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TE Jesper Horsted


(on his third touchdown)

That was just kind of an example of the power of Justin Fields being great at extending the play. That wasn't necessarily the play, but I saw him rolling out to the right, pushed my man up the sideline like I am supposed to, and then saw a ball coming my way. I also saw one of my teammates crossing in front of me, so I am not sure if the ball was supposed to go to him or me, but I didn't stop to ask that question. I just took the ball. It was a great throw by Justin (Fields).

(on the key to maintaining concentration around three defenders)

I don't know if there is a key. I just think that football is everything. When that ball is in the air, every part of my being is trying to get that ball, so I am just laser focused on it.

(on the placement of the ball)

No one else could have caught that ball except maybe my other teammate, and I might have taken it from him. I would have to see the film. It was a great ball, just enough space that I could get both feet in and go out of bounds. No defender could have got that ball.

(on the play where pass interference was called)

It was a similar play. I had a corner route verses man, and I beat him, and Justin (Fields) threw the ball and it was in a great spot and I think I could have caught it, but the guy didn't really turn around and was just smacking my hands and my face. You'd rather have the catch in the situation, but we will take the yards and keep the drive going.

(on taking advantage of the opportunities given tonight)

I think so. This is year three and it feels great to be comfortable in the offense and not having to be out there thinking about my responsibilities. I have great chemistry with all the quarterbacks from previous years and training camp, and I just felt very comfortable out there today and I think it showed.

(on how many people can make the play Justin Fields made)

Not very many. He's been looking great all camp and all season, and I am excited to see how it plays out for him.

(on the one-handed catch)

They were playing a lot of man coverage and I saw that, and just was really trying to get over the field and beat that guy because I knew if I got the edge on him, there was a good chance there was no one beyond. It really wasn't a conscientious decision. It just felt like it was my best chance to because it was a little bit out in front of me. Not saying it wasn't a good ball by Nick (Foles). I just threw the hand out and I felt very comfortable in making that play and getting up field.

_(on what the next few days will be like for him) _

It's going to be just kind of a waiting game. There are a lot of good people that flash great film this camp, so I am always competing against them. I feel like I played my best today so just wait and see what Tuesday at three o'clock brings me.

(on thinking about remaining with Chicago or being signed somewhere else)

I would love to be here, and like I said I am very comfortable being in this offense. I know the guys really well, so I really hope it is here, but, you know, I just want to play football where ever that leads me.

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