TE MyCole Pruitt


Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020

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(on what went wrong in the first half)

We just came out and didn't have the fight we needed in the beginning. We just waited too long to start stepping on the gas. You can't do that against good teams in this league.

(on having to be perfect in the second half in order to come back)

Right. That's the thing, we ended up making a few mistakes at the end there that kind of knocked us out of it. That was a great win for them, and they came out and just did what they had to do to win that game. We've just got to come back better next week.

(on his receiving touchdown in the third quarter)

Teams are going to flow with Derrick (Henry), and I was able to take advantage of the space that was there, and Ryan (Tannehill) found me. It was pretty easy walking in the touchdown.

(on what he saw when recovering the fumble in the end zone)

Coach (Vrabel) is always preaching effort and finish, finish longer than the guy with the ball. Get there and be in the right spot, and you get rewarded sometimes for that.