TE MyCole Pruitt


(On going back and forth with Jamal Adams…) It's just all part of the game. You get into the flow of the game and emotions get high, tensions get high and I feel like we needed a spark at that point. Whatever I can do to provide the help to do that, I'll be able to do that. Even if I have to take it to the edge without getting a penalty, that's what I'm going to try and do.

(On he got a sense in the locker room that he would help get things going in the second half…) Whenever I get a chance to get in there, I'm going to play my heart out. I didn't know how the game was going to go but I know that we needed a spark and I know we needed to come alive.

(On the team keeping their composure to help spark a rally…) One thing we always talk about is fighting through adversity. Everything isn't always going to go the way you want it to. But it's a four quarter game and as long as we keep wearing on them throughout the whole game and when it comes to that fourth quarter, we know our mentality. And we know the mentality that we should have had in the first half, but we came in and turned it on in the second half.