlled violence. Everything is kind of coming together, but that's preseason, so time will tell.


(on the key to putting together a 15-play, 96-yard drive to open the game)

I don't know what the key was, but we were backed up to around the five-yard line, and to put together a drive like that – somewhere around 15 plays or something like that – that's about as good of a drive as you're going to have in football. So, I think our offense played well coming out of the gates, receivers made a couple of plays, the line did a good job blocking. But it was nice to get that first drive, that long drive to start the game

(on his performance today against the Titans)

I mean, I think I just played better and executed better. But, I think having a game-plan week and preparing for the opponent and understanding what they're trying to do in all situations, I think all that helped the situation since we treated this more like a real game week.

(on the Bears' first-half performance)

Another thing to point out is how well our defense has been playing. I think our one defense has only given up one touchdown the entire preseason, so that's pretty good. They're putting us in good field position. I know today we had a couple of backed-up situations, but overall the defense played well, the special teams had that blocked kick, and all-around I felt like the first half was the full team effort.

(on the impact wide receiver Cameron Meredith's injury will have on the Bears wide receiving corps)

Obviously, Cam (Meredith) was a huge part of our offense. You know, I'm pulling for him but guys just have to step up. Unfortunately, that's sometimes the reality of football is guys go down, but I think we have a deeper group of receivers and a lot of guys that can play. There's an opportunity for someone in that room to really go grab that new spot. It's unfortunate, but I think we have a deep group at receiver.

(on handling the quarterback competition with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky)

Like I told you guys the other day, I just wanted to focus on myself and not really worry about all that. Are there going to be thoughts about it? Of course, but I always try to come back to focus on what I can and I thought I handled it well.

(on the impact of getting game reps this preseason after not playing much the past two years)

For sure. It's not the same as practice. I feel like I've had plenty of reps at practice and you get pretty good at that, but there's nothing that you can replicate that is a real game situation. Would I have liked to have played better early on? Of course, but I think that's just part of it. I haven't played, really, in over two years so I think these reps are extremely valuable and I'm glad we took another step forward today.

(on the play of wide receiver Kendall Wright)

I think he's got a certain niche of things that he's really good at, and he's really good at those things. I think it was kind of good we got him the ball after he was here the past couple of years. It seemed like all his catches were right on their sideline, so I'm sure he felt good about that. Again, he's really good on those third downs because he has an ability in the slot to get open.


(on his touchdown pass to wide receiver Tanner Gentry)

Yeah, that was pretty cool. Tanner (Gentry) came in motion and we got the look we wanted. It started up front; the o-line did a great job in protection, just ID'd the defense, had the coverage we wanted and Tanner (Gentry) beat his man. Like I said, the o-line and running backs did a great job giving me protection and just I put it where he could get it and he made a great play on the ball.

(on his performance in today's game)

Obviously, looking back (I've) got to watch the film, but would like it to go a little smoother. I missed a couple of passes in the beginning. I make those easy throws, but I'll get that. Something to just continue to improve on and go from there. But, I thought I was able to create a rhythm as I was in there for the next couple of drives so that was good, but I got to start faster – that's it. Just go in there, take command and move the ball down the field.

(on the experience of practicing more with the first-team offense this week)

Couple (of) more reps just going with different guys. But, besides that, it's still football.

(on if he plans to play in Thursday's preseason finale)

I haven't talked to the coaches about that yet. I would assume so, but I guess that's something they'll decide. I'm not sure how the last one works.

(on his play during the preseason so far)

So far, so good. I have stuff to learn and improve on, but that's what the film is for. We're going to study this film, get better this week, learn from our mistakes and continue to get better and grow as a team. Just keep doing the little things.

(on how he is able to stay in the moment)

Just enjoy the moment, do my job and take care of my teammates so they can do their job. Just go out there and play the game I love and just go out there and have fun.

(on his relationship with quarterback Mike Glennon)

He's been awesome, just continues to handle himself as a professional. Me and him, we block out the outside media and I thought he balled out today. It was awesome to see. He's helped me and I continue to help him in any way I can. He's been tremendous and I think that bond in our quarterback room hopefully just trickles to the rest of the position groups and we just have a tight knit team and just continue to get better each and every day.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Chicago Bears in Week 3 of the preseason on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones Photography, AP)

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