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Titans, AFC Quotes from Pro Bowl


On today's Pro Bowl practice

"(It was) fun, exciting and just learning. It's all good and all fun just getting ready to play. I'm taking it one day at a time."

On making the Pro Bowl after not being the Titans starter at the beginning of the season

"I'm definitely happy. I am not satisfied yet. I still have a long way to go. Like you said, to get a chance to get back in there, try to change it around and get some wins and get to the Pro Bowl shows the respect of the fans, players and coaches around me. I'm excited to be able to be out here, having a good time and be laughing and joking."

On other players declining their Pro Bowl invitations

"Everybody has their own decisions. For me, it has been one of my dreams ever since I was a little kid, being in the Pro Bowl and seeing the keys it takes to get to the Hall of Fame. Being in the Pro Bowl is an individual goal as well as a team goal that I am trying to accomplish right now. This is one of (the reasons) right here, to go out and be able to represent my team."

On playing alongside the AFC's All-Pros

"It's fun. You get to learn a lot of the other guys' characters and how a lot of different guys function. (It's fun to) just to be out here lively and joking so they can see what type of quarterback I am. I am a different breed. I am goofy and have a good time, but also when it is time to get focused and win a ball game; it is all about that as well."


On why it's so hard to beat the Colts:

Peyton Manning. He is incredible. The best defense against the colts is a great offense.

On his breakout season:

This was a dream season. I was just waiting for someone to wake me up but it never happened.


On whether he would prefer to play the Pro Bowl in South Florida or Hawaii:

The Pro Bowl is the Pro Bowl. It is a great trip to go to Hawaii, but this is nice for a change.


It is huge, it is an eight billion dollar business, and it probably was more than that this year because the numbers haven't even come all the way in yet. I think there are further underlying issues, when owners figure out how they want to share revenue I think that a lot of these problems would be solved

On if there was an NFL lockout if it would be like the MLB lockout & take years to recover:

You would have to ask management that. I think so; it would really do more harm to this business than good.

On the possibility of 2010 being an uncapped season:

You never know, the way negotiations go you go back and forth and we could pull an eleventh hour deal right before March 5, but you know that would be the best case scenario. Worst-case scenario, we get locked out, or somewhere in between we play an uncapped season figure something out by March of 2011 and we move on.

On the Colts Defense:

Their defense is built on speed, I just got asked about if they changed their M.O to the size up front; but it is really the speed on the ends, the speed on the inside linebacker, and the linebacker positions. They don't give up a lot of points, the key for any offense or any team to play against them is to stay on the field as long as possible and keep 18 (Peyton Manning) off the field. You just don't want to give the ball to him; you want to use up the clock. They score so quick you can't catch up and they are a very good team. Peyton does a great job with that offense and controlling that entire team.

On where the Pro Bowl is next year:

There is a contract in place in the state of Hawaii that the next two years it will be in Hawaii.

On whether the Pro Bowl should be played before or after the Super Bowl:

I don't have an opinion right now.

On the NFL's decision to move the Pro Bowl to Miami:

I don't know, I think at the end of the day it boils down to money and dollars. It is about the cash cow and the cash flow. This is a business, and I think that is what prompted the NFL to bring the Pro Bowl here to Miami.

On the change in venue:

I don't know, there is a lot more media here that is for sure. Less access to the fans than when we have it in Hawaii. It's not as relaxed.

On it being a shorter trip to Miami:

You have to ask everybody, they all have different opinions on it. It is definitely a shorter flight from Nashville than Maui.


On if the Colts will win the Super Bowl

"They've got (Indianapolis QB) Peyton Manning. He's the best, very best. No one has played like him for 12 years. I know. I've played against him."


On the Pro Bowl occurring before the Super Bowl

"Like I said, it's something that they scheduled it for us. It's something that you have to deal with and move forward."

On the Pro Bowl:

Well they scheduled it this way for a reason. You can't fault the guys that are replaced the other guys. They deserve to be here.

On comparing his playing style to Green Bay CB Charles Woodson's

"Everybody has different things in their game that make them themselves. They do a great job—the Green Bay Packers with Charles Woodson—moving him around a lot in different packages and having him blitz and being back at safety at times. He's everywhere. That just shows that he's an impact player on defense."

On the New York Jets' loss in the AFC Championship Game

"It's in the back of my mind still, but right now, the Pro Bowl, we're just out here with some guys, some great NFL players. You've just got to enjoy this time and have fun. If we played them again in the future, that taste is going to come back for us to get a win over those guys."

On the Saints and what they need to do to win this game

A defense needs to stop an offense. Both teams are powerful offensively, and it comes down to who's defense can stop the offense. It comes down to defense.


On the offense:

Well the offense we're running is a little different for most of us. We just try to relate it to what we do and home, translate it over.

On representation from the University of Miami Hurricanes:

There are a lot of us here. We have put a lot of talent in the NFL, and we have good football players. About 10 guys here at the Pro Bowl.


On being a "no-name" at the Pro Bowl:

A few guys might know who I am, but I'm pretty much a no-name here. It's pretty amazing being here and being around these guys.


On the number of players that had to be replaced:

Well it goes to show you the type of players that Indianapolis and New Orleans put out, the talent they have.

On the matchup between the Saints and Colts:

There is nothing really you can break down; I mean both of them are two real good football teams, by far the best teams in the NFL this year. You are getting it on Sunday. I mean they are two great quarterbacks, great receivers, great core offense, and good defenses. It is going to be a good game.

On the comparison between QB Peyton Manning and QB Drew Brees:

Right now, they are playing at a high level. Peyton (Manning) has been doing it for so long, he is the best of the best out there. He is a very good quarterback. I think (Drew) Brees has been under the radar for a long time, now that he is in the Super Bowl I think a lot of people are starting to see the real Drew Brees but Drew Brees has been playing good football for a long time, but he has just been kind of under the radar just because he hasn't had big game experience or the playoff experience and all that. But every year he throws for a bunch of yards, and throws touchdowns and everything just like some of the great quarterbacks around. I am happy to see him get his props because it is well overdue.

On the Colts running game:

They'll find one, trust me. A good team will find a way to win, I guarantee you that.


On Kurt Warner retiring:

He is a tough guy; he has accurate passes, and overall he's a winner.

On preparing for the Super Bowl over the Pro Bowl:

It's two different events. I think if the fans voted you in, you should be here.


On playing in the Pro Bowl in South Florida:

It is exciting. It is exciting for South Florida. It is exciting for me and for all the players out here. It is just a great experience and I am glad to be a part of this. It is something that has always a goal of mine and a dream of mine. For me to reach this goal is just great.

On having K Dan Carpenter on the AFC Roster now:

Oh yeah, I do have a teammate that is great. I was the only Miami guy out here, but now it's great that I have Dan (Carpenter) out here, I have a little back up power so that feels good.

On his Super Bowl plans:

Actually I think I am going to go back home to Kentucky. I think I am going back home and be with my two kids so I think I am going to be with them. Probably watch the Super Bowl with them and just have some fun there.


On being a role model to young kids facing adversity:

You are going to face adversity; sometimes there are different degrees of it. It is about how you react to that adversity, but character is built on how you react to that adversity and I think being in your faith, reading, and just having faith allows you to react well to adversity. You can see many instances of it when things go bad in the game, the ability to turn the page and keep playing, you can make one thing that is bad even worse if you dwell on the negativity. It is always important to transition, be positive and understand that adversity is going to happen, it is just how you handle it.

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